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Wait. What? The Devil is Gay? 1. The Devil is Gay

   (7 reviews)
Genres: Fantasy
Sub-genres: General Fantasy

A little glimpse into Hell. Or is it?

Posted for June 2021 Pride Flash Fiction Challenge. 

Copyright © 2021 kbois; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 998 Words

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Loved this view of the other side of coin; so to speak.  Interesting how what we are taught influences our perception of reality.

Response from the author:

This is why Lucifer is my favorite character. 

  • Love 1
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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

A really great short story that is worth your time to read it. 

Response from the author:

Thanks Reader for giving it a go! 

  • Love 2
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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Sexy, dark but colorful, and quite provocative

Response from the author:

Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

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  • Love 4
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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

This was a trip, to say the least. I love this telling of the all-familiar Devil and his clever wit. I'm almost upset that this was such a short story, but nevertheless, I'm beyond satisfied reading it. Brilliant work!

Response from the author:

I had a hard time whittling it down to 1000 words. I easily could've pushed it to 2500 or so. Challenging... but well worth it!

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Wayne Gray

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I ... don't know how to explain this one without wrecking it for readers. Just know you will be in for a treat.

Take it for a spin, and allow yourself to surrender to the Devil. 😈

Response from the author:

Thanks for not giving anything away!😉 I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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  • Haha 1
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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

An awesome tale. A great read, thanks for writing it.

Response from the author:

Thanks for reading Chris!

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I love this. Such fun. Thanks for posting it. 

Response from the author:

It was fun to write....once I got over the whole 1000 word limit!

  • Love 6
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