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The Best Year - 32. Chapter 32

I drove in silence, my mind numb to the day. I had to keep Luke out of my thoughts so that I could steady my breathing and compose myself. This close to the final scheduling for the end of season championship invitationals I couldn’t afford to show up looking like this. Part of me knew why Luke did what he did. I didn’t know if I could be as brave with someone like Cindy hovering over me in the hallways looking for any excuse to jerk me back out of school. Or show her any part of me I didn’t want her to see. The other part was pissed off. We had promised one another that we would keep fighting, that he would let me be there. I hated feeling so helpless and I hated feeling like that part was his fault too.

Pulling into the parking lot it looked like most of the others were already there. I had the longest drive to get to the Center. So when I slid out of the driver’s side and grabbed my bag from the back seat I closed the door behind me and pressed the lockdown button on my keys. Then I stopped to examine myself in the driver’s side mirror, my eyes were a little puffy and red from the stupid crying I did before I left the high school parking lot. My eyes weren’t used to crying, I couldn’t even really remember the last time I did cry.

“Fuck me,” I groaned pulling the strap of my bag up over my left shoulder. I took a few more steadying breaths before I walked up the sidewalk to the front door and walked inside. The heat in the foyer hit my face and with the smell of the chlorine and the gathered voices past the open doors into the pool area. Straightening my shoulders I resolved myself to get through practice today. I should be excited to see my final schedule, I thought I worked hard enough.

When I entered the pool area I made a hard left to the boy’s locker room. I knew people noticed me enter, I could see a few heads turn from the spot on the bleachers. I just turned the corner when I heard Charlie greet me, it echoed through the expanse of the Center but I ignored him and quickly got geared up before I became later than I already was. The smell of the chlorine had always had a calming effect on me in the past. It settled my nerves before big meets or when Rick was in a bad mood and didn’t like my effort. Once I was in the water everything else went away. I wanted to feel less of what I was feeling right now and I hoped Tony was his usual terse and to the point self.

After shoving my shit into my locker, I did a quick glance in the mirrors over the sinks on the opposite wall and still saw the puffy eyes. Realistically I knew they wouldn’t change by the time I left my car to now, but I hoped it would have been less obvious. It was fucking winter so I couldn’t blame it on allergies and I definitely didn’t want people thinking I was sick this close to districts.

“Forrest get your ass out here,” Tony bellowed and I jumped and grabbed a towel from the rack and bolted out of the locker room.

Stepping back around the corner I walked to the bleachers and sat down beside Draeden knowing he was more business than Charlie. Charlie would notice and I didn’t want to explain anything to him if I could get away with it.

Tony true to self already had the clipboard out. Emily was standing beside him with her own clipboard and when our eyes met, I turned back to Tony. I could already see a question forming with the cock of her left eyebrow and the furrowing of her forehead. She knew me better than everyone else here having been her personal project all year.

Tony started with the girls, handing out their final schedules. The girls were never an issue for him, so I wasn’t surprised when they all seemed happy with their swims. Then he gave the Townson assholes their schedules and it didn’t take them long to glance between one another.

“Yes, I added a relay back into your schedules Townsons,” Tony grunted as he handed Charlie and Draeden their schedules. Then he glanced over at me and with the tiniest of smirks I ever saw cross his face he handed me mine. I didn’t waste any time looking down at mine and seeing that, along with the new relay where I entered the water first, Tony added three other swims.

“Don’t mess it up for us this time,” Drae muttered, shoving his knee into Aiden’s back. With Tony so close Aiden didn’t dare turn around and retaliate. I doubted the brothers would pull another stunt like they did during our first relay though. To fuck up during Districts would be embarrassing.

“Alright,” Tony said, still holding his clipboard. “I have another announcement, we have been chosen to host next year’s district invitational.”

“What?” Shay asked, her voice nearly a squeak.

“Yeah,” Tony said smiling. “We got home ground next year, sorry seniors.”

“Hell yeah,” Charlie whispered and I felt his hand clap me on the shoulder. He was sitting directly behind me, but I didn’t acknowledge him. I knew he’d notice, but I didn’t want to turn around and let him see me. I also didn’t want to see him. Free to do whatever the fuck he wants Charlie, out Charlie. I couldn’t help feeling a pang of jealousy when I thought about his life with Simon.

When his hand lingered I wanted to shrug out of his grip. I knew he was just being friendly and everyone that would be around next year was excited. I would be in college by this time next year, hopefully still swimming. Drae and Aiden were also seniors, but none of the girls were seniors this year so all five of them will be back.

“One last thing, then I want you all to focus on warming up,” Tony said and I felt Charlie’s grip tighten slightly on my shoulder, massaging it as he anticipated the next thing. “I’ll be hosting tryouts for next season’s teams, juniors are expected to try out. Seniors that are leaving will be hosting the parents. I’m also expanding to take three extra spots for both girls and guys since Emily is joining us full time.”

The excitement from all the news didn’t really affect me as I wouldn’t be around for any of it. Charlie’s insistent grip on my shoulder told me he’d have a difficult time focusing today. I allowed myself a sideways glance over my shoulder. He wasn’t even looking at me and when I stood feeling dismissed by Tony as he started talking to Emily I wanted to hit the water as soon as I could.

“Jack,” Emily said, breaking from Tony and I nearly fell off the last bleacher step.

“Yeah?” I said my feet now on the firm concrete.

“Can we talk for a minute?” She asked and I wondered if I had the option to say no. It seemed like she was asking, but then again she wasn’t really the asking type.

“I guess,” I answered, but she was already walking away from the group off to the other side of the bleachers. I couldn’t imagine the place full of people, as it never had been before. Tony never really allowed parents and only barely tolerated Simon when he came to watch Charlie. The most people I ever saw in here was when Matt and Aiden’s parents stopped by to see how they were doing. It wasn’t long after they screwed us over during the relay. Charlie, Drae, and I had fun watching them toe the line and barely look at anyone. Tony didn’t look as pleased to have them there though, but they were also pretty deep pocketed sponsors despite having two boys on the team.

“Get your butts in the water,” Tony yelled just before he blew a whistle. Being mostly empty, the Center amplified the shrill sound and it always tickled my eardrums. Not looking back, I heard the scrambling off the bleachers and as I reached Emily, the first couple of bodies hit the water.

“You’re not getting sick are you?” She asked sitting down on the second bleacher up from the cold concrete floor.

“No,” I answered, shrugging. “Why?”

“Do you not like your final schedule?” She asked, ignoring my question. “I really fought for the eight hundred freestyle.”

“No I really like it, thank you,” I answered, feeling awkward that I was still standing off to the side of where she sat.

“You really have come a long way in a very short time,” she said smiling. “I really think you have something to grow on when you get to college.”

“You think so?” I asked, feeling a knot forming in my throat. Usually praise would cause me to blush and I could get over it. I always liked compliments as it was. With Luke and my shitty feelings, I felt raw and all over the place.

“Yes, I think so,” she said offering me another smile. “Are you sure there’s not anything wrong though?”

“I’m sure,” I said and my voice cracked and her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Alright then,” she said as she grabbed up her clipboard and slid off the bleacher. “Hit the water after you’re warmed up we’ll start with the eight hundred free.”

I only nodded, not trusting my voice. I had to measure my stride back to the pool where everyone else was still warming up. Drae and Charlie left my usual lane open between them and I put my towel down next to the starting block. I didn’t hesitate after sliding on my goggles, cap, and nose plug before I jumped into the cold water.

It took me a few strokes to loosen up, the cold water didn’t hold it’s usual magic. I was glad that no one would be able to really see my face under the goggles and the water. We all had work to do from now until the end of the season. I tried to focus on the wildly and sometimes rhythmic sound of everyone’s strokes hitting the water at different times and the constant roar of the feet kicking as I tried to focus on my breathing to stroke ratio. The eight hundred was the longest I’ve ever raced and my other new one was the four hundred individual medley. I knew why it was on there, it was the only race that showcased the other strokes on my entire schedule. Otherwise I would be a freestyler and everyone has a good freestyle at this stage.

After hitting the wall on my first half lap, I glanced forward and through the haze of waves and bubbles I saw the wall in the distance. Taking a breath I kicked for home until my fingertips hit the wall again. A few more laps and I could forget the knot in my throat, it was already fading. I could almost forget that Luke left me not knowing where I stood with him. And if I finished a few more laps I might even forget that for a while so that I could finally feel the excitement that everyone else felt when they got their schedules, and when they got the news that our home would be the goal for next year. Even if I wouldn’t be here competing for the respect and the history of protecting our home turf. I could hope to at least feel some of that within the next few laps and let Luke go for the night. And as tears blurred my vision I knew the water fucking betrayed me and nothing I did would ever let Luke go.

It took all of me surfacing and sputtering out water for my ass to be yanked out of the pool by Tony. That and I almost missed the wall and barely got my hand in front of my head before I collided with it. It also only took one look at me while he was yelling at me for slacking off and not paying attention to stop and turn me away from everyone else, finally seeing the red puffiness in my eyes. I was still dripping too much for him to notice that some of them may have been the last lingering tears before my embarrassment and indignancy took over.

“Go home and sort yourself out,” he whispered as I glanced over his shoulder to see Aiden and Matt Townsen smirking at me.

“I’ll be fine,” I grunted just wanting to get back into the pool.
“You almost cracked your head against the wall,” he countered, “this isn’t up for discussion, you need to come in here tomorrow with all this put behind you.”

“Fine,” I said as a shrill whistle echoed through the pool. Tony jumped and in a better time I would have laughed. Emily had gotten everyone back to warming up.

“And I’m sorry,” Tony said, with a slight flush to his face. I knew that these sort of talks didn’t come easily with him. “For whatever it is, I’m sorry it is bothering you.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, thinking I liked the Tony that yelled a lot better than the Tony that leaned in and patted me on the back. After that though, he turned away from me and blew his whistle and barked out some quicker laps for stopping in the middle of warm-ups. Seeing Aiden sneer before hitting the water with his fist before going back to the wall to start a punishment lap was probably the only small victory I was going to get today.

Sighing I walked back around the pool not looking at it or Emily, knowing that she probably realized I had just lied to her in the talk we just had. I hated that these people could notice my bullshit, I much rather have been left alone. Maybe if I had been, I would have made it through practice and got back home. I also didn’t like that she noticed, that Tony noticed. We had only been together for little under five months and I thought I was better at this, but really I just never had anything impact my life as much as Luke to get upset about. It had been as easy as breathing before. And I didn’t really know if I wanted to feel like this again, it was so hard to see past today back to the highs now that I was scared that it was over.

After taking a quick rinsing shower, I got dressed and still ignored everyone as I walked back out of the pool. I was about to the doors when I heard yelling and then wet slapping sounds of someone running on tile, turning around I saw Charlie slipping every other stride to catch up with me. When he realized I wasn’t going out the door he slowed down and came to a stop in front of me.

“Hi,” he said, his face flushed from exertion. “About wiped the floor with my ass, didn't I?”

“Yeah,” I answered smirking despite my apprehension of having to talk to yet another person while I just wanted to go to my room and hide for the rest of the evening.

Now that he was standing in front of me, I wondered if he was about to lose his nerve. He reached up and scratched the back of his head before he took a quick glance over his shoulder. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Tony hovering at the entrance to the pool yelling at Charlie to leave me alone and get his ass back into the water. Then he surprised me and wrapped me into a hug, but when I stiffened and hissed he backed away.

“Fuck, I’m wet,” he said looking down at my wet shirt. “Sorry.”

“Hell yes you are,” I said, glancing down at my shirt.

“I just wanted to do that,” he said, smiling. “It looked like you needed one.”

“Thanks,” I said, feeling my face flush.

“I better get back before I’m doing laps well into next week,” he said, offering me a small smile. “I hope you and Luke work this out.”

“Thanks,” I offered, not wanting to talk about it. I figured he put everything together before running out to catch me anyway.

I watched him stumble his way over the tile floor back into the pool area before I bolted from the door and rushed to my car. Turning on the heat, I sighed when the slightly warm air hit me, I hadn’t even been in there long enough for my car to completely cool down. I also didn’t waste any time waiting for it to completely warm back up before I backed out of my spot and started the nearly one hour drive back home. I still had Mom to face before I would be able to collapse on my bed, it was the only thing I wanted to do when I got home. Turn the lights off and just sit there and try to think of a way to get Luke back or get over him, those were my options.

Thankfully I had one of those drives where I didn’t even remember most of it, but still managed to pull into my driveway. No other vehicles were there and every light, aside from the front porch light and the living room was off. Feeling a rush of unease, I slid out of the car grabbing my bag knowing I would be letting my suit air dry in the laundry room tonight. I rushed to the front door and unlocked it then entered the house.

“Mom?” I said, but knowing her car was gone, I didn’t expect an answer. I glanced around the living room as I closed the door and then down at my phone. It was the first time I paid it any attention since I got that text from Ally about the senior prank. Seeing a missed text from Mom I groaned at the slow face recognition before my phone unlocked and I pulled it up.

“There was a minor emergency at the factory, there’s food in the microwave for you,” she sent and I breathed a sigh of relief as I slid my bag off my shoulder and toed out of my shoes.

I was about to forego the food despite the growl my stomach made at the mention of it waiting for me in the microwave when a soft knock sounded on the door behind me. Turning, expecting a bible hugger of some sort wanting to hand me a pamphlet I opened the door ready to tell them to beat it, until I saw Luke standing there with his hands at his side.

“Since when do you knock?” I asked, feeling my heart slam against my rib cage.

“Since you didn’t hear the rocks hitting your window,” he countered shifting his weight to the other foot.

I was about to ask what he wanted, but he bolted towards me. It caught me off guard when our bodies collided and it took me a moment to realize that he was going to kiss me. He had to grab the back of my head to steady us, but after our lips met he let go and I heard the door slam behind us. He never stopped moving though, after the sound of the door shutting he reached up and tugged on my still damp shirt. Feeling his cold hands against my skin I jumped and grabbed hold of him.

“What are you doing?” I asked between his bombardment of kissing, some of which only half hit my mouth and had a force behind them that slammed my lips against my teeth. I wasn’t about to tell him to stop though.

“Shut up,” he groaned, still tugging on my shirt as we stumbled further into the living room. I finally relented and allowed him to pull my shirt over my head, finally breaking the kissing. I tried to catch his eye, but he had already moved to the button of my jeans. When I felt it release I gasped and reached down and grabbed his hands again.

“Luke,” I whispered. still afraid he’d bolt from the house if I stopped him, but I needed to know what he was thinking.

“I’m sorry,” he said letting his hands go limp in mine, but I didn’t dare let him go.

“For what?” I asked as my back came to a stop against the handrail of the stairs, I hadn’t even realized we were still moving.

“Nothing,” he said, then leaned into my bare chest, his face cradled against my shoulder. His warm breath against my neck made me shudder. It also tickled against the stubble that was coming back from the last time I shaved my chest. “Please don’t talk.”

“Okay,” I said, reaching up to hold him against me, but he pushed out of my hug and grabbed my hand. I was still confused as he pulled me off the handrail and around it to the stairs. I allowed him to lead me up them, both of us fumbling over one another as we went.

Luke only hesitated momentarily at the door to my bedroom before gently pushing it open with his free hand. He then pulled me into my room until we cleared it enough for him to close it behind me. Then, like before he leaned forward and kissed me and we did another awkward dance with our hands, me trying to slow him down and him yanking his from my grasp until I crashed against the door and he was able to pin me against it.

“I need to talk,” I said when his mouth moved from my lips to my neck. I shuddered against him as his thumbs slid behind my waistband and tugged on my jeans. When they fell past my knees I started kicking them off, despite him ignoring me again.

“Please,” he begged again and this time I reached up and grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him off of me.

“Just tell me what you want,” I said, my frustration getting the better of me. My pants were tangled around my feet and my skin still tingled from his last lingering kiss, but the look in his eyes when he finally looked up at me unnerved me. The brown was glossed over with unshed tears and he looked trapped in my grip, like someone who had been caught doing something wrong.

“I want you,” he said his voice breaking.

“You’ll have to explain, because I’ve been fucking confused all day,” I countered still holding him, still afraid he’d bolt if I didn’t.

Instead he just scowled at me and then grabbed both my elbows and pulled me out of his grip. I hadn’t realized how hard I was holding onto him until I saw the red fingerprints I left behind, but he hadn’t ever flinched or tried to shrug out of my grip. After breaking free of me, he pulled me forward and I half fell over my jeans, still tangled in my feet. My heart skipped again when I heard him snicker and when his mouth found my chest again I sucked in a breath still fighting to kick off my jeans.

When I was finally free of them he pulled me around until I was standing at the side of the bed, then he pushed me and I fell backwards onto it. I leaned up on my elbows and watched as he pulled his shirt over his head and then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Unlike me he didn’t fight to kick them off, he reached down and pulled at the bottoms of both legs until they came free, then he pulled down his boxer briefs. Then he got into bed beside me and leaned down and kissed me, this one more tentative, it was finally a kiss that I could return and when I did he let out a breath and grabbed hold of my shoulder, trying to pull me into the bed. Knowing what he wanted, I awkwardly pulled myself up with my elbows and turned around, so that I was now laying longways in the bed. He wasted no time crawling up my body, hovering over me. He kissed my lips again, his eyelashes fluttering against my cheeks. I reached up with one hand, still half propped up with my other elbow and grabbed the back of his head, kissing him back.

With each kiss that I returned, he seemed to relax, but I was still fighting against what was happening inside my head and what he was doing to my resolve. When his hand slid down my chest to the waistband of my boxer briefs, I involuntarily jumped. I felt him smile against my lips as his hand dipped lower and found my crotch. I was only half hard, still reeling from everything that happened today, but I knew that wouldn’t last as he began to slowly jack me off, the soft fabric sliding against me.

“Luke,” I said as his kisses started trailing down my neck to my chest again. I knew my stubble was poking him, but he didn’t seem to mind as he continued down to my stomach. He didn’t hesitate at my waistband and reached up and pulled the front of my boxer briefs down. I shuddered as I watched him open his mouth and tentatively lick the head of my dick.

The gasp that escaped my lips made me blush as I leaned back, my eyes shut tight taking in the new sensation. I hated feeling so awkward despite everything that was happening to my dick. After the gasp Luke reached up and grabbed hold of me and slowly jacked me off as he continued to lick up and down the shaft. Glancing down, I saw that he wasn’t looking at me, focusing completely on what he was doing. Then when he put his mouth completely over the head, I did an involuntary hip thrust that caught us both off guard. Looking straight ahead at the ceiling again, I felt another wave of heat fly across my face and I wondered if everyone felt like this their first real time.

Luke’s pace was slow and almost rhythmic. It definitely wasn’t as feverish as his kisses earlier and this was worse. I could feel my cock, fully erect, begin to throb and I reached down and rubbed my fingers through his short blond hair. When I felt like I couldn’t hold on much longer I gripped the back of his head.

“Luke, I’m about to,” I started, but he pulled off of me and I groaned at the sudden loss of everything I was feeling.

“No, not yet,” he said and I looked down to see him staring down at my dick like it was some alive creature that he needed to be careful with. I almost laughed, and probably would have if I wasn’t so nervous.

“Are you sure?” I asked, my voice failing.

“Yeah,” he said and I sat up, feeling more confident with his answer. I grabbed him by the back of his head again and gently pulled him up to my lips. This kiss felt more like Luke and I felt myself smile against him before I kissed him again.

We kept kissing in this awkward half sitting, half leaning sort of dance we were doing on my bed until I got brave enough to let my own kisses begin to trail down from his lips to his chest. I gently pushed him down onto his back as I slid down the bed to his dick. Looking at it, I reached up and slowly slid my index finger along the underside of it. When he shuddered under my touch I glanced up to see him nibbling on his bottom lip.

After sliding my finger back down, his dick feeling his spasm beneath my finger tip I leaned lower and took the head of him inside my mouth. I heard him moan and felt his hand slide up my side to my shoulder. He squeezed my shoulder and I felt the pain of his grip, but I only concentrated on what I was doing. Licking my way down his shaft, letting his dick fall from my mouth I licked and kissed my way around his thighs as I reached up and started jacking him off.

When I was done admiring his body with my mouth I moved back to his dick letting my hand rest on his thigh, just between his legs I took him back into my mouth. He let go of his grip on my shoulder and moved his hand up to my hair and ran his hand through it. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see him laid back against my pillow with his eyes closed, the only sound coming from him was his breathing.

“I’m about there,” he whispered and like him I pulled off him. Then as I moved to hover over him, our dicks sliding against one another, I moved down to kiss him. He met me halfway and then I felt him pull me down on top of him completely. Our legs were a mess, getting tangled in the covers on my bed that our movement caused.

Sliding off to one side, I reached up and spat on one of my hands. Looking at him, I let my hand slide down to his cock. I watched as he took a deep breath, the corners of his eyes creasing as I started jacking him off again. This time though, after a few strokes I moved my hand slower, between his legs. When he felt my finger slide against his hole, I watched his eyes widen.

“I don’t think I can do that,” he said and I took my hand completely off him.

“It’s alright,” I said grinning, but I still wanted to feel closer to him.

“Sorry,” he whispered and I felt his hand find my cock. I let out a low moan as he moved to his elbow leaning in to kiss me again.

“Do you want to, with me?” I asked, my heart hammering in my chest at what I was suggesting. I didn’t think I would feel ready for something like this. Then after the realization that I loved Luke, wanting to be near him was always on the back of my mind. I hadn’t felt this way, not wanting to give anyone all of me, but with him I felt certain. I wanted to with him and now that he was here, looking just as unsure as I felt, it made everything easier.

“Are you sure?” he asked, keeping a slow rhythm on my cock with his hand. Everything that I was feeling threatened to drive me over the edge and all I could manage to do was nod my head.

Tentative again, Luke let go of his grip on my dick and this time I scooted further onto the bed and spread my legs. Looking a little lost, Luke hovered over my body and I was about to stop him, but then he smiled and breached the distance between us for another kiss as he slid to rest on his side. Like me, he spit on his hand and when I felt his finger at my ass I shuddered so much that he hesitated.

“Keep going,” I said and I felt his finger on my hole he added more pressure and I tried to relax.

It was almost a surprise when his finger finally entered me and I let out a sigh. I hadn’t felt anything like this before, a pinching sort of pain, and weird feeling of having something inside of me. I could feel myself begin to sweat and when he started moving his finger, keeping his eyes on me I didn’t look away, too afraid he’d stop if I let on how foreign everything suddenly felt.

When I was just getting used to a finger inside of me, he gently pulled out and looked at me, as he got up onto his knees and my heart started racing in my chest again, but then he bypassed me completely as he slid out of the bed. When he grabbed his pants, I got worried until I noticed him fishing something out of his front pocket. When he produced a small bottle of lube the anticipation came rushing back.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d need this,” he said smiling, his face flushing. “I mean I didn’t think we’d get this far.”

“Come on,” I said, still eyeing the bottle of lube.

Getting back on the bed he sat between my legs as he opened the bottle. His dick was still hard and bouncing between his legs and when he poured some on his fingers I watched him rub them together and sighed when he reached between my legs and found my hole again. This time, feeling both his index and middle fingers pressing against me I looked up at him, he was watching me as his fingers shot inside of me. Like before the pain is the first thing I felt, but after that everything settled down to that almost anticipatory feeling I had of something, the tension in my stomach that had me too on edge to completely relax, but not wanting it to stop.

After a couple of moments I sighed as his fingers slid back out of me. Then I watched him drip more lube on his hand then I watched him jack himself off, getting the lube all over his cock. Then he grabbed hold of my dick with his lube-slick hand as he moved forward on his knees holding his cock with his other hand, he was looking down, guiding himself to my hole. When I felt the head of his cock slide across me I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding and I bent my knees resting them against his sides. Then I felt him pressing the head of his dick against me again.

“Relax a little,” he whispered and I had to slowly relax different parts of my body that I didn’t know I had tensed and when I was finally able to relax my ass I felt him slide into me and I immediately tensed up again and I moaned and wiggled away from him, but he didn’t slide out of me.

“Keep going,” I said my eyes closed and my teeth gritted, trying to assure him that this was what I wanted, even if the pain was different than the fingers. After the head of his cock was completely inside me though, the rest of him came easier and when he was completely inside of me I reached up and held him there allowing myself to get used to everything.

Opening my eyes I saw him watching me, his face flushed. His eyes still held some apprehension and when I smiled he smiled. That is when I felt his hand come back to life on my cock as he started rubbing his palm over it then he wrapped his fingers around me and started moving his hand up and down. I could feel his cock spasming inside me as he tensed his muscles or shifted his weight from one of his knees to the other.

After a few more strokes he started moving in and out of me, small thrusts, slow and timed with his slow jacking of his hand. Everything was intense still, what he was doing with his hand, the pain of having a dick inside of me, the feeling of closeness I had with Luke. It all sent goosebumps over my body despite the sweating. Every now and then I would moan and he would deepen his slow thrusts.

When I felt myself about to cum he pulled his hand away from my cock and I made a sound somewhere between a groan and a growl, he leaned over me, smashing my cock against his abdomen as he kissed me. I reached up with my left hand and held his head there, kissing him back. My right hand slid down his side to his waist as I lifted my legs letting them rest over his back he started thrusting faster, breathing against my cheek between kisses. Grabbing hold of his right thigh caused him to jump and thrust forward and I moaned and he kept increasing his pace. He was no longer slow and tender and I felt a little bit of the pain coming back as he kept going, but I didn’t dare stop him as everything started feeling good. Being close to him, him inside me, the heat coming from his body, and my cock sliding against both our stomachs, my thighs squeezed firmly against his sides.

“I’m about there,” he whispered in my ear, his breath sending a shudder through me. I only nodded and held onto him as he kept going, his cheek sliding against mine and I felt him lightly bite down on my shoulder. Then I heard him suck in a breath and go momentarily rigid against me. Then he let out the breath and started fucking me again, but I felt his dick spasming inside me and after another shudder and more quick breaths he collapsed against me with a sigh.

We stayed like that for a short while, his breathing slowly coming back to normal. Then I felt him move off me and slowly, he slid his cock out of me. Looking up at him, he took hold of my cock and with the heightened feelings I had of what just happened, he only managed a few strokes before I moaned and came on my chest and down his hand.

“Come on,” I said, feeling my cum start moving down in droplets from where it landed. Not wanting to get anything on my bed we both did an awkward shuffling around one another and when I stood it seemed like a lot of the tension I had before had exhausted some of my muscles and I had to steady myself against him as we walked from my room to the bathroom.

Not knowing when Mom would be back from the emergency at the factory, I started the shower and led him inside before pulling the shower curtain closed. Both of us inside, I let the water wash over my body first and then I pulled him into a hug.

“I guess I really am gay now,” he said against my neck and I laughed.

“You were gay before,” I countered sliding my hand up and down his back in a small circle. “You’re just now getting some of the benefits.”

“You’re so stupid,” he said sighing against me before pulling out of my hug.

“So?” I said blinking against the water that ran down from my hair.

“How was it?” He asked as he reached up and ran his hand over his hair wiping the water from his face.

“It was good,” I answered and when he wrinkled his face into a snarl I laughed.

“Just good?” He asked, shaking his head. “I mean I know you’ve already done this.”

“Not this,” I answered laughing. “And I kinda lied about camp with that girl, so.”

“So this was your first time too?” He said, not really asking, but he seemed to relax back into the water after I nodded.

“If you tell Toby or Derek I’ll have to kill you and bury you in the backyard,” I said as I reached for the body wash. “As far as they know, I’m still the king of summer swim camp.”

“Alright, what do I get for keeping my mouth shut?” He asked as I squeezed some soap into my hand and started rubbing it over his shoulders and down his chest.

“Me, if you still want me,” I said letting my hand rest on his chest, the rest of the soap wasted as it dripped from him onto the shower floor. I needed to hear him say it, despite what had just happened I wanted to know that I was still worth all this.

“Deal,” he said, offering me a small smile. “If you still want me.”

“Fuck yeah I do,” I said sliding my hand around his waist, I pushed him against the wall of the shower and kissed him.

Copyright © 2017 Krista; All Rights Reserved.
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HOT! Loved the visit from Luke, but I hope he’s not going to be wishy washy. Great chapter! Thank you!

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On 2/25/2021 at 10:31 PM, Wesley8890 said:

Honestly thought that wouldve happened the other way around

Oh, it will. 😃 But Jack needed to show Luke how much he means to him and that he is not just using him. I suspect when the roles are reversed, the meaning will be even more significant and may sway more often in that direction, but for now I think this speaks more to the building relationship.

Nicely done @Krista, a rollercoaster of teen angst and young budding love.

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I'm not exactly sure why, but I've loved Jackson since C1, and I am so happy to read new chapters. 

Teen love is so hard, and I hope for a truly happy ending for both boys. 


Thanks @Kristafor a great story

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At last. I am glad Luke came to his senses. Beautiful chapter. Well done. Thanks.

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“Just tell me what you want,” is a great line from Jackson as Luke's frantically undressing him. Actions speak louder than words but I wasn't expecting Luke to be so forward. Good for him. Now they've moved to another level, they may find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Cool chapter. :thumbup:

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Thanks for such a great story. Appreciate all the hard work you put into your writing.


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On 2/25/2021 at 11:31 PM, Wesley8890 said:

Honestly thought that wouldve happened the other way around

Lol. Well - me too honestly. I think it is interesting that the person who knows they're gay vs. the one that doesn't want to label himself isn't the one that bottoms. Luke isn't comfortable with himself though - in my woman experience, my first time I had to be 100% comfortable with myself before I allowed anything to happen.  But you know, I kind of don't have the luxury you gay guys have about who bottoms. :P So I can understand why Jackson being more comfortable with his body and his.. conviction with is feelings, would bottom before Luke could. 

On 2/25/2021 at 11:40 PM, wildone said:

DAMN, is it hawt in here :o 


You finally got your sex scene, you horny thing. 

On 2/26/2021 at 7:17 AM, mfa607 said:

HOT! Loved the visit from Luke, but I hope he’s not going to be wishy washy. Great chapter! Thank you!

Thank you for reading! I think Luke being scared makes him waiver a lot. He has a lot to lose - in his mind, so battling with what he wants with what he holds close to him is pretty stressful, I imagine. 

On 2/26/2021 at 7:14 PM, Parker Owens said:

So very lovely. Thank you. 

You're welcome. ;) thank you for reading as well. 

On 2/26/2021 at 7:58 PM, Modified Cub said:

What a great chapter! I love me some Jackson & Luke!

Thank you for reading my story! I do like Jackson and Luke too. 

On 2/27/2021 at 2:15 AM, Philippe said:

Oh, it will. 😃 But Jack needed to show Luke how much he means to him and that he is not just using him. I suspect when the roles are reversed, the meaning will be even more significant and may sway more often in that direction, but for now I think this speaks more to the building relationship.

Nicely done @Krista, a rollercoaster of teen angst and young budding love.

I agree, I think it will happen and I think it will mean a lot more for both of them when that happens. ;) Thank you for reading! 

On 2/27/2021 at 9:39 AM, IanDaniels said:

So happy you’ve returned to this story! 🥰

Yes, my erratic posting schedule continues! Woo! :D Glad you're patient with me. 

On 2/27/2021 at 2:12 PM, Cris L said:

I'm not exactly sure why, but I've loved Jackson since C1, and I am so happy to read new chapters. 

Teen love is so hard, and I hope for a truly happy ending for both boys. 


Thanks @Kristafor a great story

There were a lot of people that did not like Jackson from Chapter One. lol. He was a bit difficult to like at times. :P But I think that added to his overall appeal, especially for me to write him. Also, teen love is hard and teenagers love with more tenacity than we give them credit for. Looking back in my own relationships, I can laugh at the shallow reasons I might have dated someone, but when I was dating a guy they were very central in my world back then and it always hurt when it ended. So maybe I can spare these guys sadness and not have it end. :D 

On 2/27/2021 at 4:39 PM, Sweetlion said:

Thanks, glad they got back together😍

Yes, them getting back together is something to cheer about for sure. Thank you for reading this story! 

On 2/27/2021 at 6:51 PM, Canuk said:

At last. I am glad Luke came to his senses. Beautiful chapter. Well done. Thanks.

Thank you! The magnetic pull these two have for one another is very strong at times. So it might take a wee bit more fear and a wee bit more struggle every time they separate - to stay separated. 

On 2/27/2021 at 11:49 PM, Dodger said:

“Just tell me what you want,” is a great line from Jackson as Luke's frantically undressing him. Actions speak louder than words but I wasn't expecting Luke to be so forward. Good for him. Now they've moved to another level, they may find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Cool chapter. :thumbup:

Yeah, I wanted there to be confusion and double meanings with Jackson on this. He spent a lot of time frustrated and hurt by Luke and now Luke is trying to rip off his clothes.. lol. So Jackson asking what he wants from him in a setting of.. the right now sex and the relationship as a whole is nice. I felt the scene throughout was rather awkward though, so I'm surprised people found it, 'hot' or whatever at all really. Although, this bigger attempt was less clumsy than their prior attempts that ended in smiles and having to leave. 

22 hours ago, Beau said:

Thanks for such a great story. Appreciate all the hard work you put into your writing.



Thank you for reading this story! I am glad you took the time to read and write a comment. :)

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