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Do You Ship Us? - 101. Epilogue - Encore! Encore! Encore!

The first beat drops, setting off a loud cheer from the audience, with a light coming up on the stage for a split second. As there's a long pause before the next note, Jasper takes a deep breath then races on to the middle of the stage, pausing and looking down at his feet as he takes his position and waits. The next beat and flash of lights is accompanied by another scream, he had missed this so much, the energy was incredible. The fans catch just a glimpse of his silhouette and start losing their minds over it, they had waited a long time for this moment. Holding the microphone in his left hand, Jasper shoots his arm into the air, doing the devil horns. With another deep breath he closes his eyes, trying to contain the buzz of adrenaline. The next beat thumps and the stage is lit up again, this time with a scattering of lights moving all over the stage, occasionally crossing over him, excited shouting and cheers from the audience taking away all his nerves. The screen behind him lights up, zoomed in his wrist and the tattoo. Blake was here with him tonight, and he was going to make him proud, live their dream for the two of them. Another thump and all the scattered spotlights focus in on Jasper, the camera zooming out to show all of Jasper who looked every bit the love child of himself and Blake. No doubt working on Blake's music over the last few years had influenced his style, so he was no longer just the pretty boy. A red leather jacket with more buckles than necessary given it was zipped up, white jeans with small silver studs all over the pockets. He moves the microphone to in front of his lips which were curved into a mischievous smile.

"Long time no see!" Jasper shouts into the microphone, he had truly never felt more at home, all eyes on him, a sea of fans screaming and chanting and crying over him. It was like no other feeling, to stand before a sold out show, the whole audience here for him. He felt so tiny, so unimportant in the grander scheme of things but this, this was incredible. He couldn't believe there was even a time where he had thought about not ever getting back on stage again. "Are you ready to have a wicked night?" Jasper asks, fans scream again almost deafeningly this time. Jasper launches into his opening song, one from his mini solo album, a high energy hit that got the mood well and truly under way. He absolutely owns the stage, he may have been the only person up there but his presence was filling the stage comfortably, his ego not having to be held back for anyone. He crosses over to one side, singing to the audience before him, struts across to the other end and gives them the same attention. As he moves into the next song, this one a more dance type song, he starts jumping around and throwing in little bits of choreography while he sings. A group of back-up dancers joins him for a quick dance solo that he joins in on before belting out the final chorus. He holds the microphone out for the fans, encouraging them to sing along with him. The whole time, the screen behind him is switching between camera angles of his performance so no one misses a single part of it.

"We're going to have a lot of fun tonight." Jasper announces, taking a water bottle off the top of the piano that sat at the side of the stage, and having a sip while the audience cheers for him. He flicks his ear piece out of his ear and takes a moment to have a drink and catch his breath. No amount of rehearsals could have prepared him for the physical exertion of a live concert. "Welcome to the first show of my solo tour!" He tucks one foot behind the other and does a curtsy, grinning as he hears how wrapped around his finger the audience is for him, he may have been a little punk pop these days but he was still more than happy to play up the feminine and sassy traits he'd always been loved for. "I have two requests for you all. Number 1." Jasper counts on his fingers with a serious expression. "I want to see plenty of photos, videos and reviews of this show, but I don't want to see any spoilers, so if you see on these screens behind me, 'no cameras please', know that you're about to see something that has to be just our little secret until the end of tour. Can we do that, can we keep a secret?" Jasper pauses and holds his hand to his ear, listening to the 'YES' being screamed back at him. His show was going to involve some surprises and he wanted everyone to get to experience the thrill of it first hand, not through videos and spoiler reviews.

"Number two, is that I'm not use to doing this all on my own so I'm going to need you all to sing with me, can you do that?" Jasper asks louder, hyping the audience up, a grin on his face as they again scream their 'YES'. "What would I do without you gorgeous people?" Jasper asks, shooting the audience a wink and blowing them a kiss. There's a confident scream from the fans as the music for one of his new songs from the latest album starts. Jasper licks his lips and raises the microphone to sing but is so blown away to hear the fans beat him to the lyrics, that he just turns the microphone around to them, appreciating the support and the opportunity to relax a little before he rolls into the next part of the show. He lets them sing the first verse then takes over.

As he performs, there isn't a single moment of silence. He's strutting across stage, demanding the attention, passionately singing like his life depended on it. The energy was wild, keeping him from being able to stand still or wipe the smile off his face. He performs 6 consecutive songs, barely pausing to breathe between them. The last of the set being a song titled 'Really Yours, Always Now.' Which was a fan favourite because of the Acronym it formed appearing to subtly hint to being directed at Ryan. The couple had not addressed this speculation at all, in fact they hadn't spoken about or to each other on any social media platforms or interviews so there were plenty of fans dedicating blogs to every tiny hint of 'proof' that they could scramble together over the years. Jasper was well aware this was dubbed the 'R.Y.A.N' song and made no comment, although he liked one single tweet referring to the sweet lyrics and the title and it'd resulted in #Rysper trending for the first time since their very obvious public separation after Blake's death.

"This is crazy, are we having a good night?" Jasper asks, tinkering away on the piano casually when he finishes the song. "I tell you what, it's been so incredible to have you all stay by my side throughout the last few years. I appreciate your patience, I appreciate your heartfelt messages and your well wishes and your relentless trust and belief in me. It's more than an honour to be back on stage for you all, it's a privilege." He tells them, having another drink of water as they cheer for him. "Alright, I've got another song then I'm going to get changed, because you wouldn't believe how hot it is having allllll these spotlights on little old me." He says as he unzips the red leather jacket that he was absolutely suffering in and tips a bit of water into his hands before wiping it over his face and down his neck. The 'no cameras please' messages comes up on the screen. "It's time for one of our little concert secrets. Lets slow it down, and get the hearts racing." Jasper says dreamily as he adjusts the microphone and gets his fingers into position on the piano again. He starts playing the song he'd written for Ryan years ago, the most controversial song he'd ever released and there's a nervous scream from the audience. It'd been 2 years since they had heard anything about Jasper and Ryan. Both of them had left social media after Blake's death so this was a big moment for everyone watching. He could just about tell they were holding their breaths, it was that silent with anticipation. Among all the articles claiming Jasper was 'off the rails', it'd also been reported many times, that he and Ryan were obviously not still together. Somewhere between Jasper getting sober and the surprise announcement of a new album release along with a tour scheduled, the media had forgotten he even existed. He just stopped being interesting enough for them and managed to live life under the radar as he regained control and stability. It was nice of course, because it'd been a tumultuous few years, so to have his privacy back after the blow up of attention on his many indiscretions those first few months, had allowed him to heal in all the ways he'd needed to. 2 years of living life like a regular young man, free to have his low moments in peace and his high moments in privacy.

As the song gets to the end, another spotlight appears on the other side of the stage and the audience erupts, the scream so loud that Jasper couldn't help but smile at their support. Ryan, in a black unbuttoned to halfway down shirt and black pants, dances his way across the stage towards Jasper, his movements smooth and strong, seemingly showing a battle of wanting to be there but needing to resist, each step a betrayal of the other until he finally ends up at the piano and leans against it relaxed, gazing down at Jasper. Jasper looks up at him and smiles, finishing off the last few bars, then interluding into a spontaneous melody again. He clears his throat dramatically and fixes the microphone to bring it a little closer to himself.

"Hi Ryan." Jasper says in a flirty tone into the microphone, following it with a cheeky smile then sits back a little. Ryan leans down like he's going to kiss him and the audience sound like they can't cope with the teasing. He holds Jasper's eye contact then turns his head at the last minute to speak into Jasper's microphone instead with a collective combination of disappointed groans and shoutings of 'KISS!'.

"Hey Jas." This interaction was not at all what the audience had expected, all the speculations aside, they hadn't truly believed this couple was still going after everything they had seen in articles and gossip blogs.

"Welcome back to the stage." Jasper smiles, very purposefully leaning in closer, torturing the audience who he could tell wanted so desperately to know if this couple was back together afterall. There's people chanting 'RySper! RySper! RySper!' and it only serves to make Jasper feel like dragging out any confirmation, loving the way the tension was being built.

"Likewise." Ryan grins and leans back against the piano. Jasper cleanly finishes off his little melody then gets up and takes his microphone from the stand. He looks at Ryan with an enticing smile and Ryan stands back intrigued, watching him, not entirely sure what was going through his mind but ready for anything. He knew of course, what the intention was for this moment, but he also knew Jasper was thriving off the audience and could be impulsive.

"So for anyone who's been wondering if this 'ship' is still sailing..." Jasper says with air quotes, stepping closer to Ryan but not finishing his statement. He drops the microphone to his hip and steps in again, closing the distance between them and pressing his body against Ryan. He leans in slowly, tormenting everyone with the anticipation, waiting for them to just kiss already. "Thank you so much for coming along and performing tonight." Jasper says with a smirk as he quickly steps away from Ryan. The moment Jasper takes a step back from him, Ryan sweeps his arm around Jasper's waist and pulls him back, genuinely taking him by surprise. Ryan just had a need to kiss him and he didn't care that there were something like 60,000 fans here tonight about to watch this. Jasper was enjoying the anticipation but Ryan was impatient to just let the world know at last. He holds Jasper close, one hand lifting his chin and he gently presses his lips to Jasper's, not letting him pull away. Not that Jasper wanted to anyway, he was more than happy to comply and have a cheeky make-out session mid show, why the fuck not? It was his tour. Jasper leans into him and kisses back sweetly, a smile on his lips while the audience screams with delight. Jasper breaks the kiss and steps back, licking his lips then biting them, turning his attention to the audience, a little flustered. "Very much still sailing." He says into the microphone, looking back at Ryan who was surprisingly loving this very public moment between them.

Ryan was so proud of Jasper for being up here tonight, for continuing his solo career and for everything he'd achieved in the last 2 years, the personal battles, the emotional struggles, the constant aching absence of Blake and the endless motivation to get himself back to this. He'd stood by him, through hell and back a number of times and this was the reward he deserved, a stadium full of fans so overjoyed at his happiness that it was bringing them to tears as they cheered. To see Jasper up here tonight, absolutely in his element, had overfilled his pride and that kiss felt like it barely took a dint out of the amount of love he wanted to show him right now for being so strong and determined.

"So." Jasper clears his throat, regaining his composure as he hands Ryan the microphone but keeps it pointed at himself. "Mind being my microphone stand for a minute?" Jasper asks, as he takes his jacket off his shoulders and fans his face.

"Well after watching you running your hands all over the microphone stand before, I wouldn't say no." Ryan jokes and Jasper is again taken off guard. So much for being the one that had always wanted less attention on them. Baffled, Jasper decides not to even try responding to that, instead choosing to address the audience again and continue this conversation after the show.

"Ry's going to put on a show for you all, while I jump off stage and get changed, because if I thought it was hot before. Wow. He wasn't meant to do that to me. I mean we are on kissing terms, but it was only meant to be a quick 'yes we're still a couple' kiss, not a full on pash." He informs the audience, not actually waiting to get off stage before starting to strip apparently because he's whipped his shirt off too now. "Someone get a little caught up the moment?" Jasper asks Ryan as if forgetting again about all the people watching them. Ryan smirks and turns the microphone to himself.

"Absolutely." He admits with a shrug, shamelessly checking Jasper out.

"Ok well, it's dance time so I hope you've got it out of your system. Seduce the audience, that's what I pay you for." Jasper says as he reaches for the microphone.

"You don't pay me." Ryan states before handing the microphone back to Jasper who accidentally says 'well...' out loud into it before remembering again about the audience and cutting himself off. Ryan crosses his arms and gives Jasper a look as if challenging him to keep talking but he'd already given the audience enough to undoubtedly spawn a few new fanfics by the end of the night.

"Um, enjoy your special little show. I'll be right back." Jasper turns to the audience with a smile, this was all way too much fun. He rushes off into the wings quickly and leaves Ryan to take centre stage for a solo dance routine of his own. As he's performing the routine which was rather slow and sexy, from the curtains, there's the occasional 'woo' of Jasper messing about with the microphone and cheering him on. Ryan to his credit, doesn't lose focus, even when Jasper gives a cheesy wolf whistle while Ryan's doing a body roll, after ripping his shirt open and exposing his toned abs. Before Ryan finishes performing, Jasper walks back onto the stage in an 'Obsolete' band shirt which he'd bunched up and tied at the side so it was tight on his body and showed off his stomach a bit, Ryan had been making him work out with him occasionally and his physique had matured since the fans had last seen him so he was looking for any opportunity to show off how fit he was right now. He sits back down at the piano while Ryan finishes off his routine, Jasper getting the crowd to clap to the beat for the last part of the performance. When Ryan finishes and bows, and the audience scream for him, Jasper lifts the microphone and quietly says "so fucking sexy", as though he's just saying it under his breath. The audience screams even louder at his comment and he shoots Ryan a flirty wink before blowing him a kiss. Ryan had always been impressed by Jasper's ability to play with the audience like this but it never failed to amuse him just how good at toying with them he was. They were having a great time watching Jasper put on this show for them, and Jasper was giving them everything he knew they wanted from him. In a final act of using Ryan's time on stage to his advantage to ensure the poor fans would have no voice left, Jasper takes something from his pocket and slingshots it across to Ryan's feet. Ryan frowns and picks up a bright pink jockstrap, looking over at Jasper and shaking his head, an amused smile on lips.

"Ok get off the stage now, this is my show, not yours." Jasper says quickly as he starts playing the piano again. Ryan slingshots the jockstrap into the crowd and walks over towards Jasper who fakes a dramatic gasp. "I guess that's going to sell well on Ebay."

"You're an idiot." Ryan says into the microphone before leaning down and pressing a delicate kiss on Jasper's lips. "Enjoy the rest of the show, love you." He says as he waves to the audience as he heads off the stage.

"Love you too, bye~" Jasper smiles and watches as Ryan heads off towards the wings. "Ladies and gentlemen, the man I frequently see naked." Jasper gestures to Ryan as he leaves the stage. Ryan pauses for a moment just to once again shake his head at Jasper. "Bye~" Jasper waves to Ryan innocently, Ryan rolls his eyes at the utter cheek, and exits the stage. "Ok, back to the show." Jasper smiles and starts playing the piano again, a small smile on his lips as he plays the soothing melody. "This is a concert exclusive song, because it's not a real song. It's literally just a chorus, but I love it, like I love the man I wrote it for, in a selfish 'not going to share it but will parade it on stage for you' kind of way." He tells the audience with a sweet smile then turns serious as he starts singing his little ballad.

"Baby I need, your hands to take me~

And lead me into the sunlight, when the clouds are blinding my eyes~

And I need, your arms around me~

Holding me together when I feel the whole word getting darker~

Because I need, your love to guide to me~

Keeping me from falling, even when I'm being stubborn~

Oh~ I need you endlessly~

Your everything in my eyes and I want to, spend my whole life by your side~"

Jasper elegantly lets the notes trickle off until there's a moment of silence. The audience were enamoured by the lyrics, the gentle emotion in Jasper's voice as he'd sung it, and the vulnerability. They had no idea how things had gone between their favourite couple over the last few years, having always seen Jasper's flirty nature above all else, but this heartfelt performance was all the reassurance they needed that he and Ryan were as strong as ever and that there was more to them than just the on stage suggestive comments and kissing just now. Jasper has another sip of water then casts a smile towards the wings were Ryan was standing completely shocked, he'd not heard this little song before and it'd brought tears to his eyes and left him feeling completely paralyzed with the wave of emotions that were running through him.

"See I told you it wasn't a real song." Jasper smiles to himself as he had another drink of water. "Anyway, don't tell anyone he's turned me into a lovesick romantic. I've got a reputation to uphold." Jasper takes the microphone and takes to the middle of the stage again, straight back to the confident persona that he'd had at the start of the show. Finally the 'no cameras' message leaves the screen. "Lets get back to the fun stuff. I want to see everyone's hands in the air." Jasper orders as the music starts playing for one of his songs back from The Obsolete's second album. The fans are thrilled for the throwback and the mood switches immediately back to the upbeat, dance style that he was most known for. He's joined on stage by dancers again, choreographed of course by Ryan, Jasper doing his own thing out the front while he sung but joining in and dancing with them when the last chorus plays through a recording of the whole band singing. Paying homage to the members who'd accompanied him in his rollercoaster ride to fame.

The rest of the show went amazingly, without a single mistake or problem. Jasper owned the stage, putting 1000% into everything he did and performing like it was coming straight from his soul, which it felt like it was. Before long, he's bowing, thanking the audience and the stage goes black without the audience being warned. He walks off and stands in the wings with Ryan holding him tight.

"Listen to them." Ryan leans his forehead against Jasper's and they take a moment to listen to the chant from the audience.

"ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!" They chant on and on, it goes for two solid minutes, screaming, clapping, relentless chanting. They wanted more and this last song was going to be more than they bargained for. Adrenaline was running through Jasper's body, he was shaking with excitement and nerves about the encore he knew he'd be giving very soon. Fans knew most of the newer songs on Jasper's solo album were ones he and Blake had written together, and that some were just Blake's songs, because the album was credited to him and Jasper had spoken openly about it in a statement that after the album release, but they had no idea what they were in for.

"You can do this. I love you. Now go." Ryan tells him excitedly. Jasper looks over at Mark who was standing back, waiting for his signal. Mark smiles at him and gives him a thumbs up. Jasper smiles back, takes a deep breath and gives him a nod.

"Flynn, run the encore. Good luck." Mark says into his earpiece. Up in the lighting and audio box, Flynn takes a deep breath and runs the encore as planned. The screen lights up with another warning to turn off their cameras, fans scream excitedly, but go immediately silence when a moment later, a face appears on screen that they hadn't been prepared for. There's a 10 second clip of Jasper and Blake's first song cover together, by another short clip from another one, and then another, giving the fans a first glimpse into those early days in the friendship. And here is where the tears start to roll, only getting worse as it moves on to the main encore.

"Hey badass, so I know you can't sing or play right now but I just wanted to record what I have been working on, I'll send you the lyrics too, your parts are highlighted so you can read them and get a feel for it. I'm going to play what I've got with the guitar and sing my lines and you can tell me what you think of it." Blake grins into the camera, from his hospital bed. This was the first time they had seen this video, and there's an instant cry from the fans. Blake starts singing, playing guitar acoustically, the video hadn't been touched at all, so it was perfectly imperfect. The meaning behind Blake's lyrics a positive message for him and Jasper while recovering, that he'd never know how much that meaning would change.

"For all we've been through, to standing here tonight,

We've both had to win some fucking awful fights,

Darkness is everywhere but we will find the light,

So if you're falling apart feeling alone just know,

It doesn't end here~"

As Blake smirks at the camera and gives a nod, Jasper takes over singing, the spotlight on him at the piano wearing one of Blake's signature MCR shirts, the print out of the lyrics highlighted and presented on the piano to show the fans that he'd left Blake's lyrics intact.

"Through ups and downs every twist and turn,

It's all just a test to make you earn,

The strength and the courage to never give up,

One day you'll look back and see how strong you are~"


Jasper holds back the tears as he focuses only on Blake's voice, pretending that he was there in person, that this was the encore they had planned to perform together as they move into the chorus together.

"And if you ever feel like letting go, there's something I just hope you know!~

I am here, for, you,

No matter what hell you are,

Being, put, through,

I'll be here cheering for the final line,

And I know you can win, everytime,

Because you are sublime,

Take in each test,

In your stride~"


Up in the audio box, Flynn is smiling through bittersweet tears, watching the boys perform together on stage again at last. It'd been a long struggle to get here but here they were at last. In the wings, Ryan's holding a hand to his heart, pride flowing through him at the strength and heartbreak he could hear in Jasper's voice with every world he sings, not once letting it break him. He'd rehearsed it a thousand times but it never seemed to get easier to sing these words alongside Blake's recording. The 'test' Jasper had been put through in his passing had been massive and he'd lost it more times than he'd won but tonight was a win and Blake would absolutely be cheering for him if he was watching somehow. Mark places a hand on Ryan's shoulder, smiling as they both watch Jasper as he gets to the final bridge before the chorus finishes the song.

"He'd be pretty impressed, don't you reckon?" Mark asks. Ryan nods, knowing that if he opened his mouth to speak, he'd only end up a mess of tears. In the audience there's not a single dry eye as the song winds down. Jasper stops playing and lets Blake sing the final chorus, his voice blanketing the stage in the last lyrics that had ever left his lips.

"I hope you like it, but yeah, can't wait to hear what you think. I just imagine this being a great show stopper for our 'Badass World Tour'." Blake does the devil horns hand gesture at the camera and the video ends. Camera focusing on Jasper now as he smiles, kisses his tattoo and does the devil horns back to the screen as if sending it back to Blake. There's a few moments after, that Jasper doesn't move, his head back and his eyes closed, taking every single part of his strength to keep himself together. It was the first show of the tour, but performing this song on stage felt so final.

"Give it up for Blake guys. Lets tell him if we liked it." Jasper turns around to face the audience, taking centre stage once more and putting his arms out as he looks up again. The fans exceed themselves, a thunderous appreciative scream and clap for having had the chance to see Blake on stage with Jasper once again. Jasper takes another deep breath. He'd felt so much in just this one show and he didn't want it to end, but he also needed his own comfort now. As the screams finally fade out around him, he continues his goodbye to the audience. "Thank you all again for your patience, it has been hard to work on these songs on my own but hearing your cheers tonight has been the best reward. Thank you for letting me bring them to life for you all. It's an honour to perform for him and for you. Goodnight!" Jasper poses like he'd started, microphone in his left hand, the tattoo facing the audience and the devil horns gesture. The lights fade until it's just a spotlight on his silhouette again, the camera moving to focus once more on the tattoo on his wrist. A single tear trickles down his cheek as the last light fades away and the audience screams again. He stands immobilized in the darkness, just listening to the audience screaming, sobbing, shouting and cheering for him. A pair of arms wrap around him and Jasper leans into Ryan, just standing overwhelmed for a few long moments.

Just before the house lights come on, Ryan takes his hand and leads him off stage, headed backstage to where everyone working with him to make this night happen, is standing in the hallways clapping. Ryan squeezes his hand as they walk down the hall, towards his dressing room, Jasper muttering 'thank you' to everyone as he passes them. He gets to his dressing room door to find Mark standing there waiting to greet him. Ryan lets go of Jasper's hand and Mark wraps his arms around him hugging him proudly.

"You did it." Mark holds him by the shoulder and looks into his eyes. "That performance is going to go down in history, I cannot wait to take you around the world to perform like that." Mark pats him on the shoulder then steps back, just looking him over, completely amazed by the person he'd become.

"Thanks Mark, I really just, thank you for every single thing you've put up with and done for me. I am forever in your debt." Jasper tells him quickly.

"Kid, it's a pleasure to work with you. Now get in there and celebrate with everyone." Mark opens the door for Jasper.

Jasper and Ryan enter the dressing room, Beth, Flynn, Grace, Simon, Luke, Fi and Leo all sitting inside the room waiting for them. There's a cheer for them the moment they walk into the room and Leo pops a bottle of champagne. He starts pouring drinks while, Luke passes the glasses around, Fi's rushing Jasper out of the shirt, bagging it quickly with the other stage outfits for dry cleaning. No sooner is he out of his shirt, he had Flynn's arms around him, crying on his shoulder and repeatedly going between saying 'thank you' and 'he'd be so proud of you'. Beth is next, giving him a strong, silent hug. Appreciating, like Flynn did, that Jasper managed to get Blake's dream of touring with him to come true. Ryan stands back, watching Jasper being engulfed in love, appreciation and support. Getting everything he deserved and had fought for since the start, since way back with Chris, to now. He'd overcome all the challenges and setbacks and put on the most spectacular performance of his life, doing what he was truly made for. As soon as everyone has a glass, Simon gives a toast.

"To Jasper, for absolutely smashing his first solo show. You've done us all, and Blake, incredibly proud." Simon declares and raises his glass.

"Cheers!" Everyone calls and they raise their glasses drinking in unison. Everyone but Grace who is just smiling down at her champagne glass. Jasper frowns at her and everyone follows his confused look, she'd been quietly smiling at him since he'd walked in the room but had yet to say a word.

"To Jasper and Ryan, they are going to be incredible parents." Grace holds her glass up and Flynn takes it from her, smirking as he downs it on her behalf. Jasper promptly drops his glass entirely. Ryan grabs Jasper by the shoulder like he's bracing himself, they stare at her for a moment then turn to face each other, looking equally shocked.

"No fucking way." Jasper breathes, looking back at Grace. "No fucking way! I thought we weren't going to try again after that last round, until I got back from tour." He states in disbelief.

"Turns out that 'lucky last' round took." Grace tells him. "I'm 5 weeks." She announces, holding up a pregnancy test that true enough, read 'Pregnant 4-6 weeks'.

"How long is your tour?" Ryan asks Jasper in a joking tone as he takes the pregnancy test, staring at it as though it's his actual child.

"6 months!" Jasper answers, shaking his head at Grace as he quickly counts on his fingers to see if he'll be back before she's due. "You better not go early! I swear to god, this baby I want to deliver. If you give birth while I'm on tour I'll be mad." Jasper warns her as he drops down to his knees and places his hands on her tummy. Thankfully Leo was straight onto cleaning up the broken glass because he'd forgotten about that completely in his surprise. "Holy shit, Ry! We're going to be parents." Jasper breathes as Ryan kneels beside him, placing a hand on Jasper's and kissing his shoulder.

"Guess it's time to make plans for that wedding huh? I'll have to make an honest man out of you before the baby comes." Ryan smiles. Jasper nervously laughs at the idea. "It's been 3 years Jasper, marry me already." Ryan asks with a sigh.

"We leave for tour tomorrow night Ry." Jasper looks at him with a grin then stands up. "Fi?" Jasper turns his attention to her.

"Yes. Gold suit, right? I have already made one for you, I'll just measure you and make sure it doesn't need any adjustments." Fi tells him confidently, immediately looking for a measuring tape and note pad.

"Terrifying." Jasper nods at her then turns to Flynn. "Best man?" He asks.

"Of course, as long as I don't have to make a speech, because there's no way I want to try and one-up his." Flynn shrugs with a smile. Jasper nods, Blake's speech was already the one he had in his heart for this moment, there would be no need for anyone else to make one for him.

"Maid of honour?" Jasper asks as he looks back at his sister.

"You can't have a best man and a maid of honour." Ryan laughs at him.

"Pft, why not. It's our wedding, we make the rules." Jasper shrugs at Ryan and nudges him.

"Well by that logic, I'll have Beth.." Ryan replies looking over at Beth who nods excitedly at the idea. "And I'll see what time Brayden's flight home is, he can be my best man. And we'll need music." Ryan turns to Luke and Simon who immediately start talking about what they could sing for their friends wedding.

"Just tell me where to drive." Leo offers. Jasper looks at Ryan with a smile and Ryan nods at him, knowing exactly where they would be saying their vows, their special place at the beach.

"We're actually doing it?" Ryan asks Jasper in disbelief. Jasper smiles at him and shrugs, slipping his arms around Ryan's neck and looking from his lips to into his eyes, a sweet smile crossing his face as he thinks of all the incredible things he had to look forward to in the coming year. He kisses Ryan tenderly on the lips, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have this man in his life, to have fought through everything to make his life what it was now, and he had never felt so sure about what he wanted, than he was right now.

"Marriage, tour, babies. Bring it on."

I wasn't sure if a second story following their journey as parents would be of interest, but the last few chapters comments have shown me that the interest is there and I had already been thinking I wasn't quite done with these characters yet, I'm very invested in their story. I may or may not have already started planning a second story... It's on my profile as unpublished, which I was hoping meant others couldn't see it yet. Anyway, since it's able to be seen and I've finally posted this epilogue (which I've been excited about for months), I'll edit the description properly for the next story and continue their story over there. I want to take time to plot it out before I start posting so there won't be a post in there for a while.

For now though, I'm focusing on my other main story, as well as going back through and editing the chapters from the start of this one, again, to fix up any errors and inconsistencies that have been made along the way because honestly I made a lot of this up as I went along. The first chapter of this was a total 'pilot' chapter to see what kind of response I would get on this website and the comments and reactions have kept me motivated ever since. 101 chapters later, I am so grateful to every one of you for supporting and encouraging this story through all the dramas I threw your way, and regardless of the skill level I started with. (I read back some of the earlier chapters and wonder why you guys kept reading, there's a lot of mistakes or just badly worded things I'm coming across. Haha)

Thank you everyone, for reading this story that I have been so passionately working on over the last few years! I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. I would love feedback, positives and negatives are welcome as it all helps me improve my writing skills and lets me know what you want to see more or less of in future work.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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That was brilliant that idea of Blakes's video and Jasper singing along with it.That can't be topped

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Thank you for this lovely, surprise chapter to this outstanding story.  After all the 'darkness' it brought back the 'light'. My romantic heart is very happy. Cannot wait for the follow-up!

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An awesome finale to the story. Just love the idea of Blake and Jasper singing, the use of the video was inspired.

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I’ll admit, I want to read about the wedding and a couple of days later they rush back to Grace to welcome their new child 🙂

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This story wasn't just the evolvement of the life's of Jasper and Ryan but also the evolvement of a great author and the journey taken to produce something great.

Thank you for taking us along on the journey through - 101 intro to Rysper and I'm I look forward to with anticipation to 201 - Rysper the stars and beyond.

All joking aside I cant wait for the next chapter in Jasper and Ryan's lives and the great things left too come. 


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This is the first time I actually cried while reading a story, but I was bawling while reading the encore! Don’t worry.  They were very much happy tears.

I’m so glad I decided to catch up with the story. It was hard after the accident and the aftermath, but well worth the final epilogue.  On to Book 2!

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This is the first comment that I've made on the story and for that I apologise, I'm using binge reading as my excuse.

All I can say is WOW, what a story and what a journey, thank you for taking us all on it, I've loved every bit of it and I'm looking forward to reading the follow up. 👏👏👏 🤘 

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1 hour ago, Mancunian said:

This is the first comment that I've made on the story and for that I apologise, I'm using binge reading as my excuse.

All I can say is WOW, what a story and what a journey, thank you for taking us all on it, I've loved every bit of it and I'm looking forward to reading the follow up. 👏👏👏 🤘 

Thanks for the comment! I've been excitedly watching your reactions pop up on chapters but appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the story.

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I noticed this morning that someone had reacted to my comment on this chapter, so I went back and reread it.

NOT FAIR!  It’s been months and the story has continued and the baby is almost here (loved rereading the announcement of the pregnancy) AND I STILL CRIED COPIOUSLY! :unsure:

It’s hard when we get invested in these characters. :facepalm:

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