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Do You Ship Us? - 42. Will You...

Jasper stands excitedly at the door waiting for Ryan to knock, the anticipation had stolen his focus away from any possible negativity for the entire day, though he felt bad knowing Ryan was probably very anxiously waiting to hear from him and now as it was getting dark he was finally given just an address and no explanation. The knock on the door sets Jasper’s heart racing and he pauses for a second, not wanting to look like he’d been waiting right there, he opens the door and grins at the man standing in front of him.

“Welcome.” Jasper invites him in.

“Welcome?” Ryan frowns and walks inside, looking around the unfurnished room.

“Do you like it?” Jasper asks excitedly, despite having barely given him a moment to look around the place, he walks up beside Ryan and takes his hand, leading him from the open kitchen and dining area, to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. “Check out the view!” He enthuses.

“Is this the place you’re looking at buying?” Ryan asks.

“Well not exactly. Come here.” Jasper leads Ryan through to a large room, with a walk through wardrobe that went through to a bathroom. “Imagine waking up to this view.” He gestures at another set of floor to ceiling windows.

“Ok, if you’re not looking at buying it, what’s the interest?” Ryan pulls Jasper close, wrapping his arms around his waist tightly and looking into his eyes. “I feel like you’re up to something.”

“Of course you do, I straight up told you I was organizing a surprise for you.” Jasper laughs, a devious grin not leaving his lips. “I’m not ‘looking at buying it’ I’ve already signed the paperwork.” Jasper holds up a set of keys.

“You bought a penthouse? I’m not usually one to pry about people’s finances but how big was that cheque you got from the first album?” Ryan raises an eyebrow, looking at the excitement on Jasper’s face, then around the room they are in at the view of the city.

“Oh get real, I didn’t buy it. There’s no way I could afford it from a single pay out. This also isn’t the first job I’ve ever had, I’ve been saving up money for years. The cheque obviously helped, I put down a reasonable deposit and signed up for a 30 year debt to the bank like everyone else does. I just get a better view.” Jasper pulls away from Ryan and goes through the wardrobe to the bathroom, Ryan following him in. “I mean check this out, there’s a spa bath in the shape of a triangle. How cool is that? I’m going to live in here. I mean what more do you want?” Jasper sits on the edge of the bath.

“Long term financial security?” Ryan jokes. “I mean this place is amazing but we’re not technically employed now, are you going to be able to make repayments?” Ryan asks.

“Oh shut up, I never had money growing up. We weren’t poor but my parents didn’t believe in spending money on things they didn’t think were necessary so we lived with bare minimum stuff while they paid off their house. I got a job at a grocery store when I was 15 and they had the money from that go directly into a high interest account that I couldn’t touch until I was 21. There’s enough in there to cover a few months of repayments, in which time I’m confident I’ll find other work.” Jasper gets up again and reaches out for Ryan’s hand. Ryan takes it and lets Jasper lead him back out to the main room again, he goes over to the kitchen bench and takes a menu and hands it to Ryan. “There’s also enough left over for us to order whatever we want from the building’s room service to celebrate. So pick anything you want!”

“I would pick something super expensive but I’m also sure all you really want is pizza.”

“You make me sound so unsophisticated.” Jasper fakes offense. Ryan just smiles at him and hands back the menu.

“It’s your place, your celebration. You should pick.” He suggests. Jasper sighs and puts his hands in his pocket.

“Well I was hoping for more than one reason to celebrate tonight.” Jasper suggests, stepping forwards and dropping to one knee.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” Ryan gapes at him in shock. Jasper pulls a freshly cut golden key from his pocket.

“Ryan Carter, will you move in with me?” He asks nervously. Ryan visibly relaxes, placing a hand over his heart and taking a few deep breaths. “Wow, I guess I won’t take the engagement ring from my other pocket then.” Jasper rolls his eyes.

“Oh, I mean if you had proposed that would have just been kinda, early.” Ryan replies.

“I agree, but what about this? Is this too fast?” Jasper asks, waving the key around.

“No. I just, guess I didn’t expect this. I know how pathetic this will sound, but I don’t know if my Mum will be ok with me leaving her place.”

“Not pathetic, I totally get that and if it helps at all, I already asked her and she was fine with it.” Jasper smiles at him.

“You asked her?”


“Before you asked me?”

“Obviously because I’m only asking you now and she took less time to give me her answer than you have. If you’re not ready then just say it and that is fine but take this key anyway because I don’t want you to feel like you’re visiting me here, I want us to feel like this is our place, not just mine.” Jasper stands up and steps in close, slipping the key in Ryan’s pocket smoothly. Ryan lifts Jasper’s chin and kisses him lovingly.

“I am going to love living with you.” He whispers as he sweeps his arm behind Jasper’s lower back and holds him tight.

“Is that a yes?” Jasper asks, absolutely elated

“No.” Ryan shrugs. “It’s a hell yes. Lets do it, lets start the rest of our lives together.”

“For real?” Jasper clasps his hands together in front of his mouth.

“For real.” Ryan laughs.

“Oh no.” Jasper pulls away, still looking at Ryan but his expression was changing from elated to nervous excitement.

“Oh no? You asked me. What are you ‘oh no-ing' about?”

“I just, I had it in my head that if you said yes then we would celebrate, like really celebrate. And I really want to see that through but now I’m kinda psyching myself out.” Jasper bites his lip and looks at Ryan who was slightly confused. “I mean, it’s a thing isn’t it? To ‘knight the house’.” He hints.

“Ohhh. Right.” Ryan nods than looks around. “Exactly how did that plan play out in your head though? Because most people find a bed preferable, especially for their first time, just makes things a little more comfortable.”

“I have an air mattress.” Jasper shrugs. He and Ryan just look at each other for a few long moments then both give a shy laugh and look away from each other. “Did I make it weird by telling you I was thinking about this?” Jasper asks.

“No, I can’t read your mind so I wouldn’t know when you’re ready without you telling me. I just feel like I am disappointing you but I really don’t think an air mattress is how you want to go. If I’m honest, what I was hoping for was to be able to make it really romantic for you.”

“Ah yes, super romantic so there’s lots of pressure on me. Great idea.”

“Should we maybe just, agree that you tell me when the timing feels right for you and we take it from there? By all means, if you’re comfy enough on an air mattress...”

“Ok, I’m getting the feeling you’re not a fan of the bedding for the night. I just bought an apartment in a high rise, floor to ceiling windows, I’m not too worried, I’d let you take me against the window.” Jasper states bluntly, leaving Ryan completely speechless. The silence interrupted by Jasper’s phone ringing on the bench. Ryan looks over at it.

“It’s Blake. Wait, does this have anything to do with him calling you his virgin sacrifice?” Ryan teases.

“Yes, because losing my virginity is more about how he sees me and less about feeling like our relationship is at that point. Why do you never assume my motives are because of how I feel about you?” Jasper crosses his arms, letting the phone ring out.

“Sorry. That probably has something to do with that thing we promised we wouldn’t talk about.”

“Well if you’re referring to him as ‘that thing’ you must be starting to get over him.”

“Blake’s calling again. Maybe it’s important. There was actually a lot going on today while you were out.” Ryan passes Jasper his phone.

“I buy my own place and ask you to move in, you say yes, and still we don’t get any privacy.” Jasper rolls his eyes.

“Privacy? Says the guy who not 2 minutes ago suggested I take his virginity against floor to ceiling windows in clear view of the entire city, right after photos of us innocently kissing in a bed causes a scandal on the internet. I’m starting to think you don’t actually want privacy. I think you like this.” Ryan jokes. Jasper laughs and winks then answers the phone.

“Impeccable timing. This better be more important than me having any kind of sex life.” Jasper winks at Ryan who’s mouth had dropped open at Jasper’s bluntness. “Yes Ryan is with me. Shut up, get to the point, what do you want? Fine, we will meet you guys there, just text me the address.” Jasper hangs up.

“Something important?” Ryan asks.

“We’re meeting with a possible new manager.”

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow, Blake and the rest of the band have amazing timing. Let’s hope the potential new manager isn’t cut from the same cloth as the old one.

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Let's hope the new manager has scruples and wants what's best for the boys!!! I can't wait until Ryan and Jasper actually get to do it...against the windows might be fun!!!

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