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Do You Ship Us? - 46. Time To Make A Decision

Jasper groans and stirs, trying to roll over but his body felt really stiff. A hand rubs his shoulder and he feels a soft kiss on the back of his neck.

“Take it slowly, you probably feel like you’ve been hit by a truck.” Ryan says calmly. Jasper relaxes and falls back to sleep for a few more minutes before waking and trying to roll again, this time Ryan moves back and helps him roll. Jasper sighs as he lies flat on his back, looking at the man beside him.

“I fucked up last night didn’t I?” Jasper looks desperately at Ryan for answers before pulling the blanket up and looking down at his body. “How badly did I fuck up?” He frowns at Ryan who just smiles at him, trying not to laugh.

“Not that badly. You did end up passed out in the shower in your clothes with one shoe on though.” Ryan tells him.

One shoe? Oh well as long as I stayed classy.” Jasper says sarcastically. “And you undressed me?” Jasper chews his lip embarrassed.

Yes and do you have any idea how frustrating it is to attempt to get wet skinny jeans off a person? I have never been more relieved to finally get your pants off.” He jokes, Jasper gives an embarrassed laugh. “In all seriousness though, I wasn’t really checking you out, I figured you would be cold and got the towel around you straight away, I also felt a little bad about undressing you while you were unconscious and am sorry but there wasn’t another option.” Ryan assures him, propping himself up on his elbow and stroking the hair from Jasper’s face. Jasper just sighs, shaking his head and groaning with embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry about everything, I swear I didn’t have that much to drink.” He whines.

Oh don’t be, I did talk to him last night to see what he’d done, he slipped something in your drink. I told him to leave us alone and that I never wanted to hear from him ever again. I blocked his number and I realized something important that we need to do. Something we need to talk about.” Ryan tells him, his attention being stolen away by the aggressive knocking on the door. “One moment.” Ryan frowns and gets up, heading out to the front door.

“Jasper? Ryan? Are you guys in there?” Blake shouts before banging on the door again. Ryan opens the door and nearly gets hit in the face by Blake who was mid knock. “Thank god. Where’s Jasper?” Blake asks and walks straight in, quickly heading to their bedroom.

“Blake, what’s up?” Ryan calls, following behind him. Blake bursts into the room and breathes a sigh of relief as he sees Jasper.

“You’re ok.” He leans back against the wall and takes a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asks him quickly.

“Your dick-bag ex bought drugs yesterday. My brother doesn’t do much small talk in transactions but always asks what they are getting things for and he said he was hoping for a good night with his boyfriend. I saw him leaving the house when I got home yesterday and it only hit me this morning who it was. I raced here because I figured Jasper might have gone to see him and ended up getting hurt.” Blake tells them both as they stare at him in shock.

“Damien buys drugs from your brother?” Ryan was in disbelief.

“Small world right.” Blake shakes his head. “Apparently he’s been a regular for years but it’s usually just for weed, occasionally roofies. Also found out the slut offered him sex to pay for drugs a few times. Charming dude you dated Ryan, real treat.”

“He roofied me?” Jasper says slowly to himself. “Is that why I feel so weird even though I only had 2 drinks?” Jasper asks.

“Wait you did go and see him?” Blake scoffs. “Jasper. What the fuck man. At least tell me you punched him in the head?”

“I hope so, but in all honesty I can’t really remember much after I got there and found him. Now I know why.” Jasper had tears in his eyes, the fear of how badly things could have gone hitting him now. Ryan goes to his side quickly, sitting beside him on the bed and holding his hand to comfort him.

“It’s ok, I know it’s an awful feeling but you did throw up a lot when you got home, that would have helped get it out of your system a bit. Just take it easy and drink plenty of water.” Ryan tells him calmly.

“Why are you acting like this is so normal? Your ex drugged someone.” Blake scolds.

“Yeah he did it to me a lot when we were together too. I did call him last night to ask what he’d done and he admitted to putting something in your drink, and it would have been me drugged if I had gone out to see him. It’s not ‘normal’ but I am experienced in this first hand, that’s why I’m not freaking out about it. If anything I’d say Jasper’s body didn’t react well to it because you didn’t seem high, just very drunk and emotional, and then sick. It could have been a lot worse.”

“Why the fuck is your ex even still in the picture? Why is he around texting you and trying to drug you? Didn’t you get a restraining order on him?” Blake snaps at Ryan who continues to react calmly to the situation.

“I think Jasper should too. I told him he needed to get help but I doubt he’ll leave us alone. He’s not that considerate. And I did go through all this with Jasper last night, but I was trying to keep him out of the picture, he tricked me into giving him my phone and sent himself a text from it so he would have my number, he’s texted me a heap of times and I never responded, I wanted him to think I’d changed numbers and just give up texting, but I did finally block him last night because I realized it wasn’t going to just stop. He’s obsessive and needs serious help.” Ryan sighs. “But that’s not my responsibility, we need to take care of ourselves and if that means getting a restraining order out on him for Jasper then I think that’s what we need to do.”

“I’m really sorry I went to see him.” Jasper sobs, overwhelmed by everything.

“Blake, can you leave us please? I think Jasper and I need some time to ourselves right now. But thank you for letting us know and please if you can, convince your brother to stop giving him drugs, I won’t report the drugging because if he gets done for it he’ll turn your brother in as his dealer, in a heartbeat. You guys need to be careful of him too.” Ryan tells him.

“I hadn’t even thought of that. Fucking hell. If I ever see him again I swear to god I’ll make him regret ever messing with my family. Jasper included.” Blake turns and walks out, Ryan and Jasper wait until they hear the front door slammed shut.

“I’m going to run the spa, we’re going to relax in there and talk, ok?” Ryan asks. Jasper gives a fake smile and nods, Ryan leans in and kisses his cheek. “I’ll be right back.” Ryan heads to the bathroom and gets the water running in the spa bath. Jasper walks in a moment later and grabs his toothbrush.

“I spent approximately a second wondering why you kissed my cheek, not my lips then I became uncomfortably aware of the taste of my own mouth.” Jasper tells him, putting way too much toothpaste on his brush and aggressively scrubbing every inch of his mouth while Ryan fills the spa.

“Are you feeling ok?” Ryan sits on the edge of the bath.

“Aside from a headache? I feel really hungover and my foot is sore.” He pauses. “Ok, so I don’t really remember anything from last night, you spoke to Damien, did he say anything?” Jasper asks desperately. Ryan kicks at the floor thinking about how to answer. “Was it that bad?” Jasper sighs.

“No. You broke a glass and then stood on it, that’s what happened to your foot.” Ryan looks up at Jasper with a frown. “Damien admitted to drugging you but other than that he didn’t really say much about you. If it helps, you came back, talking that much shit about him that obviously your conversation didn’t go well. Anyway to recap, some concerns you brought up last night were about Damien having my number, he had that because he borrowed my phone the night I kissed him and has harassed me since but I have never replied to him and he’s now been blocked. And I also want you to know that I never loved him, he emotionally abused me and manipulated me into thinking love was supposed to be obsessive like that. I know better now.” Ryan turns the taps off and walks over to Jasper. “Are you ready for a nice relaxing bath?”

Mmm, hell yes.” Jasper leans forward and throws his arms around Ryan’s neck. “I’m sorry I went to him. I guess I am the jealous type after all.”

“Well I guess I’m into the jealous type a lot more than I thought. I’m sorry he made you that uncomfortable that you felt you had to confront him. I do promise you though, there is nothing between us. I am with you, 100%.” Ryan assures him as he holds Jasper’s waist, then kisses his cheek. “I love you.” Ryan tells him quietly. Jasper looks at him shocked, Ryan just confidently smiles at him and waits for a reaction.

“Am I still drunk, or did you just say you love me?” Jasper asks him with a smirk.

“I love you and I will keep telling you that until you believe me.”

“I love you too.”

“I know, you said it first remember.” Ryan winks at him.

“Ok this isn’t a competition. Now are we getting naked or not? You promised me a spa and I would like to continue this in the warm bubbly water.”


“Jasper. We need to talk.” Simon walks in past Ryan at the door, straight over to Jasper who was sitting on the couch wrapped in his soft white dressing gown. Jasper looks over at the door as Luke comes in too and sits on the coffee table in front of Jasper.

“Oh good, an intervention. Just what I need with this headache.” Jasper sighs and sits up a little straighter. “Hit me with it.”

“Ok fine, we’re worried about you. You’ve withdrawn from us all since the show and your racking up some pretty concerning headlines. I mean you were photographed out last night with another guy at a gay club but you haven’t even made a single comment about your sexuality since the show. There has been an outcry of support for you and...”

“And I appreciate the support.” Jasper tells them.

“Look, we were excited for you guys, and stood behind you coming out and we’ve been trying to stay behind you but now you’ve left us all in the dark and we can’t keep covering this up. We’re all being asked questions about you and this is effecting all of us now. I mean, it’s hard to cover for you going out with another guy and getting drunk only days after kissing Ryan on stage.” Luke tells him

“Yes. So the thing is, that was Ryan’s ‘can’t take a hint’ ex that I met with and he straight up drugged me. Thanks for your concern.” Jasper gets up and is immediately stopped by Ryan.

“They are just worried.” He tells him gently, turning him back to the couch and sitting with him on the couch.

“What have I missed?” Blake asks, walking into the apartment. “I got your text, ‘urgent meeting at Jasper’s place’.”

“Ryan’s ex drugged Jasper.” Simon tells him.

“Oh. Yeah I know, my brother sold it to him. We didn’t know who it was but yeah.” Blake sits down beside Jasper.

“Does your brother have an actual job or what? What’s his thing?” Ryan asks.

“Not one he’d put on a resume, or that he even needs a resume for.”

So if anyone finds out that he helped hack the lighting desk for our show, then we’ll be in the shit for being associated with a drug dealer?”

“No. He’s well practiced at passing for a law-abiding citizen. I thought this was Jasper’s intervention.” Blake frowns at them.

“I think we stopped the intervention part when I told them I was drugged. You don’t usually keep getting lectured when you’re the victim right?” Jasper turns his attention back to Simon and Luke, both look at each other then around the room uncomfortably.

“Although you did kinda put yourself in that position. Why would you go and see Ryan’s ex? Isn’t that his job to sort out?” Simon asks him confused.

“You don’t understand he won’t leave Ryan alone, he’s borderline stalked us and constantly texts Ryan...”

So block him.” Luke shrugs. “It’s not that hard. An ex is an ex.”

“Yeah you haven’t met this one. But thanks for turning this into Ryan’s intervention.”

“I have blocked him, now. I was taking the ‘ignore him’ approach and it’s obviously not worked.”


I think we need help moving forward now. The media speculations are getting too much and if you’re just going to keep avoiding addressing them they will get worse.” Simon warns.

“Why should I address speculation? I’m good with me, Ryan knows what’s up, I don’t need to justify my or explain myself to anyone else.” Jasper shrugs.

“Ok, but this isn’t just about you this is about all of us. We all made the decision to leave our company and we all need to work out what we’re doing with our careers now.

“I’m not stopping you, geez.”

“Well, are we signing with Mark?” Simon asks.

“I liked his pitch, what’d Daniel say about the contracts?” Blake asks.

“It all looks like a really good contract, reasonable and respectful, just the way he sold it to us. Mark sounds like a really decent guy, genuine. Daniel didn’t find anything that he didn’t agree with in the contract. Also our official lawsuit against Chris is prepared, but for now we’re waiting because there’s some talk of us being sued for leaving the contracts early and Daniel said it’d be a good move to drop our entire lawsuit on him as a counter claim for why we didn’t complete our contracts.”

“He’s going to be hit with a big old bag of karma.” Luke

“Well honestly I’d rather he get hit by a truck, preferably one I’m driving but that’s Karma too.” Blake jokes.

“I have some news. I’m going to be on the dance show after all, I just got the call yesterday so I’ll be heading overseas at the end of the month.” Ryan announces and silence follows for a few moments.

So like, 2 weeks time?” Simon asks.

“Damn, that’s so soon we really should get organized with whether we’re going to sign these new contracts as a group or whether we’re disbanding and doing our own thing then.” Blake suggests, everyone stares at him confused.

“We’re not disbanding, right?”

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

I can’t seem to help that I don’t like the other band members very much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I mean in less than 24hrs Simon & Luke have to call an intervention because of what they see as Jasper having a negative impact on the band’s image, which seems excessive especially as they’re supposedly being supportive of Jasper & Ryan. They show little concern for him, the fact Jasper was drugged is sort of ignored easily by everyone not long after it’s mentioned as the conversation quickly switches to how their connection to Blake’s brother could negatively impact the band, and Luke...while majorly insensitive towards both Jasper & Ryan sorta said imy own thoughts regarding the ex boyfriend situation as I find the whole just ignore the ex rather than block his number plan next level stupid. Of course Ryan has been through a lot so I’m not going to blame him too much for his lack of common sense when it comes to Damien. Then Blake, who I am 50/50 on as he seems like good friend sometimes and a bad friend other times, has to suddenly bring up the possibility of disbanding as if he’s assuming it’s something everyone is considering which throws them all for a loop. I mean it makes it seem like he may be considering it as a viable option himself which gives a negative vibe though to be honest I don’t see it as a bad thing if they do disband as it just seems toxic sometimes.

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Jasper and Ryan need time together to get over the ex-boyfriend and the drugging. The band need to be more supportive of there relationship as they are supposed to be.

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