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Do You Ship Us? - 66. Fighting

Having missed more than half the day, Jasper decides to stay late to work on his new song, he’d not taken a break since he sat down and it’s only when Blake starts flicking the lights on and off to get his attention that he comes out of the focused trance he’d been in. Jasper takes out his headphones and looks at the time then yawns and stretches, as though he hadn’t felt tired until he realized how late it was getting.

“Are you going home or nah?” Blake asks, continuing to flick the lights on and off annoyingly.

“Well I am now that you broke my train of thought.” Jasper rolls his eyes and gets up.

“Pretty sick to finally have some instruments hey?” Blake comments, gesturing at the piano. “You forget how great it is to just zone out and play. I reckon Luke should learn drums and Simon should learn bass and we’d finally have a proper band. I’ve been trying to put the thoughts in their heads all day. Could you imagine?” Blake asks, with an almost childish excitement Jasper hadn’t seen in a long time. “How’d it go? Have you finished the song you were working on?”

“It’s almost perfect.”

“What’s it about?” Blake asks.

“I am not sure I’ll actually play it, but I needed to get it out of my mind. You didn’t have to wait for me, you could have just gone home you know?” Jasper gives another yawn and drags his feet dramatically as he makes his way to the door.

“After the day you’ve had, I thought you might like some company. I was thinking we order pizza and watch horror movies.” Blake suggests with a shrug.

“I’ve seen enough horror for one day.” Jasper jokes, taking his phone out to see an ubundance of texts.

“Exactly, you need to see more horror to get it out of your mind, come on. I’ve already got an uber on it’s way since Flynn said he’s keeping your sister company up at the hospital.” Blake pauses as he sees Jasper smiling at his phone.

“Ryan texting you?” Blake asks.

“Huh? No. Grace.” Jasper turns the phone around to show Blake the picture. “Baby photos. I’ll give her a call on the way home and see how they are doing.” Seeing a bunch of photos of the baby in a heated cot, that Grace had sent him, he feels as though in the hours that’d passed since he’d held her in the very first moments of her life in the big scary world, as though he missed her. Jasper spends most of the drive home talking to Grace, getting all the updates on the baby's health and expected hospital stay. He was looking forward to having a quiet night and actually finally having his place to himself after the chaos of the last 24 hours catching up with him. Jasper was torn on whether or not he should tell Blake at least about what had really been going on.

“People are still sending me death threats about that joke I made about you being my type, someone made a Gofundme to hire a hitman on me. Your fans are hella protective.” Blake shows Jasper a few comments he was still receiving. “Have you talked to Ryan yet by the way?”

“Yeah. We’ll talk about that when we get back to my place.” Jasper answers quietly, glancing at their Uber driver who did seem completely unaware of who he had in the back of his car. The rest of the drive is silent, aside from Blake eagerly ordering food before they even got home, apparently starving.

“Flynn is coming to join us for dinner, he’ll be here when he’s kicked out when visiting hours end.” Blake announces as they walk into Jasper’s apartment.

“Ok so I need to talk to you first then.” Jasper sighs, turning to Blake with a serious expression. “I’ve been drinking pretty much every single night after you’ve left and I’m really sorry because you’re a great friend and I appreciate that you’ve been here keeping me occupied and I feel so bad that I’ve been letting you down.” Jasper rambles out quickly, feeling almost instant relief for being honest about it.

“What an insult.” Blake scoffs and rolls his eyes. “And I mean insulting that you thought I had no idea. You literally decided to quit drinking when you were at your least likely to succeed, I’ve dealt with alcoholism in my family, I suspected you’d not kick it the first time, especially without Ryan here to keep tabs on you and be supportive, how’d you go talking to him?” Blake asks, being unexpectedly understanding compared to what Jasper had assumed he’d be. Before Jasper gets a chance to answer there’s a knock on the door.

“Hold on, I’ll tell you in a sec.” Jasper walks over to the door and opens it, expecting it to be the pizza delivery, but instead he is faced with a very pissed off visitor. “Uh, can I help you?” Jasper asks confused.

“Where the fuck is Grace?” The man snaps back quickly, his eyes narrowed as he looks Jasper up and down and standing a little taller in an attempt to be intimidating. Jasper notices this, but doesn’t feel even a flicker of fear, it quickly dawning on him who he was finally meeting.

“Excuse me?” Jasper raises an eyebrow, stepping forward into the doorway and crossing his arms, eyeing off the guy who was balling his hands into fists in an attempt to look threatening, his face plastered with a stern and intimidating glare piercingly cold blue eyes and a tightly clenched jaw.

“Don’t fuck with me, I know you would know where she is. Where is she?” He demands, cracking his knuckles and stepping forward, immediately in Jasper’s personal space, Jasper doesn’t move, not giving him any the satisfaction of feeling any power against him.

“Look, I have no idea who you are...” Jasper starts, playing dumb.

“I’m her boyfriend.”

“Clearly not if you don’t even know where your own ‘girlfriend’ is. You might want to re-think your method here because your tone is not going to get you anything. Even if I did know, I wouldn’t want to tell you while you’re speaking to me like this.” Jasper holds his ground, keeping a poker face while trying to suppress the rage building inside him as he faces the guy that had been hurting his sister for so long.

“Trust me this is my nice tone, now tell me.” Grace’s ex orders in an authoritive tone that makes Jasper internally cringe, thinking of his sister being spoken to like this.

“Here’s the thing, because of you forcing her to have no contact with her family, I have genuinely got no idea where she is so when you find her do me a favour and tell her to call some time because I’d love to catch up with her after what, 3 years of having very little contact thanks to you.” Jasper steps back and goes to close the door but it’s aggressively thrown back out of his grip, putting a hole in the wall where the handle hits it. “Piss off before I call security on your worthless ass.” Jasper states, inspecting the broken plaster on the wall with a surprising amount of control and calmness despite the danger he was now facing.

“Good luck telling them shit when I break your fucking jaw!” Jasper rolls his eyes at the threat, turning his attention to Blake who finally overhears the drama and comes over to check it out.

“Excuse me, what the fuck is this?” He asks, quickly walking into the drama, his eyes sternly on their unexpected visitor.

“Is this your butt buddy faggot?” Grace’s ex asks, sizing up Blake who clearly looked much more like a threat than Jasper.

“I don’t know what year you think this is asshole but it’s the 21st century and calling someone a faggot is a fucking hate crime...” Blake starts, storming over with equal aggression.

“Blake, don’t even bother, he’s not even worth it.” Jasper holds up his hand to stop Blake coming any closer, he wanted to handle this on his own, he felt like he had to. “Now this is your last chance to leave, because you’re now inside my place which is trespassing and you’ve threatened me once already so I’ve definitely got reasons to have you arrested. At the very least you’ve got a charge for damage to property, so walk away before you add more to my police report.” Jasper warns, still extremely calm.

“Oh yeah?” In a quick action Jasper finds himself shoved up against the wall, but just before the fist coming his way reaches his face, Jasper moves his head to the side, another hole in his wall. “Where the fuck is she?” The man growls, throwing a punch to Jasper’s stomach that he’s not ready for, winding him for a moment. He barely gets a chance to draw in a breath before he’s grabbed by the collar of his shirt and punched in the face, an immediate streak of blood coming from his nose.

“Oi fuckface!” Blake shouts as he grabs at the guy’s shirt to try and pull him away from Jasper, but is elbowed hard in the side. The man pulls Jasper by his shirt and turns them around so he’s holding Jasper in between himself and Blake, using Jasper as a human shield to stop Blake getting to him.

“Tell me where she is, she’s got something I want.” He threatens, moving to keep Jasper between him and Blake regardless of which way Blake tried to come at him.

“Is it self respect? Because you’re clearly lacking that.” Jasper didn’t seem to care that he was unnecessarily provoking him. In a flash he’s thrown against the wall again, knocking the wind out of him once more, Jasper coughs to regain his breath. “Oh no, I know what it is. It’s potential, she dropped your sorry ass and is going to have a real life and you’re just left to sit around being a piece of shit all by yourself.” Jasper teases, smiling despite the pain as stands up straight again, though his comment is quickly ignored as Blake’s heard on the phone.

“Who the fuck is Flynn?” The guy asks as he gets up close in Jasper’s space again, grabbing him by the cuff of his shirt and raising his fist threateningly.

“He’s the guy that’ll be the baby’s actual Dad, since you haven’t got the balls to be a decent man.” Jasper whispers smugly as he takes the opportunity to lift his leg up and kick him as hard as he could in the crotch, forcing him to let go of Jasper’s shirt, as he folds in half clutching at himself, Jasper grabs him by the hair and brings his face down hard on his knee, to his and Blake’s surprise, he falls to the ground unconscious.

“Shit, did you kill him?” Blake runs over.

“Oh my god.” A voice in the doorway gets their attention and the poor pizza delivery boy stares at them in shock and fear, having arrived just at the end of the comotion.

“It’s all good.” Jasper wipes his bloody nose on his sleeve and hobbles over to accept the food, pulling out his wallet and handing him money.

“Oh this was already paid for.” The scared teen tells him quickly.

“Then this is your tip. Don’t worry about this ok, this douche-bag was threatening my sister and...”

“Is he dead?” The boy asks terrified.

“No, but you knocked him out cold Jas, what the hell was that, when did you learn how to fight?” Blake calls out surprised.

“Not as weak as I look. I’ve been spending some time with a boxing bag lately.” Jasper grins, wiping more blood from his nose.

“I thought he was going to shoot you. He-he has a gun.” The kid tells them, Jasper turns and sees the top of the gun sticking out of his back pocket of the intruders’ jeans.

“We’re calling the police, it’s all good ok.” Jasper assures him, pulling his phone out. “I’ll call your work too and let them know what’s happened here so you won’t get in trouble for being late.” Jasper offers with a polite smile as he takes the pizzas from the shaken guy.

“Where the fuck is he?” Flynn storms past the pizza delivery boy who jumps at the voice and the stomping footsteps.

“Do you need me to call you ride?” Jasper offers, realizing how scared the poor kid was.

“I’ll, I’ll call my Mum.” the guy nods, fumbling to get his phone from his pocket.

“Wish you’d left this sack of shit for me.” Flynn seethes as he stands over the body on the floor.

“Hey don’t look at me, Jasper handled this one all by himself.” Blake sighs, getting up and walking over to Jasper. ”Are you alright?” He asks, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, you call the police please, I’ll call the pizza place because that kid looks traumatized and Flynn if he gets up you can knock him out again, he’s got a gun so don’t touch it because we don’t want the situation here misconstrued, three guys, a gun and an unconscious guy isn’t going to look like a fair fight, plus I have security cameras watching us so just be mindful of that, tempting as it is to give him some more bruises while he’s out.” Jasper delegates while he looks at the receipt for their food and finds the store contact details. After he and Blake are finished making phone calls and the teenager who’d been standing in shock in their doorway is picked up by his anxious mother, Jasper walks off to the bathroom to wash his face and see the damage. He was bruising quickly but he expected that, nothing seemed broken though at least and his nose had stopped bleeding. The adrenaline was quickly wearing off too and the gravity of the situation he’d just been in starts setting in, filling Jasper with nerves and anger.

“The police are here... Is that a hickey?” Blake asks pointing at a mark on Jasper’s hip, while Jasper had his shirt lifted to inspect the bruise on his stomach.

“It’s a bruise.” Jasper answers rolling his eyes and pushing past him.

“I saw the whole fight, you didn’t get hit there.” Blake narrows his eyes and follows Jasper out.

“I ran into something.”

“What?” Blake asks.

“Can you stop with the third degree, Blake? I ran into something when I was drunk, probably a bench or a barstool. It’s been a big fucking day and I don’t need you on my case right now.” Jasper snaps, feeling suddenly overwhelmed by the last 24 hours. He storms out of his room and finds that Grace’s ex had woken up and was telling the police his side of the story, putting forward, as Jasper had suggested, that it was a 3 on one attack and claiming he had amnesia from being hit in the head.

“This is your place?” One of the officers approaches Jasper.

“Yes, it is.” Jasper nods.

“And those cameras, do they work?” The officer asks.

“Yes. I can show you the footage of tonight.” Jasper offers, the officer agrees and Jasper heads over to his laptop on the coffee table, he opens it up and quickly gets into the security footage. Jasper looks over towards the man in question and then back to the officer, lowering his voice. “This guy is my sister’s ex boyfriend, he came here looking for her and she’s been staying here, she’s on some of this footage, I need to know she’ll be safe. He’s got a past of abusing her physically, including when she was pregnant.” Jasper informs the officer who gives him an understanding nod.

“He won’t see the footage unless it’s strictly necessary for pressing charges and in that case we’ll do our best to keep any footage not pertaining to tonight’s incident, private.” The officer promises. It’s almost half an hour later that their statements are all complete and Jasper’s apartment is empty again.

“You should call Grace and...” Flynn starts but Jasper shakes his head.

“This is the best day of her life, she can find out about this later. She deserves to focus on being a Mum tonight, I will tell her once it’s resolved and there’s no reason for her to worry about any of it.” Jasper states.

“You wanna come stay with us tonight?” Blake asks, putting an arm around Jasper’s shoulders, seeing Jasper shaken from the ordeal. Jasper just shrugs and laughs in response, too tired and stressed to say anything else. “Flynn, grab the pizza, we’re going back to ours.” Blake shouts, walking Jasper out.


“Make yourself at home.” Flynn calls out as he walks through their place straight to the stereo to put music on because apparently that was more important than turning on any lights. Luckily Jasper had always felt like home here and knew where all the light switches were, he heads into the kitchen and gets the oven started to warm up their dinner while Blake is off showering.

“Who’s been baking?” Jasper asks Flynn when he walks into the kitchen a few minutes later.

“Me.” Flynn grins.

“Didn’t take you for the baking type.” Jasper comments, finishing off the brownie in his hand.

“Well they were the last of my weed butter so I figured I’d better use it and be done with the stuff.” Flynn smirks at Jasper, watching realization cross his face.

“Weed butter?” Jasper frowns. “Oh my god these are weed brownies?”

“Yeah, I mix the goods into the butter so it’s evenly spread through the batter, it’s the best way to make them.” Flynn tells him, amused by the look of fear on Jasper’s face. “I’d say ‘relax’ but you’ll be relaxed soon enough. After the day you’ve had, it’s probably exactly what you need actually.”

“Ok but I’ve had 4, am I going to die of an overdose?” Jasper panics.

“You had 4? You’ve only been in here a few minutes!” Flynn asks surprised.

“I haven’t eaten all day and I was stress eating!” Jasper yells defensively.

“What is going on now?” Blake walks into the room, looking between Flynn and Jasper.

“Blake I had 4 weed brownies.” Jasper tells him frantically.

“Flynn! Why would you let him eat so many?” Blake scoffs.

“I didn’t let him, I only saw him eat one.” Flynn answers.

“I WAS STRESS EATING!” Jasper states again, feeling judged though Blake and Flynn were both nothing but amused at the situation. “CAN SOMEONE JUST TELL ME IF I’M GOING TO DIE?” Jasper yells.

“You’re not going to die.” Flynn laughs, getting a water bottle and passing it to Jasper. “You just need to sit down and relax, have some water, you’ll have some food and you’ll be fine.” Flynn assures him.

“Seriously?” Jasper asks.

“I mean in about an hour you’ll probably start feeling a bit weird but you’re with me and Blake, you’re in good hands alright. Drink this, eat and you’ll probably just sleep realllly peacefully tonight. Which probably isn’t the worst thing since you must be tired from last night.” Flynn suggests.

“What do you mean?” Jasper asks nervously.

“Well Grace said she was having contractions all night, you must have been up with her.” Flynn shrugs.

“Oh yeah.” Jasper nods. “What am I doing with my life?”

“I know, sneakily getting drunk, smirking in the face of someone who’s punched you and then knocking them out, scoffing weed brownies. You’re a proper badass now, not just a try hard. I can’t believe how you handled that dude, do you have a death wish or something?” Blake jokes.

“God no. I love my life.” Jasper sighs, letting Flynn force him into a chair at the table. “I wanted to stand up for her myself, but I also really wanted to hurt him for what he’d put her through.” Jasper touches the darkening bruise on his cheek, feeling the pain and tenderness that spread from the edge of his jaw, to his nose and down to his lips. “Is it weird that it feels good?” Jasper asks.

“I remember the first time I got into a fight, I lost but I felt so tough walking around all bruised and telling people about it. Stretching the truth in my favour.” Flynn smiles to himself as he gets out a plate and serves up some food for Jasper. “You feel proud of yourself don’t you? You defended your sister. It’s a pride thing. First fight I got into was over Blake, he’d been being bullied and I took them on, it was stupid, I was outnumbered and didn’t stand a chance, but it just felt good even getting in a couple of hits to show them I wouldn’t stand for it. I took them all on one by one on separate occasions and wiped the floor with them of course.” Flynn gloats.

“Well we all know better than to fuck with you now. Are you alright though?” Blake asks, placing a plate of pizza opposite Jasper as Flynn puts one in front of Jasper.

“Yeah, my head hurts but I’m alright.” Jasper sighs. Blake nods and sits down opposite him at the table.

“I’m sorry. I should have had your back. I was really worried when he had you backed against the wall and I tried to help but, I don’t know what happened. I should have helped you.” Blake apologizes, looking at the significant bruise on his friends' cheek.

“It’s fine, I didn’t want you to intervene anyway. I was good on my own. I wanted to handle it on my own. Although you telling him off for calling me a faggot was pretty fun. He’d literally forced his way into my place and was actively threatening me and Blake steps in like ‘hey asshole, you can’t call people a faggot, it’s a hate crime.’” Jasper laughs as he tells Flynn, Blake looks down, nervously cracking his knuckles.

“I wanted that moment where I have a really petty comeback and then beat the shit out of them, but instead I just had a petty comeback and then watched Jasper take the punches.” Blake shrugs and looks over at Flynn, internalized shame for not stepping up. “I only got one punch in and then by the time he moved so I could get to him, you called and said you were here, I shouldn’t have answered, I should have helped Jasper but I thought we might need an extra set of fists.”

“Speaking of petty comebacks, I may have accidentally thrown in a line about you being Grace’s kids’ dad just to really hurt his ego, so if he’s dumb enough to take you on, you might be the next person he confronts.” Jasper smiles to himself and tilts his head back, looking up at the ceiling with a calm fondness on his face. “I am soooo ready for bed.” He laughs to himself. Blake and Flynn share a knowing look, the calmness Jasper was feeling was evident even in the way he’d gone from sitting so tense to now looking as though all his muscles had melted. Jasper looks back down at his plate and piles two slices of pizza on top of each other and starts eating it like a sandwich. “Ha, you know what’s funny.” He barely finishes his mouthful of food before speaking again, and doesn’t wait for an answer to his rhetorical question. “The first night I’m actually really not going to drink, I accidentally get really high. I can’t believe I thought you baked actual normal brownies! That’s so out of character, I should have known, and yet, it feels as though things are how they always should have been.” Jasper takes another bite, looking off into the distance thoughtfully.

“Screw it, after the night we’ve had, I’m going to join Jasper in this zone.” Blake gets up and grabs himself two brownies.

“Fuck yeah!” Jasper grins at him as he watches his friend down the baked goods. “Welcome to the dark side.” Jasper spreads his arms out invitingly.

“Welcome? This is my house, I own the dark side. You’re the one that’s welcome.” Blake answers.

“Guys. I can really feel it now. Phew.” Jasper rubs his face and looks over at Flynn trying to be really serious. “Can you tell or do I look fine?” He asks.

“I wouldn’t want you within the vicinity of a police officer now, if that’s what you mean.” Flynn answers.

“I wanna live with you guys. Grace can have my place. She’ll need the space for the baby anyway.” Jasper sighs.

“What about Ryan?” Blake asks. “I don’t particularly want you both here going at it while I’m trying to sleep.”

“Nah.” Jasper shrugs.

“You never did tell me how you went talking things through with him.” Blake sits up straighter, remembering the conversation they were about to have hours ago before they were interrupted.

“I decided I don’t want to tell you.” Jasper replies.

“Why not? Come on I wanna know if you guys are good or not.” Blake urges.

“Yeah well, I don’t want to talk about it. What I do want to do is lie on the grass. Is it cold outside? I feel like it must be really nice and cold on the grass.” Jasper gets up from his chair and starts making his way out into their backyard.

“I bet you $1000, that in less than half an hour and he’ll be asleep.” Flynn bets.

“I’m not stupid enough to bet against that. Jasper, where are you going?” Blake follows him outside.

“Blake, have you seen the moon?” Jasper comments as he sinks gracefully to the ground, lying contentedly on the ground and moving his arms and legs like he’s making a snow angel. “It’s wild hey.” Jasper says.

“The moon?” Blake asks.

“No, babies.” Jasper answers and closes his eyes. “Imagine you’re all happy and snug and then wham!” He opens his eyes really wide. “You’re in the outside world experiencing the feeling of air on your skin for the very first time and opening your eyes to see more than just the dull light that comes through all the skin you were incased in. It must be wild.” Jasper shakes his head.

“You’re wild. Idiot.” Blake laughs and sits beside him.

“I could have killed him.” Jasper’s next comment comes with a much darker tone. “I never thought I could until I saw that baby, she was so tiny and so defenseless and I looked at her and thought, ‘yeah, I’d kill anyone that tried to hurt you’. If she was home, if he went near her.” Jasper closes his eyes again. Blake looks at Jasper, staring at the bruise on his face lit up by the brightness of the moon.

“I’m a shit friend, I knew you were probably drinking behind my back and I did nothing, I watched you get beaten up and I did nothing. I act like I’m so great, and so tough and I failed...”

“Oh let it go Blake.” Jasper cuts him off.


“It’s in the past, let it go. Nobody cares. You can’t change the past even if you want to so just let it go and focus on the future.”

“I should have helped you though.”

“I didn’t want help. I wanted to handle that on my own.”

“Should I be worried that you’re having some kind of Twilight style death wish in Ryan’s absence?” Blake asks.

“No...” Jasper says slowly, turning to look at Blake. “Should I be worried about you referencing Twilight to me though? Because that brings into question this bad boy façade a lot more than you not getting in on the fight.” He jokes.

“Shut up, but seriously you seem like you’re being a little careless, what’s that about?”

“I think knee-ing the guy that abused your sister, in the face, is called delivering a dose of karma, actually.”

“Fine.” Blake sighs. “Are we going to talk about that ‘bruise’ now?” He asks.

“No, it’s all good.” Jasper shrugs.

“Dude, I know the difference between a hickey and a bruise. I don’t blame you if something happened and I definitely don’t judge you, you and Ryan are obviously not in a good place and you are a person with needs that you have been putting as a lower priority than Ryan’s happiness and supporting him and honestly you have put up with more than most people would...”

I don’t need you justifying my actions Blake, it’s not what you think ok?” Jasper cuts him off again.

“I’m just trying to be a good friend Jas, if something is going on you can tell me. I just want to be there for you no matter what happens with you and Ryan when he gets back. I want what’s best for you, always.”

Of course you do, you’re not exactly on his side are you?”

“I’m not on a side.” Blake replies, Jasper turns and gives him a skeptical look. “Ok, if you love him and he makes you happy then I’ll support it but I do think he needs to step up and start being more aware and responsive towards what you want and need from him, because you’ve been standing up for him since the start but I think he needs to man up and take care of his own stuff. It shouldn’t take you talking to his ex to make that shit stop and I know you think you don’t have a right to tell him who he can and can’t talk to, but he should take into consideration how that makes you feel and make his decisions with you in mind, since you’re the one he’s supposed to care about and love. Clearly you weren’t happy with him talking to Damien and he should have cared more that it was hurting you. I think he’s taking you for granted and I’m not a fan of that.” Blake explains in blunt honesty. Jasper nods as he stares back up at the sky, considering what Blake had said, but feeling too calm to say or do anything, all he wanted was to close his eyes and go to sleep.

“The moon is moving really fast, but I don’t want it to go. Tonight’s been really good.” Jasper sighs, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes as he exhales slowly. “Do you think it’ll stop moving if we stare at it? Like how they say a watched pot never boils?” Jasper asks completely seriously.

“Go to bed, you’re high.” Blake laughs, getting up and reaching to pull Jasper up from the ground.

“You cannot tell Grace I got high. She’s about to bring a baby home and I can’t be high around a baby. I’ve gotta set a good example for that kid.” Jasper says as he’s pulled onto his feet.

“The baby won’t be home for a little while Flynn said. Something about underdeveloped lungs.” Blake shrugs.

“It’s wild how girls grow entire human being in their bodies, with bones and organs and shit, but we can’t re-grow body parts. I can’t cut off a limb and grow it back, but Grace grew a thing with eyeballs and tastebuds and it’s a girl so she’s got all the ovaries to grow whole other human beings already but if I dare lose a finger that fucker is gone for good.” Jasper shakes his head. He and Blake just stare at each other for a moment then crack up laughing.

“I can’t do that whole statement right now, I’m gonna have an existential crisis.” Blake turns Jasper and pushes him by his shoulders inside his house.

“Thanks for letting me stay here.” Jasper smiles.

“Yeah, what’s new? You can’t go home because of family drama and I’m stuck dealing with you, just like when we first met.” Blake jokes.

“Oh is that what you reckon? Because I remember you using me to kickstart your music career when we first met.” Jasper sighs as he reminisces.

“I would have gotten into the music industry without you, you were just convenient.” Blake teases.

“Now who’s taking me for granted? Your life would suck it I wasn’t in it.” Jasper grins at him.

“You got me there, I mean I wouldn’t be dating Beth so you have brought some good into my life I guess.” Blake laughs. As they walk back through the house Jasper comes across Flynn who had a plate full of pizza.

Ooooh can I have some?” Jasper asks.

“You’ve still got your food on the table.” Flynn reminds him.

Sweeeeeet.” Jasper heads back to the kitchen and sits down, lying his head on the table next to his food and closing his eyes. “You guys are the best.” He mumbles, hugging the plate.

“Is he talking to us or the pizza?” Flynn asks.

“I...Legitimately don’t know. But I’m fairly sure he’s asleep already.” Blake pokes Jasper who just grunts in response. “Just going to sleep here?” Blake asks.

“I need to see Ryan again, I love him.” Jasper mumbles.

“Happy for you and all that, but that doesn’t answer my question.” Blake laughs, patting Jasper on the shoulder. Jasper gets up slowly, barely opening his eyes as he heads down the hallway, bumping into the wall a few times as he finds his way to the spare room. “I’ll see you in the morning, badass.” Blake calls out.

“Peace out fucker.” Jasper shouts back, It’d been one hell of a day, but tomorrow he would have to start facing the consequences. Thankfully he was relaxed enough to be almost immediately asleep by the time his head hits the pillow, too tired and high to care about anything.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow great chapter. Jasper being a badass and taking down Grace's ex boyfriend. Then he accidentally gets stoned after eating 4 brownies.

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Blake who finally overhears the drama and comes over to check it out.

"Finally" being the operative word. And yeah, he wasn't that useful in the fight, was he? Though a big highlight in this story has been the friendship dynamic between Jasper and Blake. We all need a friend like that.

I definitely did an internal cheer for the way Jasper handled the ex and kept calm. You could just see how that guy was getting increasingly angry - I think he was actually a little confused why they weren't intimidated by him. Always funny to see that happen XD

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My only question.....where did the hickey come from ??  And is that the only thing he got from the person that put it there ??

Okay it was 2 questions, but still inquiring minds want to know......LOL

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1 hour ago, 1brokNangel said:

My only question.....where did the hickey come from ??  And is that the only thing he got from the person that put it there ??

Okay it was 2 questions, but still inquiring minds want to know......LOL

If you recall a few(maybe 2) chapters back when he was drinking at the bar the bartender asked if he wanted to do shots quickly letting him know it’d be off each other. The chapter ended there without any clarification as to what happens and all we hear after that is a conversation between Jasper & the bartender later the next evening where he’s saying it can’t happen again. It implies something sexual likely did happen but at the same time Jasper only specifically states during their conversation that he’s trying to stop drinking without outright mentioning anything sexual having happened as if he’s simply telling the bartender he can’t keep going there to drink. Seems kinda odd he’d feel obligated to share such details with a bartender he just met unless there’s more to the story. Now Blake could be misinterpreting things as Jasper insists it’s not a hickey even when Blake doesn’t seem to care if Jasper hooked up with someone while Ryan was/is away making me think Jasper would come clean in that situation yet when Flynn commented about Jasper being tired from the night before Jasper seemed nervous as if perhaps he was worried Flynn is aware he’s tired from nightly fun with the bartender. I’m thinking he had drunken sex with the bartender and maybe feels too guilty to admit it to Blake even if he doesn’t seem to care. We’ll probably learn more once he reveals how things went when he talked to Ryan as he may have told him what happened.

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3 hours ago, NimirRaj said:

We’ll probably learn more once he reveals how things went when he talked to Ryan as he may have told him what happened.

IDK if Jasper would be able to tell Ryan something like that over the phone considering their relationship isn't really stable at the moment, IF something happened he would definitely wait until Ryan came home so that he could do damage control.

Yea I forgot about the bartender, hopefully nothing sexual happened, but with a drunk Jasper there's no telling what he would do in that situation.

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1 hour ago, 1brokNangel said:

IDK if Jasper would be able to tell Ryan something like that over the phone considering their relationship isn't really stable at the moment, IF something happened he would definitely wait until Ryan came home so that he could do damage control.

Yea I forgot about the bartender, hopefully nothing sexual happened, but with a drunk Jasper there's no telling what he would do in that situation.

True, realistically it’s hard to imagine he’d reveal something so monumental over the phone especially given the current state of their relationship but neither Jasper nor Ryan exactly follow the typical relationship outline plus Jasper has a habit of being ruled by his emotions so you never know. He may have had the urge to get his feeling off his chest considering how upset he’s been lately though I hope despite the hints to the contrary that nothing actually happened as I mean Jasper was jealous of a platonic dance partner so it seems beyond ironic that he’d of all people cheat.

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