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Do You Ship Us? - 68. Fun and Games

“So Jasper, when you said you’d walk Ryan out, I didn’t realize you meant you’d walk him all the way home too.” Simon comments as Jasper walks back in the door, 2 hours after leaving.

“Yeah sorry.” Jasper sighs with a smile on his face. Simon just eyes him for a moment before nodding.

“You know you didn’t have to come back, I get it. He was away for months and you clearly struggled with that, you could have just spent the afternoon at home.” He tells him with a kind smile.

“Hey Jasper. Is there something wrong with your phone?” Blake calls out, holding his phone up and frowning dramatically at him from across the room. Jasper quickly fishes his phone out of his pocket and checks it.

“No why?” He asks.

“Oh it’s just, I tried calling you but apparently the contact I saved under ‘Virgin Sacrifice’ just redirects me to a dial tone. Strange.” Blake smirks at him and for a few long moments he and Jasper just look at each other like they are having a staring contest before Blake shrugs and looks back at his phone. “Maybe you try calling me.” He watches Jasper with a devious smirk, making Jasper both nervous but intrigued about what was going to happen. He calls Blake and listens to his ringtone blaring, Blake shows Jasper his phone. “My bad, your name got changed to ‘Slutballs’. I wonder why.” He shrugs again and answers the phone, turning away and whispering into it just for Jasper to hear. “About time, Slutballs.”

“You are dead to me.” Jasper replies and hangs up the phone. Blake laughs and turns around to face Jasper again, shooting him a wink which Jasper returns with putting up his middle fingers. Blake strides over and puts his arm around Jasper’s shoulder so they could talk quietly.

“So, when were you going to tell me you finally got laid? I thought I was your best friend?” He asks with a sly grin.

“Well I was waiting until it finally happened.” Jasper rolls his eyes.

“You seriously went all the way across the country...”

“It wasn’t that far.”

“And didn’t get laid?” Blake asks baffled.

“I told you, it wasn’t a booty call. Besides, it’s not like telling him I nearly cheated on him after ghosting him for 7 weeks was exactly a turn on, like we made up but it was definitely not the right time.” Jasper shrugs off Blake’s arm and steps away from him.

“Good point.” Blake nods thoughtfully. “Today?” He asks.

“I don’t kiss and tell.” Jasper winks at him.

Ooooh so there was kissing?” Blake taunts.

“Among other things.” Jasper answers then turns around almost bumping into Simon.

“When you guys are done whatever this is, I’d really like to talk to you Jasper.” Simon sighs. Jasper glances behind himself at Blake who was snickering at him, Jasper looks back at Simon embarrassed.

“Did you hear all of that?” He asks.

“Honestly, when you guys get started on your shit, I just tune you both out. Was it about your new song?” Simon asks, flipping back a few pages in his notebook.

“No.” Jasper answers.

“Then I don’t care. Look, I appreciate what you were going for with that song, it was raw and emotional and I respect that. I have some notes though but the main one is, I’m a little nervous that it isn’t easy enough to identify who you wake up beside at the end of the song and I think that might cause an unnecessary scandal for you guys. Is there some way you can make it more clear in the lyrics, that you were not cheating on Ryan. Because we all talked about it and that was something none of us picked up until Ryan was actually talking about it. The second concern I have is the implication that you have been drinking excessively.”

“You want me to sing something meaningful and heartfelt and when I do you want me to tame it down and dumb it down? No, I wrote this who song on the flight home and I have not changed a single lyric since I got off the plane. It’s meant to be flawed, because I am flawed. I was drinking excessively, why do you think I missed so many days or turned up so late? Even when I did turn up I was still hungover sometimes. I was struggling with the distance and getting stupidly desperate for affection from anyone, especially when I was drunk it was extremely tempting to just hook-up with someone. I’m proud of the way my song tells the truth. I’m considering that because of the way it’s written, it’s probably best if this one is the one I do a music video with so we can show that it’s Ryan I’m with at the end, but I’m not changing any lyrics. I want to keep this one honest, even if it makes people see me differently.”


“Hey.” Ryan greets Jasper the moment he walks back in the door.

“Hey yourself. Are you getting comfortable back home?” Jasper asks.

“Mmm, it’s certainly got it’s perks.” Ryan smiles over at him. “How was the rest of the day?”

“How was work? Really? I’ve missed you but can we skip the small talk?” Jasper rolls his eyes, walking up to Ryan and throwing his arms around him, his eyes on his lips.

“And do what?” Ryan asks, Jasper looks into his eyes and smiles cheekily.

“Make out?” He suggests.

“Ah, well I’d love to but I do want to talk to you first, because I’ve been thinking about your song all day and I’m feeling a little unsure about how things were while we were apart and not talking. I know you’ve said that it was just a few shots and you didn’t know the guy but...” Ryan stops as Jasper throws his head back and exhales annoyed, letting go of Ryan and stepping back.

“Let me guess, you’re doubting me now, really?” He sighs, looking back at Ryan.

“Why wouldn’t you have told Blake?” Ryan asks.

“Firstly, I didn’t have to tell him about it because it didn’t have anything to do with him, and secondly, I told you, idiot, you’re the only one I was obligated to tell.” Jasper sighs and runs his hands from Ryan’s shoulders to his chest.

“I guess but you two are so close and you always tell him things.” Ryan shrugs. “If it really was nothing then why not tell him? He clearly thought it was funny and you would have known he would react that way.”

Ryan nothing happened to tell him about and yeah I knew he would find the whole story funny but you know what else, if something had happened I would have turned to him because he has my back with everything. We even talked about it when he had seen that stupid hickey, I think he thought we had broken up because he was really supportive of me doing whatever I wanted and taking control of my happiness. He thought I was with someone else and he assured me he wouldn’t judge me. Blake would have been someone I’d have turned to, I turned to him every other time something has gone on in my life but I thought just this once, I wanted to sort things out just between us.

“And I am glad that you decided to talk to me about it, I just know you confide in Blake usually.” Ryan sighs.

“Yeah, usually. But if you had gone back to band practice with me today maybe you would have understood why I didn’t tell him about us.” Jasper smirks.

“Oh see you do tell him everything.” Ryan laughs.

“I didn’t have to tell him, he took an educated guess and spent all afternoon paying me out at every given moment.” Jasper rolls his eyes. “Anyway, I forgot about this earlier because, well, I was distracted, but I did get you a birthday present, mind you it was when I was mad at you so consider that.” Jasper retrieves a small box from the desk drawer and holds it out for Ryan. Ryan eyes it suspiciously as he takes the small velvet box.

“Is this… It’s not an…”

“I’m not proposing, that would be very poorly timed right now.” Jasper sighs and watches Ryan open the box, taking out two gold rings. “It’s really cheesy but they are promise rings. You wear one and I wear one.” Jasper smiles as Ryan inspects them.

“Is this instead of getting married? Same thing but no paperwork?” Ryan asks with a smile.

“It’s more like, you are my person and I wanted something to symbolize that, since we’re probably going to have times like this where we’re apart a lot in the future. If you don’t like the idea Grace can return them for me and you can go ahead and do some grand gesture proposal in like 5 years instead.” Jasper crosses his arm.

“If it’s a promise ring, then what is it promising?” Ryan asks, holding up one of the rings, Jasper offers his hand and Ryan slips it on a finger, giving Jasper the other ring to put on Ryan’s hand.

“It’s a promise, be it a cheesy one, that I am yours and only yours. ” Jasper says in a flirty way as he puts the ring on Ryan’s finger, but he could see that Ryan was only faking a smile at his statement. “Look, I know you probably think I’m just saying that because it’s what you want to hear, but I swear it’s not, I really mean it. Above every single selfish thought I had while you were away and every single need I felt I had to right to act on, above anything I want for myself, I want to make you happy. I would never do anything to hurt you, and I proved that even when I was so out of it that my decision making was extremely questionable, there’s nothing that would ever come above my priority to make sure that I was not going to hurt you. Even not speaking to you for 7 weeks, though I’m sure it did hurt a bit, was to protect you from the shitty things in my head that were so much worse. But when it came to it, and I was so drunk that it made perfect sense to tip someone literally thousands of dollars to let me get to you, more than it made sense to take the easiest possible option and end up in bed with Harley.” Jasper assures him, holding Ryan’s hands and making eye contact with him so Ryan could see he was being sincere.

“Harley? I thought you said you couldn’t remember his name.” Ryan frowns.

“That’s seriously your take away from that little speech?” Jasper raises his eyebrow. “I honestly couldn’t when I was telling you about it, but remembering a name is hardly something you can be mad at me for.”

“I’m a little mad.” Ryan admits with a shrug.

“I guess that’s your right, I did spend forever trying to get you to stop treating me like I was going to pull a ‘Damien’ style move and then I did exactly that.” Jasper sighs, letting go of Ryan’s hands and stepping back from him, guilt all over his face.

“No.” Ryan shakes his head. “Pretty sure he would have slept with the guy, and probably 7 minutes into not talking to me, not 7 weeks.” Ryan looks at the way Jasper was eyeing the ring on his hand. “This has been getting to you, hasn’t it?” He walks up to Jasper again to comfort him.

“I was mad at you for not trusting me then I did something to break that trust I was begging for, and now you’re being forgiving and I’m grateful but I also can’t help thinking that maybe that’s just because you are use to being forgiving and I’m taking that for granted by accepting your forgiveness. I don’t want you to be mad at me and I don’t want to be fighting but you’ve been so good about this. If you’d done it to me I’d probably be being petty as revenge.” Jasper sighs.

“I thought doing shots in a bar with a stranger was the petty revenge for me taking Damien home when I should have been spending the night cherishing you.” Ryan answers with a smile. “Would it make you feel better if I took petty revenge on you?” He suggests jokingly.

“Maybe.” Jasper sighs again, finally looking back up at Ryan who’s eyes were on him with a searing intensity. When Jasper catches his glance, Ryan just smirks. “What?” Jasper asks.

“On nothing.” Ryan shakes his head then his eyes go to the ring on Jasper’s finger, before looking back at his own. “Thanks for the present.” He smiles.

“Thanks for putting up with my shit. I’m sure there’s easier people to date, don’t know why you’d choose me but I am grateful.” Jasper smiles back.

“I’m grateful that you didn’t give up on me all the times I let you down. So lets just call it even and move on.” Ryan suggests, relieved that they’d had this conversation. Hearing and seeing how much guilt Jasper was feeling had been comforting in a way, knowing how much it had been upsetting to Jasper that he’d put their relationship in jeopardy, certainly reassured him more than any words could. “You’re my person, and I’ll always choose you.” Ryan tells him, Jasper’s face lights up as he hears Ryan copy his statement, he stands a little more confidently and fixes an alluring gaze on Ryan.

“What would you do with me after you chose me?” Jasper asks in a flirty tone.

“What?” Ryan asks confused by the change in tone from the self pity Jasper had been using.

“You heard me.” Jasper shrugs. “What would you do with me after you chose me?” He asks again, leaning back a little against the bench and watching Ryan realize what he was trying to initiate, this time Ryan gives him a devious smirk.

“What wouldn’t I do?” He answers then steps in a little closer. Jasper’s eyes hold his gaze, and the desire draws him in. “First of all, I would hold your hand.” Ryan says, lowering his voice to a deep and sexy tone as he reaches for Jasper’s hand, his instantly changed demeanor taking Jasper by surprise but he doesn’t make comment, for once not wanting to dare ruin the moment. “Then I’d do this.” Ryan tilts Jasper’s chin with his other hand and holds steady eye contact with him, seeing the glint of excitement in his eyes, as he waits for Ryan to make another move. “And I’d kiss you like this.” Ryan tells him placing a delicate kiss on his lips, that only acted to tease him, knowing that Jasper was hoping for so much more.

“Aw.” Jasper whines and is about to protest the underwhelming kiss but immediately shuts up as he sees the way Ryan was looking at him, it was the same way he’d caught him looking earlier and he couldn’t help but think that this was what Ryan had been thinking about back then, so he stays quiet and lets Ryan continue taking the lead, curious to know exactly what was going through his mind.

“Then, I’d take you here.” Ryan starts leading Jasper to their bedroom. “And do this.” He tells him, pulling him to the edge of the bed then letting go of his hand and pushing him onto it, climbing on after him. Jasper grins at him, loving the walk through but excited for the talking to stop, falsely confident that he knew what was happening next. Ryan takes a moment to silently run his hand down Jasper’s body to the top of his pants, then back up all the way to the side of his face, where he strokes his cheek and leans in until their lips are nearly touching. Jasper instinctively tilts his head wanting to close the gap between their lips but Ryan moves just slightly out of reach, he doesn’t speak, just lingers teasingly close, moving every time Jasper tries to kiss him.

“Then what?” Jasper cracks quickly which earns him an amused chuckle from Ryan, before he uses the hand on Jasper’s cheek to turn his head to the side and Ryan leaves him hanging for the hot kiss Jasper was desperate for. Instead his lips now lingered on the edge of his jaw.

“Then I’d run my lips down your neck, to that sensitive spot on your collar bone, touching you so ghostly that you are not even sure if I’m touching you at all or if it’s just the heat of my breath you can feel.” Ryan was speaking quieter again, as he does exactly what he is describing, watching the subtle movements of Jasper’s body as he reacted to the teasing, flinching as Ryan’s breath tickles his neck, he pauses again right where he knew Jasper was sensitive. Jasper holds his breath for a moment, waiting and wanting for Ryan to kiss him but after a moment of hesitation Ryan’s lips start grazing their way back up his neck, all the way to his ear. Ryan lies beside him now, his hand crawling slowly down Jasper’s body, to his pants, pausing and crawling back up.

“Ry…”Jasper starts but stops to listen to Ryan as he starts talking again, now in whisper that Jasper had to really concentrate on to hear properly.

“Then I’d start teasing…”

“THEN!?” Jasper practically shouts, turning quickly to Ryan and sitting up for a second before the hand on his chest pushes him back downs. He was already starting to struggle to contain the building frustration. His outburst breaks Ryan’s so far committed control but he quickly composes himself again. He was having way too much fun with this and Jasper was regretting being the one to ask for it, though in his defense he had not expected Ryan to answer his question verbally. Certainly if it was him answering the same question from Ryan the only talking would have been a ‘Let me show you, what I’d do’ kind of remark.

“Then I’d start teasing.” Ryan starts from where he’d left off and Jasper lets out a frustrated groan and to his surprise Ryan shushes him. “I’d distract you with a kiss, while I undress you.” Ryan whispers but this time he doesn’t do exactly what he’s saying, instead just slips his hand under Jasper's shirt. “I’d run my hands all over your body.” Jasper shuts his eyes now, completely mesmerized by what was happening, he was hanging off every word and desperately taking in every physical sensation he could. As Ryan’s hand finally reaches his pants again Jasper holds breath, waiting, hoping he’d start to feel some relief now, thinking that surely this was teasing Ryan just as much. “Do me a favour and breathe so I know you’re still with me.” On mention Jasper realizes he’d been holding his breath in anticipation and lets it out.

“Air is not a priority right now.” Jasper says completely seriously.

“Oh?” Ryan taunts, way too pleased with himself but the next sentence gives Jasper a glimmer of hope. “Well you’re going to want to be alive for the next part, trust me.” He tells him, stripping himself down to just his underwear while Jasper eyes him intensely, he reaches for Ryan’s body but Ryan pushes his hand away and shakes his head, getting comfortable beside him again and drifting his fingers slowly up Jasper’s leg on the inside, becoming gentler and gentler the higher he reached. He stops at his inner thigh and traces up the zipper with a single finger, perfectly building the suspense and enjoying maybe a little too much how long Jasper had been again holding his breath. Ryan’s lips graze Jasper’s neck and his hot breath makes Jasper shiver. “Still breathing?” He asks in a whisper as his lips reach Jasper’s ear.

“Yes.” Jasper moans, though he was too pent up on anticipation to do anything more than short breaths.

“Good.” Ryan smirks as he abandons the zipper and starts describing in painful details what he’d be doing once he had Jasper naked. The absolute word porn was polarized by the tantalizingly gentle touches Ryan was tormenting him with. Jasper was completely lost at the mercy of Ryan’s dirty talk, what had started as small flinches in response to the teasing had escalated to his entire body moving in desperation to follow or direct Ryan’s hand to where he needed him the most and it had been thrilling to Ryan to watch him unravel under just words. Jasper whimpers and in frustration as Ryan’s wandering hand fails to give him any relief, so reaches down to touch himself since Ryan was clearly not going to, but gives out another whimper as Ryan quickly grabs his hand to stop him, not letting it break the focus from the heated description of how he’d be pleasuring him.

“Ryan.” Jasper gulps, his lips and mouth dry from being open so long while he breathed so heavily. His desperation reaching a peak. “As fun as this is...”

“God I love how you’re still trying to play it cool, like I haven’t noticed the way every. Single. Part. Of your body is writhing with anticipation and desperation to feel every single part of mine.” Ryan’s statement breaking Jasper again.

“SHUT UP!” He begs in both frustration and urgency, turning his face to plead directly into Ryan’s eyes, though immediately he regrets it, seeing the smirk on Ryan’s face and realizing he is powerless, that begging was giving Ryan even more satisfaction. “Just please, shut up and kiss me.” Jasper sighs, needing something, literally anything more than what he was getting from Ryan. Ryan smiles and leans in pecking his lips and pulling away, watching Jasper crumble into a whine of disapproval.

“What?” Ryan plays dumb. “You asked me what I would do, I’m telling you. This is exactly what you asked for.” He answers.

“Oh my god.” Jasper gives an exasperated groan of defeat. “I'll get you back for this. Don’t fucking try me.” He threatens but Ryan is again just left to laugh at him.

“I’d love to see you try darling, but I don’t think you would have the self control.” He teases.

“You think you'd be able to outlast me? You’ve been going for half an hour!” Jasper argues. Ryan looks at his watch and shrugs.

“It’s been not even 10 minutes.” He informs him. Jasper stares at him in disbelief.

“Get fucked. It’s been way long than that.” Jasper shakes his head.

“Nope, less than 10. Are you good now?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Jasper sighs.

“You asked me what I’d do, I’m telling you.” Ryan answers as if his intention was that innocent.

“Sure, this seems really rehearsed so how long have you actually been planning on tormenting me for?” Jasper asks, Ryan smirks again, hesitant for a moment on his answer.

“If it seems rehearsed, it’s because this happens to be one of my go to fantasies.” Ryan admits, the confession adding heat to the moment. “Now, don’t think for a second that I don’t know what you’re doing, you’re just trying to change the topic to buy yourself time to cool down. I am not onto you.” Ryan smirks.

“Oh I wish you were onto me.” Jasper rolls his eyes and Ryan laughs again.

“Careful what you wish for, now are you going to let me finish this, or not?” Ryan asks, Jasper looks at him, considering the option then lets out a sigh and relaxes.

“Are you going to actually touch me?” He asks in a defeated tone, it was at least worth a try he figured.

“Quitter.” Ryan whispers jokingly, setting Jasper off on more time, he starts playfully trying to hit Ryan but Ryan grabs his wrists and pins them above his head. “Consider this, my petty revenge. Now where were we?” Ryan pretends for a moment like he has forgotten but is soon picking up right where he left off, keeping Jasper’s hands above his head with his forearm over Jasper’s wrists, he holds his body over Jasper’s, keeping him from being able to squirm as his legs were held between Ryan’s knees.

“I hate you.” Jasper says weakly.

“Mm no you don’t.” Ryan replies quickly before launching into the next part of his fantasy. Jasper is stuck imagining not only what he’s hearing, but picturing Ryan using these thoughts to please himself, which only served to make it that much hotter. As the fantasy progresses, Jasper finds himself moving his hips with need, Ryan loses a bit of his self -control and lowers his waist so whenever the urge was so great that Jasper would arch his body from the bed he'd be rewarded the opportunity to grind briefly against Ryan. As he lets himself get caught up in these moments, Ryan can’t help but let out a groan and inhale sharply, the noises escalate the intensity and what started as mostly whispering, had turned into Ryan speaking with such urgency and lust in his voice that it subsequently brings Jasper to his release, cursing and gasping as he caved into the feeling. Ryan presses his body against Jasper’s and presses a series of soft kisses down his neck, running his tongue back up to his ear. “That’s what I’d do.” Ryan whispers softly, shifting from being on top of him, to laying beside him, as he slides his arm across Jasper’s wrists, Jasper moves his hand to grasp Ryan’s and they both stay there silently holding hands for at least a minute, both mindlessly stroking the new smooth band on one another's hands.

“Ok.” Jasper finally gets the energy to move again, somehow despite having little ability to move he felt like he’d just run a marathon, all his muscles had been so tense as he’d been kept in a state of anticipation for so long, that they now felt like jelly.

“Yes?” Ryan asks

“What?” Jasper sits up and looks at Ryan, who hadn’t taken his eyes off Jasper the whole time. “Sorry, I feel really out of it right now.” Jasper sighs and lies back down. “I was hoping that was just a wet dream and that I’d wake up now. What the fuck just happened?” He runs his hands over his face, feeling sweat and the heat from his flushed cheeks. He groans and sits up again. “I am going to have a shower.” He climbs off the bed and walks off into the bathroom. Once he’s stripped off and in the shower he feels a soft kiss placed on his shoulder, Ryan had snuck in after him.

“Sorry.” Ryan wraps his arms around Jasper, who practically melts into his embrace.

“Why are you apologizing?” Jasper asks.

“I got a bit caught up in seeing how far I could go but it was meant to be fun for you.” Ryan tells him, kissing him again on the cheek. Jasper laughs this time, turning in Ryan’s arms and putting his arms over Ryan’s shoulders.

“It was fun, but I definitely would have preferred just being shown. You’re dirty talk is dangerously good, and I did ask for it.” Jasper shrugs.

“To be honest I was a little worried that you might not have felt ready again.” Ryan admits, running his hands up and down Jasper’s sides.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Jasper answers with a wink. Ryan looks relieved, taking the chance to finally kiss Jasper properly, the way Jasper has wanted ever since he’d gotten home. Jasper kisses back harder, a little frustration being let out in the slightly rough way he had his lips pressed against Ryan’s and for good measure when Ryan breaks the kiss, Jasper bites his lower lip, hard enough to take him by surprise but not enough to draw blood. “But don’t think after pulling that stunt on me you can just come in here and trick me into anything, I told you I would get you back, so if you thought getting in the shower with me and being nice and kissing me was going to get you something you are going to be leaving here very disappointed.” Jasper turns back around, hoping that pressing himself against Ryan after rejecting him would be at least somewhat teasing him back.

“That wasn’t my plan, but also that was my revenge on you. We’re good now. Besides I am the one that resisted you this long remember, even held back when you came to see me a few weeks ago so I’m pretty sure you know I have strong will power.” Ryan warns him.

“Yes but, that wasn’t will power holding you back, that was anxiety.” Jasper replies with a knowing smile, Ryan didn’t have anything to say back to that, he’d hoped Jasper wouldn’t call his bluff. Truthfully though Jasper just wanted to string Ryan along by flaunting himself in front of him, but he hoped Ryan would be desperate enough to put them both out of the pain of this new game of willpower he’d accidentally started.

“I love you.” Ryan tells him before kissing his shoulder again.

“I love you too.” Jasper turns again, leaning in to kiss Ryan then hesitating. “Enjoy the rest of the shower.” Jasper smirks, pulling away and stepping out. “Word of advice Ryan, never tell someone so unnecessarily competitive that you can outlast them at something. Because I’ve interpreted that as ‘game on’ and I have no intention of losing without making you at least suffer too.”

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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The game Ryan was playing with Jasper is one that could possibly get out of control if you let it. Ryan shows Jasper that he is accepting the opportunity to be what he needs when he needs it. The promise rings are great because they both are now totally committed to the other, I hope that they can stay that way because I think they are a great couple. 

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The promise rings are a great idea for Jasper and Ryan, it shows they are committed to each other. I can see this game between Jasper and Ryan getting out of hand very quickly, if the boys aren't careful with how they control it.

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