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Do You Ship Us? - 73. Family

It wasn’t Jasper walking back in the door of his own apartment, that was the surprise, rather seeing Jules in their lounge room folding Eleanor’s laundry was.

“Mum?” Ryan asks shocked, quickly turning to Jasper. “I swear I did not invite her.” He assures him.

“Morning boys, how was your night? Have you had breakfast?” Jules asks, smiling as she walks over to greet them with a hug each.

“Good morning, you’re the one person I am actually glad to see here. You don’t need to fold the laundry though.” Jasper smiles at her as he puts his arms out to welcome her hug.

“See Ryan, Jasper doesn’t mind me being here.” Jules turns to Ryan, giving him a hug too.

“I don’t mind, only that my parents aren’t very good company and I really don’t want you to hate me because of them.” Jasper answers.

“Yeah Mum now isn’t the best time. How did you get in anyway?” Ryan replies.

“I asked Flynn to give me Ryan’s key that he’d left behind. Then after you called me last night I figured I’d just return it this morning. We ran into each other in the hallway, clearly we had the same idea about wanting to see what was going on here.” Blake calls out standing up from the couch and holding up Ryan’s key. “Turns out they are all out at church. Grace and Flynn had no idea you were at that therapy place, apparently they were told you were just at a hotel giving them space.” Blake states annoyed.

“Of course they did. How is Flynn handling the in-laws?” Jasper asks, not surprised enough to care that his parents were lying to Grace and Flynn, before Blake gets a chance to respond though, the door opens, a pram being pushed in ahead of everyone. As soon as Grace sees Jasper she lights up.

“You're back!” She says happily pushing the pram with the sleeping baby, over to Jasper. Jules clasps her hands together looking in the pram.

“Aww hurry up and have a baby.” She says, nudging Ryan.

“Mum.” Ryan says then hushes his voice and continues talking. “Jasper doesn’t know if he wants kids.” He tells her quietly.

“How are you going?” Jasper asks, giving Grace a hug.

“Honestly can’t wait for them to leave, where’ve you been?” Grace whispers back. Flynn comes in and Blake has to stifle a laugh at how his brother was dressed, not to mention the fact he’d been dragged along to church all morning. Flynn pulls a face at them all and mouths the words ‘fuck off’ at Blake.

“What was that, Flynn?” Blake asks loudly with a cheeky smile.

“John?” At the sound of his Dad’s voice, the room felt like it turned to ice. Everyone casts a nervous glance at Jasper who was standing with his arms crossed and a look on his face reminiscent of the times he’d confronted Chris, but he doesn’t say anything, simply waiting for his Dad to make the mistake of making a comment that he knew he’d be making any second now. His Dad takes a moment to assess who was in the room, frowning at Blake then over at Jules.

“Mum this is Jasper’s parents.” Ryan introduces politely.

“Lovely to meet you, I’m Jules.” His Mum steps forward, extending a hand but neither of Jasper’s parents acknowledge her. Jules looks at Ryan, obviously now realizing why she’d been told not to bother meeting them.

“I’m Blake, Flynn’s brother. The cool Uncle to Eleanor.” Blake says in a fake nice voice, though he didn’t really care to introduce himself to them, he’d just wanted to make the joke in front of Jasper.

“We need to talk, come outside with me.” Jasper’s Dad orders, turning from Jasper and walking back towards the door.

“Where are you going to try to trick me to this time? Back to gay camp?” Jasper calls out, no intention of following him anywhere, he was going to let this unfold in front of everyone.

“Not here, John.” His Dad grumbles. Unfortunately for him though, Jasper had no more hiding their hideous behavior from anyone.

“Why not? Are you ashamed of something, because I’m not.” Jasper replies, deciding to ignore the incorrect name calling.

“You. I’m ashamed of you.” His Dad turns on his feet, glaring at Jasper who didn’t flinch. “You didn’t even try, you could have at least put in the effort to see if you could change.”

“Why should I? I’m good with me, and last time I checked I’m kinda the only person who gets to have a say in who I am going to be and who I am going to be with. At most, Ryan’s the only other person who’s opinion of my sexuality, matters to me. What do you think about me being gay, Ryan?” Jasper asks smugly turning the attention to Ryan.

“I mean it’s one of the things I love most about you so I’d hate for that to change.” Ryan smiles as he walks over to stand beside Jasper supportively.

“See, you’re the one with the problem and you haven’t at least put in the effort to see if you could change.” Jasper looks at his Dad with a grin.

“Gay camp, what are you talking about?” Grace asks, though she was only asking out of shock that they’d actually do something like that.

“Oh yeah, not exactly where I thought the post baptism party would take place but that’s where I was taken, you would not believe how many still very much gay people I met there, I didn’t have to give it a chance, I took one look at the so called ‘near cured’ guys there and could tell they were just lying to themselves and you know what, they were all so fucking miserable. I’ll pass, thanks.” Jasper shrugs and crosses

“Are you serious? You sent him to one of those places? That is horrible.” Grace looks at her Mum who was just looking down at the ground, avoiding the responsibility, Grace turns her attention to her Dad, though slightly unnerved by the attention he was still standing tall. “Jasper I am so sorry, I had no idea.” Grace turns back to Jasper and hugs him tight.

“I know you weren’t in on it.” Jasper rubs her back.

“It’s for your benefit too Grace, since you insist on him being in your life while he’s doing this.” His Dad argues and now has Grace turn on him again.

“Doing what? Being in love? Are you kidding? Why wouldn’t I want him in my life, he never judges me, he’s there for me, he stands up for me. He’s given us a place to live. He is a good person in every sense of the word.” Grace replies annoyed. “And Ryan has been amazing too, I owe them so much for the way they have supported me.” She sighs and takes a deep breath. “I’m a single Mum, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Jasper and Ryan showing us every day that we are family to them.” She admits, surprising everyone but her parents. Neither of them reacting at all to the confession.

“It doesn’t make it right.” Grace’s Mum says quietly.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes here, but a year ago my son tried to kill himself and...”

“Mum don’t.” Ryan sighs embarrassed that she was bringing it up.

“I had to imagine my life without him, as a parent, how could you live with yourselves for pushing away your own child because of something that is normal.” Jules was making a great point but unfortunately it went straight in one ear and out the other.

“Did you hear me? Flynn and I aren’t married. I lied to you.” Grace snaps, looking over at Flynn who almost looked relieved to be off the hook from pretending to be married, he undoes the respectable tie and undoes a few buttons from his shirt and untucks it.

“We know, but the fact that you are giving Ellie a good example of a Mum and Dad.” Her Mum tells her, still not looking at Jasper, now barely able to look at Grace either.

“He’s not even her Dad!” Grace yells then gives Flynn an apologetic look, he’d been playing the role so well it made her feel guilty that she was taking the fake title off him but Flynn just smiles at her from across the room.

“Wait so you were just going to let the fact that they were lying about a marriage go?” Jasper asks, frustration boiling over.

“This isn’t about Grace, this is about our grand daughter and the upbringing she deserves. No matter how she came into this world she is a blessing, and if she is raised right she won’t make the mistakes that Grace did.” His Mum says with a quiet confidence.

“What the hell do you know about raising someone right?” Jasper comments bitterly. “You failed us. At least I know what not to be as a parent, I guess that’s one thing I can thank you for.”

“You don’t understand what being a parent is about, you don’t know the first thing about sacrificing your own selfish wants...” His Dad starts but this was the end of Jasper holding anything back.

“Whatever, you want to know what’s selfish? Selfish is refusing to recognize your son unless it is convenient for you, selfish is seeing your daughter in an abusive relationship and telling her that she needs to do more because it’s got to be her fault the scumbag is being abusive. You want to talk to me about what would be a disgusting and toxic environment for a kid to grow up in? I'll give you a clue, it wouldn’t be a house where they are loved and cherished by people that love and cherish each other. I delivered Ellie and I have helped Grace every time she needed me and Ryan has been nothing less than doting on that baby girl so I have no doubt we will be great parents one day when we are ready. The only thing you are sacrificing is your right to be a part of my family because I would never want my own kids to have to be looked down on the way I was all my life, my kids will know they are loved unconditionally and that my pride is not more important than their wellbeing.” Jasper states, with chilling calmness. With that, Ryan puts his arm around Jasper’s shoulder’s for comfort and support.

“We raised you better than this.” His Dad calls out aggressively.

“No, this is exactly what you raised, every last fault. So as you once said to me, ‘I think it’d be better if you weren’t recognized as part of this family anymore’.” Jasper shrugs, turning and walking off towards his bedroom.

“It’s pretty clear you need to leave.” Ryan suggests, trying to still be polite despite the tension in the room.

“Disgraceful.” Jasper’s Dad scoffs.

“You know if I was a parent, that treated my kids the way you treat yours, it’s not them I’d be ashamed of. Now do I need to ask you to leave again? I don’t think there’s any reason left for you to be here.” Ryan states with more determination.

“Well congratulations on taking advantage of our son when he was questioning his faith and corrupting him.” His Dad steps forward furiously and sizing Ryan up. Ryan doesn’t flinch, just crosses his arms in assertive confidence.

“Oh it’s my fault? Shaming him for every decision he’s ever made and treating him like he’s a failure all his life, is not at all to blame for the reason he was questioning his faith, right? And sending him to conversion therapy using lies about going to his niece’s baptism, isn’t taking advantage of his want to play nice for the selfless reason of wanting Grace and Ellie to be the focus of your invading visit into our home?” Ryan asks calmly. “I’m so sorry that you’re missing out on him because I’m pretty sure everyone in the room here would agree that Jasper would sacrifice everything for the people he loves and he gave you more chances than you deserved to be worthy of that. Seeing the way you treat him, you do not deserve him, you are so disgracefully unworthy. Get out of our house.” Ryan demands, stepping forward into his personal space, forcing him back a few steps. Ryan continues walking into his space until Jasper’s Dad turns around reluctantly and orders his wife to follow him, muttering an apology to Grace.

“I’m not the one you need to apologize to, but I am sorry that you’re not going to be a part of this family because like Ryan said, Jasper sacrificed his home, his comfort and his freedom for me and Ellie to spend some time with you. That’s the kind of love I want Ellie to grow up around.” Grace shrugs, taking Ellie who’d just woken up, and heading over to the couch, sitting beside Flynn. Jasper’s parents didn’t have anything left to say, smartly choosing to leave, everyone letting out a relieved breath as the door closes.

“I can’t believe his parents are like that! I can’t imagine treating your own kid that way.” Jules rushes over to Ryan and hugs him, feeling grateful that she didn’t have that kind of relationship with her son.

“That’s why I said last night that you probably won’t meet them while they’re up here. You really should have asked me if it was appropriate to come over today.” Ryan replies, trying not to sound too annoyed, but he couldn’t deny being bothered by her getting involved when he’d suggested it wasn’t a good idea.

“I know, I didn’t expect it to be this bad though, I mean not wanting to be involved with their own kids lives. And Jasper’s mother barely spoke, what is that all about, I would not let anyone speak about you the way his father was speaking about him but she just stood there and allowed it. Gosh I’d adopt him if I could.” Jules starts but Ryan cuts her off.

“Mum, I get that you meant that to sound really innocent and all but oh my god.” Ryan waves away the brief but disturbing thought of Jasper becoming his step brother.

“Sorry, I just mean, he’s such a lovely boy and I hate to see him being treated like that by his parents.” Jules sighs.

“Speaking of, I am going to go and check on him.” Ryan says, moving away before his Mum could make any other comment with good intention that would be destroyed by the plague of underage sexual fanfictions that was being triggered in his mind from her referring to Jasper as a ‘boy’. Before he gets to the bedroom door, Blake stops him.

“Hey.” He simply says as he steps in Ryan’s way. “So, Jasper wanted me to apologize to you for the way I was talking to you the other day.” Blake chews his lip, in thought. “And I guess after seeing the way you stood up for him just now, I do owe you that. Also I didn’t realize the reason you went to your Mum’s, so I’m sorry that I was acting like a dick and you had your own stuff going on.” He shrugs and gives Ryan an apologetic smile. Ryan smiles back and opens his mouth to say ‘it’s ok’ but hesitates and crosses his arms.

“Well, Jasper wanted me not to forgive you because he thinks I am too easily forgiving towards people.” He answers with a smirk.

“You do, you’re a push over. Normally.” Blake agrees with a laugh. “But good for you, since I’m not forgiven, where does that leave us? I’m not going to beg for your forgiveness, just so we’re clear.”

“Honestly, I used all my good lines on his parents so can we just pretend like I had something better to say than, ‘I don’t forgive you because my boyfriend told me not to’?” Ryan asks jokingly.

“Yeah that’s a real let down after your comments to his Dad, I expected a bit more from you than that.” Blake teases.

“We’ll finish this later, I’ve got more important things to do than list the reasons you’re a dick.” Ryan states, stepping past him to go to see Jasper.

“That’s the spirit.” Blake calls out as Ryan gets to the bedroom door, opening it and walking in, Jasper was lying on the bed writing in his music journal, seeming very focused. Ryan stands at the door watching for a few moments, not wanting to interrupt if Jasper was on a roll. Jasper glances over at him and smiles then holds a finger up so ask Ryan to wait a moment as he finished the thought he was on. He throws the pen down on the book and closes it, pushing it aside.

“At least they gave me easy inspiration.” Jasper comments smugly. Ryan walks over to him and gets on the bed beside him, looking into his eyes. “Don’t ask me. I’m fine unless you ask me so don’t.” Jasper tells him quickly.

“I’m proud of you.” Ryan tells him softly. Jasper looks away, rolling over onto his back and looking up at the ceiling, breathing in deeply and holding his breath for a moment before breathing out again calmingly.

“I listened to everything you said to them by the way. Didn’t think it’d be sexy listening to someone talk to my Dad but that was quite a turn on.” Jasper tells him with coy smile.

“Oh really?” Ryan smiles. “Well while we’re on the topic, Blake apologized to me and I didn’t accept it.” Ryan tells Jasper who groans and throws himself onto his back.

“Take me I’m all yours.” Jasper says, playing up a desperation in his voice. Ryan leans over him and kisses his lips gently.

“Your parents left but everyone else is still here. Do you want me to ask them to leave? I wasn’t sure if you’d want to be alone or not.” Ryan tells him. Jasper sighs and places his hands on Ryan’s cheeks, gazing deep into his eyes before pulling him down for a slow, loving kiss. Jasper runs his hands up into Ryan’s hair, and smiles against his lips as he deepens the kiss, getting caught up in the moment careless of the people still hanging around in their apartment. Jasper groans as he reluctantly breaks the kiss.

“Wait when you say everyone is still here, I just realized you meant your Mum too right?” He asks.

“Yeah but I can tell them all to go.” Ryan answers with a sympathetic smile.

“Mm, get off me. I’m not kicking your Mum out. I have to make sure she still likes me after meeting my parents.” Jasper nudges Ryan off him but hesitates getting off the bed.

“You know people really will understand if you need space.” Ryan assures him, sensing that Jasper was trying to convince himself he had to go out and talk about this. Jasper whines to himself as he gets off the bed, reaching a hand out for Ryan.

“I am fine. Come on.” He gives his rehearsed convincing smile as he waits for Ryan to get up and take his hand.

“Just let me know if you want me to kick them out at any point. I am liking having the power to evict people from our place so if at any point the company gets too much let me know and I’ll get rid of them. Especially Blake.” Ryan winks.

“I look forward to it.” Jasper nudges him. “I’m sorry my parents are like that. I know you were hoping that they would become a little more accepting and it was pretty much the exact opposite of that.” He sighs.

“You did warn me and I'm sorry that you were right about them.” Ryan wraps his arms around Jasper and gives him a tight hug. “But we’ve got a room full of family out there that love you, just in case you need reminding that family isn’t just about blood.” He tells him, Jasper nods and pulls away, taking Ryan's hand and mouthing the words ‘thank you’ because he knew if he spoke them he’d let out the tears he was holding back so desperately. They walk out and Jasper takes a moment to look at the people in his lounge room, Jules was soaking up some baby cuddles and talking to Grace about motherhood, while Flynn and Blake were in deep discussion about Flynn's morning in church. Jasper looks at Ryan and smiles, leaning into him and enjoying the comfort of knowing that he did have plenty of good people around him, as long as he had them, he would be just fine. For one glorious moment it felt like their was a reprieve, and just as quick as the moment came, it passed. Blake's phone ringing loudly to spoil it. He and Flynn break out into song before Blake finally answers.

"Luke, whats' up?" Blake asks, his mood instantly changing to being furious again. "Oh you're fucking kidding me." He snaps, getting up and finding Jasper's remote. "What channel?" He asks, turning the TV on while everyone watches him confused. "Thanks for letting us know dude." Blake says before hanging up. Jasper, Ryan and Jules all gawk at the person on TV. A camera pointed at him and a microphone held in front of his face, Damien.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Go, Ryan! I love when idiots get what they deserve.  Good for you, Jules!  You backed them up as the right example of how a parent should accept a child.

Now what is Damien doing?  He really is aptly named.

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I found this story about three weeks ago give or take a few and have been binge reading it.The longest story I read before this was 67 chapters but this is a great read I enjoyed every minute of it.Now on to the story Jasper and and Ryan's statement were awesome and it was poetic justice that Ryan was the one to tell his Jasper"s parents to 'Leave".Like @Clancy59 I love Jules and I know she had the best intentions but she should not have had brought up Ryan's suicide attempt.But it was an emotional situation there so I get it.

Great cliffhanger I'm guessing some readers here are expecting a POS move from Damien. Maybe he'll surprise us but I doubt it but what I can see happening is if Damian talks craps I could see the fan  base supporting Jasper and Ryan so maybe this will be good

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Woo! This was the scene I’ve been waiting three(?) chapters for and it was everything I hoped!

Also, Jasper should have destroyed Damien when he had the chance XD

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