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Do You Ship Us? - 79. You Heard It Here First

With every planned show on their tour quickly selling out more shows were being added to meet demand. They couldn't believe the phenomenal support from their fans after such a long hiatus and the frankly shit first album that they had been forced to release under Chris’ label. Despite the hype surrounding their comeback The Obsolete had never felt less pressure in the lead up to an event. In fact, immediately after Blake’s party Simon had left for France to see his wife and Luke and Fi were preoccupied being way too prepared for the new family member they were expecting. Shockingly Blake and Jasper were the only two actually preparing for the tour ahead, of course with the help of Mark and an entire team of tour management.

Blake’s first album hit #1 as soon as it was released and stayed there for the whole first week, which came as no surprise to any of the other members. Having the freedom to finally produce the music that he actually wanted had already meant enough, then hitting number one on a solo album was more than he had ever hoped for. But actually the highlight was that his album hitting number one happened to be within the same few days as all the stories started to leak out about Chris and his mistreatment of the band and everyone else in his life including, ironically, that he would disallow Blake to produce any of the songs that were on his hugely successful solo album, under the basis but they were not good enough and wouldn't sell. Not that Blake was particularly low on self-confidence and ever doubted his own style of music, but there was something very rewarding and ego boosting about seeing his incredible victory happen alongside seeing Chris lose everything.

Of course, this was now the hottest topic in entertainment news so in another pinch of irony, Jasper and Blake decide to debut the new podcast cheekily named ‘You Heard It Here First’, which they took great pleasure in reporting on all the gossip news that they could about themselves and the band knowing that every subsequent report made by the media, would at this point just be considered rehashing in the form of clout chasing. Profits from their podcast we're also completely donated to a charity of their fans’ choice. Obviously, this didn’t stop the media but it did make them look bad for continuing to profit off retellings of information they could get first hand on a charity podcast.

“So how does it feel to be finally at the top of the charts and with a solo song?” Jasper asks Blake during their first podcast.

“Honestly, the best part of it all is knowing that I’m paying my bills. With the money I’m making off an album. Chris said I would never sell, while he is currently doing time unable to pay for the amount of fraud he’s committed over the years.” Blake answers smugly. “God, I hope that they were playing my album in whichever police car it was that took that sorry asshole away from the courthouse to his new home in prison. Just so he could be bitterly reminded the whole way there, that I am a fucking success. And that if only he hadn’t been such a prick, maybe, just maybe. He could have paid his bail. Do you know what the sweetest champagne is? It’s the one you buy with the money that could have been used to bail your asshole ex-boss out of an 18-month prison sentence. But I like champagne too much and I like justice even more.” Blake and Jasper laugh, beyond thrilled with the way things were falling into place.

“Touche’, the only thing sweeter than revenge is the champagne you drink to celebrate it. So what else are you going to buy with all your riches? An expensive ring for a special someone perhaps?” Jasper asks hintingly raising his eyebrows at Blake.

“Why are you so obsessed with the idea of getting engaged? Pretty sure you and Ryan are next anyway.”

“Nah. Ryan and I are too busy cheating on each other, apparently.” Jasper says sarcastically. “But anyway this podcast is about your album, not my dramatic love life. All I’ll say today is with all the stuff that’s going on I feel like it needs mentioning that what you are hearing and seeing in the media about Ry and I is just the media’s version of the truth.”

“Otherwise known as, ‘we are making up the story using the minimal information we actually have and completely misconstruing the details for the sake of an interesting headline.” Blake muses.

“Which I must say, works really well because we are still talking about me.”

“I just can’t help it though I get so riled. Whenever we talk about this shit between you and Ryan in the media. I feel protective of you. So of course, I want to stand up for you whenever People are shit talking you.” Blake states annoyed.

“Wholesome bro stuff right there.” Jasper comments.

“Bro zoned?” Blake asks.

Actually we joke about that a lot. But the way things are going between your brother and my sister, we might very well end up being Brother in laws.” Jasper suggests.

“OK, that’s it. We have to get them married. ASAP.”

“Deal. Anything to take away from people pressuring me.” Jasper jokes. “Anyway we’ve got a million questions here from your fans so lets get into it.”


“Welcome back to another episode of 'You Heard It Here First’ this week we have Luke joining us to talk about his album and life and answer your questions!” Blake introduces their first official guest.

“Hello to everyone listening, I am really excited to be here today too actually. You guys had a huge amount of listeners on the first show, I am really impressed.” Luke grins.

Yeah I thought you would be surprised by the support because your album came out last week and all of the songs hit the charts which I know you personally doubted, but one of the songs that you didn’t expect to be so popular, was in the top 5. How was that for you? As someone who never planned to go solo, to have a solo project be such a success?” Jasper asks excitedly.

“It is absolutely unbelievable, I wrote that song for personal reasons and yet so many of my fans have found it relatable and have been tweeting at me how they feel listening to it and I really didn’t expect it to be such a huge success. I mean it didn’t over take Blake who is still on top of the charts…”

“But I think our fans are very different, your fans love the style and the subjects that you sing about and my fans have just been waiting and waiting for me to have a voice. So we can’t compare our success on how it appears on the charts. To be honest I know Jasper will knock me off my pedestal when his album comes out because he not only has fans that are excited to get ‘the story’, he has so many haters that you just know the song will statistically get a lot of attention but not all for positive reasons.” Blake points out.

“Hate me to the top, I don’t mind.” Jasper laughs, flicking his hair dramatically.

“I think scattering the release of our albums is going to help us all see that on our own, we are all just as capable of releasing music that is loved and appreciated and appeals to different audiences.” Blake continues what he was saying as though ignoring Jasper’s comment.

“That is our advantage, we have kinda an eclectic taste when it comes to our music so we all reach different audiences and I love that about us.” Jasper states with a content sigh.

“I agree, and I have been really humbled by the fans reactions to my music, I really didn’t think I’d get the notoriety that I’ve received, I guess to some extent I haven’t felt like I was that popular in the group so it’s been a really heartwarming surprise to see the way it’s taken off.” Luke replies.

Anyway speaking of your fans, you’re always overlooked in interviews so we’ve been completely inundated with questions and messages for you so, shall we get into questions from your fans?” Blake starts drumming his hands on the desk as Jasper looks through comments on the live stream to find a good question to start it off with.

“Yes, bring it on.” Luke agrees, he was clearly baffled by his own success, and motivated even further with his music as a result of the rewarding response. This was exactly why Mark had suggested individual mini albums, to get all the members to see their worth and have confidence in themselves as artists.


“Hello again, this week on ‘You Heard it here first’, we have Simon! Say hi to everyone, Simon, it’s mostly your own personal fans out there listening today.” Jasper announces their guest.

“Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your support. I am thrilled to be here. Speaking of support though, I’ve gotta say I’ve been away for a few weeks and Jasper and Blake, you guys have really kept things running smoothly, I was able to really focus on my own stuff because I knew back here you guys had the tour stuff under control...” Simon starts complimenting the guys, truly impressed that they had been stepping up and taking things more seriously.

“Just wait until he finds out we only booked hotels last week.” Blake fake whispers to Jasper. “How many days were we going to be couch surfing on tour?”

“Like 219 days or something....” Jasper shrugs.

“’Or something’, because you’re definitely not counting.” Blake teases.

“But it’s booked now right?” Simon asks slightly concerned that he’d misplaced his confidence in them.

Oh it’s booked now. We do have a lot of help, it’s not like we planned the whole thing. We would never have ended up not having somewhere to stay. We just got to pick where we wanted to stay, otherwise it would have just been where ever our tour manager placed us.” Jasper assures Simon.

“I keep forgetting we work with actual professionals now.” Simon jokes. “No more doors that won’t lock and cameras in hotel rooms.”

“It’s weird that it’s only now starting to feel like we’re a real band.” Jasper comments.

“Right? I can’t wait to trash my first hotel room.” Blake sighs dreamily.

“No.” Simon says sternly.

“Can’t wait for all our hotel bookings to be cancelled on us now. Mark will be getting phone calls all afternoon.” Jasper shakes his head at Blake. “Gets #1 for a few weeks and suddenly thinks he’s a rock star.”

“I don’t think I am a rock star, I know I am.” Blake answers. “Anyway this was meant to be Simon’s turn to be the focus of the podcast. How are you Simon?” Blake asks.

“I’m actually great, I spent the last 3 weeks with my wife and she is here until we go on tour now, we’re finally sorting out living arrangements so when I come home I will be coming home to her.” Simon answers very casually.

“Surprise~” Jasper says to the listeners that were likely shocked by Simon’s statement. Simon gives Jasper a smile and a slight nod, acknowledging that had it not been for him, things would have been turning out very differently. Simon had been very appreciative of Jasper for not only helping him realise that he really wanted to work things out with his wife, but also for not telling anyone else what had happened at the party. His marriage wasn’t in the best place still, but he was at least working on it now instead of giving up and letting it fall apart because it was too difficult.


Heyyyyyy welcome back to the podcast ‘You Heard it Here First’, today we are finally focusing on Jasper and I know this is going to be one hell of a show so get your pitchforks ready all the keyboard warriors tuning in today and thank you, if you’re going to hate, you might as well be hating for charity so we welcome you regardless.” Blake starts the episode. “So Jasper how are you?”

“I really don’t know how to answer honestly. The response to my solo album has been weirder than I expected. I anticipated a lot of hate, obviously, but I didn’t expect so many people defending me so passionately and while I appreciate their confidence in me and their support, I do want to acknowledge that the negative response to one particular song is not wrong. I wrote the song to be honest about what was going on, and it was a very real and shit experience and I didn’t handle things as well as I should have.” Jasper states with a shrug.

“It’s definitely divided people, you either can do no wrong, or you’re the worst human alive.” Blake nods in agreement. “Either way the album dropped and I lost 3 places on the charts within minutes.”

Yeah sorry about that.” Jasper laughs. “I didn’t think your ego needed an extended stay at #1.”

“It is probably for the best and if I’m honest I’ve been way too excited about the reaction to your album so I’m not even mad, the drama has been giving my inner sadist some sick joy. I love how mad at you people are, although can you guys calm down on the death threats? Even people who do cheat don’t deserve death threats.” Blake states, rolling his eyes.

“The song was written to be heard in the same progression as my thoughts during that time so it’s supposed to suggest that I would cheat because there was a point where I was so close to ruining everything but I didn’t, I am totally whipped for Ry, it’s almost embarrassing.” Jasper jokes.

“You really are, getting you to just leave each other alone for an hour so we could do this podcast was so much more difficult than I expected.” Blake agrees, with a smirk.

“I’m sorry. I’m the worst friend.” Jasper laughs.

“It’s fine, I understand. You’re going to be stuck with me for ages while we’re on tour so spend all your time with Ryan now and completely ignore me until we’re on the plane. I do not judge.” Blake shrugs.

“I am excited to go on tour but it’s a long time, we’re going to be on tour, literally almost as long as Ryan and I have been dating. So by the time we get back I will have spent close to half the relationship in different cities and countries trying to work out time zones just to be able to spend some of the downtime between shows talking to him. So yeah I spend a lot of time staring at my ceiling thinking about that instead of sleeping which is fun, the insomnia is real right now.” Jasper runs his fingers through his hair and groans.

“I try not to think about it.” Blake shrugs. “I thought you looked tired, I just thought you were ‘making the most of’ the time with Ryan before tour.” He winks at Jasper. Jasper winks back and the two stay silent waiting for the other to say something. “ANYWAY. Back to the controversial song of yours.” Blake clears his throat and Jasper just laughs. “I think people who just listened to the song interpreted it differently to those who saw the music video, because that makes it quite clear that you were in fact, not cheating on Ryan.”

“I guess if you can’t understand the song without the music video then it’s technically a failure of a song. But I’m fine with that, it was more for myself than anyone else anyway. I literally came up with it on my way home from seeing Ryan that night so it was very personal. At its core the song for me isn’t simply about missing, it’s about realizing you miss every aspect of them. Realizing that loneliness could still be felt with someone else right there, was what made me understand that Ryan is the only person that can fill the void left when we’re apart. I could have cheated, and I would have still felt alone, it wasn’t going to fix things, it wasn’t going to make anything better. I would have just had guilt to add to the plethora of negative feelings I was having. I thought what I missed was the comfort and intimacy of someone, but what I was really missing was literally everything I get from being with Ryan, from the way I feel when we’re just sitting together on the couch watching TV, to the way his voice sounds when he first wakes up in the morning, or the way he will just run his hand over my back as he walks past me, or insists on wolf whistling whenever I am getting dressed or undressed. I kinda realized a new depth to my love for Ryan, while I was sitting at the bar doing shots with a guy that could never be everything Ryan is.” Jasper sighs.

Awwwwwwww, Jasper’s in love~” Blake teases. “Seriously though, I don’t think it’s a failure of a song, it takes the listener on a journey with you and I think it’s a journey people like to pretend they never go on alone in their minds but everyone at some point or another has felt loneliness and maybe not everyone has felt it go all the way to breaking point but those who have will be relating to it. I think love is a promise that you will choose the person through everything else the world throws at you, and you guys have certainly managed to find your way through all the lows and I am so proud of you for being strong. There’s a lot of doubt circulating now with people who don’t know the full context and the full story between the two of you, but as someone who’s been by your side through it, there’s no denying you love him because no matter how unlikely it seemed that you guys would pull through something you just always chose to find a way.”

“I don't think you can argue that I don’t love him. He's my person you know would take a lot for me to wanna give that up.”

“He’s turned you into such a sappy love sick person. I love that people still try to come up with reasons you’ll break up, with more farfetched rumors like the one about him having a secret lovechild.”

“Oh yeah because he posted a single photo in front of a cot, come on. and they really think it'll be a secret, seriously? They assume that I don't stalk my boyfriend's twitter and Instagram? because I can assure you I stalk him regularly.” Jasper throws his hands up in the air confused.

“That sounds healthy.” Blake says sarcastically.

“I’m just saying, I would know if he had kids and he does not. Ryan is not a dad.” Jasper states with a shrug.

“Yet.” Blake comments.

“Mm, yet. I will probably come home from tour to a house that resembles a kindergarten but right now there are no babies.” Jasper assures the audience.

Well that’s a fair chunk of the questions fans have sent in for you to answer. It was second most popular to ‘top or bottom’.” Blake tells him.

“Oh my god, well they can find the answer to that on Tumblr. There’s whole blogs dedicated to that exact thing. I mean it’s mostly out of context things I’ve said, actions or dance moves I’ve done, ways I’ve looked at Ryan, star sign and blood type and which part of the moon cycle it was. I love seeing the justification for why they think one way or another. Why would I answer it when it’s so much fun seeing the great lengths that fans go to, to explain what they think I do in the bedroom?” Jasper laughs.

“Here’s a fun question, if you were in a horror movie, what would you do?” Blake reads the question.

“I would be the first to die.” Jasper answers. “Not only am I gay so I’m first to go in any horror movie trope, but I am too curious for my own good. I am exactly the person that would hear a noise and go and see what is there.” He states. “Ryan on the other hand would outlive the demon because he’d just straight up ignore the attempts to haunt him. He’d just turn a blind eye to all signs of something going on and continue going through his day like everything is fine. The walls would be bleeding and he’d pretend not to see it, noises around? Nope, can’t hear anything. Something jumps out at him, he’d pretend to be blind and not see it. It wouldn’t be worth a demon’s time to try and haunt him.”

“I think I’d do alright.” Blake shrugs.

“You’d at least not die first, you’re the attractive straight man, as far as horror movies go that puts you at being the last kill before the final girl trope.” Jasper tells him.

“The one that gets too cocky and gets killed in a really stupid way.” Blake laughs.

“Exactly! Yes, you’d be taken out in the final scene as you walk away muttering famous last words.”

“I’m not afraid to keep on living~ I’m not afraid to walk this world alone~” Blake starts singing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a surprise cover by the triggered emo. You guys can’t see it but there’s eyeliner protruding from the corners of his eyes and his eye lids are turning a strange tinge of blood red. It’s like a werewolf transformation but more angsty.” Jasper describes quietly as though he was on a nature documentary, all the while Blake continues to scream out lyrics. “Guys I think I broke him.” Jasper comments. “Ryan~ I broke Blake.” He calls out. “Do you wanna come and take his place?”

“Sure.” Ryan walks out of the bedroom and heads over to where Jasper and Blake were set up. “Is it just talking or do I need to put a shirt on?” Ryan asks.

“You don’t need to put a shirt on.” Jasper tells him with a grin as he pushes Blake away, Blake stumbles off to the side continuing to sing and Ryan takes his place, sitting down and realizing that the camera was on.

“You said I didn’t need a shirt!” Ryan jokingly snaps at Jasper.

Well you don’t. They aren’t complaining.” Jasper gestures at the screen that was lighting up with a flood of thirsty comments from fans. “You’re welcome guys, now calm down.” Jasper winks at the screen. “You’re not even seeing the best part.”

“Don’t antagonize them.” Ryan rolls his eyes at Jasper. “And don’t encourage him.” He turns his attention to the camera, warning the fans.

“I meant your dance moves, obviously. You should do a dance for them.” Jasper suggests. Ryan hesitates at the thought. “I’ll dance with you if you want?”

“Oh yeah sure I want you to overshadow me doing the one thing I’m good at.” Ryan jokes as he gets up and moves the chair out of the way.

“Trust me, while you’re shirtless, no one is overshadowing you. And dancing isn’t the ‘one thing’ you’re ‘good at’.” Jasper tells him, watching Ryan move backwards until he’s got enough room and in camera enough to actually do some moves, but to the side the comment bar was losing it over what Jasper had said. “Oh get your minds out of the gutter, I didn’t mean like that.” Jasper laughs and picks up his drink. “If I was talking about that, I wouldn’t have said ‘good’ I’d have said ‘godly’.” He winks at the camera then turns in his seat and sips his drink, paying attention to Ryan, who was just standing back shaking his head at Jasper’s cheekiness.

“Never work with couples.” Blake pops back in screen.

Oh look who’s back, too late, you’ve been replaced.” Jasper pushes him out of view again.

“I’m going to do the dance I was doing in your music video, so sing for me.” Ryan orders.

“Love it when you order me around.” Jasper teases, earning him another disapproving head shake from Ryan.

“I can’t wait to see all of this on those Tumblr blogs tomorrow. Ok dance boy, show us your moves.” Jasper says and starts singing the chorus of his song, Ryan begins the dance sequence which was deliberately seductive to fit the theme of desperation and longing in the song. Jasper turns back to the screen, fanning himself with his hand when they finish their impromptu performance. “You’re welcome.” He says again. “I’ll be back.” He gets up and goes over to Ryan, kissing him hard.

“This is what I have to deal with all the time.” Blake moves in the way of the camera, blocking out Jasper and Ryan. Noticing they weren’t in view, Ryan pushes Jasper against the wall then lifts Jasper's leg and holds it around his waist while they continue kissing. “Jesus you guys.” Blake moves his head to the side to block them out again. Jasper starts laughing as Ryan again, moves them to be in view, this time going all the way over to the desk Blake was sitting at, and pretending to dramatically push things off the table, to clear it for Jasper to lie on. Blake just stares at the screen pretending to be unphased, as though this literally happened in front of him every day. “This got out of hand very quickly.” He rolls his eyes. Jasper gets off the desk and sits back in his seat beside Blake, Ryan pecks his cheek and waves to the camera as he walks back towards the bedroom. “Are you good?” Blake asks Jasper who was tidying his hair and clothes.

“Yep.” Jasper grins, and licks his lips then looks back at the computer. “Oh, they didn’t see all that right?” He asks jokingly.

“See this, this is why you type your name into any search engine and the suggested next words are ‘sex scandal’.” Blake sighs.

Well no matter what they see in the media, they can say they...” Jasper starts.

“You Heard It Here First.” He and Blake state in unison before signing off the podcast.

“Don’t forget to send us in questions for the whole band, because our tour officially kicks off next week and we’re hoping to jump on and do a podcast whenever we have free time to answer questions and give you all some exclusive backstage gossip along the way.” Blake says his piece.

“There will also be weekly free ticket give-aways to our shows so make sure you tune in to find out more about how to get your hands on a ticket. Thanks for all the support from our wonderful fans, we love and appreciate you all!” Jasper concludes.

“Bye~” They both wave to the cameras and then end the stream.

“Well.” Blake sighs, packing up. “I guess I’ll see you when I pick you up next week.”

“Yeah.” Jasper sighs too, leaning back in his chair and staring up at the ceiling in thought.

“Starting to feel a bit real huh?” Blake asks.

“It’s come around really fast. You’ll keep me sane right? Distract me so I don’t just sit around missing him all the time.” Jasper looks back at Blake.

“I promise we’ll have fun, we’ll make time go fast. you know what tour is like, we’ll be that busy and time just flies. You’ll be home before you know it.” Blake assures him

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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The guys are doing great with their own albums and the way they hit the charts. I think the time they are able to spend with their significant other is great as it strengthens their relationship with each other. I hope the tour goes well for the guys. The podcast seems to be going well for them.

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I want things to go great for them but Blake ,Simon and Jasper did different type of music on their solo releases can they combine their different styles in a band setting.Many people thought The Beatles could never reunite because Lennon and McCartney were going in such different directions.Here's hoping for a great tour.

Fan will never forget about Ryan after appearing shirtless on the podcast.

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A chapter of a podcast in which their progression  in lives and music is told. Nice!

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WoW! I am finally caught up. I started reading this like 5 days ago. It was really drawing me in and I'm glad because ready the Title I almost passed it up, so I'm glad I didn't base this story on the title. Looking forward to a new chapter.

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