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Do You Ship Us? - 8. Fan Service

“Welcome to the show.” The group are greeted by the enthusiastic entertainment reporter, sitting opposite the 5 guys and surrounded by a sea of fans contained only by a fence and a few brave security guards that were hopefully deaf before they started work today because the high pitched squeals of fangirls was surely going to be ringing in their ear drums for days. This was the first time since they debuted that they had really felt like they were staring to make it and feel like the new One Direction.

“Thanks for having us.” Simon smiles warmly at the lady hosting them then turns his attention to the people standing behind the fences. “And of course, a massive thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting us!” He shouts, a reply of 'WE LOVE YOU SIMON' being screamed from somewhere among the crowd along with some other less tame things being shouted his way, including 'PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES'.

“Welcome Ryan.” The interviewer gestures at Ryan.

“Thank you.” Ryan smiles and gives a cute wave to the fans that scream at the sound of his voice.

“What an introduction to you, so we got a bit of time to hear you sing, sorry to hear you haven’t been well lately. That dancing though, that was amazing. Did you plan that or improvise?” The lady asks, glancing down at her notes of questions to ask, this one written last minute after the show.

Oh I kinda panicked because my voice was really bad so I made it up on the spot.” Ryan nods.

“What was it Jasper was whispering to you on stage?” The interviewer asks and a roar of screams came from the fans that had been more than happy to see him getting close to their very attractive new member.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jasper says with a wink aimed at the camera, earning him more enthusiastic screams of excitement. He'd never understood why young straight girls were so into being queer-baited but as someone who was previously a fan of the aforementioned boyband 1D, for research purpose of course, he had learnt that the amount of fans that wanted to fantasize about falling in lover with the members were shockingly outweighed by the amount of fans that wanted to see boyband members fall in love with each other.

“He just told me not to strain my voice and to maybe do some dancing instead.” Ryan tells her, looking around a little confused at the hyped up response to Jasper's suggestive comment.

“Yeah guys, I did, so don’t go mixing up my words in your stories alright? It was innocent.” Jasper had his attention diverted to the audience, he loved playing with the fans heads like this, he cared very little for interviews, it was his fans he was interested in paying attention to and he wasn't about to let Ryan play down the fan service Jasper had carefully orchestrated on stage with him. If he was going to stay in the band, he'd have to get use to Jasper's flirting and he'd better play along. Luke and Simon were too prudish to get into the queer-baiting fan service but Jasper had plans to start an all out fan war between his dedicated BlaSper shippers and the newly rising RySper shippers.

“What stories?” Ryan asks naiively and all the members just smile at him.

“Oh, you’ve heard of fanfiction right? Because you’re famous now so people are writing about you.” Blake teases, nudging his arm with a devious smile.

“There’s fanfiction about me already?” Ryan asks him with a frown.

“Have you looked at you? Of course there’s fanfics about you already.” Jasper flirts, elated at the reactions he was getting from the fans behind them.

“Have you read them?” Ryan looked genuinely shocked at this revelation, having not felt like he was that important yet.

“Well, you’ve been worked into one of the stories I’ve followed since just after we debuted. Our fans don’t waste time and a quick search of your name on AO3 brings up quite a few stories already.” Jasper informs him, another thing he was dedicated to was showing interest in the creative responses from fans. He had loads of fanart of himself printed out on his wall and would often retweet fans that tagged him in their work. He watched covers of their songs and followed forums, even had a fake fan account so he could talk to them from time to time, which was how he knew exactly what things to play on when it came to public appearances.

“Oh, I’ll have to look when I get home.” Ryan smiles excited to hear he was already making an impression.

“I should warn you, you’ll have to turn your safe search off to find some of the fun ones.” Jasper winks at him and watches shock wash over Ryan’s face, his mouth falling open a little and his cheeks going slightly red at the thought of these young fans writing dirty stories about him.

“That's why I don’t read them.” Simon shrugs and looks beside him at Luke.

“Jasper reads them to us every now and then, he finds the uh, stranger ones and reads those ones to us like some style of torture or something.” Luke answers, with a laugh.

“You read them to the other guys?” The interviewer asks Jasper who was looking so pleased with himself.

“I do, when we are on a road trip and they can’t get away from me. The bad ones are fun, and by bad I mean.... Well you guys know what you write, but seriously, I read so many of your stories and honestly I love that you take the time to write them, there’s a lot of talent out there and I support that. Just maybe make me a little bit less of a bitch.” Jasper suggests, with a shrug.

“But they have to have some accuracy Jas, come on.” Blake comments and Jasper gives a dramatic fake gasp.

“I’m not that bad am I?” Jasper asks, knowing damn well how bad he was, and loving himself for it.

“It’s ok, I still love you.” Blake winks at him. This was why BlaSper was the top ship of the band. They would talk like this in front of fans and online. Never this kind of affection when they were out of the public's eye, but in front of the fans, maybe they were star crossed lovers?

“Ryan what was your first opinion of these guys? How did everyone react to you?” The interviewer asks, moving on with her planned questions.

Oh fanfic authors are going to go wild over our first meeting.” Jasper sighs. Ryan smiles over at him, confidence rising as he's starting to work out what this game was that Jasper was playing.

“Should I tell them how we met? Or leave that one up to their imaginations?" Ryan asks, casting Jasper a wink that sets his heart rate up just a bit faster, he'd not expected this shy man to choose the middle of an interview to start flirting back.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving it up to their imaginations. I know what I’m the target of and what they will make me out to be like.” Jasper answers, biting his lip. Obviously Jasper didn’t really care all that much, and seemed to be taking a lot of pleasure in the responses he was getting for his flirtatious comments and insinuations.

“Uh, well I met Simon, Luke and Blake first, the manager introduced me to them and they were all very kind and welcoming. But I met Jasper when he'd just gotten out of the shower." Ryan says making it sound as though he had walked into the bathroom and seen Jasper getting out of the shower naked and Jasper was already looking forward to getting to read all the smuts that would come from that one misleading statement. "Jasper was, surprised to say the least and didn't know I was a new member so he just started flirting with me right off the bat."

“In my defense, we weren’t told that we were getting a new member. I may have come out with a line that I regret, now having to face him everyday.” Jasper admits with a laugh. He could see it now, Jasper steps out of the shower naked in front of the devastatingly handsome stranger but he's not flustered. He introduces himself, stepping in close and giving a flirty remark. Ryan is seduced and before he knows it they are making out against the bathroom door, Jasper and Ryan both working on different items of clothing to get Ryan naked as fast as they could.

“It was funny though. Not at the time, because I was super nervous and shy and wanted them to like me and it caught me so off guard.” Ryan admits, bursting Jasper's not so innocent thoughts, which was probably a good thing, Jasper considers, feeling his cheeks heating up a little.

“Well now I really want to know what you said.” The interviewer smiles, leaning forward a little to show her interest.

“I won’t say exactly what it was but, I took one look at him, assumed he was a stripper and came out with a comment based on that assumption.” Jasper shrugs, looking over at Ryan who was clearly surprised that Jasper was further perpetuating the suggestive tone of their first meeting.

Jasper and Blake exchange a few whispers and cheeky smiles while Simon talks about the group’s future with Ryan and whether they had begun planning the next album yet. Ryan and Luke were the only ones concentrating on what he was saying for the rest of the interview. The group wave to their fans and thank the news host for inviting them onto the show before heading off back towards their dressing room. Simon led the way through the audience and waits for the others to get through the hoard of screaming fans that had their arms out and were trying to touch them. Ryan was in the middle of the group, feeling well protected by the confidence of the members in front and behind him, but also feeling elated at how things had gone today. He was surprised to feel like he actually was one of them now, all the on stage shenanigans, the flirting between himself and Jasper during the interview and the thought of having fanfiction about him already was giving him one hell of a boost.

“You did well. Good job.” Luke pats Ryan’s back once they are inside the dressing room out of sight from their fans. "You even survived Jasper flirting with you in front of everyone. Truly commendable effort." Jasper shoots Ryan a sly smile, he was impressed by him too, he loved seeing Ryan come out of his shell a bit and keep up with some flirty banter.

“Thanks.” Ryan’s throat felt dry and he looked exhausted, it'd been a huge day for him, not use to public events at the best of times.

“Good interview guys.” Chris claps at them as they he walks into the dressing room. “We need to advertise Ryan more though, because he didn’t get a good chance today with the singing.”

“Interesting word choice. He’s not a product.” Jasper comments as he walks past his manager with more attitude than usual, grabbing his bag and pulling out a fresh shirt and some cologne, he changes his top and sprays himself then pulls his phone out and looks at Twitter to see how the fans had reacted to their show.

“The fans seemed to like him.” Luke gives Ryan a comforting smile. “You heard the screams when you started dancing right? They loved it. You look much more confident.” Luke was right, Ryan had a smile on his face that Jasper couldn't help smiling about also.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on social media and there’s not a lot of mention about him, we need to get more attention on Ryan.” Chris states, watching Jasper. “You’re looking right now aren’t you?” He asks.

Yes I am, and you're clearly missing the post interview tweets because there's quite a few mentions actually. But I think it’s good that the attention happens a bit slower with him. I don’t think Ryan is really ready for that yet. Are you ready to be obsessed over and scrutinized over everything you do? Because once they know you exist you can’t hide in the shadows anymore, you have to be ready to be constantly on display for people.” Jasper warns him, Ryan swallows hard and wrings his hands together, giving a shrug that convinced no one. Jasper looks from him to the manager like 'see what I mean?' and looks back at his phone. “You’ve already thrown him in the deep end, lets let him learn to swim. You can advertise your newest product when he’s ready to be marketed and sold.” Jasper smirks at his own remarks.

“Jasper’s got a point.” Blake agrees, always quick to take his best friend’s side. Jasper smiles over at Blake, he loved being right, especially when he was arguing against the manager like this.

“You look a bit pale Ryan, are you alright.” Simon asks, Jasper looks up from his phone again and grabs a bottle of water from the dressing table behind him, calls out ’here’ and waits for Ryan to look at him before throwing it gently in his direction, Ryan catches it and feels instantly relieved.

“Sit down and rest for a bit, I remember us all feeling a bit that way after our first public show.” Jasper encourages him.

“Thanks.” Ryan nods and sits down, opening the water and taking a sip. Again Jasper takes the opportunity to look over at the manager, hoping to see him agree with what he'd said about letting him have time to get use to things before throwing the spotlight on him more. It took a lot out of Ryan, and he needed to work up to the kind of attention the other members were use to getting. Chris catches Jasper's smirk in his direction and rolls his eye, turns and gives a heavy defeated sigh as he exits the room.

“That's what I thought. Idiot.” Jasper mutters after the door is closed, looking back at his phone and scrolling through the tweets.

“The way you are going, Christopher is going to lose his patience with you soon. You need to tone it down.” Simon warns Jasper with a weary sigh.

“He wants us to ‘advertise’ Ryan, isn’t that a little showing of what he sees us as? He doesn’t care that Ryan is super stressed already about being put in the spotlight before he could do what was asked of him. He wants to show off his newest product. You can let him treat you that way if you like, but I won’t and I will call him out on it every time.” Jasper shrugs again then a smile creeps across his lips, he looks over at Ryan. “Looks like the advertising issue isn’t so urgent, someone’s made a fan page under your name. ‘Ryan Curtis Obsolete’s Newest Hottie’.” Jasper reads the group name and turns his phone around to show the members who rush forward to see it. “Made 2 minutes ago, there’s already 460 people that have liked it.”

“Seriously?” Ryan smiles as he looks at the page, seeing more likes come up on the page as he views it. “Oh good, people like me.” He states, somewhere between relieved and terrified that there was, like Jasper said, no hiding in the shadows now.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Ok, for his first interview, Ryan did well!! ^_^ And now he is about to be introduced to the wonderful world of fanfiction! :D

I am concerned about their manager, he doesn't treat them like human beings but like a product.


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Ryan did really well!! Though I do worry about his comment about people liking him. Cause people are surely going to be vicious and I hope he doesn’t get too affected by it. 


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Simon grates on my nerves somewhat as I get Christopher is the manager yet he’s not God. He’s making stupid decisions or calculated decisions which could ruin them on purpose while Simon just follows along like a puppy nipping at his owner’s heals. I’m being over the top but still I don’t like seeing Simon and Blake being so spineless compared to Jasper as while Jasper may be a little hot headed he hasn’t said anything but the truth. They can either follow the directions of a seemingly incompetent manager or they can actually think for themselves. I don’t know much about the type of contract they signed but I have to assume there’s some way to hopefully keep things from blowing up in their faces when the manager starts making new seemingly irrational decisions rather than just blindly following along with whatever he says.

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