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Do You Ship Us? - 83. Harmless Fun?

“Jasper are you ok? You seemed really sad last night.” Blake sighs as he collapses on the bed beside Jasper.

“I was really sad, but I will be ok when I break up with Ryan. I just realized I am not in love with him anymore.” Jasper rolls over, looking deep into Blake’s eyes.

“Really? Well in that case I have something important to tell you.” Blake blushes.

“Is it that you are in love with me?” Jasper asks, batting his eyelashes enticingly.

“Yes, actually.” Blake answers with a serious voice. “I just didn’t know if you were gay and then you and Ryan…” Jasper shuts him up with a heated kiss, years of repressed feelings for each other making them eager to give themselves to each other fully. As they kiss, they start taking off each other's clothes. “Wait.” Blake stops, pulling away from Jasper. “What about Ryan?” Blake asks

“You’re the one I wanted all along.” Jasper answers. Blake couldn’t hold back any longer, he wanted, no, needed Jasper right now. As they smash their mouths together again, Jasper pulls Blake’s legs around his waist and…”


“Wait hold up, are you topping me? I can’t read this.” Blake throws his phone down and Jasper bursts into laughter. Trying to calm himself down but every time he looked at Blake or tried to speak he lost himself in the amusement again. “Did you pre-read this?”

“Why do you think I wanted to read this one with you?” Jasper teases, wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. “Guys lets get #blakeisabottom trending on twitter.”

“Oh fuck off. It’s BlaSper for a reason, my name is first, I am the top.” Blake states.

“To be fair this was tagged JaKe smut, and lets not shame anyone for their imagination.” Jasper reminds Blake gently, not wanting to offend any of the fans that were listening.

“Do you ever read a smut about you and Ryan that’s so inaccurate that you can’t read it all?” Blake asks.

“I don’t read any fanfiction about Ryan and I, it’s just weird to read. Although Ryan and I do have a fake fanfiction account and we write each other stories on those accounts just for fun. So basically if they are lucky enough the fans can read the erotica I write to Ryan and the ones he writes me.” Jasper admits with a cheeky smirk, knowing fans would be going wild at the thought and surely be searching the forums and starting theories about which stories were Jasper and Ryan’s.

“You what?” Blake gasps. “Ok I have questions, is it realistic or fantasies?” He asks intrigued.

“I don’t want to give anything away and make it easier for people to find. The only reason we post them is because it’s not something that can be seen as scandalous. Like if we were sexting each other and texts got leaked it’s a scandal. I also love reading the comments we’ve gotten from fans that have no idea they are reading our smuts. It’s just all round, fun.” Jasper shrugs, smiling fondly to himself as he thinks about it. “For those commenting story titles, I will not confirm it. Even if you do manage to guess. I’ll take it to my grave.”

“You just, never fail to surprise me. I never would have guessed you'd be writing your own thirsty fanfictions though."

"Well I am parched, so what do you expect really?" Jasper comments.

"Speaking of Ryan though, you sure cast him aside very quickly in that story.”

“Honestly, ship who you want to ship and write the pairings you like but if you are writing me to be with someone that isn’t my boyfriend, just don’t include him in the story line. For whatever reason, me being a heartless slut is the current trend on my fanfics and that’s fine but just don’t make me be a jerk to Ry please. Don’t write him into it if you don’t want me to be with him in the story. It’s hard to enjoy. Make Luke or Simon be the boyfriend I cheat on with Blake.” Jasper suggests in a playful tone. Reading fanfictions on the podcast and seeing Blake cringe was his new favourite segment.

“Does Ryan watch or listen to these?” Blake asks.

“Yeah, when he wakes up he will.” Jasper checks the time on his phone.

“I hope Beth doesn’t.”

“Oh she does, her and Ryan hang out and watch these and any fan videos from our shows, so say hi~” Jasper nudges Blake, laughing again at the horrified expression on Blake’s face.

“Fantastic, so she’s watching her gay ex-boyfriend reading smut about her current boyfriend being gay, while at the house of her ex-boyfriend's boyfriend. For anyone who actually still cares about the truth, I am not secretly in love with Jasper. I admire him as a person and he’s like family to me but I have no compulsion to see him naked, ever.”

“Feeling is mutual. But BlaSper is my favourite tag to read fanfictions on. Probably because our attitudes are most accurate because we give the fans plenty to work with. We have the least sappy fanfics and I love that because I am not a naturally sappy person.” Jasper grins.

“You’re not a sappy person at all, you’re annoying.” Blake tells him.

“I am so annoying. I didn’t know ‘bratting’ was a thing until I read it in a fanfic and I was like, ‘oh that’s so me’. People think I flirt with Ryan because I flirt with everyone but with Ry, we are so far past that stage, mostly I just annoy the shit out of him until he has to do something about it.”

“You wear him down?”

“In a fun way! It’s not like I am forcing him. He just knows when I get really obnoxious it’s because I want him to do something about it and there have definitely been times when I have been being annoying and he’s told me he is not in the mood for it, so I stop. There’s been other times when I entice him into the shower with me and proceed to flick water at his face continually, and when he asks me to stop, I just say ‘make me’. I live for the look I get when he hates and loves me at the same time.” Jasper answers.

“Well you’re welcome guys, this podcast is revealing a lot.” Blake laughs. “I love how Ryan decides to be more private and you’re here like ‘so my sex life’.”

“Find the right fanfiction and you can know more about our sex lives but unfortunately that’s all we have time for today. We have just arrived at the airport and our poor driver has had to listen to our banter and shenanigans for long enough already.” Jasper says, smiling as he catches Leo’s eye in the rearview mirror, he was clearly not at all bothered by the content that’d been discussed on the drive.

“Just a reminder that for every BlaSper smut sent to us in the next 24 hours we will both donate $1000 to those who have been affected by the storms back home. Take care anyone at home stuck in this storm, we hope the money coming your way can at least help to some extent, in repairing the damage. We send our love in all its verbal uselessness and hope that we’re bringing you at least a little happiness through these podcasts. You all support us so much and this is our chance to give back and make it even more fun for all our more perverted fans out there.” Blake announces.

“As usual I will be posting the link to the fanfic of the day, since I am sure you all want to know how much of a little bitch Blake is, and if you get that hashtag trending it’d make my day.” Jasper grins.

“Well at least that makes it easy to dismiss the rumor of the day. I am not and never would be a bottom. So when they ask, tell them...” Blake starts.

“You heard it here first!” Jasper and Blake sign off and take a few quiet moments to pack away the recording equipment, not speaking to each other now that they didn’t have to.

“You really deserve a pay rise for being subjected to us and our crap.” Jasper jokes to Leo.

“Don’t worry I would volunteer to be subjected to you.” Leo smiles at Jasper through the rearview mirror.

“Oh is that so? You like being told what to do, huh?” Jasper says as he leans forward from the back seat to talk to Leo.

“The more detailed the instructions, the better the outcome.” Leo says with a cheeky shrug, smirking at Jasper. Blake clears his throat loudly to remind them both that he was still there too but neither Leo or Jasper acknowledge him.

“Now this job makes sense.” Jasper muses, turning and looking at Blake who was noisily getting out of the car now. Sensing Blake was annoyed, Jasper gets out quickly to follow him. “Hey wait up, are you alright?” Jasper hurries after Blake.

“Just waiting for you and Leo to stop making love eyes at each other so we can get on the plane.” Blake replies bluntly, not slowing down for Jasper to catch up.

“We were not making love eyes at each other.” Jasper rolls his eyes.

“Well, maybe you weren’t, but he certainly was.” Blake points out.


“So I just think you should be careful.” Blake warns. Jasper again rolls his eyes. “Or is it too late?” Blake asks, stopping and turning too Jasper, looking as though he already had his mind made up about the situation.

“Seriously, Blake, drop it. It’s actually starting to piss me off. I like Leo, he’s a lot of fun and So what if I flirt with him a bit? I flirt with everyone. It doesn’t mean anything.” Jasper snaps, shaking his head and looking away from Blake.

“OK, so Ryan knows about it?” Blake asks smugly, crossing his arms across his chest. Jasper shoots him a glare. “Exactly.” Blake scoffs and opens his mouth to say more but Jasper gets in first.

“Sorry that I didn’t tell him about my PA on the few minimal phone calls we’ve managed to have. Fuck me for having the audacity to not waste my time talking about shit that doesn’t matter to me.” Jasper states annoyed and starts walking off with Blake following him this time.

“Bullshit Jasper. You haven’t told him because you know Ryan wouldn’t be OK with it. You know him.”

“Yeah, and he knows me!” Jasper turns on Blake, completely frustrated with the conversation. “Do you know they already think you and I are going to be too tempted and end up cheating? At least I have never given him reason to believe I would. I have chosen him every other time, he should trust me to keep choosing him. Beth on the other hand knows your reputation...”

“Don’t be a dick to me just because you’re not being honest with Ryan. I am not the one disappearing to spend the night with someone that’s been hitting on me, then continuing to flirt with them. What the hell are you playing at with Leo?” Blake wasn’t so much asking, as he was demanding an answer from Jasper who had been quiet and hesitant about telling him anything since his birthday.

“Leo’s the kind of guy that if he had a notch in his bedpost for every person he got with he would have toothpicks holding up his bed by now. He has no shortage of options. Pretty sure he is like me, flirts with everyone. That’s why we get along, it doesn’t mean we’re going to fuck.” Jasper rolls his eyes.

“If it means nothing then why keep it from Ryan? You know this is exactly the kind of thing he would worry about.”

“What good would it do?” Jasper asks in a quieter tone, not wanting to make a scene in a public airport. “Because you’re right, Blake. I do know Ryan better than that. I know if he knew about Leo he would just be unnecessarily worried. He would assume the worst and there’s nothing he can do about it anyway. We’re having a hard enough time keeping sane without making up new problems to worry about. So even though I know Leo is not a threat to us, I am not telling Ryan about it, until I have the time to give him the reassurance that he needs and deserves. OK?” Jasper sighs, he looked really confused, between mad at himself over the way he was acting with Leo and just starting to crumble under the disappointment of how difficult it had been trying to keep things going with Ryan.

“Ok. I feel like you shut me out a bit after your birthday and I have been worried about you, you are doing this positivity thing so hard but you think I can’t see you’re faking? Speaking of knowing people better, I know you would like to think this thing with Leo is just you having fun, but be real, this is just body shots with a bartender all over again. You get to this low place and you walk the line of not betraying Ryan but pushing the boundaries. I know it, I see it. Don’t bother denying it to me. I am not bringing it up because I judge you, I am bringing it up because I care. The minute you push away your friends a huge red flag comes up in my head, that you are doing something self-destructive. What’s the point of friends if we’re the ones you can’t be at your lowest with?”

“I got high with Leo and I know what you think about me turning to ‘something’ when I’m lonely. You all think I’m going to go off the rails again and cheat this time so I don’t want to bring up when I do something that will fuel that concern or give you reason to believe you should worry about me.”

“So you were more worried I would judge you for doing weed?” Blake laughs. “You are an idiot. I wouldn’t ever judge you, I would however just rather you feel like you can turn to me and get high or drunk when you’re miserable.” Blake puts his arm around Jasper’s shoulders and they start walking towards the flight gate.

“When you put it that way it does seem stupid.” Jasper admits.

“Are we good?” Blake asks.

“We’re always good.” Jasper nods. “I mean, I am a little offended that you would think the worst of me like that. Though I do know where you’re coming from about it. Come on Blake, I wouldn’t do that to Ry, even if it really sucks being stuck apart like this, I honestly think Ryan is the love of my life and even this flirting with Leo proves that more to me, because I could easily go there if I wanted but the thought of Ryan being hurt breaks my heart and I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. I would sooner swim my way back to him then kiss anyone else. He’s all I think about between shows, as I fall asleep, when I wake up. It’s exhausting missing him this much.” Jasper lets his heart out to Blake.

“I know, this has been much more difficult than we thought and the fact that they are not able to fly out is stressing me, I’m sure it’s stressing you too. Just not knowing how long it’ll be before we get to see them again.” Blake trails off as he hears Jasper sniffle back tears. “Sorry, that’s not helping is it?” Blake asks and stops walking, turning and hugging Jasper tight. Jasper takes calming breaths and gets his emotions back under control.

“No power still, flights all grounded. Torrential rain for days, flash flooding, evacuations, power outages, I think it’s safe to say he’s not leaving the country for a while. We’ve broken our record of time spent apart now. Can we stop talking about it now?” Jasper asks, feeling a sense of dread the longer he thought about it.

“Sure, can we talk about the Beth and Ryan being besties thing? Since when? I didn’t know they were hanging out.” Blake and Jasper step away from each other and keep walking.

“Yeah well neither did I, but the day after my birthday I got a call from Beth and when I answered it was Ryan on the other end. Turns out he lost power for 3 days and so he was at your place with Beth because she had power. He told me they have been catching up once a week to keep each other company which I think it pretty cute actually.” Jasper smiles at the thought.

“So your boyfriend is at my house with my girlfriend and I am stuck here with you.” Blake asks with a dramatic sigh.

“We’re gonna have dinner parties, like proper adults when we go home. One week at mine, one week at yours. Taking turns cooking and discussing world events over a glass of wine.” Jasper jokes.

“Oh great. Can’t wait for that.” Blake rolls his eyes. “Can’t believe they hang out once a week. That’s more frequently than I’ve talked to Beth.”

“You aren’t threatened by Ryan are you?” Jasper asks teasingly.

“Not at all. You can keep him.” Blake scoffs. “But it’s a bit weird because he’s not gay. I mean he’s dating you but he’s into girls too, right?” Blake asks, definitely at least somewhat threatened.

“For a ‘not gay’ guy, I can tell you he has definitely done some very gay things.” Jasper winks at Blake.

“Wow ok.” Blake laughs, glad at least that he and Jasper were laughing together again, and not just to put on a show for the fans.

“Pretty sure your girlfriend is safe with Ry.” Jasper grins at him while they walk down the terminal and onto the flight that Luke and Simon were already on waiting for them.

“Do we want to know why ‘Blake is a bottom’ is trending on twitter?” Luke asks with a laugh at the horrified look on Blake’s face, meanwhile Jasper bursts into laughter, taking his phone out to see for himself.

“I hate you hey.” Blake scoffs and shakes his head at Jasper.

“Not according to that story you don’t.” Jasper teases and sinks into the comfort of the first-class seating, he reclines his seat back straight away and makes himself at home, more than use to these flights by now and fully intending on sleeping it away, in the hopes it'd bring him closer to hearing Ryan's voice again.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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I believe Jasper truly cares for Ryan too much to causally cheat but I can understand Blake’s concerns. It does look like Jasper is playing with fire the way he’s flirting with Leo and it may be giving Leo mixed signals which could lead to Leo making a move on a vulnerable Jasper.

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Blake showed what good supportive friend he is to Jasper and he was spot on.I agree with @NimirRaj Leo is the kind of guy who will try something if Jasper is at a low point and there is alcohol involved.It was a little funny that after Blake being the voice of reason then is like "Wait Beth and Ryan hang out?"

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I'm glad to see that Jasper didn't cheat with Leo, hopefully Ryan and Beth will able to fly out soon and meet up with thier guys

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