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Do You Ship Us? - 85. Finally

“RYAN!” Jasper shouts and stares in shock, so surprised to see Ryan that he was practically shaking and unable to get out of the bath despite wanting to throw himself at Ryan.

“Surprise.” Ryan smiles and throws his phone down on the counter. With absolutely no care in the world for the fact he was still dressed, Ryan gets in the bath with Jasper and wraps his arms around him, hugging him tight. “I’m so sorry I missed your birthday.” He tells him, his voice wavering as the relief of finally seeing Jasper again was bringing tears to his eyes, as it was too for Jasper.

“How are you here?” Jasper sobs, clinging to Ryan.

“As soon as I could get on a flight, I got on the flight. I’ve been dying to see you.” Ryan answers.

“This is crazy. This is too much.” Jasper pulls back from Ryan and grabs his face in both hands, almost unable to believe this was really happened. “I drowned in the bath didn’t I? Or I fell asleep. Either way this isn’t real.” Jasper shakes his head.

“It’s real.” Ryan smiles and takes Jasper’s hand, leaning forward and kissing him hard. Jasper’s hands move over Ryan’s shoulders, running into his hair then back down to his shoulders. He breaks the kiss and starts laughing.

“You’re here. In the bathtub, in your clothes.” Jasper laughs, shaking his head and wiping away his tears. “Lets get you out of these.” He says and starts unbuttoning Ryan’s shirt, though his hands were shaking from the excitement and shock of Ryan being here so he was fumbling with the buttons and it wasn’t made any easier by Ryan leaving a line of kisses from Jasper’s shoulder and all up his neck. Ryan had no intention of stopping, he kisses Jasper passionately on the lips and slides his hands down to Jasper’s, guiding Jasper’s hands to over his shoulders and takes over un-doing his shirt. Ryan only breaks the kiss the struggle out of his jeans. “Seemed like a good idea at the time didn’t it?” Jasper laughs, he gets out of the bath himself and throws on a robe.

Yeah not to self, don’t take a bath while clothed.” Ryan finally get them off and goes to grab a robe for himself but Jasper stops him.

“Or just don’t visit me clothed.” Jasper suggests, biting his lip and giving Ryan a cheeky grin. Ryan reaches for the belt on Jasper’s robe and pulls him closer, he unties it and lets the robe hang open, his hands going to Jasper’s hips as he kisses him again this time less urgently, a soft, slow and gentle kiss that sent a tingle up Jasper’s spine. This was exactly what he needed, what he missed. The taste of Ryan’s lips was intoxicating and gave him more of a rush than anything or anyone else ever could. Everything felt worthless in comparison to this, and yet it made it feel like the time apart hadn’t been so bad because it led to this moment of relief and passion.


“Right there.” Jasper groans as Ryan’s fingers massage below his should blades.

“Geez how are you even functioning, you’re riddled with knots.” Ryan presses against the sore muscle a little harder and tries to work it out. He had plans to spend the rest of the afternoon massaging him, knowing that between all the time spent traveling and the different hotel beds, combined with the tension and stress of being on stage and performing, Jasper would surely need the attention.

“I’m just lucky you’re here.” Jasper replies with a pained gasp as Ryan works at the knot.

“You ok?” Ryan asks.

“Yep.” Jasper winces.

“If it helps, I’ve gotten that one out.” Ryan reassures him and trails his fingertips down Jasper’s spine and back up again, then leans down and placed a gentle kiss on the reddened mark where he’d been massaging. “Want me to keep going?” He asks, letting his hands run all over Jasper’s back lightly.

“You can stop if you want, you’re not here to massage me.” Jasper looks over his shoulder at Ryan.

“I’m enjoying myself, don’t worry.” Ryan winks, as he gives his ass a squeeze.

“Enjoying the massage or just feeling me up?” Jasper asks.

“I was trying not to make it too obvious.” Ryan jokes. Knowing full well the only reason it was going to take him so long to work out the knots was because he was going to be distracted plenty of times yet, this being the first of many because with Jasper looking at him with a cheeky smile, he knew the massage was going to be on hold for now because he needed to roll Jasper over and kiss him again right now. Ryan grabs him by his legs and flips him over, making Jasper laugh in surprise, but he’s quickly silenced by Ryan’s lips pressing hard against his again. The desperation and urgency in the kiss was powerful, sending them both quickly into another round of making up for lost time with Ryan's oiled hands finding their way quickly between their bodies, making Jasper gasp and break the kiss, throwing his head back in pleasure. Ryan's lips move to his neck and Jasper clings to Ryan's shoulders, as he feels himself quickly reaching the edge. He moves his hips in time with the motion Ryan's hand was moving and one hand slips into Ryan's hair, pulling a little as it becomes too much. With a sensual cuss Jasper shudders and lets himself give in, wishing it wasn't over so fast but also keen to thank Ryan. Ryan smiles against Jasper's neck, his lips kissing along his jaw and back to Jasper's lips, Jasper wraps his legs around Ryan's waist and forces Ryan over onto his back.

"Your turn." Jasper smirks and slides down Ryan's body. Ryan sighs at the warmth of Jasper's mouth and grips the sheets beside him desperately, trying his best to let Jasper have full control. Jasper used this to his advantage, starting off teasingly slow, but soon speeding up. He didn't want to be the only one that had been easy to please and he wasn't. Ryan had already been turned on by just massaging Jasper's body, let alone the pleasure he felt himself while pleasuring Jasper. With that much built up anticipation, and the months and months apart, it took only a few minutes for Jasper to bring Ryan to his own climax, his knuckles white as he gripped the sheets so tight. Jasper moans himself as he hears Ryan lose himself in the moment of ecstasy. Ryan sits up and reaches down for Jasper, pulling him up and kissing him hard again though they were both breathless. They fall down against the bed together and catch their breath.


Jasper stands in the shower with his head on Ryan’s shoulder, his eyes closed as enjoys the comfort of his lover’s arms. He had a question on his lips but was dreading asking it. He could believe Ryan was here forever or he could find out it was only going to be for the night and part of him didn’t think he could handle that just yet. He had only just gotten him back and didn’t want to think about saying goodbye. The time apart had definitely made this so much more intense, the love he felt was amplified by the ache he’d been feeling in his heart ever since he left and he’d gotten though it, not easily but he had made it through, but the thought of going through it again seemed like torture. Especially now that he knew how good it felt to finally have him back.

“You ok?” Ryan asks, noticing Jasper had been silent for a while.

“Yeah. Just hoping time will freeze.” Jasper answers and looks into Ryan’s eyes. Ryan nods, knowingly. He felt the exact same way. “Now that I have you back I don’t want to let you go again.” He admits.

Let’s not think about that right now. My plan was to just pretend I am not going anywhere until I have to actually go.” Ryan says with a smile.

Ooh good plan, plus I might just decide I am not letting you go and force you to stay.” Jasper jokes.

“You really wouldn’t be forcing me. I honestly want nothing more than to never say goodbye again. But then I couldn’t ever just show up and surprise you again and I kinda loved that.” Ryan admits.

Actually now that I think of it, how did you get into the room?” Jasper asks but it hits him straight away. “Blake wasn’t going for a coffee was he?”

“No, I have been conspiring with him the last few days to get here. He told me you guys had downtime after the interview this morning, we all managed to get a flight and Blake organized someone to pick us up and bring us here. He checked in and then came down and swapped room cards with me.” Ryan tells him.

“That little fucker. He knew you were coming for days? He has watched me sulk for days and not told me you were going to be here soon?” Jasper scoffs faking offense. “So Beth is here too then?”

“They all knew. Because it was me, Beth and Fi all coming over together.” Ryan grins at Jasper’s shocked expression.

“I hate everyone! No wonder Luke was so nice to me today as he left. You all suck!”

Hey don’t assume it hasn’t been killing us, not telling you. They wanted me to record your reaction so they will all be disappointed when I tell them I didn’t because you were naked when I got here.” Ryan laughs.

“And I still haven’t gotten dressed.” Jasper bites his lip and runs his hands down Ryan’s chest.

“You will have to soon, we have to go and see Luke and Fi in a bit. She is doing a gender reveal for their baby.” Ryan tells him.

“On no it’s going to get you clucky isn’t it?” Jasper grins at Ryan who is just nodding at him with a smile. “Fine~ I’ll put on pants.” Jasper sighs and turns to get out of the shower but Ryan stops him.

“You don’t have to just yet.” Ryan whispers and kisses Jasper’s neck as his hands drift down his body again.


"So where's my birthday present?" Jasper asks as he and Ryan finally start getting dressed.

"I'm here." Ryan replies, sitting on the edge of the bed and buttoning up his shirt. Jasper walks over to him and sits on his lap, running his fingers through Ryan's hair and looking into his eyes.

"Best gift ever." Jasper smiles and kisses Ryan lovingly.

"No you are." Ryan says when their lips part.

"No, you definitely are." Jasper says before kissing him again. Ryan breaks the kiss and wraps his arms around Jasper, standing up and turning then dropping Jasper on the bed. He takes a few steps over to his suitcase, unzipping it and pulling out a little bag.

"It's not amazing but it's meaningful." Ryan states as he passes it to Jasper.

"I was joking, I didn't really expect a present." Jasper accepts it and opens the bag. He reaches in and pulls out a watch and frowns at it. "Your watch?" He asks.

"Yep. Set to the time at home, so you can wear it and know what the time is back home, and hopefully feel at least a little closer to me." Ryan tells him. Jasper smiles at Ryan and puts the watch on.

"I love it." he grins and gets up from the bed.

"You better finish getting dressed." Ryan suggests. Jasper groans and reluctantly goes to get his shirt on. “Who’s Leo?” Ryan asked as he holds up Jasper’s phone as it starts ringing.

“Oh no one.” Jasper replies, barely looking over.

“Oh no one huh? Then why is no one calling you?” Ryan’s clear jealousy amuses Jasper who decides to tease him a little.

Well I am quite popular.” He remarks with a smirk, walking over to Ryan and reaching for his phone which Ryan playfully pulls away. “Leo is my PA.” Jasper tells him, reaching for it again but Ryan just frowns at him confused. “My personal assistant. ‘cause I don’t know if you know this, but your boyfriend’s kind of famous. That means I get a personal assistant when I’m on tour now.”

“I suppose I should let you answer it then.” Ryan shrugs, handing Jasper his phone.

“No, it’s fine.” Jasper shrugs and pulls his shirt on, not interested in talking to Leo. Ryan gives him a specious look. “OK honestly he has a bit of a thing for me.”

Oh does he just? Allow me then.” Ryan answers the phone before Jasper can stop him. “Hello, Jasper’s phone, this is his boyfriend Ryan. He’s busy at the moment, I can pass on a message for you if you like?” Ryan pauses as he listens to a reply. Jasper could vaguely hear Leo’s voice coming up with an excuse for having called. “Well don’t worry, I’m looking after him.” Ryan winks at Jasper who rolls his eyes, though smiling at Ryan’s not so subtle jealousy. “Thanks for checking in, bye.” Ryan hangs up and hands Jasper’s phone to him.

“Are you good now?” Jasper asks cheekily.

“Does he often just ‘check in on’ you?” Ryan asks, crossing his arms.

“Strictly professional. Shall we go to this baby thing now?” Jasper pockets his phone and starts walking towards the door.

“Professional but he has a thing for you?” Ryan comments, Jasper turns around and shrugs at Ryan, reaching a hand out for Ryan. Ryan takes his hand and lets Jasper pull him close. Jasper puts his arms around Ryan’s neck and looks into his eyes.

“He knows where he stands. I take just a little joy in playing along with his flirting but he knows, because I’ve told him, that if I was naked in front of him begging him to have sex with me, he would lose his job for taking advantage of me. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Blake would castrate him. So he may have a thing for me, but he knows the boundary and is an excellent PA and I’m probably going to keep him around when we get home.” Jasper tells him, kissing his lips delicately. “You’ll have to learn to play nice. Although your jealousy was kinda fun to watch.”

“Wait, your PA? The guy that picked me up from the airport?” Ryan asks.

“The hot guy that rocks around in a suit all the time?” Jasper was clearly messing with Ryan now.

“Ok lets just go.” Ryan sighs, seeing the playful glint in Jasper’s eyes and knowing this wasn’t going to circle back to being a serious conversation, Jasper was obviously just poking fun at the thought of Ryan being jealous now. "Wait your zipper is undone." Ryan says, undoing his zipper.

"Ryan!" Jasper smacks his hand away and fixes his zipper. "Come on, not sick of me yet?"

"Never." Ryan answers. "But people are waiting for us."

"I'm sure we can be not horny for like, an hour to be social." Jasper shrugs and the two hold hands as the leave their room and head to Luke and Fi's room down the hall. "I hope the walls aren't thin here." Jasper whispers, casting Ryan a cheeky smirk.

"Maybe you should learn to be quiet." Ryan whispers back.

"I was trying." Jasper pokes his tongue out at Ryan who leans in and pretends to try and bite him. Jasper laughs and lets go of Ryan's hand, pushing him away. "Ok, calm down. Social time." Jasper takes a breath to settle himself down as they get to Luke's door.

“You! How could you not tell me Ryan was finally visiting!?” Jasper points at Blake as he storms across the room, fake angry.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Ryan’s coming to see you.” Blake smirks at Jasper who stops right in front of him then throws his arms around him and hugs him tight. “Surprise.” Blake pats Jasper’s back. “Hope it cheered you up.”

“Thank you, you scheming jerk.” Jasper almost felt on the verge of tears thinking about how much it meant to him, but he steps back and composes himself. “Although did you get Leo to pick him up from the airport because of reasons?” Jasper asks quietly.

“Yes, the reason is because he’s our PA.” Blake answers simply.

“Not anything to do with wanting him to have to pick up my boyfriend then?”

“Your boyfriend, my girlfriend, Luke’s wife. It’s not all about you. Although to be fair, I did want to test whether his integrity and loyalty overrode the boner he has for you.” Blake fakes a smile. "Now I need a minute to discuss all this time he's spending with my girlfriend." Blake states and walks past Jasper to talk quietly with Ryan.

“Hey beautiful, thank you so much for keeping Ry company while we’ve been away.” Jasper gives Beth a hug.

“It’s been really nice to get to know him actually, because I imagine we’ll all be spending plenty of time together in the future.” Beth smiles sweetly at Jasper.

“Hey everyone, it’s great to see the family all back together.” Luke calls out, getting everyone’s attention. "I know we've all got a much needed reunion going on at the moment and we don't want to take up too much of the precious time we've all got before reality kicks in again but I'd just like to say how grateful I am to have you all with us for this moment." He declares. Blake and Ryan join Jasper and Beth, Fi stands beside him in a white figure-hugging dress that showed off her little bump.

“I’m so excited to be finding out with you all here, what little person we are adding to this family, and I did plan to make more of a speech but I’ve waited long enough already, it's been killing me to be stuck back at home for weeks after this scan, you have no idea. So let’s open this box and see what’s inside.” Fi states. In front of them was a large cardboard box. Fi and Luke step forward and uses a knife which Fi holds, Luke’s hand on top of hers, to cut the tape on the top. Blake starts a drum roll with his hands on his thighs. The moment the tape is cut, a bunch of blue helium balloons erupt from the box, rising to the ceiling. Luke and Fi look at each other with a combination of utter awe and amazement that even made Jasper feel excited to share moments like this with Ryan someday.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Came close to getting sappy but it was a good sappy. I'm a little thick so I assumed blue balloons means they are having a boy right?

Edited by weinerdog
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Very sweet reunion and a jealous Ryan is kinda cute I’m sure. Sounds like he really wants Jasper to put a bun in his oven... Well, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try. 😉 

Edited by NimirRaj
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