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Do You Ship Us? - 86. The Special Concert

Bonus chapter for Valentine's Day, enjoy~

Jasper felt very differently as he sat at the piano to play the song that had been the spectacle of most of their shows. Everyone wanting to see if he’d be brought to tears this performance, the audience is silent, phone lights being used and moved side to side as he sung and played. As he nears the end of the song, Jasper pauses for dramatic effect, giving a deep breath before singing the final part, as emotion filled as every other show but with the added love and sadness of knowing he’d have to say goodbye again for an unknown period of time and it’d hurt more this time, Ryan’s visit had been bittersweet. On one hand having almost a full 24 hours together had been so incredible, the passion, the love, the endless amounts of kisses that almost left his lips feeling borderline chaffed now. Accidentally staying awake for too long through the night as they talked and held each other, neither wanting the hours to pass and held in a moment of sadness that despite the months passing by so agonizingly slowly, this one day had swept past so quickly that it felt completely unfair. It hurt to be over, it hurt to be saying goodbye again so soon after being finally back in each others’ arms. But Jasper had gotten good at performing through his heartache and this would be no different, though he did have one surprise for the audience.

Seeing the smile on your face fills that missing piece of my heart, I can't believe that I’ve gone this far, and when you say my name I know exactly where we are.” Jasper sings, a slight smile sneaking onto his lips as he looks up from the piano for the next line.

“oh~ I’m finally home this time, oh~ my home is right here by your side.” Ryan sings as he steps into the spotlight that was on Jasper, sitting down casually on the seat beside him.

Oh~ My home is right here by your side~” Jasper sings again, then leans in and shares a quick kiss as the fans erupt into a cheer of surprise and thrill at the sight of Ryan, and the couple in general. Jasper stands up and takes Ryan’s hand, Ryan stands too and he and Jasper bow to the fans. “You think you’re surprised, should have seen me when this guy finally turned up to visit.” Jasper smirks, letting go of Ryan’s hand and grabbing a bottle of water from the piano.

“Wish we could have but somebody had to be naked for the moment.” Blake teases as he, Luke and Simon walk back on stage. “So what do you think, since he’s here, should we make him dance?” Blake suggests, as though this wasn’t at all pre-arranged. With an approving scream from the audience everyone moves around on stage and the music starts for one of their older songs, one that Ryan had done full choreography for.


“Hey, not done with the spotlight tonight huh?” Jasper teases as he walks into the now empty stage area and notices Ryan standing on the stage with a spotlight on him. “Did I rekindle your love for it?” Jasper asks curiously.

“Nah, behind the scenes is definitely more my thing.” Ryan replies.

“What are you doing up there then?” Jasper asks, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of being where the crowd stood, looking up at Ryan on stage. It did feel like he was more than human, no wonder people idolized those on stage. The lights shone from Ryan making him look angelic and untouchable.

“I was waiting for you actually.” Ryan answers. “I wrote you a song.”

“Oh what? That’s the last thing I expected. Ok. Hit me with it. I’ve never actually been a fan at a concert before so this will be a treat!” Jasper stands at the edge of the stage like an eager fan, his elbows on the stage and his head in his hands, looking up at Ryan. Ryan gives a thumbs up to the lighting box, and with the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar, another light comes on showing Blake sitting on a chair towards the back of the stage. Jasper’s expression changes as he realizes Blake is in on this too, and then the romantic theme from Blake’s guitar fills him with a nervous rush of realization.

“You stood beside me at my worst, and somehow you mananged not only to see, but show me my true worth. You took the time to break down all my walls, and somehow fell in love with me, despite all my flaws~

And in our time apart, I've had to hold you only in my heart, and I know I'm in too deep, I hear your voice in each heartbeat. I never want to let you go, so I have to let you know~

I will always stand by you, no matter how far apart we are, I will always love you with every beat of my heart. And when I look into your eyes I feel, to any challenge I would rise, and if there’s just one more thing I ever get to do, I hope it’s marrying you~" The words pierce through Jasper’s heart like a knife, Ryan was brave to be doing this, given how Jasper had talked about the idea of marriage and right now Jasper had no idea whether to run from the room or jump on the stage and tackle Ryan, smothering him in kisses. His mind was whirling with emotions as Ryan continued singing, Luke and Simon coming in as backing vocalists, simply harmonizing with the tune. Ryan walks down from the stage, the spotlight following him flawlessly as he moves to stand in front of Jasper. He reaches out a hand, the expression on his face screamed nerves, clearly knowing this was a complete leap of faith, and yet he was still singing, he was still holding his hand out asking Jasper to take that leap with him. Jasper gulps and takes Ryan’s hand, letting himself be led back up onto the stage, right to the middle as he seems to be back to the chorus once more way too quickly, the song had seemed to just disappear into the few confusingly anxious minutes that’d passed, Blake was now standing over to the side with Luke and Simon, all of them silent, leaving just Ryan singing.

I will always stand by you, no matter how far apart we are, I will always love you with every beat of my heart. And when I look into your eyes I feel, to any challenge I would rise, and if there’s just one more thing I ever get to do...” Ryan pauses, and the question hangs in the air, Jasper knew it was coming and had pictured how he’d feel, how he’d gently let Ryan down and remind him not to rush and that marriage wasn’t something he’d ever thought he wanted but waiting for the words to leave Ryan’s lips felt like torture. “I want to marry you.” Ryan finally sings, so full of emotion he could barely say it past a whisper. He drops to his knee, still holding Jasper’s hand. A few moments of awkward silence passes before Jasper’s ears seem to tune in what was going on around him.

“Ellie, ta to Ryan.” Grace is encouraging and the sound of Ellie cheekily crawling away captures Jasper’s attention. Jasper turns around and sees Grace pick Ellie up, the baby screaming in displeasure as she’s carried over to Ryan and Jasper. “Sorry, she didn’t nap so she’s being difficult. It was going to be so cute.” Grace apologizes.

“It’s ok.” Ryan smiles.

“Oh no way you guys are here?!” Jasper asks perplexed. “Oh my god she’s grown.”

“Ta Ellie.” Ryan asks, holding out his free hand, the screaming baby drops the ring box and Ryan catches it.

“Sorry we ruined the moment.” Grace quickly starts trying to shush Ellie while she backs away to stand with Blake, Simon and Luke. Ryan looks back at Jasper who was rightfully thrown by the whole scene.

“Jasper.” Ryan takes a deep breath, looking up into Jasper’s eyes.

“Yes.” Jasper says quickly then licks his lips, his eyes going from Ryan’s to the box in his other hand, eager, nervous and excited all at once.

“I love you...” Ryan starts.

“I love you too.” Jasper interrupts, his hand held in Ryan’s was shaking, but he was fairly sure Ryan’s was too.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Ryan continues, tears welling in his eyes as he spoke, making them appear to sparkle with joy and love.

“Yes.” Jasper interrupts again.

Oh shut up and let him do his thing will you?” Blake calls out jokingly.

“He’s already asked like 4 times.” Jasper argues, turning his head in Blake’s direction but his eyes stay fixated on Ryan.

“Wait are you saying ‘yes’ to that?” Ryan asks, the only person more shocked than him was still Jasper who had no idea why he was suddenly dying to be asked a question he had always thought he didn’t care about.

“Yes!” Jasper exclaims, falling down to his knees on the floor with Ryan.



Oh I really thought you’d say no.” Ryan sighs with relief then takes a deep breath. “For the sake of doing this right though, can I please ask you properly?” He asks. Overwhelmed with emotion Jasper covers his mouth to keep himself from speaking and nods to Ryan. “Ok, Jasper, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, making you happy and giving you all of my love and devotion. Will you marry me?” He asks and he feels as though his heart stops beating as he waits for the answer. Jasper throws his arms around Ryan's neck as his eyes fill with tears.

“Yes.” He whispers, a wave of calmness washing over him and taking away all uncertainty that he’d felt from the moment he had realized what was going on.

“I know this is not what you expected, and I know you’ve said you’re not sure you even want this...” Ryan starts. Jasper pulls back and looks into Ryan’s eyes.

“I want and already planned to spend the rest of my life with you, and if marriage is so important to you that you managed to get Blake to help you propose to me, even though you weren’t sure I would even say yes, then you’re either insane or this really means that much to you.” Jasper couldn’t hold back the excitement he felt, the smile on his face almost hurting.

“’It’ doesn’t mean that much to me, but you do. You are everything to me.” Ryan tells him as he pops open the box, showing Jasper the simple gold band. “May I?” Ryan asks, taking the ring out of the box.

“Yes.” Jasper offers his hand for Ryan, Ryan slips the ring on his finger and for a moment they both just stare at it, then Jasper places his hands on Ryan’s cheeks and kisses him so hard he knocks him over. Jasper falls on top of him on the stage and Ryan wraps his arms around him, kissing him back just as hard while their friends stand back, clapping at first but as the couple seem completely ignorant to the fact they still had company, everyone just turns away from them and start talking amongst themselves. Completely breathless, Jasper finally moves off Ryan, sitting beside him and looking at the ring on his hand.

“Do you like it?” Ryan asks, sitting up beside Jasper and leaning his head on his shoulder.

“I do but, I want you to wear it until I get home. I am too worried I’ll lose it. Is that ok?” Jasper asks, looking at Ryan guiltily.

“That’s fine, I’d love to wear it until you’re home.” Ryan nods and holds Jasper’s hand.

“Sorry to interrupt but I just really want to congratulate you.” Jules’ voice takes Jasper by surprise and he instantly jumps to his feet.

“Hi, I didn’t know you were here too!” Jasper hugs her quickly.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have missed this. I was recording it.” Jules grins, hugging Jasper tight. She lets go of him and holds his hand. “Welcome to the family, officially. I am so happy to have you joining us.” She smiles then turns to Ryan who was emotional again now at the sight of his mum. “And I’m so proud of you.” Jules hugs Ryan tight. Jasper stands back and watches the moment, the way Ryan had his head down on his Mum’s shoulder and the slight movement of his own shoulders along with a quiet sob showing just how loving this family was Jasper was going to become a part of. For Ryan’s mum, this would have been a beautiful moment, to finally see after so long, that Ryan was so happy and secure. For Ryan, being able to share such a wonderful moment with his Mum felt as though it was making up for having put her through such awful ones in the past. As he observes and feels this all emulating from them, Jasper takes his phone out of his pocket and takes a photo for them to cherish, it was the least he could do after Ryan’s Mum filmed the proposal. The realization that his poor mother also filmed Jasper tackling her son to the ground and making out with him hits Jasper and he goes red with embarrassment.

“Ellie baby, no.” Grace was clearly struggling to keep the little wriggly tot under control and with Ryan occupied Jasper rushes over to take the baby off his sister’s hands.

“Come here, Uncle Jasper wants a cuddle. Have you missed me?” Jasper takes Eleanor from Grace who looks visibly relieved to get a break.

“Congratulations Jasper. I’m so excited for you.” Grace gives him a hug.

“Thank you. And thank you for coming all this way, with a baby no less. I can’t believe you made such a big trip for this.” Jasper shakes his head, still a little bit shocked himself.

“Like I would miss this. We are going home with Ryan though, literally just flew over to witness it, so it’s lucky you said yes.” Grace smiles, she was clearly very tired, it can’t have been an easy thing to organize a baby on a flight and traveling so Jasper felt completely honored that she’d made it work somehow.

Jasper walks over to Luke who had been joined by Fi, apparently she was watching the whole thing from the wings of the stage too.

“Congrats.” Luke nods to Jasper.

“Thank you. We will probably keep things pretty private so at least it won't clash with your announcement." Jasper gestures to Fi’s belly.

“I wasn’t worried about that, this isn’t high school, we’re all allowed to have good things happening at the same time. I’m really happy for you two, with everything, you guys have really stood together and faced things with unity and strength. You guys will be great.” Fi gives Jasper a gentle hug. “And if you need any help choosing suits, let me know. I’d love to style the whole thing for you. I reckon you’d look amazing in a white suit, maybe cream, Black tie to match Ryan in a black suit.”

“Are you saying I’m the bride?” Jasper asks.

“Do you think Ryan is going to want to walk down the aisle with all the attention on him?” Fi asks, Jasper laughs to himself.

"Point well made. But there's no way I am wearing white. If you think I'm not going to wear a gold suit then you are kidding yourself." He comments.

"YES! PERFECT!" Fi claps her hands excited to have a new project to work on. Simon smiles at Jasper as he passes, giving a quick congratulations but not having much more to say, it made sense, after Blake’s party things between Jasper and Simon had been a little odd especially when it came to relationship stuff. Even though Simon was clearly in a better place with his wife right now he and Jasper had just never talked about it again so it wasn’t surprising that Simon didn’t have any other comments to make towards Jasper and Ryan’s engagement. Jasper approaches Blake and Beth, who had also been in the curtains watching on with Fi.

Well hello there, Ryan’s fiance’.” Blake smirks at Jasper.

“Shut up.” Jasper rolls his eyes and punches Blake gently in the arm.

“Come here moron.” Blake puts his arms around Jasper, sharing a sincere moment of silence where they both could sense the love from one another. “Are you happy?” Blake asks when Jasper steps back, wiping tears from his eyes.

“How long have you known about this?” Jasper asks, straight to the point.

“Ages. I was just saying to Beth, back when she mentioned at my party about thinking I was going to propose, she’d overheard me talking to Ryan about this. To be fair I clarified it with her after you’d told me, because I didn’t want to disappoint, so she’s also known since that night.” Blake admits. Jasper gawks at them.

“Holy shit, that was months ago!” He states. “I’m so sorry Beth, I feel like I stole your moment now.” Jasper apologizes but Beth just laughs it off.

“Just aim for me when you throw the bouquet.” She jokes.

“Everyone just assumes I’m the wife.” Jasper rolls his eyes. “Don’t wait for me, I’m still not planning to rush things.”

“Well neither, I was actually relieved it wasn’t Blake proposing.” Beth admits. Blake puts his arm around Jasper and takes a few steps away from Beth so they could talk privately for a moment.

"Just between us, be honest with me on this because I assume I will be the best man at the wedding, did you say yes because you suddenly wanted to or felt like he put you on the spot?" Blake asks in a whisper.

"Honest answer, my legs wanted to run but it was such a bold move and I suddenly just wanted to. We don't need to be married for me to be able to love that man for the rest of my life, but if I am going to love him for the rest of my life and this is important to him then why not get married? I have no reasons not to. We will have a long engagement though, no need to rush the rest of our lives." Jasper shrugs and smiles down at the ring.

"Cool, just as long as you are happy." Blake pats his back.

“I can’t believe you knew for months!”

Yeah it took months of planning. Writing the song, choosing and ordering the ring. Overthinking. Overthinking. Overthinking. Overthinking. You have no idea how many different ways he planned this and how many different almost scripted sounding proposal ideas he went through and how much time I’ve spent on the phone to your boyfriend telling him to calm down and just go with what felt right, even if it's a cheesy lovesong.e” Blake shakes his head, looking over at Ryan with a grin. “I think he did well.”

“You? He’s been planning this with you?” Jasper asks surprised.

“He even asked for your hand. Which was really weird to me at first but the more I think about it the more I feel like if I had a heart, it’d be warmed by the gesture.” Blake shrugs.

“He what?”

“Grace too, obviously. But it’s really nice to be considered your family, enough that he’d feel like I was one of the people who could give him my blessing to propose to you.”

“Oh my god, and you said yes?” Jasper couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Of course, I mean, he knows how I feel about the way he is with you, and what I feel like you are worth and deserve so him having the nerve to ask me permission to propose really showed me that he has got balls after all. And that if he puts pen to paper and makes you his life-long partner he’s signing up to have them hacked off if he wrongs you. Still, it’s given me mad respect for him to be honest, and if he’s going to make you as happy as he assures me he will, then of course I’m going to bless that, I can see how happy you are and how much he is trying for you. There's no way I'm going to stand in the way of your happiness.” Blake states, seeing Jasper wiping away tears again.

“You are my family. I love that he asked you, that means so much to me. God that man. I never wanted this and here I am crying over how happy this makes me.” Jasper looks at the ring again then over at Ryan who in all this time hadn’t stopped hugging his Mum yet.

"He has finally done it, he has finally turned you sappy." Blake teases.

"Oh fuck off I'll be back to my normal shit tomorrow just let me be a bit sappy tonight. It's my night." Jasper hits Blake gently on the arm.

"Are you telling him all about how you have been in on this plan?" Ryan asks Blake who reaches out and shakes his hand.

"Congrats dude." Blake nods and winks at Jasper then turns and goes back to Beth's side. Jasper throws his arms around Ryan again, Ryan holds his waist with one arm then takes his left hand and entwines their fingers. He places a kiss on the ring then rests his forehead against Jaspers.

“You really want to do this?” Ryan asks in a whisper.

“What? Saying vows to each other in front of everyone we love and celebrating? Seeing the look on your face as someone declares us husbands, absolutely.” Jasper beams at Ryan. "See that's what I want to do this for, that smile on your face at just the word." Jasper loks at Ryan's lips.

“You really know how to make someone’s dreams come true.” Ryan comments.

“You really know how to show someone dreams they never knew they never had.” Jasper replies. “We should practice the kiss though, right?” He asks flirtatiously. Ryan didn’t need to be asked twice, pressing his lips against Jasper’s in a loving kiss, both their lips curved into smiles and tasting of tears. They had felt last night, like they didn’t want the night to end, but tonight even more so. The rest of tour would be different, there would be so much more to look forward to on the other end of it. Not just back to their same old lives, but moving forwards to a lifetime together, though Jasper had never actually noticed feeling like he was just floating through life, the ring on his finger and the man in his arms felt so refreshingly grounding and he couldn’t wait now, to get home and see the new adventure waiting for them. After everything, all the challenges they had faced, it felt like they deserved to celebrate getting through it all, with one hell of a party.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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...I think I just got diabetes. This is such a sweet chapter and will definitely be a wedding for the ages.

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 Thank you for the bonus chapter this certainly fit the Valentine's Day theme.One question I thought I read conflicting statements who wrote the song?Was it Ryan or Blake?Hope it was Ryan.

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