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Do You Ship Us? - 89. Please Be Ok

It’s the sound of Ryan’s voice that Jasper registers first and it’s as though his consciousness had something to hold onto finally. Somewhere through the pitch black darkness he imagines grabbing onto his voice and pulling himself towards it. He felt like he was in a form of sleep paralysis for a few moments, wanting to open his eyes, wanting to squeeze his hands but he couldn’t do anything but lie there numbly listening to the voices in the room.

“That just got faster, get the doctor. Jasper can you hear me?” Ryan asks. Jasper tries with all his strength to give some indication that he could but his body wouldn’t move. It was like being trapped in a nightmare where you try your hardest to scream but can’t make a sound. “His heart rate just got faster and his eyelids are moving.” Ryan explains as another voice joins the room, though muffled beyond comprehension. Focusing on Ryan’s voice again Jasper wills himself to move, it was taking all his energy to force his eyes to open, faced immediately with the glaring lights of a hospital room. “Jasper!” Ryan sounded relieved and Jasper wanted to be able to speak but his lips wouldn’t move. It felt like just a moment had passed before he was opening his eyes again, looking desperately at Ryan who was up by his side, stroking his forehead soothingly. Adrenaline shoots through his body and Jasper sits up in a panic, he could feel tubes attached to him and wanted to pull them all out but Ryan was yelling now for the doctor to come back in. There was a rush of activity as the sounds and visuals all start coming together at once. He was in a hospital bed, bright lights on him, coloured lines moving across a machine on one side of him showing his vitals and on the other side a bag of fluid was slowly being administered through an IV line. There were voices calling out instructions across him like he didn’t exist, the rapid beeping of the machine measuring his heart rate piercing through all the other noise and somewhere among it was Ryan’s disheveled voice. For a moment the panic is too much and Jasper tries to find his own voice but instead falls into silent darkness again.

Only this time it wasn’t silent, this time it was the sound of the screeching of wheels and the stuttering coming from Blake, trying to say his name. It was his own voice screaming as they are flung back in their seats, a sound worse than nails down a chalk board ringing through his ears. There was the smell of leaking fumes, the metallic smell of blood and the pheromones of fear sweating out of their bodies. A silence.

Voices, in the darkness getting closer. More ripping of metal.

“Can you hear me? Can you squeeze my hand? What is your name?” Questions floating in the air unanswered. Jasper could see the car, inflated airbag in front of him, to his left a paramedic with a kind smile on her face. She grabs the walkie talkie on her shoulder and shares a message. “Patient one conscious. Bring the gurney around.” She smiles again at Jasper. “What’s your name love?” She asks gently.

“Blake.” Jasper says weakly, trying to turn his head to see Blake, but on his neck was a brace. “Get Blake out. He. He. Something happened.” Jasper’s head throbbed and everything went black again.

Only it didn’t, now his eyes were wide open again but under the bright lights of the hospital.

“Blake.” Jasper breathes, his voice raspy and his throat aching as he spoke.

Who’s Blake?” The doctor beside him asks. “Can you tell me your name?”

“Jasper.” He answers.

“Do you remember what day it is Jasper?”

We were driving. S-something happened to Blake.” Jasper replies then closes his eyes and shakes his head it was all fuzzy and he couldn’t quite see it but he tries to remember what he could. The lights, red and blue, flashing intermittently and dancing off every shard a glass shattered through the car. He was looking in now, through the windscreen, his view of Blake obscured by the airbag.

“It’s ok love, you’re going to be taken to the hospital. Is there anyone we can contact for you?” The paramedics sweet voice come through again.

“R-Ryan.” Jasper answers.

Do you have his phone number in your phone?” She asks.

“Is Blake ok?” Jasper asks, unable to process what was happening and concentrate on anything else.

My colleges are working on getting him out and we will let you know as soon as we can ok?” She spoke so calmly. Jasper closes his eyes to plead that Blake would be fine. With an ache in his heart he remembers next, the phone call.

“Hello am I speaking with Ryan? Hi darl my name is Amber, I’m a paramedic and I am calling to let you know we have your lovely fiance in our ambulance... He’s ok... Now I’m going to need you to take a breath for me, I know this isn’t something anyone ever wants to hear but he’s going to be fine, alright? Ok take a breath for me. Take a breath. I need you to confirm some details for me so we can get onto treating him as soon as we are at the hospital. Do you have his full name and date of birth for us... Thank you so much, he was in a car accident but as I said he’s ok. Now, does he have any allergies or medical conditions we should know about? Not taking any regular medications. Drugs or alcohol? Occasional, alright can I know what he takes. Yes this is completely confidential it’s just so we can make sure we don’t give him anything that causes problems if he’s taken something else. Ok and do you know when the last time he had that would have been? Is there any chance he had any today? No, ok. You are doing beautifully alright, I know this is a distressing time but I can assure you he’s in great hands and will be fine. Of course, look we will be at the hospital in about 15 minutes and I'll notify them that you are on your way. Just while I have you on the phone, Jasper was in the car with another friend. Blake. Excellent that's who he is asking about so do you know Blake? Yes, ok. Look I can’t give you his information at this stage as I am solely caring for Jasper but if you know who we can contact for Blake that would be greatly helpful. Thank you so much, I appreciate all your help Ryan, if you come to the hospital and say you are there to visit Jasper and let them know you are his fiance they will be able to direct you to his room. Ok now you make sure you get someone to drive you ok because I can hear your very upset and we want you to get there safely to see him. We will take good care of him, I promise. Bye.” There’s a moment of pause before Amber speaks again.

“Hey Garreth its Amber just wanting to see how it’s going? Still in the car ok well is he conscious at all? Ok. Our patient here has been asking about Blake and I just spoke to his Fiance on the phone who confirmed that my patient was driving with his friend Blake. I've got a phone number here for his brother Flynn.”

Jasper opens his eyes again. The room was dark now except for a light coming in through the window of the door. Jasper tries to set up again, but this time there’s a shooting pain through his chest. Jasper gasps and falls back flat against the bed, his sudden pain escalating his pulse rate again and the increase sets off the machine beside him.

“Fuck off.” Jasper hisses and pulls the clip off this finger that was tracking his heart rate. Setting off even more beeping, he starts pulling at the cords attached to him like he can’t control himself, a primal need to be free overtaking the logic. Within moments he has a room full of doctors and nurses, the lights are on and blinding.

“Where’s Blake?” Jasper demands, surprised at the croaky sound of his own voice and the ache in his chest.

Mr Reid you need to calm down.” The doctor beside him states and begins talking about his injuries but Jasper was too frantic to listen.

I need to see him!” Jasper snaps. Furiously powerless in this room.

We need to look after you first...” The doctor again tries to explain Jasper’s state but gets nowhere.

“LET ME SEE BLAKE. LET ME FUCKING SEE HIM.” Jasper screams, his voice was raspy and everything from his throat to his chest ached, causing tears to run from his eyes but he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from getting to Blake.

“Mr Reid if you can just listen...”


“Mr Reid...”


“Ok lets get a sedative, before this guy hurts himself.” The doctor calls out.


You are my patient I need you to cooperate so that we can help you...”

Yeah, good luck with that, that's not how he works.” Ryan pushes his way through everyone and gets to Jasper’s side. “Jasper, Blake is ok.” Ryan says as he strokes Jasper’s hair from his face. He’s in another room and I can take you there as soon as you are ok, so please let these doctors do their job.” Ryan tells him softly.

Blake’s ok?” Jasper looks into Ryan’s eyes, almost as though he didn’t believe him.

“Blake is ok.” Ryan nods with a smile.

Thank god. Oh thank god.” Relief washes over Jasper and he finally starts to hear what’s being said around him.

“Mr Reid you have 6 broken ribs, shattered metacarpals in your left wrist and your left hip was dislocated so you may experience some pain down your left side as a result. We will be needing to monitor you for at least a week. Do you understand?” the doctor asks.

Oh shit. Jasper finally looks down at his injuries. His chest was swollen in purple with bruising and his left arm was cast From his elbow to his fingers. “What happened to Blake?” Jasper looks to Ryan for answers.


Jasper enters Blake’s hospital room he had been warned what to expect but it was still shocking to see his friend attached to so many machines, there was heart rate monitors, a heart pattern monitor, an IV drip through a machine that was intermittently beeping. At the end of his bed was another machine making a strange suctioning noise ever few moments. Jasper hesitates at the door, taken aback by the confronting sight. Blake looks over and relief washes over him with a smile crossing his face immediately.


Hey Jasper didn’t know what to say.

“How? How are you feeling?”

“Better than you, I assume.” Jasper replies with a nod towards Blake’s injured legs.

“Well, you look better. But I’m on morphine so I can’t complain.” Blake jokes trying to lighten the situation.

Yeah, morphine is good shit. Knocks you out though.” Jasper nods, moving closer to Blake’s bedside and trying to ignore the pain shooting from his hip.

“lightweight.” Blake jokes.

What did they say about your injuries?” Jasper asks as he steps closer to Blake and becomes aware of just how bad he looks.

“Physically, I can barely feel anything. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Although to be honest. It doesn’t look like it would feel very good.” Blake shrugs as he looks down his body at his leg. “Worst case scenario they talking about amputation.” He says trying to keep a brave face as he speaks. “I might have to let go of my vanity a bit.” He jokes again.

“Seriously? Why?”

“See the Fancy X I have drawn on my foot there? That’s where they should be able to feel a pulse.” Blake shrugs. “Apparently when the femur broke it, it tore out a chunk of my artery. They cut my leg open on both sides and have this suction machine taking out all the dead gunky cells. Some of it’s muscle, the blood pooled in my leg, some of it is just the cells dying.”

Oh cute.” Jasper grimaces at the description, mentally noting to not look at the machine on the end of the bed that was making a constant quiet vacuum sound.

“It could have been worse. You won’t believe this but apparently the skinny jeans actually reduced my circulation enough that I didn’t just bleed out in the hour it took for them to get me out of the car. Being emo might have saved my life.” Blake laughs at the irony.

“That cannot be legit.” Jasper wanted to laugh but his chest was throbbing the moment he started so he tries to quickly calm himself.

“It is! I swear to you. Also though.” Blake pauses, becoming more serious. “I owe you my life.” Blake’s voice wavers as he speak And guilt washes over him. “I’m so sorry.” Blake whispers tears stinging his eyes and Jasper realizes he's never seen Blake cry before.

You don’t owe me anything, you weren’t to know you were going to have a seizure, so, please don’t blame yourself.”

We could have died because of me.” Blake breathes, sighing and letting the tears slip down his cheeks, he was in pain, his situation was bad, but it was the thought of almost killing his best friend that was breaking him.

No, Blake. Don’t talk like that. We didn’t die. Ok, we’re fine.” Jasper answers, crying himself at the sight of Blake's tears.

“Not fine, lucky. So lucky. But still look at you. I mean, Ryan said that you weren't that bad, but, broken ribs isn't exactly 'not that bad' is it? How many weeks do they reckon it’ll take for you to recover?" Blake asks, gesturing vaguely at Jasper's whole body.

Couple of months. I should only be in hospital for about a week though. You know, I’ve never broken a bone before. Go hard or go home, right? It’s got nothing on you. Thanks to the airbag going off literally in my face I didn’t even get any scratches from the windshield. I’m basically fine. You can be the first to sign my cast though.” Jasper suggests, holding up his arm

“What is this, high school?” Blake laughs.

“I swear to god if you draw something phallic on it I will smack you in the face with my cast.” Jasper threatens as he steals the pen from the board behind Blake's bed

“Eh, thanks to morphine I probably wouldn’t even feel it. I’m lucky to not have a broken nose already thanks to you head-butting me in the car. Blake states as he pulls the cap off and taps the end of the pen on his chin thoughtfully.

“Sorry.” Jasper bites his lip, not realizing the bruise on Blake's face was from him.

“For head-butting me when I ran us into a truck? I think I can forgive you for that.” Blake rolls his eyes and starts writing on Jasper’s cast.

“What have they said about the seizure?” Jasper asks.

“I have to get an MRI done again in a few days, the first one was inconclusive. Apparently, get this, it’s hard to diagnose someone unless they are actually having the seizure in front of you. So they are basically just waiting for that to happen and hoping it happens while I am having an MRI, otherwise it’s anyone’s guess.” Blake shrugs.

“I’m going to have to get my license now aren’t I? Since I'm guessing they will say you can’t drive anymore.” Jasper jokes. Blake groans and lies back in his bed frustrated, pressing a little button. “What’s that?” Jasper asks. “Morphine. I can press it whenever I need to but if it’s not been long enough for me to have more it won’t release more.” Blake shakes his head. “It mustn’t be time.” He sighs. “Oh look, there’s us.” Blake points at the TV above his bed, turning the volume on.

“It’s been confirmed that as of this morning both members of the popular boy band ‘The Obsolete’ that were involved in a car accident 2 days ago, are conscious. It is believed that Blake suffered a seizure which caused him to lose control of the vehicle. We’re standing by for more information in the coming hours.” The news reporter states.

"Vultures." Jasper scoffs as the news shows helicopter footage of the scene from the crash. It sends a pang of panic through Jasper, the car was completely totalled into the front of the truck which seemed unscathed. Frankly it was shocking that they had survived at all given the appearance of the wreck, with the front buckled into itself it was no surprise Blake had broken legs and Jasper was extraordinarily lucky to have moved to grab the wheel or he'd have been pinned by the legs too.

“What’s Ryan up to?” Blake asks, not watching the footage. “Thought he wouldn’t want to let you out of his sight.”

“Getting lunch. Grace is coming in to see me soon so I will have to go back to my room in a bit. I just wanted to see you.” Jasper looks at the time and sighs.

“Ah well Flynn is probably bringing her so I’ll have some company too. He’s bringing my guitar in though, so when we’re both alone again, if we’re not passed out on drugs, then we should work on some ideas for our little duo band.” Blake suggests with a grin, like the band was his biggest priority.

“Do you think the guys still want to drop out?” Jasper asks, having until now, forgotten entirely about the conversations he'd had before the accident.

“They are probably relieved that they have an excuse to call a hiatus now. It won't have to look like they are stepping back and quitting.” Blake shrugs. “Have you heard from them yet? I know they want to visit us but to be honest, I don't know. I feel like we weren't exactly that close and I don't feel like entertaining visitors that I'm not really that close to, you know?" Blake looks over at the doorway as a nurse knocks and enters the room with a metal trolley of medications.

“Sorry, I’ve just got your medications.” She smiles as she walks over to Blake’s bedside with a pill cup and hands it to him. He confirms his name, date of birth and admission number from his ID band then counts the pills and downs them, handing back the cup and pushing the blanket covering him, down to expose his chest and stomach as the nurse gets a needle ready, jabbing it into the limited amount of stomach fat she could find. Jasper watches as she moves down to his foot, pressing her fingers to the X and waiting, clearly not feeling anything. "The doctor will be in to see you soon." She tells Blake with a calm smile before giving Jasper a nod and leaving the room again.

"What's with the needle?" Jasper asks.

"Some blood thinner thing, since I can't move my legs to keep the blood circulating. Reckon if they amputate, I could get a bunch of prosthetic legs with tattoos all over them. Have interchangeable tattooed legs." Blake remarks. Jasper was in awe of how well Blake was taking everything. “You should probably get back before you miss your meds. I'm always drowsy after I take mine anyway." Blake sighs and closes his eyes, visibly relaxing as he presses the morphine button again.

“I’ll come and see you later, after visitors and all that.” Jasper says with a sigh as he gets up from the chair. He reaches his good hand to Blake, who takes it and gives it a squeeze, like he's clinging to him. “I’m so glad you’re alright, I don't know what I would have done if...” Jasper didn't need to finish his statement. Blake nods, holding in the emotions he felt as he looked at Jasper.

“Same to you. You know I love you, right? Like not in a way. But. You're like a brother to me and I love you.” He answers.

"Exactly." Jasper agrees, not sure what else to say, they didn't usually talk like this but then again they didn't usually have a traumatic near death experience together either. They hold on for a moment, grateful to be able to hold each other at all, then Blake lets go.

“Go get your meds. I’ve done enough damage without forcing you to miss your pain killers.” Jasper sighs and reluctantly leaves the room, letting Blake have a rest and heading back to his own room. As he gets to the hallway of his ward, he sees Ryan waiting outside against the door seeming anxious. Not that Jasper blamed him, he couldn't imagine how Ryan had been coping with the last few days.

“What are you doing?” Jasper asks, limping a little as he walks up to Ryan.

“How was your visit?” Ryan smiles at Jasper.

“Intense. He looks pretty messed up but thank you for taking me to see him.” Jasper sighs and leans forward to hug Ryan before remembering from the pain that hits him, that he can’t. Ryan gives a sad smile and rubs Jasper’s shoulder gently. It was about as much affection as he could give right now.

“You’ve got visitors.” Ryan’s voice sounded weary. “I can stay out here if it’s better, or I can ask them to leave, it's entirely up to you but, it’s your parents.”

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow, great chapter. At least Blake and Ryan are alive and ok, despite both having serious injuries. Let's hope Blake doesn't lose his leg.

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Posted (edited)

Losing a leg is still horrible obviously but the type of replacements they have these days it's whole lot better then it used to be but of course we hope it doesn't come to that. I sure hope Jasper's parents don't say the wrong thing like they have a tendency to do

Edited by weinerdog
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Great chapter, hated the parents of showed up. Maybe they have come to their senses finally and except him for who he is.  Looking forward to the next chapter hope it’s coming along soon.

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