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Do You Ship Us? - 96. Time To Let Go

Jasper sits on the gutter of a dark street, wishing he could remember how many drinks had led him here so he could never drink that many again, ever. He knew this wasn't the first time he'd had this thought, but this was the first time he felt this gross about himself. Every other drunken night had been fine, he'd been a fucked up mess all on his own, but he'd practically pole vaulted over the line and lost himself tonight. He fumbles for his phone from his pocket and rather than attempt to do anything with his clumsy hands, he orders it to call the only person he could ask for a favour like this. The silence of the night is taken away by the dull ringing of the phone which seems to drag on forever. Just as he is losing hope, the call is answered.

“Now what?” Leo asks, there was a lot of background noise around him, it sounded like he was having a fun time and Jasper immediately feels guilty for interrupting whatever was going on, clearly from the rude way Leo had answered his call he wanted nothing less than to deal with whatever drama Jasper was about to dump on him.

SorryLeo~.” He slurs. Squeezing his eyes shut in an attempt to make himself concentrate better, his brain struggling to come up with words. He'd forgotten he'd have to talk when the phone was answered. He didn't want to explain himself, he just wanted to be home having a hot shower and curling up in bed.

“Drunk or drugs?” Leo sighs, this wasn’t the first time he’d had this kind of phone call recently from an emotionally distressed Jasper.

“Yes.” Jasper answers and he can just about actually hear Leo's stress through the phone. Poor Leo had dealt with so many of these calls in so many different states over the last few months that Jasper was genuinely surprised that he still answered every time. He's thankful that tonight of all times isn't the time he decides to finally ignore the call.

“Where are you?” Leo asks in the kind of tone you use when you hate the person that pays you but you have to be nice. Jasper recognized it from the way he use to talk to Chris back in the day. Politeness through gritted teeth and with undertones of resentment.

“I don’t know.” Jasper unhelpfully answers, looking back up the street he'd spent the last 10 minutes walking down with absolutely no idea where he was actually going, just needing to get as far away from his mistake as he could before he'd needed to sit down again.

“Jasper.” Leo groans with frustration, his voice coming through clearer as the noise behind him gets distant. He was coming to his rescue, loyal regardless of how much Jasper didn't deserve it.

“It’s fine. I will find my own way home.” Jasper stands up and immediately falls over his own feet, stands up again and starts walking down the road again, then pauses and gives a confused whine as he fails to recognize any of his surroundings, he couldn't even remember which direction he'd come from only a few minutes ago.

“Did you black out again?” Leo asks, rubbing his forehead and trying to stay calm though he was more than a little tired of these phone calls and Jasper in general.

“I don’t remember how I got here. I was conscious but I don’t remember.” Jasper replies, he was in no state to think for himself right now even if he tried. But thankfully Leo was onto it.

“Ok open maps, ask it to find your location and give me the address.” As he orders this Jasper can hear Leo getting his keys and opening his car. With a gentle thud of the car door Leo waits in silence, meanwhile Jasper has opened and is staring at his calculator app confused of why it wasn’t showing him a map. “Jasper. You are giving me your location.” Leo prompts him with what sounded like the last shred of patience he could muster.

“Oh yeah.” Jasper tries again, closing and re-opening the calculator then finally remembering what the map icon looked like and opening it up. It's another long silent period while he tries to get his thoughts to make it to his fingers.

“What did you take?” Leo turns his car on, waiting.

“Hold on. One thing at a time. My brain can’t. Ok where are you?” Jasper asks.

I was in a very enjoyable interaction with a very cute bartender and if you don’t give me your location in a minute I will resign and go back inside.” Leo threatens, again prompting Jasper to give him the simple detail he was waiting on.

“Oh yeah. My location.” Jasper says to himself, causing Leo to curse quietly under his breath. It was a process but they finally got there with step by step instructing. “Oh I can’t even begin to pronounce this street. I will screenshot it. Hold on.” Jasper quickly sends it to Leo in a message.

“What the hell? You are like, half an hour away. What are you doing there?” Leo asks.

“I don’t pay you to ask questions. Just come and get me.” Jasper groans and hangs up, then with no care in the world he lies down on the cold dewy grass, nothing to do now but wait for Leo to save him, yet again while reminding himself to pay Leo more. It would be the 5th raise in the last few months. He knew he was asking too much of him, that Leo had taken on the roll after enjoying the fun and the flirting and the banter back when the band was on tour, and he’d since been a part time babysitter, part time psychiatrist, and full-time sufferer of Jasper’s sporadic emotional outbursts and irrational behavior.

Jasper closes his eyes and feels the world spinning. His head a scrambled mess of memories that had led to him being here, wallowing in self pity and waiting for his PA to collect his sorry ass from the sidewalk. It'd started with him making the mistake of looking at articles about himself, something he'd avoided doing since Blake died. He had no reason to see them really, he had left all social media platforms and was trying to pretend he was safe to suffer quietly in his own little bubble, but apparently not. There were photos of him entering the bar on several occasions with headlines questioning whether or not he was an alcoholic. Up until this very moment now, Jasper would have denied it but he had hit a point of realization as he walked alone and helpless down the dark street feeling sick in a whole new way, that he wasn't in control of his drinking anymore. Maybe at the start, maybe back when he could convince himself it was justifiable, but that time had passed and now it was the alcohol leading him through the day, not just helping him cope with all his pain.

There was also a name that popped up in another article title that threw him off completely. It was Grace's ex, claiming that Jasper was physically aggressive towards him. It was a weak attempt to jump on the bandwagon of concern that Jasper was violent, that had started back at the funeral with Chris copping a fist to the face. Honestly, he couldn't care less if this dickhead wanted to admit he was knocked unconscious by Jasper, that was roughly a year ago now and it was a closed case. Footage proved that he was not the aggressor in that situation. It was mentioned of course, that Chris hadn't pressed charges against Jasper, in fact he had released a statement supporting Jasper and the rest of the members after Blake's death. He'd been asked about the punch plenty of times, and each time, his response had been nothing but understanding and supportive, though Jasper couldn't ignore that it still felt like an attempt to make himself look better. Now he could be seen as forgiving. Now Jasper was the one in the wrong.

There was also an article speculating on Jasper and Ryan's relationship. That was the tipping point. It was also the only article Jasper couldn't actually bring himself to read, simply scrolling through it with tears in his eyes until he reached the bottom, seeing the comments people had left.

Ajbt2001 -'I'm really feeling for these two guys. I hope Jasper can get through his grief and get back with Ryan. For both their sanity.'

chris191070 - ' I hope Jasper and Ryan can get through this, they are good for each other.'

dutch woman - 'I know what depression can do but please Jasper come to your senses. Ryan is a terrific boyfriend'

Cewright - 'Jasper please don't make this mistake, you know you really want and need Ryan'

weinerdog - 'I'm worried about both of them.Ryan wants to be there but there things that happen where a person is never the same again there might come a time where Ryan has to be the one to move forward and I hope he has a support system if that happens.'

Reading the hundreds of comments left by fans hoping that they were ok, made Jasper feel both full of love and support, and so deeply empty all at once. He hadn't heard from Ryan since he'd torn his heart out, shredded it and then asked him to give what was left of it to someone more worthy. Somehow Ryan had still managed to wrap his arms around Jasper and hold him for as long as they could both stand. There was nothing either of them could say anymore, both of them were too worn down by it all to keep fighting. So Ryan had left and he hadn't looked back as he'd walked out the door for the last time.

Having to think about how badly everything had fallen apart, Jasper had thrown down a few shots and by the late afternoon, inhibitions failing him, he'd made his way to the absolutely packed out bar. Apparently the thrill of running into an intoxicated celebrity during their lowest point, was a perfectly fine and normal thing to do, but getting drunk after losing his best friend was worth reporting about. The standards set against him were cruel and unbalanced as compared to those who were enjoying watching his undignified headfirst dive into a point of no return. Jasper loved the spotlight, but all of this was absolute bullshit.

Upon arrival at the bar, Damien had ushered Jasper out the back, Harley acted as a security guard to keep people out of their way. Thanks to Jasper, they were incredibly busy, but they didn't want him here anymore. As soon as they were out the back, Damien was insisting on him leaving.

"Look, we're not going to serve you here anymore. Harley and I agree that we don't feel right about it. Can I call Ryan for you? Get him to pick you up?" Damien had asked.

"No. I'll walk home." Jasper knew he was getting bad when even Damien wouldn't let him stay for a drink.

"Are you sure? If you just don't want me to call him then I'll get Harley to. I just don't think you're in the right state to go home on your own." Damien had been right, he wasn't in the right state of mind to walk home alone. It hadn't stopped him going though. The difference was that he didn't feel like he had a home to go to anymore, it was just a long pointless walk to nowhere.


Jasper is fairly convinced Leo isn’t even coming to rescue him this time, until he is bathed in headlights and hears the slow roll of a car. Either he was about to be abducted, arrested for being passed out in public, or, with any luck, it was Leo finally getting here. Jasper sits up as he hears the slam of a door. He was relieved to see Leo, though it's a short lived feeling.

“My god. Get in the car.” Leo snaps, not acting much like an employee anymore, but like a parent of a belligerent teenager that has had enough and is going to send them to boarding school next time they step half a toe out of line. Jasper groans as he gets up from the ground, Leo not coming over to help him all. He trudges to the car and throws his shoes in carelessly, feeling the daggers Leo was shooting from his eyes, though he had at this point accepted he wasn’t far from losing Leo’s support too and was well aware he would be all too soon completely alone and isolated in his own personally created prison. Too much of an asshole to have anyone left to turn to, and not enough self-respect left to give a damn about it.

“So.” Leo starts as he gets back in the driver seat. “What did you take?” Leo asks.

“My guess would be about 5 inches.” Jasper jokes dryly. Leo is silent, lost in thought on Jasper’s answer. If it were any other situation, that might have been funny but having stood by and watched this spiral hit rock bottom and then somehow keep declining, Leo was mortified to hear this latest mistake.

So it happened huh? First time since you and Ryan.” Leo’s tone was gentler than it had been until now, but still a little guarded like he was making a conscious effort to be nice about this. As soon as he says it, Jasper starts crying though he thinks he is wiping away the tears fast enough that Leo wouldn’t notice. "Were you... Safe?" Leo asks and Jasper just snorts in response. "I'll take that as a no. You can't just go sleeping with strangers..."

"Oh because you're one to talk." Jasper rolls his eyes.

"I am different. I am safe. You have to be smart about it because most people are out for themselves, I don't know if you realize this but you are still a celebrity and people will absolutely fuck you if you give them the opportunity. Not because they like you, not because they care, just because of who you are and what they can gain from it. You may have given up on being a singer but people know you and you can't just start sleeping around and thinking you aren't going to have some kind of repercussions." Leo scoffs.

"There's enough shit being said about me already, I don't care. I'm pretty sure we used a condom." Jasper offers weakly.

"Pretty sure? How are you not completely sure? You are not this stupid. There is more than enough negative stories being spread about you in the media already, like you said. Do you really want to add sexual photos and videos to that list? You think someone sleeping with you won't want proof? Record you without your knowledge and make themselves rich selling a sex tape? And at least use protection. I mean, STD's. Exist. God, how is this my life now? Why am I having to tell you this?" Leo rubs his forehead and shakes his head. He glances in the rear view mirror and sees Jasper silently taking it all in, he looked the worst Leo had ever seen him, his face was pale, his hair was a mess, his clothes grubby from lying on the lawn. But it was the empty expression on Jasper's face. It looked like he was losing himself piece by piece. Some of it on purpose, this hook-up certainly an example. Leo had laughed along with Blake and Jasper while they were reading smuts written about Jasper being promiscuous, and they almost always led to a discussion about how Jasper felt quite precious about his body being something only Ryan knew all the tricks to, and only Ryan ever would. He loved reading about himself in fantasy situations with other guys, sometimes multiple guys, but in reality he had always been adamant that he didn't want anyone else. "Do you actually want to move on from him, or were you hoping you two would get back together?” Leo asks, wondering if Jasper had actually changed his views or if this was just an attempt to sabotage himself.

“Ryan is much better than I deserve.” Jasper states, sniffling and fanning his face in an attempt to stop the tears.

“That's not what I asked” Leo sighs, though he had answered the question Leo hadn't asked.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It absolutely does matter.” The silence answers it all. Jasper couldn’t bring himself to say that he didn’t, he couldn’t just lie the feeling away. He hadn't even accepted Blake's death, let alone the end of his and Ryan's relationship. Part of him still hope this was all a dream and that he'd wake up eventually in his apartment, with Ryan's arms around him and Blake mocking him for being clingy for loving it so much. “How much did you drink?” Leo asks and Jasper throws his arms up in a show of 'how the fuck should I know’. “And what drug did you take?”

“It was a pill. Of some kind.” Jasper answers, looking out the window and watching the streets passing by, still nowhere near where he recognized.

Of some kind. You mean you don’t know what you took?”

Don’t know. Don’t care.” Jasper answers alarmingly.

“Ok.” Leo bites his lip. “I think it’s time you stopped this. Like, completely. This whole self pity party has got to end Jasper and I am just going to say it, Blake would be disgusted to know this is how you are appreciating the life you have. He would not be letting you behave this way. Fuck. This careless behavior is beyond absurd. Doing drugs you don’t even know the name of, drinking god knows how much and going to a location you don’t know the address of with a stranger and maybe using protection but you are actually not sure, is just about as stupid as it gets and I will not let this continue.” Leo tells him. He didn’t want to keep dealing with this anymore, it was just too much. He had promised once, that he wouldn’t let Jasper die but the way he was treating himself was so negligent that Leo was sure this could actually end in Jasper being found dead in a ditch from an overdose, alcohol poisoning or some other accident caused by the consumption of mind altering substances, if there wasn’t something done immediately to stop him.

“What are you going to do about it?” Jasper scoffs.

“Intervention time.” Leo answers, and there were only two people he knew would have any chance of getting through to Jasper now. It wouldn’t be Leo, but he knew exactly where to take Jasper for a reality check.


As Leo pulls up at the cemetery, Jasper gawks in absolute disdain at Leo for having the nerve to bring him here. Leo gets out of the car and walks over to Jasper’s door, opening it and extending a hand to Jasper. Jasper shakes his head, not wanting to budge and Leo reaches in, grabbing his hand.

“You are getting out of this fucking car, and you are coming with me.” Leo informs him, though Jasper has absolutely no intention in getting out of the car.

“Excuse me? You cannot make me.” He argues, trying to pull his hand from Leo's strong grip.

“Wanna bet?” Leo asks and forcefully drags Jasper from the car.

“Let go of me, for fuck sake. You’re dismissed. This is way out of line.” Jasper was right but he was also too drunk to have the upper hand or control right now, which coincidentally, Leo wanted him to also realize. Jasper wouldn't be able to stop something dangerous from happening to him even if he tried in this condition and he was damn lucky that he was learning that in a safe circumstance, with someone who just wanted to take care of him properly.

“Oh, I’m the one out of line? What, do you expect me to just take you home, wag my finger at you and tell you not to do it again? Because that’s clearly not getting through to you so I’m not playing nice anymore. Tough love time.” Leo snaps, closing the door behind Jasper and locking the car quickly so he can't get back in, he had nowhere to run. He had to face this even if it broke him, it had to break him.

“I have the right to do whatever I want with my life, thank you very much.” Jasper retorts as he tries to get out of Leo's grip. "You're fired! Let go of me, YOU'RE FUCKING FIRED!" Jasper screams at him and starts trying to fight his way out, though Leo barely had to dodge the attempts made at him.

"Oh I'm fired, what a fucking pity, I've really enjoyed picking you up from the middle of nowhere, drunk and high and treating everyone around you like shit. We get it ok, we fucking get it. You're miserable, you're pissed off. Guess what? We all fucking are. Everyone is trying to get through this. You can yell at the world for continuing to spin all you fucking like but it won't change anything will it sweetheart? It's not going to stop for you. It's not going to go back, for you. You are way overdue for a reality check and I don't give a fucking shit if I lose my job doing this." Leo tells him as he drags Jasper through the cemetery.

"What are you going to do, bury me in an unmarked grave?” Jasper asks, barely trying to fight Leo off anymore.

“Keep acting the way you have been and you’ll put yourself in one. But that’s not why we are here.” Leo arrives at the grave he was looking for, the one Jasper hadn’t been to yet. “Do you think he wants to see you that badly?” Leo points at the headstone and lets go of Jasper's arm then steps back, watching wearily as Jasper turns to face reality for the first time. Jasper looks at the headstone and his knees buckle. He falls to the ground and just sits there staring in silence, his hand on Blake's name and tears flooding his eyes. Leo crouches beside him, placing a hand on Jasper’s back and rubbing him comfortingly. For all the aggression that it took to get him here, he didn't hate Jasper, he just couldn't keep watching the decline. Jasper had pushed away everyone, the only person he couldn't push away was the person he had to rely on to get him home and if this was the end of him being employed, he didn't care. So long as he wasn't leaving the job because his employer had killed himself and Leo hadn't done all he could to help before it was too late. “You have got to accept this Jasper and I am sorry.” Leo tells him gently.

“I can’t.” Jasper shakes his head. "How can I, when he was so much of me? I feel like I lost half of myself. I was nothing until I met him. I was just a lost kid with no one and nothing and he brought everything I am, out of me. I don’t know how to be that without him.” Jasper admits through tears. "How am I meant to accept it?"

“I don't know, but you do have to find a way. He's gone and that's not going to change. The only thing that can change now, is how you deal with it. He’s not coming back to fix you. You have to do that yourself now and you have to accept, Blake is gone. You’re not a shell of a person without Blake, you’re still all of yourself, just because you’ve shut down any part you loved about yourself doesn’t mean it’s not still there.” Leo says calmly. Jasper leans his head against Leo’s shoulder, taking in what he was saying and for the first time, actually processing it. It felt real now, it felt like it was time. Blake's name on a headstone felt a lot more final than seeing the coffin at the funeral had. He hadn't been even close to ready then, but after tonight he knew there was no going back. Leo feels Jasper lean into him and he wraps his arms around him, holding him comfortingly. "You ever think that maybe, just maybe, Blake would want you to be able to live a happy life. From what I saw of your friendship, that’s one thing he always pushed for with you. He wanted you to be happy in whatever way you would find it. So it's time to find it.” As Leo speaks Jasper turns to look at him, sincerity on Leo’s face polarized against the anger he’d been showing from the moment they arrived here. Jasper wipes his tears from his eyes and takes a deep breath then looks back at the grave. Broken at last.

"Can we go now." He looks up at the moon in the sky and blinks away his tears. "Before I throw up all over my best friend's grave." He mutters. Leo nods and helps Jasper up to his feet. They walk in silence back to the car, with Leo's hand on Jasper's back half there to comfort him, half there just in case Jasper falls over. When they get to the car, Leo takes out one of the many vomit bags he'd stashed in his glove box since the first time Jasper drunk himself to a stupor and threw up while he'd been driving. He passes it to Jasper who gives him an apologetic look. He knew he was a mess to deal with and was so grateful that Leo was persistent enough to keep dealing with him anyway.

"I think it's time I took you home." Leo states, opening the door for Jasper and giving him a kind smile.

"Thanks Leo. I. I owe you. More than I think I can ever repay." Jasper says sadly, casting another glance off into the cemetery.

"You can repay me by not ever doing this shit to yourself again. Get in the car." Leo says sternly.


He would have loved to be able to say this moment of clarity had been entirely his own, but as Jasper sits in the back of Leo’s car feeling more and more nauseated with every bump in the road as they drove closer and closer to Ryan’s house, he was rapidly forgetting every single thing he could say. There would be an apology, whatever his drunken brain could come up with and hopefully it wouldn’t lose itself before making it out of his lips. Leo was casting him glances through the rear view mirror anxiously, which was pretty regular these days since Jasper had been enough of a wild card lately to warrant everyone’s constant concern.

The car pulls up and Jasper feels his heart racing. There is a pause as he looks out the window at the simple house, a set of lights on inside that managed to show at least some of the pathway to the front door.

I'll give you guys some space.” Leo suggests calmly.

“Is me not leaving the car an option?” Jasper asks as he adjusts his clothes and pointlessly rakes his fingers through his hair as though it would make absolutely any difference. “I should have showered first, there is no way I can turn up like this and expect things to go well. I am already way below what he deserves.”

“Can you just shut the hell up?” Leo orders and turns around to look at Jasper. “First of all, at least he won't want to touch you, because there is nothing more disrespectful than letting him do anything when you have just been with someone else. I don't mean to bring it up to be a jerk, but Ryan doesn't deserve to be treated like that. But here’s the thing, at every single point, Ryan has been begging you to let him be there for you, right?” Leo asks.

“Yes but…”

“And every time you have let him, it’s been good in some way? Like when he turned up and helped you finally talk about Blake? When you were high off your tits and he got you and your house cleaned up and made sure you had actual food to eat and he reconnected you with Flynn.”

Of course Leo hadn't been told about the monumental part of the night, because there was no way Jasper could ever explain just what had happened between them. The time he and Ryan had spent reminding each other that they were never going to feel what they felt together, with anyone else. Jasper had asked to be loved and my god had Ryan given him love like he had never felt before. He'd practically felt like he was floating on oxytocine for days. It was euphoric, even knowing it was the last time he thought he would face him.

He's not going to turn you away no matter how much of a mess you are, the guy has made every effort and been the most patient and understanding ex I have ever known anyone to have. You walk in there looking like trash and say you're ready to just let him take care of you and all he will see is treasure.” Leo assures him. Jasper sighs, this time wouldn’t be like that. Not if Jasper was honest about how his night had led him to Ryan's doorstep.

Leo, I really don’t think I can.” He says weakly.

“I am not going to keep standing back and watching you let yourself down. This is it Jasper. Who do you want to take care of you? Because you are clearly incapable of doing it yourself and I don’t care how blunt I am being. We have passed the point of me just doing as I am told with you. You either do the walk of shame up to his door and tell him you fucked up or I will call him and tell him to come out to the car and lock the two of you inside it until you have sorted your shit out. You have 3 seconds. One.” Leo unlocks his phone. “Two” he opens his contacts list and scrolls. “Thr…” his finger hovers over Ryan’s name and Jasper launches himself out of the car and before he can change his mind he hears the click of Leo locking the doors. No option but to walk up the path to Ryan's house.

His head dizzy and spinning as he takes nervous steps across the lawn. It’s only when his feet hit the footpath he realizes he had left his shoes in the car and in this moment it didn’t even matter to him. There was a time where Ryan had proposed, thinking he could handle Jasper no matter what, as the phrase goes, “for better or for worse”. Maybe this would be the moment he would find out if Ryan could really handle the worst of him, barefoot and begging for forgiveness after breaking his heart a handful of times. He gulps as he walks up to the small single story house, it was nothing special, but then again Jasper had kicked him out at a moment's notice so he hadn't had time to shop around for something nicer. It was understated, a regular suburban house and given that Ryan was trying to get his life back on track and fly under the media radar, it was actually quite perfect. Jasper gets to the door and hesitates. Hesitates longer and then finally turns to walk away before Leo very helpfully blares the horn to check-mate him into not backing out.

Jasper turns back to the door and knocks, he was looking forward to the safety of Ryan’s eyes, the calmness of his voice and the comfort of his arms. He did miss him, did need him, and suddenly the very real idea of just taking back the best thing in his life now didn't sound like a selfish thing to do. Blake would want this, he would want Jasper to have happiness and love and he'd have probably done the same thing Leo just did if he were the one taking this emotional nightmare to face Ryan. He actually lets himself smile at the thought, but instead of the person at the door encompassing him in a loving and comforting embrace, he is greeted by a confused looking young man. The man was slightly taller than Jasper, with chocolate brown hair and brown eyes, a strong jawline and his body shape was more built than Jasper's too, which made it hard for Jasper to guess his age, not that he cared in this moment because he was so taken off guard.

“Can I help you?” The man asks quite abruptly, leaving Jasper to panic.

“Sorry. Wrong address.” Jasper shakes his head embarrassed and turns away to run back to Leo’s car to fire him for real this time, or kill him, he would decide that when he got there. But he stops dead in his tracks as he recognizes the next voice.

“Who is it?” Ryan joins the new man at the door. Jasper turns and looks at Ryan, back at his visitor and then back to Ryan. “Jasper, what are you doing here?” Ryan asks surprised.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Jasper has really let himself down as well as Ryan with the way he’s been acting. The drinking, the drugs and the sex and not knowing if the guy had used a condom or not. I hope that Leo was able to get through his thick head that this isn’t the way that Blake would have wanted him to go on with his life. I hope Ryan takes him back and they stay together. 

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Well a pretty good cliffhanger again who is that guy that answered the door at Ryan's house?I personally don't think Ryan has  moved on yet although it can be argued one wouldn't blame him. I think Ryan would exhaust all options before finally giving up on Jasper.This could be a guy that Ryan is talking to to help figure out what he can do with this Jasper situation ,there are other legitimate explanations on who this guy.I guess we have to wait until the next chapter to find out.BTW good job Leo.

I can now tell people I made an appearance in a GA story LOL.Thank you😄

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If ryan moved on, he still needs time, and Jasper Needs sobriety desperately.

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Posted (edited)

This is really sad but not surprising in the sense it actually took Jasper longer than I expected to get drunk and drugged enough to hookup with a random stranger. All it took was the loss of any shred of dignity he had left, the possible contraction of an STD, and one very pissed off Leo to drag Jasper back to some sense of reality. Jasper is probably feeling very nervous meeting this strange guy at Ryan’s as he’s likely worried Ryan has moved on yet I doubt it. I mean Jasper really broke Ryan’s heart and his reaction to that last heartbreaking separation told me he likely wasn’t going to just assume they’d get back together anymore yet I don’t think he’d be ready to move on quite yet. Time will tell.

Edited by NimirRaj
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So...while I like Jasper, I have to ask. Why does Leo care so much? Sure it’s tempting to try and help sometimes but there’s a limit. Celebrities self destruct and go off the rails - it happens. It’s silly to invest one’s own mental energy in trying to stop it. In Leo’s line of work you can’t afford to get too attached - you walk away and move on to the next. 

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I'm not convinced at all that Ryan's moved on. I'm thinking the guy who answered the door, is probably a friend, making sure Ryan's safe and not harming himself over the breakup. Especially since there's no mention of how dressed or undressed Ryan and his guest are. I mean, to get Jasper to rock bottom, then going to Ryan for help just to see he's moved on would be way too much devastation. I'm just hoping if my thoughts are right, neither Ryan or Jasper will act without listening to each other. 

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11 hours ago, weinerdog said:

I can now tell people I made an appearance in a GA story LOL. Thank you😄

I truly appreciate all the comments you leave so thank you. I was hoping it wouldn't be weird to use some of the comments from chapters, so I'm glad you're cool with it. After all the stuff I've put you all through for the last few chapters, I felt it'd be nice to include my readers in Jasper's wake-up call. You guys deserve to be part of the turning point. It's the least I can do haha

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Come on Jasper talk to him open up your heart to him please don’t let him go you to need each other more than you both know 

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WOW!!!! Good job Leo handling the Jasper situation. However, my heart just broke for sure in those last few lines. Maybe, just maybe the guy is just a friend of Ryan's. Please say it's so.

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