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Any Day - 12. Together


Lenny comes to Adrian's room for a chat.

In the front bedroom, Adrian sat on the edge of the bed, the damp towel still wrapped around his waist, feeling an odd mix of embarrassment and craving at what had just happened. At some point, as soon as Lenny had finished showering and his bedroom door had closed, Adrian would need to take care of business. From the aching in his balls to the painful erection he sported, they demanded to be stroked until all tension had been released. He just hoped the old bed frame did not complain too loudly.

Having no lock on the bathroom door hadn’t helped. Or the fact that Adrian had accidentally left the door ajar while under the shower. Probably hearing the water no longer running, Lenny had burst in naked while removing the towel from around his waist. Adrian had been standing there equally naked drying his hair. The shock on each other’s faces might have been comical for an onlooker, but both had frozen in horror until Adrian’s lustful eyes had taken over. How could he resist drinking in Lenny’s naked body, the dark hair matted across his chest pouring down in a single line to the beautiful cock nestled in a mound of equally dark pubic hair? Buried memories of things he had learnt, of how to arouse a man’s body into a finely tuned instrument, and echoes of his own shuddering climaxes flickered to life. Mere thoughts became foreplay and Adrian felt his cock filling, ready for action. What did not help was when he had raised his eyes to Lenny’s and noticed him checking Adrian out in the same way.

The ensuing stuttered apologies, self-blaming, clumsy covering up and hurrying to get away from each other had been bordering on farcical.

Adrian scrubbed his fingers through his short hair and clamped them around the back of his thick neck. He had poured his heart out tonight outside the pub—told Lenny more than he had ever told another living soul—and Lenny had listened sympathetically to every word. What was it about the man that made him open up? He looked up when he heard the door to the bathroom open and close, and let out a deep sigh until he noticed the footsteps along the corridor getting louder.

Lenny stood in his open doorway, wash bag dangling from his hand, with only the towel wrapped around his waist, his bare chest exposed.

“Mate, I think we need to have a little chat. Don’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Lenny. I thought I’d shut—“

“It’s not about that, Ade. Can I come in?”

“Of course.”

Lenny stepped cautiously into the room but did not look directly at Adrian nor approach him. First of all, he went to the window and pulled back one side of the curtains, stared out into the night sky.

“Look, Ade. I’m no good at this—out of practice, I suppose—but I’m also too old to beat around the bush. We both are.” Lenny let the curtain go and turned around, perching his backside against the window sill. “I’m into you. I mean, really into you. I’m sure you know because I’m pretty bloody hopeless at trying to be subtle when I’m checking you out. So I’m sure you’ve noticed. I just don’t want to make an arse of myself, misread the situation, and do something I regret that ruins our friendship.”

“Oh shit, Lenny. Of course I’m into you, too.” Adrian lowered his head, stared at his feet, and scrubbed his hands through his hair again. While he sought for the right words, Lenny’s bare feet appeared before him. “But you’re not like my other casual hook-ups. You’re so much more, and I didn’t think someone like you could ever—”

With his eyes still lowered, his words stopped short when Lenny’s wash bag and towel dropped to the floor around the man’s feet. Before he had a chance to look up, Lenny’s gruff voice sounded.

“So stop thinking. If you want me, Ade, I’m yours.”

When his eyes rose slowly, studiously, to take in all the muscles and crevices and beautiful hairy contours of Lenny’s naked body until they reached the darkened gaze, the tension in his body all but exploded. Lenny’s eyes widened as Adrian lurched to his feet, ripping his own towel away before wrapping his arms around Lenny’s waist and pulling Lenny’s body off the floor. At first, Lenny grunted with surprise, but then wrapped his legs around Adrian’s waist and moved his head to kiss him. Adrian gave him a chaste peck on the lips before pushing his nose into Lenny’s ear and nipped his jawline. while clamping his hands onto Lenny’s smooth backside.

Turning around with Lenny still held tight, he lowered him onto the bed, before straightening and eyeing his prey. Lenny’s face gleamed with wonder, open and vulnerable, his eyes wide. As Adrian stood there, drinking in the body below him, Lenny began to sit up. But Adrian pushed him firmly back down again by the shoulders. Lowering his own body on top, his hands grasped Lenny’s and held them down on the bedspread. His lips and tongue grazed the skin around Lenny’s throat from ear to ear, before he pulled his head away and waited for Lenny to open his eyes.

“Are you sure you want this?” whispered Adrian.

Words had escaped Lenny, his pupils dark with desire, and he simply nodded.

“All of it?”

A gulp and another rounds of nods, more urgent this time. Adrian smiled.

“Then you do exactly as I say. And right now, I want to explore you. Shift yourself onto the bed and grab onto the bed frame above your head with both hands. Then lie perfectly still for me without moving until I tell you otherwise, okay?”

Without a word, Lenny did exactly as he was told.

Adrian took his time. He straddled his friend’s waist, his already semi-erect penis resting above Lenny’s navel. After getting comfortable, he began running his fingers down Lenny’s hairy arms from his hands to his shoulders, then drew his fingertips across the furry chest, thumbing the nipples and producing a gasp. Lenny never once dropped eye contact. When his tongue took over, lapping the gooseflesh skin around this sensitive nipple, Lenny groaned again, and Adrian felt a hot cock tap him on his backside. When he nipped one of the hardened nubs, the erection knocked repeatedly. Adrian brought his mouth away and smiled down.

“Someone likes that.”

When he shifted himself further down the bed, positioning in between Lenny’s legs, he carefully spread them apart. After drinking in the aroused man, he smoothed his hands down the sides, to his waist, down to his outer thighs, before moving in towards his erection. Lenny’s eyes squeezed shut, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his body seeming to react to every small touch probably in anticipation of Adrian’s final destination.

“Beautiful.” Adrian’s breath caressed Lenny’s erection, making the poor thing twitch and leak.

Eventually, Adrian used one hand to grab the base of Lenny’s cock, the other cupping his balls, rolling and squeezing gently. Lenny’s eyes flew open then, and Adrian grinned up at him, his mouth an inch from the head of the erection. Wetting his lips with his tongue and not once losing eye contact, he licked the shaft from base to the sensitive tip, his tongue tracing every bulging vein, every inch of Lenny, until his hips jerked upwards, needing more. Without hesitation, Adrian took all of him into his mouth, deep into his throat. Some of the things he had learnt on the streets stayed with him, and giving good head was one. And if the filthy, tortured groans leaving Lenny’s mouth told him anything, Adrian had not lost any of those skills. Pushing both arms underneath Lenny’s knees, he lifted the legs into the air letting go of his cock. This time, he licked from the perineum, sucked on his balls, then licked leisurely up to the top of Lenny’s shaft before taking him in his mouth again. With his arms hooked around the knees, Adrian’s hands reached to pinch each nipple, something Lenny seemed to enjoy, if the soft yelps and whispered expletives told him anything.

But he still wasn’t done. Pushing his hips forward, Adrian drew the length of his cock along the crack of Lenny’s backside, while continuing to suck him down, a trick he had learnt. This time he felt the body beneath him tremble at the touch and smiled while still taking his length into his throat. When he eventually pulled his mouth away, Lenny’s eyes bored into him, waiting to meet his gaze.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Adrian felt a smile curl his lips.

“You prefer to bottom?”

Lenny appeared conflicted by the question.

“No. I mean, yes. I mean, I like both. But right now, I want you inside me. There are condoms and lube in the wash bag.”

“Like I said. You are well organised.” Adrian knelt to the floor, opened the bag and pulled out a box of condoms and a tube of lube, both still in their plastic wrapping. Adrian snorted as he ripped the plastic covering off. “So you were planning to get lucky with me this weekend?”

“Hoping. Quick word of warning, Ade. It’s been a while, but I’m really sensitive down there. What you might call hyper-sensitive. Kris used to joke that sometimes our—um—lovemaking was over before it had begun because he rubbed too hard in the right place during foreplay. And that was me spent.”

“Good note. So no touching the prostate. I’ll save that for the main event.”

Adrian dripped generous amounts of lube onto his fingers and, after lifting one of Lenny’s legs onto his shoulder, applied the cooling liquid expertly around the outside of his entrance. Already Adrian had become aroused at the very noticeable tremors coming from Lenny’s body, at the way his cock twitched whenever he touched him in certain places. While probing a finger inside, he turned and lightly bit into Lenny’s calf, to distract him from any discomfort. Slowly, painstakingly, one finger at a time, he opened Lenny up, making sure not to delve too far, until everything about Lenny screamed arousal; the erect nipples, the straining erection, the look of abject desperation in his wild eyes. Withdrawing his three fingers, Adrian reached for the condom, quickly ripped the wrapper open with his teeth, and rolled the latex onto his shaft. After smoothing more lube onto himself, he positioned the tip of his cock, before hooking his arms beneath both of Lenny’s knees and moving forward, but not yet entering. He waited until Lenny opened his eyes and looked at him.

“We do this at your pace, Lenny. As slow or as fast as you want. If you feel any discomfort at all—”

“I’m ready, Adrian. Stop bloody talking, will you?”

Adrian grinned and planted a quick kiss on Lenny’s lips, before moving his hips forward, breaching the entrance. Tightness and heat squeezed his shaft pleasantly, and he resisted his impulse to plough straight in. Lenny would need time to adjust, so Adrian studied his eyes, squeezed shut, and his expression for any sign of discomfort. Each time he felt the muscles relax minutely, he moved further forward, until, finally, he stopped.

“That’s all of me.”

Lenny’s forehead shone with perspiration, but he looked almost beatific when his eyes opened, and he smiled up at Adrian.

“Can I assume you know what to do next?” he quipped.

Adrian snorted aloud, before beginning the steady push and pull, bump and grind. Every time he pushed in all the way, Lenny made a soft whimpering sound, his eyes rolling back into his head. At one point, Adrian went to reach for Lenny’s straining erection, but had the hand swatted away and received a gentle shake of Lenny’s head. Sensory overload. Instead, they held onto each other’s hands while Adrian concentrated on his own pleasure, pushing fast and slow, shallow and deep, while moving the legs up onto his shoulder to kiss his shins. Soon, the old bed frame began complaining, thumping out a steady rhythm against the bedroom wall and raising powdery plaster dust.

Signs of Lenny’s orgasm came in the tightness of the muscles clenching inside him and the way the pace of his breathing quickened. And then, without being touched, but with a long, blissful moan, Lenny’s cock began spraying shot after shot of cum, at first onto his hairy chest and then on his stomach. All the time, Adrian kept ploughing him, driving deeply but now erratically, his own impending climax stoked at the sight until he could hold no longer. Orgasming was the only time Adrian allowed himself to come undone, to feel free, letting the pleasure, the release, rip through him. Knowing he was filling the condom inside Lenny heightened the ecstasy in a way he had never experienced before.

When his eyesight began to clear, to come back to him, when the dopamine haze cleared, he lowered himself on top of Lenny’s body. Heat and wetness met his chest and stomach, but he didn’t care and breathed heavily next to Lenny’s ear. After a few moments, wondering if his weight might obstruct Lenny’s breathing, he withdrew his deflated cock, and rolled to one side, onto his back.

They lay together unspeaking, staring at the ceiling. Neither moved, Adrian listening to Lenny’s heavy breathing, and waiting for his own to normalise.

“Holy shit. Told you I was a lightweight,” said Lenny, turning nervously to Adrian and chuckling.

“You were amazing. Don’t move.”

Adrian threaded his fingers into Lenny’s and squeezed once, before getting up from the bed. Without a word, he went to the bathroom, wiped himself down first, and then brought back a rinsed, damp cloth and a hand towel. Very slowly and carefully, he cleaned Lenny’s body. All the time, even though Adrian never looked directly into them, Lenny’s eyes never left his. As Adrian’s hand wiped across Lenny’s chest, he caught Adrian’s wrist and held on until their eyes met.

“Can I sleep here tonight? In bed with you?”

Adrian’s breath hiked. Sex he could handle, intimacy felt like unchartered territory. Even with his occasional hook-ups, he usually ended up sleeping the night alone in his own home. Apart from Felipe, he couldn’t remember the last time he shared a bed for the night with another man. Perhaps Lenny spotted the dilemma playing out in his head and across his face because he came to the rescue with a get-out.

“Only if you want, Ade. No pressure.”

“Um, let me just—let me take the cloth back first.”

Adrian placed his hands on the cooling edge of the pink porcelain bathroom sink. He needed a few moments to himself, and while rinsing out the cloth, he stared at his reflection in the cracked and mottled bathroom mirror. Why the hell did he feel so apprehensive? Lenny already admitted to being a friend. But the last time he ever showed anything resembling feelings to anyone—Stephan Harrington, his best friend in high school—his heart had been trodden into the dirt. And even though the whole drama had played out over thirty-five years ago, Adrian still remembered every small detail with crystal clarity, of being terrified and ashamed by the disgusted reaction of his best friend. Since then, God only knew he had enjoyed sex, plenty of it, and he had enjoyed a couple of friendships—but never together with the same person.

“Are you okay, big guy?”

Lenny’s tender voice from the doorway made him flinch, and his eyes jerked up to the naked reflection in the mirror. Lenny appeared equally nervous.

“Hey, Adrian, I didn’t want to freak you out—”

“You didn’t, it’s just—I worry I might snore and keep you awake—”

“We’ve already had this conversation, remember? And we have shared a room before, have we not? Look, if it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll just head back to my room—”

“No!” Even to Adrian, the firmness of his voice startled him. “Sorry, I mean, please no. I want you in bed with me. It’s just been a long time. But I want you to sleep next to me. If you would. Please.”

And just like that, the smile that blossomed on Lenny’s face made the small gesture worthwhile. Before turning away, he couldn’t help himself and gave Adrian’s body another salacious once-over.

“Good. In which case I’m going back to snag the side without the wet patch.”

Adrian laughed aloud as Lenny turned and left, purposely showing off his firm backside as he went.

Yes, he thought, I can do this. Lenny may be sex on legs, but he’s also different. He would never trample my heart into the ground.

At least, he hoped he was right.

The boys are getting closer.

Copyright © 2020 lomax61; All Rights Reserved.
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Thank you for reading.

All reactions, comments,  and especially wild speculation about what happens next, will be taken very seriously.

@lomax61 aka Brian


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Awesome hot chapter! 💥🔥🧯🧯

So glad there’s now uncomfortable aftermath. It’s true at that age there’s no time for beating around the bush 🤣🤣. They really suit one another in a special way 🤗🤗

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Yay! I was so glad to log back on and find not one but two chapters posted. I feel so lucky! Thanks for a great story!

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Hooray! Our guys finally let down a bunch of barriers! You write a wicked sex scene! It might be time for a cold shower. 😷😉 Now their relationship can move forward, and they can solve the mystery of the cousin and the cottage. I can't wait for more. Thanks. 

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Very hot!  Knew (or at least, hoped) it was going to happen, but had no idea when.  What a nice hot beginning for the two of them.  Looking forward to much more.


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I am really enjoying this tale. The build up was great. Having a shared history that was not really shared. Now, two middle aged men needing while trying not to allow that need be too obvious in fear of it ruining their newly "re"established relationship.

The sex was really great. Some comments sounding like lovers who had been together for years already and yet somewhat shy and hesitant with the newness of their shared  intimacy.

Stories like this are why I enjoy GA.

Thank you for sharing your talent.

Please; write faster, post sooner.


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