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Warning: This story deals with mature subjects such as suicide, attempted murder, and religious bigotry. If you are sensitive to any of these subjects, please consider not reading the story.

Any Day - 14. Freya


While renovations continue, they get to meet Freya.

Maybe he shouldn’t have voiced anything about them getting together later and certainly not have brushed his hand against Lenny’s cock, because throughout the afternoon, whether purposely or not, Lenny kept finding ways to get Adrian hot under the collar.

And if he planned to keep on giving Adrian that sly, sultry smile every time their eyes met, Adrian was going to have to haul him off his feet and upstairs into the bedroom.

They finished stripping paper from the drawing-room—the smaller room to the left inside the front door—and at each end of the long living room, and now began on the wall housing the fireplace. After Adrian had agreed and marked off the area of kitchen wall Lenny wanted to remove—no point wasting effort doing any work there—he started circling patches where the plaster would need replacing. He gave up on the long wall when clump after clump of powdered plaster came away with the wallpaper. They would need to re-plaster the whole side. Their proximity, combined with the smell of Lenny’s body and the occasional, supposedly accidental touching, had Adrian’s cock waking up and taking notice. To put some distance between them, Adrian suggested he start dismantling the chunky and, frankly, ugly built-in cupboard beneath the bay window. At least that way, they would not be so physically close. Except, every so often, he looked up to find Lenny gazing and grinning at him.

“Seriously? You keep that up, and I’m dragging your arse upstairs.”

“Promises, promises.”

“I mean it, Lenny.”

“But I’m filthy,” said Lenny, pretending to be shocked, his hands on his hips.

“That look you keep giving me certainly is.”

“What look?”

“That one! Don’t play dumb. Just pack it in. Otherwise, we’re never going to start upstairs this weekend.”

“Oh, we will get upstairs at some point. That much, I promise you.”

Adrian couldn’t help but laugh.


“Okay, okay.” Lenny checked his watch while laughing, but then stopped abruptly. “But it’s four-thirty already. And we’ve made amazing progress. We probably need to shower in an hour and get ready to go out. And I’m not going to be here tomorrow. So I just thought—”

Adrian stopped and eyed Lenny. The sexy man was getting under his skin. Lenny had already started moving towards the staircase. Adrian followed him up the stairs and into Lenny’s room this time. When he entered the room, Lenny stood by the bed, his hands on his hips, a playful grin on his face. Adrian stepped over the threshold and glanced at the bedspread to see the condoms and lube lying there. Lenny had planned this. Without hesitating, he moved in front of Lenny with only thoughts of getting his fill of the man.

“Hang on a minute, Ade,” said Lenny, holding his wrists as his hands reached for Lenny’s belt. Adrian stared back in confusion. Had Lenny changed his mind?

“No, no,” said Lenny, smiling and shaking his head, before bringing the hands to his mouth and kissing each of them in turn. “Of course, I want to have sex with you. But I wondered if we could do things more—uh—my way this time?”

Adrian eyed him with amusement.

“Is this about to get kinky?”

“No. Well,” Lenny looked almost uncomfortable and Adrian wanted to tell him not to worry, that nothing could shock him where Lenny was concerned. “Look, I sometimes equate sex—and I know this is going to sound a bit lame—to a rocket firework going off. If you look at things in reverse, the big explosion in the sky is the orgasm, the whizz and fizz as the rocket leaves the ground is the sex leading up to the big bang, and the sizzling fuse is the foreplay. Yeah, I know. Not the best analogy. But—and this is the crucial part for me—kissing is like the light, the match, the flame that sets the whole thing in motion.”

“Kissing? Kissing’s not really my thing.”

“And that’s fair enough.” Adrian couldn’t help but notice Lenny’s disappointment. “I was just testing the water. I would never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Let’s just forget—”

”No, no. Hang on a minute. I didn’t say I’m exactly adverse to the idea. I just don’t usually—you know—kiss.”

Adrian felt his previous ardour begin to dwindle at the turn of the conversation, even though, in all fairness, Lenny had piqued his curiosity.

“Which is fine. But let me ask you this. How often have you kissed someone? I mean, really kissed them. And I’m not talking about a peck on the lips, or the duelling tongues you see in those ridiculous gay porn movies. Kissing for real is about sensation and connection, not a spectator sport. A passionate kiss is all about what occurs inside the people kissing each other.”

Maybe Lenny had a point. On the streets, his mates had told him not to kiss any of his tricks. Some wanted to, but he never agreed, so got into the habit of avoiding kissing. He would even say so upfront. Most anything else they wanted, as long as they played safe and paid well, he would be game. One of his straight mates who had a girlfriend told him that if you didn’t kiss the guy before you blew him or fucked him, then it didn’t count, it remained just a job, a way to earn a living. And not kissing had become a way of life.

“God, Lenny,” said Adrian, scrubbing a fist in his hair. “You’re making me feel like a sexual novice here.”

Lenny snorted with surprise and shook his head.

“Novice? Ade, if last night was anything to go by, then you’re far more experienced than me when it comes to sex. I just thought we could try something a little more intimate before we get to the main event. Are you up for a bit of experimentation?”

Never in his life had the thought of sex with someone made him feel nervous—until that moment. What if he turned out to be crap at kissing? Would Lenny be put off? Would it ruin what they already had? Fuck, he was almost fifty, and he’d never really kissed someone. How lame was that?

“Hey, buddy, stop over-thinking this. You’re in very safe hands. And if you don’t like it, we stop.”

“Okay, I think. So what do you want me to do?”

“I need us both to strip down to our underwear.”

“Now we’re talking. I’m liking this already.” Adrian began to remove his clothes, taking a moment to admire Lenny’s body as he did the same.

“Good. Now I want you to get comfortable on the bed, on your back, face up.”

“Shall I drop my underwear?” asked Adrian, his hands on the waistband of his briefs.

“Nope. Just—as you are.”

Adrian did as asked, lying down with his head on the pillow and his arms tucked lazily behind his head. After a moment of appraisal, Lenny climbed onto the bed and straddled Adrian’s waist. A combination of warmth and the hair from Lenny’s thighs, and just the sight of Lenny mounted on top of him had Adrian’s pulse speeding up and his cock taking notice. When Lenny began to lean towards him, Adrian felt himself gulp.

“Not sure if it helps,” he said, nerves rising. “But I chewed some gum after lunch.”

Lenny laughed affectionately and then smoothed his thumbs across Adrian’s lips.

“You could be chewing garlic for all I care. Close your eyes.”

Lenny began by pressing soft kisses to Adrian’s lips. Adrian just breathed and lay still, not reacting nor feeling the urge to kiss back, but he did feel his body calming. The sensation wasn’t bad at all, quite pleasant really—just didn’t light any fires. After a couple of minutes, Lenny began to slow down, to press harder, to wet his lips and brush them along Adrian’s and once even pulled Adrian’s bottom lip in his teeth. With the tiny action, the minuscule nip, and Adrian breathed deeply, his eyelids almost fluttering open. As one of Lenny’s hands caressed his hair, the other gently smoothed over the chest and down his body. A tiny quiver went through Adrian, something he had never experienced. Maybe sensing the tremor, Lenny’s tongue pushed past Adrian’s lips, and almost by reflex, he opened his mouth. Lenny must have been expecting this because his tongue slipped inside Adrian’s mouth, connecting their tongues.

And that’s when it happened. A regular trick once told Adrian that he had a talented tongue because he could make this guy come just by rimming him. But this was something entirely different. Moist and warm inside his mouth, their tongues wrestled and slithered and snaked around each other, one moment exploring Adrian’s mouth, the next, Lenny’s. Kissing Lenny was lighting fires inside him. Adrian would freely admit to being the one to take control in any sexual activity, but this time he’d let Lenny take the lead. Which, as it happened, had been a total turn-on. And then he heard Lenny’s loud, and downright filthy carnal moan. Right then, Adrian hiked in a deep breath, and his hand came up and clamped around the back of Lenny’s head. Needing more, he deepened the kiss. His pulse spiked, and he felt his cock straining to join in, just as Lenny’s hand brushed against his erection. Instantly, Adrian rolled them over and pulled his head away, staring hotly down at Lenny’s reddened, moist lips and dilated pupils.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” asked Lenny, grinning while breathing heavily.

“You are a demon,” said Adrian, before diving in for another taste of Lenny’s mouth. At the same time, he lined up their erections and began to move his hips forward, to rub them together, even though they were both constrained by the material of their briefs. No matter, the friction felt incredible, and if the noises coming from below meant anything, Lenny enjoyed the sensation, too.

While Adrian braced his arms either side of Lenny’s head, savouring the kiss, Lenny’s hands were free to roam. Pinching both nipples to bring them alive, he rubbed his thumbs around the sensitive flesh. This time Adrian moaned into Lenny’s mouth and began moving faster, pressing their erections harder together. When Lenny wrapped arms around Adrian’s neck and his legs tightly around the waist, he pulled away to take a breath. Instead, when he grazed his teeth along Adrian’s neck, Adrian almost lost control. But Lenny was the one to come undone first, his body stuttering and shuddering through his orgasm, with Adrian not far behind.

Adrian flopped onto his back next to Lenny, both of them staring at the ceiling. After a few moments, Adrian felt Lenny’s hand thread into his own, another type of intimacy he had never allowed himself. The simple act had him as confused as the kiss, and rather than give in to the instinct to pull his hand away, he decided to lie there and savour the moment. Lenny was affecting him in a way nobody had ever done, and although he found the effect confusing, even a little worrying, he trusted Lenny.

“Okay. So. Messing my underwear wasn’t quite what I had in mind,” came Lenny’s amused voice.

“You didn’t enjoy it?”

“I loved it,” said Lenny, squeezing Adrian’s hand. “I just—what we just did is a first for me. Not the kissing part. But you keep surprising me, Ade.”

“Same here.”

“Really? You’re an amazing kisser, by the way.”

“And that, believe it or not, was a first for me.”

“Was it good?”

“Better than. And even though we need to go shower and change now, I’ll give you whatever else you need later tonight, when we’re back here. Deal?”



Adrian sensed Lenny turn his way and met his gaze.

“I wish I wasn’t heading off tomorrow now. Imagine what we could be doing if—”

“You’re coming back next weekend, though, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Then we can hold off for a week. Think of the anticipation. Toni will be gone by Friday. Maybe you can check with your work folks and see if you can come down a little earlier.”


Adrian laughed as Lenny jumped up from the bed and held out a hand.

“Come on. The sooner we see Freya, the sooner we can get back in bed.”


They parked up outside the pub just as the heavens opened. Torrential rainclouds darkened the sky. Adrian pulled up outside the front door and let Lenny out before parking and racing over to join him.

Lenny pointed out Pippa Redfern, sitting inside the pub by a bay window, overlooking the gloom of the waterlogged back garden and village green. Facing their way, she waved as they entered, and Adrian wondered if he imagined relief in her expression. The woman sitting opposite turned her head slightly but not enough to see them. She had a shock of pure white hair, worn long and wild, tamed only by thin braids tied off at the back. Both women had hardly touched their drinks, so when Lenny waved back, Adrian opted to get beers for them both.

“Now there’s a sight you don’t see every day,” said Mrs Megan Llewellyn, pulling a pint and nodding over Adrian’s shoulder to where Lenny joined the ladies.

“Freya Williams?” asked Adrian.

“She rarely leaves her cottage these days. Once a month, maybe, she drives to get her food shopping over in the big store in Llandrindod Wells, which in itself is strange because she’s known to be a bit of a recluse. Surprised she doesn’t opt for home delivery. Would have thought she’d hate the crowds in that big building.”

“I don’t know. Sometimes you can hide a lot easier in the huge, busy places.”

“Fair point. One thing I know for sure, though. Last time she came in here must have been over twenty years gone when her grandmother passed. I’ve not seen her here since. And I’m surprised to see her with Pippa. The two fell out years ago, not long after Freya’s brother went off on his travels. Is she here for your Mr Day?”

“She is, yes,” said Adrian grinning. An oddly warm feeling filled him hearing her label Lenny as his. “Mrs Redfern suggested Lenny talk to her about Luke.”

Megan shook her head slightly while looking down at the pint glass she filled.

“For whatever good it’ll do now. But I suppose he would be interested, being family and all.”

“I think that’s it, in a nutshell. Pure curiosity.”

Megan carefully set the second pint down in front of Adrian.

“And we all know what curiosity did to the cat, now don’t we? That’ll be eight pounds eighty.”

Adrian handed over a ten-pound note.

“Keep the change,” he said.

When Adrian brought the drinks over and took a seat, Lenny did a quick round of introductions. Adrian sat on the same side of the table as Pippa and noticed Freya hugging a cloth carrier bag to her chest, and barely looking at any of them as Lenny talked. Adrian realised then just how good Lenny was at small talk, telling Freya how he had become the owner, about their progress on the renovations, and his plans for the future of the place.

“Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that my team is set to start first thing Monday if that’s okay by you?” said Pippa, and then to Freya. “Leonard has hired my company to do the landscaping.”

“Great. But so that you know, I won’t be around. I need to get back and check in with my team back in London and get a legal matter sorted out,” said Lenny, “but Adrian here will be staying on next week, so he’ll give you access to the house if you need anything.”

“Thanks. Good to know.”

“I’ve got another contractor coming to join me,” added Adrian. “We’re doing some structural work. And then it’s plastering and sorting out the flooring. But Lenny has some firm ideas on that.”

“Used to be lovely,” said Freya, surprising everyone.

“I’m sorry?” said Adrian.

“Freya’s right. Used to have lovely varnished floorboards,” said Pippa. “Until Mrs Darlington insisted on covering everything up with her dreadful linoleum flooring.”

“Cheap. The woman was cheap,” said Freya, and Adrian couldn’t quite stifle a chuckle.

Having heard Freya speak, Lenny asked her a few gentle questions about what she did for a living. They found out she worked from home for an examination board helping to set the curriculum for national school examinations, as well as providing online tuition for students. She answered other questions guardedly, with few words. They discovered she lived alone, or at least with her two rescue cats. From the little she spoke, Adrian guessed Megan had been right, that she rarely left her home or mixed socially.

“Can I ask? When did you first meet Luke?” asked Lenny.

“When would that have been, Freya? Back in the seventies? I’m the oldest, and I’d have been around fourteen, so you’d all have been, what, twelve?”

“Twelve, yes. We were the same age, Luke, Howard and me,” blurted Freya, turning to Lenny. “But Luke was an old twelve if you know what I mean?”

“True,” said Pippa. “A bundle of energy and fun around us, but serious otherwise. He was only usually here for three or four weeks over the school summer holidays, but we all took to him immediately.”

“Have you met the brother and sister?” asked Freya.

“Only Matthew,” said Lenny.

“They took after their mother,” said Pippa, a slight roll of her eyes. “Accompanying her on long walks in the countryside. Reading aloud to each other in the back garden. Church service on Sunday mornings followed by lunch in the gardens here. Then home for a simple tea in the afternoon. Like a family out of a Victorian novel.”

“Doesn’t sound so bad,” said Adrian.

“Mrs Darlington had her rules. They only read sanctioned books—which often resulted in them defaulting to bible passages. And nobody was allowed to speak during their walks, except to smile and say hello to any fellow ramblers they met along the way. They had a television in the house nobody was allowed to watch. She forbade them from making friends here, because she said this was a temporary home, and local children would most likely be unsuitable—”

“And yet Luke found you,” said Adrian.

“We found each other,” said Freya, which seemed an odd thing to say.

“Luke was a bit of a rebel,” said Pippa, giggling at the memory. “Just like in Star Wars, he used to say. The three of us—Freya, Howie and me—were sitting together on the village green the day he appeared. He wandered over to say hello while the rest of his family were finishing their lunch. Just plonked himself down, he did, cross-legged without waiting for an invitation. But he was one of those people you just gravitated towards. I remember seeing his mother get up and march over to get him, and that’s when I saw the annoyance in his eyes. Before she was within earshot, he arranged for us to meet up the next day, same place, same time. Said he would find an excuse to get away from them. And he did.”

“Did their father ever come with them?”

Pippa looked across at Freya.

“I never met him. Did you?”

“Once or twice,” said Freya. “And then he only stayed a couple of days. Luke said he worked really hard.”

“Strange,” said Lenny, sadly. “To think the two of you know members of a family I never met.”

Freya stared at him and appeared to remember something at that remark. She pulled the bag away from her chest and drew out a large brown envelope.

“I brought some old photographs. Ones I’ve kept over the years. Thought you might like to have a look.”

She reached inside and placed the small pile into the middle of the table. While Lenny sorted through the polaroids with Pippa, Adrian picked up the single, larger monochrome shot of the group, worn and wrinkled but still sharp and clear, taken using what must have been a quality, maybe even professional, camera.

In the photo, the young man who was obviously Luke sat cross-legged in the middle of them all, beaming happily at the camera. In the bloom of youth, he had been a beautiful boy—transitioning into a handsome young man—with similar features to young Lenny and even sporting the same messy mop of chestnut hair Adrian remembered on Leonard from school. No wonder Pippa thought she had seen Luke’s ghost when she came to the house. To his left, the somewhat masculine features of a young Freya had been caught in a candid moment, as she smiled adoringly at Luke, so different from the tired and faded woman sitting opposite. Pippa on Luke’s right also caught unexpectedly, had been captured as she glanced sideways up at the camera. Older than the rest, she sat almost kneeling with her legs tucked to one side, a thick textbook open on the grass in front, her fair hair worn long and falling over one side of her pretty face. Behind the three, a boy that had to be Howie crouched down behind Luke, his tongue poked out, and his hands placed either side of his forehead to look like antlers. Even pulling the funny face, and except for wearing his dark hair short, the resemblance to Freya was unmistakable. Overtly masculine, he had the same square chin and a Roman nose, the same bright eyes beneath thick eyebrows.

“My father took that one. In their back garden at Bryn Bach,” said Freya.

“I thought you said Luke’s mother didn’t like him having friends to the house?”

“She didn’t,” said Pippa. “But like I said he used to come down at least a week earlier. To get the place ready for the family, he said. His dad was in sales and the head office was in Shrewsbury, so he used to drop Luke off here. And then we’d all usually help Luke out. The rest of the time, we’d just hang out together.”

“His real family,” added Freya.

“Can you show me the photo?” asked Pippa.

Adrian handed her the picture, and they examined the group together.

“Goodness,” said Pippa, chucking softly, running her fingers over the surface. “I remember this well. I must have been twenty in my second year at Durham, studying business management. That’s my huge economics book in front of me.”

“How old would Luke have been?” asked Lenny.

“Eighteen,” said Freya. “Same as me. But he always looked and acted older.”

“Who’s this?” asked Lenny, holding a polaroid up.

In the faded photo, a chubby girl with her brown hair tied back in a severe ponytail, ate the remains of an ice lolly, her lips a deep raspberry colour.

“That’s Mary, Matthew’s twin sister,” said Pippa. “She was okay in small doses. Fancied the pants off of Howie. She’d often agree be Luke’s decoy, telling his mother they’d gone for a hike so Luke could meet up with us. He’d bribe Mary with ice creams and sweets and the promise of time with Howie, so she wouldn’t snitch on him. We still exchange Christmas cards each year.”

“Is anyone eating?” asked Adrian, halfway through his beer.

The question appeared to stir something in Freya, and she quickly finished her drink.

“I have to go,” she said, squeezing into her waterproof and pulling a closed umbrella from her bag. “My cats need feeding. And I have dinner already prepared at home.”

Adrian noticed the disappointment in Lenny. He’d enjoyed looking through the old photographs.

“Well, thanks for coming and showing us these, Freya—” he began, collecting them up, and placing them back into the envelope.

“No, no,” she said, placing a hand on top of his. “I brought these for you. I thought you’d like to keep them. I have copies of the larger ones and lots of other polaroids.”

With Freya gone, they ordered food and drinks, and the atmosphere relaxed noticeably. Pippa handed an envelope to Lenny, the contract for the landscaping work, which Lenny read through and signed at the table. Adrian took the opportunity to chat with Pippa.

“Freya was in love with Luke, wasn’t she?”

Pippa choked on the vodka she had been drinking.

“How did you know?” she asked, eyes wide.

“The large photo,” said Adrian. “It’s so obvious. She was totally smitten.”

“You know, she absolutely hated when Luke gave me any attention. We fell out about it many times. But I think we all were a little bit in love with him, to be honest. Even Howie. Luke was like the brother he never had.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” said Adrian. “Luke had a certain charisma, didn’t he? So he and Howie were only ever friends, if you know what I mean?”

Pippa became pensive then.

“I was the one he told about him not being interested in girls. I think he sensed my attraction to him and wanted to let me down gently. But I’ve often wondered if there was something more between him and Howie. If there was, though, they kept everything well hidden. I remember one year both Luke and Howie got chatting to an Australian guy, a good-looking casual worker on a local farm, but I think that was more about research for Howie. He wanted to know the best places to visit in Australian. And then, of course, he disappeared off on his travels come his twenty-first birthday.”

“When was this?”

“Howie disappearing? The year before Luke killed himself. But honestly, I feel sure the two things aren’t connected. Howie’s intention to escape wasn’t a secret. For four years he’d worked a bunch of part-time jobs and saved up money to do exactly that, go travelling once he was past his teens.”

“Did you ever hear from him again? After he left?” asked Lenny, looking up.

“No. Not even a postcard. But that doesn’t surprise me. Luke devoured books and enjoyed writing letters and cards. Howie read the occasional book, but that was about it. He wanted adventures, the wilder the better. He planned to travel and work his way around the world. And as I said, he couldn’t wait to get away from Hobbiton, as he called this place.”

“How about Freya? He must have kept in touch with her.”

“So there’s another thing. They may have had some similarities in appearance, but they had very different interests and rarely got along. Which was one of the reasons my mother asked me to befriend Freya. Luke was the one who brought us all closer somehow, partly because we were all so fond of him.”

“What about Freya’s mother and father?”

“They were brought up mainly by their grandmother,” said Pippa, and appeared uncomfortable telling the story. “I don’t know how to say this without sounding indelicate. Freya and Howard were born out of wedlock. Their father had just turned sixteen, and had a holiday fling with a nineteen year old from Manchester. A year later, the girl’s parents turned up the doorstep and gave him an ultimatum. Either he takes the babies or the girl’s parents would put them up for adoption. Mrs Williams, Freya and Howie’s grandmother, was a thoroughly decent woman, and with the help of her son, the father, they raised the children.”

“Is the father—?” asked Lenny.

“No, he’s dead. So is the grandmother. I think Freya’s grandmother’s death seriously affected her. Even as a kid, she was never particularly outgoing, but the loss of the steadying presence of her grandmother sent Freya further back into her shell.”

Everyone fell silent for a moment, contemplating the story.

“Well, this has been a fun evening,” said Adrian, at last, which at least got a chuckle out of Lenny and Pippa. Right at that moment, their food order arrived. “Tell you what, Pippa. To distract us and lighten the mood, why don’t you tell us what plans you have for the gardens of Bryn Bach?”

By nine-thirty, they all decided to end the evening. Finally, the rain had stopped, and even a full moon had decided to show up. Adrian offered Pippa a lift, but she only lived a short walk away in the opposite direction and chose to enjoy the night air.

After hugging her goodnight, Adrian walked alongside Lenny as they dodged puddles in the lamplit car park, skirting the building and heading towards Adrian’s truck. When Lenny breathed out a loud and steamy yawn into the evening air, Adrian grabbed him by the arm and pushed him up against a wall.

“Wh-at?” laughed Lenny, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he said. “You’re not sleeping on me. We’ve got plans tonight.”

And with that, he brought their lips together and felt Lenny chuckle into the embrace, before stilling, taking the kiss deeper and groaning. After a second, he pushed his hands on Adrian’s chest.

“Okay, point taken. Let’s get back.”

Adrian got them home on the empty roads in record time and parked the truck beneath the tree canopy. Lenny went ahead to unlock the front door, and when Adrian reached him, he had already stepped across the threshold, to flick on the hallway light. When he turned back to Adrian, a glint in his eye, he sauntered seductively backwards into the house, smiling his intention. Adrian snorted and had been about to grab him when something caught his eye.

“Lenny. Stop moving.”

Lenny must have seen the seriousness on Adrian’s face because he halted and looked around.

“What, Ade? What is it?”

“The floor. Look at the floor.”

A set of damp footprints still glistened and darkened the dusty floorboards, moving from the hallway to the living room and then back out towards the front door.

“I think we’ve had a visitor.”

Thanks for reading.

Tune in Tuesday for the next exciting episode.

Copyright © 2020 lomax61; All Rights Reserved.
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