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Little Man - 4. Are We In Love Now?

I awoke the next morning alone. That was all right. I hadn't expected him to stay the night no matter how much I thought he wanted to. No matter how much I had wanted him to. Ogre's need for secrecy trumped everything else. It was too soon for that kind of self awareness on his part. Too soon to upheave his life any more than our connection had no doubt done already. I would merely have to sit back and be patient and hope it all played out to our benefit.

I was asking a lot, wasn't I? I could spend hours thinking about all the possibilities, but in reality I was just too enthusiastic over the last few days to care.

I pulled myself out of bed with a cheshire grin. I couldn't shower last night without suspicion, so I slept with his scent still on me. I was happy I hadn't. I swear I could even taste his essence on my lips. It was all very comforting. It made me dream about him all night. If only we could have spent the whole night naked together. There was so much more I wanted to share with him.

My thoughts brought my cock to life. My fingertips ran in the sweat residing just under the ridge of the swollen head. Brought to my nose, I smelled the musk of last night's salt, saliva and semen. My member hardened even more. I grabbed my flesh and stroked it to a spattering finish in hardly a minute remembering his touch.

Calming down, I looked at the clock and decided to get moving. I still had a class in an hour to get to.

Showered and dressed, I found Eric having breakfast in the kitchen. He was dressed in a form-fitting tee shirt and faded jeans. He had probably just thrown himself together this morning without a thought and still looked fantastic. That was how it always was. I think it was genetic.

“Morning, Little Man,” he said between mouthfuls of a large bowl of cereal.

“Hey, yourself. Sleep well?”

Eric smiled and shook his head sheepishly. “Yeah. Sorry I faded last night. That weed was the final nail in my coffin.”

“It's cool. We had a good time.” Eric seemed genuine. “I wanted to thank you for the whole thing. I think Ogre and I are going to be good.”

“So I don't have to worry about what happens if I leave you two alone?”

“No. . . I think we're good there.” I censored a mile wide smile.

“Good. I knew he'd get over his shit and we'd all be back to normal soon enough.”

Being around Eric always made me feel good. His presence always had a calming effect on me. Eric was that cool guy that always knew how to fix a problem. His instincts were always on target and everything always seemed to come out right around him.

That's what made keeping a secret difficult. Eric and I shared everything. We told each other everything. Not confiding in him seemed so foreign to me. I wanted to so badly. Eric's companionship was so important to me and this felt like some sort of betrayal. It was like I was cheating on my nonsexual boyfriend. He had been my main support when my parents died and I couldn't imagine what my life would have been like without him.

“Something bothering you?” Eric asked. My expression must have given me away while my mind wandered. Eric could always read me.

“No,” I lied. “I just need to get going to class. I'll talk to you later.”

I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door feeling like an ass. Not being honest to Eric wasn't something I was terribly comfortable with. Ogre was proving to be a double-edged sword. Ecstasy and self-loathing all in one. I hoped this would get better soon.

* * *

A week passed and it was around five when Ogre let himself in as usual. There was a playful bounce in his step, and excitement seemed to be on the edge of exploding out from him. His gym bag slung over his shoulder, he was wearing a white graphic tee shirt that framed his massive physique. The back draped down resting above the upper curves of gluteal muscle covered in tan cargo pants. I was turned on instantly.

“Hey, Little Man! Eric home yet?” His voice was a little loud as he scanned the room.

“Not yet. He should be back in a little bit.” I smiled. The bass of his voice sent tremors down my spine. I could feel the rush in my face.

“So we have a few minutes, eh?” Ogre's large arm swept me into him and he kissed me. His strength made me wet like a prom date. Any resistance I may have had dissolved as he walked us into my bedroom. My feet weren't touching the floor.

He laid me down on my bed, his weight deliciously pressing the wind from my lungs. We hadn't been alone together since the Monty Python night. It was maddening. I ground myself against him trying to get closer. Minutes later, Ogre removed his mouth from mine and buried his forehead into my collarbone and exhaled loudly.

“I've been dying to see you all day.” He breathed heavily into my chest. “I wish we had more time right now. You have no idea how hard it is to not just tear your clothes off right this second.”

“I wouldn't stop you even if I could.” He looked up into my eyes as his eyes dilated. He ground his teeth through a frustrated whimper.

“I don't want it to be that fast. I want to have the time to treat you right.” He was a smooth talking bastard who kept saying all the right words. “And I don't want us interrupted.” That was really a big part of it. He still didn't want Eric to find out.

“Then you'd better get off me or get undressed.” I stared him down. There was no question which option I was after.

Grumbling, he kissed me one more time and his large weight came off me. I felt strangely empty at the loss and wished for its return. Ogre stood up and blushed when he saw how tented his trousers were. I climbed off the bed and gave his dick a playful squeeze.

“Stop! It'll never go down that way!” Ogre laughed as he shimmied out of my reach. He stood up tall and turned away from me as I watched the shiver that ran his spine. A selfish flash of pride came over me as he brought himself under control.

“I brought something to show you,” he said. Ogre reached for his duffle bag and drew out a weathered red sketchbook. The edges were frayed, slightly rolled and the spiral binding threatened to rip free in a few places. While nervously chewing his lip, he held onto it for a minute with an unyielding grip before cautiously handing it over to me.

I opened it carefully and started to look over the pages. Each page was filled with random images in pencil of faces, cars, and sports figures at the beginning. Many pages were used and some seemed like old drawings. They were well rendered with excellent depth of tone and line weight and I found myself drawn to the quality of the work.

“Is this yours?” I asked.

“Yeah. I wanted to know what you thought of it.” I noticed his weight shift back and forth gently like a little child. His shoulders softened and Ogre suddenly looked very vulnerable. I was under the impression that few people had ever seen this book.

“It's really good. I hope I don't sound too surprised, but I never had any idea you could do this.”

“You're not just saying that to get laid?”

“No. I'm pretty sure I could get laid regardless.” I caught his gaze with mine. “This is really good, Steve.” I used his real name to emphasize my honesty. He smiled, cheeks slightly flushed, and started to file through my artwork spread out on the desk as I paged through the sketchbook.

“Thanks. I don't get to do it enough. No one expects the star jock to have an artsy side.”

“Did you ever think about majoring in art?”

He shook his head and frowned slightly. “How? I'm a football player.”

“What does that matter? You have to major in something.”

“Football comes first. I love playing. There's even been talk that pro scouts have taken a look at me. That doesn't happen as often when you're not in a big ten type school. I know it's a long shot, but my scholarship pays me to go to school to be a football player. It comes first.”

“You love to draw and paint, don't you?” I kept talking as I perused his work. I was more impressed with every page and rendering.

“Yeah, but my Dad went apeshit when I wanted to take art classes back in high school. At first he wanted me to be in the military, but that wasn't my thing. Thank God I loved playing football. He could be proud of me for that.”

“This isn't a new sketchbook,” I said as I thumbed the edge of a worn illustration, “You've obviously been doing this for a while.”

“My mom got that for me and helped me keep it hidden like bad porn. She didn't want me to give that up. She said it would make me a more well-rounded person. It was our little secret.” I looked up as Ogre found a large drawing pad of mine and slowly turned the pages. “I still draw a little from time to time, but I don't really show it to anyone.” Ogre's eyes never lost their view on my drawing when he paused strangely before his next question.

“You and Eric have always been really close, haven't you?”

“We grew up together and I lived with his family after my parents died.”

“You guys are pretty inseparable.” Ogre's back stiffened and his tone had a strange edge to it.

“Not so inseparable that there isn't room for you too.”

He closed his eyes before he spoke. “Have you and Eric ever. . . ” He couldn't finish the thought out loud. It was an easy destination. Eric's and my friendship pushed a few people's limits. However, in all these years I never saw Eric as a romantic target.

“Uh, no. Eric is like my brother. Always has been. That's all.”

“Then why are there so many naked drawings of him in here?” Ogre's mouth was a thin line that threatened to drop into a frown.

Now I understood. This wasn't the first time someone had misinterpreted my relationship with Eric. I stopped and chuckled, slightly embarrassed. Ogre had found the stack of drawings Eric had been posing for.

“You're not jealous are you?”

“Of course not,” he snapped back without a syllable of believability.

“Ogre,” I sighed, “That's part of a large project for my Life Drawing class. Eric brought me a number of female models but I needed men too. I asked him to ask a few guys for me because I didn't have the nerve. No one said yes, so I made him do it. It's an art thing. Not a sex thing.”

“He never asked me,” Ogre said as his shoulders began to relax, “I would have.”

“Really?” I asked genuinely surprised. I was surprised he was willing and surprised that Eric never asked him. I would have thought Ogre would have been the first attempted recruit.

“Yeah. I think it would be so cool to be part of it. I've always been a little jealous.”

“Of Eric?”

“Of you. You get to do the art thing with no interference and image to maintain. And you're so good at it! I've always loved your work. You have such a great talent. You're really lucky.” His reverence was palpable and ego-stroking and was making my cheeks feel warm. I was still uncomfortable when someone gushed over my artwork.

“So you'd be willing to model for me?” I asked with an arched brow and smirk.

“Hell yes.” His eyes sparkled. The chuckle that followed had lusty conspiracy written all over it.

“Well, I have used you as a canvas. I suppose that wouldn't be that far of a stretch.”

Ogre quickly kissed me. All the tension I saw in him had dissipated.

“Ok. I don't mind you drawing Eric. Just stop doing such a nice job on his cock.” I burst out laughing.

I heard the front door open and the footsteps coming down the hall. Ogre quickly jumped back and created some distance.

“What's so funny? Ogre! I thought that was your truck out there,” Eric asked as he stepped into my room. I could see Ogre tensing slightly as he tried to look normal. He looked slightly flushed as if we'd been caught in some deviant moment. Everything had been going well up to now and I didn't want Ogre to bolt.

“Ogre found the drawings of you. He says I spend too much time on your cock.”

“Everyone spends too much time on my cock.” Eric shrugged with a dismissive half smirk. The joke seemed to disarm Ogre and he started to laugh.

Internally I breathed a deep sigh. Whatever inappropriate liaison had spring up between Ogre and I, I was determined it would not affect the relationship of the threesome. Our friendship and camaraderie knitted our lives together. I couldn't bear the possibility of it unraveling. Ogre spoke once his laughter subsided.

“Let's hit the gym. Grab your shit, it's time to go.” Ogre picked up his duffle bag.

“I have to meet my study group in an hour. I told you this morning,” Eric replied, his face slightly crestfallen.

“Aw, shit. That's right. I totally forgot. I guess I'll just take Little Man with me and we can hit it tomorrow night.” I kept my bag pre-packed for the gym since I first starting working out with the two of them. Ogre picked up my gym kit and inched towards the door.

“Do you want me to pick up anything to eat for when you get back?” I asked Eric. I felt bad he was being left behind. I could see how it would happen more often in the future. I made a mental note about that for later.

“No, thanks. I'm going to grab something before I get there. You guys have a good workout.” Eric gave us a slight wave.

“Have fun studying, nerd,” Ogre shouted as we exited the house. Eric's wave quickly became a middle finger. I erupted into laughter as we climbed into Ogre's truck.

Once we got to the gym we changed in the locker room and I found us once again stealing glances at one another. Only this time, we weren't really hiding it from each other. I found myself looking at the shape of Ogre's nipples when he peeled his shirt over his head. They were quarter sized, reddish brown fruits that begged to be tasted. I marveled at the lines in his torso and the crease that ran from his hip into his groin. Once he discarded his pants and underwear he pretended to be discreet but still provided me a nice view. I admitted to myself that I liked the sight of him in a jock, the elastic straps outlining the pornographic shape of his haunches. Keeping my composure would be difficult and Ogre was proving to be no better than I was in this public place.

I felt his gaze on my chest as my shirt was removed. I casually ran a hand through the hair on my chest and stomach as he followed from the corner of his eye. I caught him licking his lower lip when my pants dropped. It seemed a shame to pull on my own jock and shorts and hide away what he really wanted. However, we had a workout to get to.

“So what's on the game plan today?” I asked Ogre as we walked into the weight room.

“Today is leg day, Little Man.” Shit. This was going to hurt. I hadn't done legs the last two weeks because of my schedule. “Start stretching. We're going to do squats first.”

While I stretched, Ogre set up two large barbells of differing weights in front of a large pane of mirrored wall, one for each of us. His weight stack was definitely heavier. Once it was all together he motioned me over.

“You're up,” he said before he pointed to the bar. I knew what to do. I gripped the bar and lifted it carefully up and over until it rested across my shoulders. Ogre stood behind me and lightly held onto my waist. I lowered myself into the squat and as I returned standing he kept his hands on me to support me through the exercise. It was a good weight. By the last repetition, I was beginning to feel some strain. I finished and he slapped another weight plate on each side of the bar.

“Too easy.” Crap. He was going to work me good.

As nice as the view was, I focused on the workout to keep from getting injured. I spotted Ogre as best I could. He had me stand directly behind him and squat in concert since he was using a larger weight level than I was. I had to admit I got a cheap thrill from innocently rubbing against his bottom through the movement. We worked hard as we went from exercise to exercise and in no time we had become a sweaty duo. Moist clothing clung to the crevices of our bodies and made our skin slick. When Ogre said we were finished my legs were starting to feel rubbery and my footsteps were feeling clumsy. I looked up at the clock. It hadn't even been an hour since we left.

“We can shower at your place,” he said with a lusty smirk. A rush of excitement went through me. The timing of Eric's study group couldn't have been a coincidence. We would have a few hours alone at the house. Snatching our bags from the locker room, we walked out a little faster than normal hoping to not arouse any notice.

“You didn't forget about Eric's study group,” I commented in the parking lot. I couldn't miss the slight curl at the edge of his mouth.

“Get in the truck.”

Ogre drove us back impatiently, his hand resting the whole time high on my thigh. His driving hand tapped restlessly on the wheel. When he parked his truck in front of our house, he could barely sit still. We ran like children to the front door and I almost dropped the keys getting them into the lock, I was so nervous.

Once inside, the door slammed behind us. Our bags hit the floor as I spun facing him. He frantically peeled off his hoodie and mauled me with his kisses. He tasted of salt and testosterone and smelled of a musky sweat that was uniquely him. Our arms wrapped desperately around each other and slid against slippery skin. Ogre's weight shifted and I found myself stepping backwards. Without losing contact, he managed to walk me down the hallway to the bathroom. My hand groped out blindly to turn on the light. Ogre broke our kiss long enough to strip the shirt from my body while I kicked off my shoes. He reached down and removed my shorts and jockstrap. I stood nude in the doorway as his mouth returned to explore my aroused flesh like a ravenous animal.

“My turn,” I said as I pulled gently away struggling to repair the fragments of my self control. He reached for his shirt and I stopped his hands. “Mine.” I wanted to do this myself.

I knelt, running my hands down his powerful legs and slowly untied his shoes and carefully extracted his feet one by one. I ran my tongue up his leg before I rose and reached for the hem of his shirt. Both of my hands spread out along his flanks as I stood, taking his sweat soaked tank top with it. Ogre raised his arms and leaned forward so I could dispose the needless garment to the floor. A quick kiss and I nuzzled my face into his smooth chest and kneaded him like fresh clay. I teasingly reached to his waistline and ran my hands into his shorts over his glutes and down his quads. His shorts hit the floor with minimal effort and he stood there grunting and panting, clad only in a dirty jockstrap straining to hold the leaking organ inside.

“You're so fucking hot, Steve,” I said. My eyes were hazy as my hands caressed his bared backside and kissed his erect areola. I looked up briefly and I swear his cheeks were starting to redden as he looked at me with a wolfish grin. I carefully removed his underwear and freed the beast inside. The heat from his turgid organ threatened to burn my palms.

Ogre cupped my face in his hands, his lips barely brushing mine. “I want you in the shower.” I felt his throaty whisper on my lips more than I heard it. I started the water and prepped the temperature. Not once did his hands stop moving, massaging and squeezing the muscles in my chest and back as I struggled to finish my task.

Once it was warm enough, I managed to pull away and with his hand in mine we stepped in together. Immediately, the soothing spray began rinsing away the perspiration as Ogre pressed into me. Rivers of water pooled and flowed in sudden surges as it collected between our kisses and embrace. Once we were dripping wet, Ogre picked up the shampoo and applied it to my hair and worked the lather. I shuddered as his fingertips worked along my scalp. His touch was firm and gentle and made my cock even harder. The suds ran lazily down to my chest and back in thick streams. He leaned my head back and meticulously rinsed the soap from my hair and allowed me to reciprocate.

Ogre's hands explored every crevice of my body as he soaped every square inch of me. His mouth hung slightly open as he seemed to be finding something new and familiar all at once. He kept stroking the hair on my chest and stomach as if he's forgotten what it felt like with all the shaving he'd done. On his knees he lathered my groin thoroughly even running the soap up and between my cheeks, his fingertips finding my rectum and cleaning me partially inside as well. I think I gasped at the sensation.

Once it was my turn, my brain was a horny smear of consciousness. I gripped and massaged his skin, pressed my face into every corner of his massive frame and relished every moment of wet body contact. I soaped his meaty ass and my fingers played with his hole. His buttocks immediately flexed tight.

“Stay out of there.” He grabbed my hand and pulled it away, his eyes slightly narrowed. Apparently, he still had restrictions. When I continued my work on other areas of his anatomy, he quickly relaxed.

Eventually the water started to lose its heat, I hadn't realized how long we'd been in here.

We dried each other off between kisses and playful strokes to each other’s cocks, laughing like little kids. Finally, Ogre picked me up over his shoulder, his hands holding me firmly in place by my left buttock, his fingers wedged deep into my ass. I was staring down his back with a magnificent view of his swaying bottom as he walked.

“I think that's enough foreplay,” Ogre growled. He carried me into my bedroom, threw me onto the mattress and rolled me onto my stomach. Immediately his palms and fingers were running the length of my shoulders to my legs paying extra attention my backside.

I felt a soft rush of cool air as his hands separated the mounds of my haunches. Then came the feeling of a rush of hot, moist air on my opening. I could barely register what was happening before his tongue speared me.

“Oh, God yes!” I cried out.

My hands twisted in the sheets as I tried to cope with Ogre eating me like a famine victim. For several long, delicious minutes he licked and chewed my flesh and attempted to gain entrance with his lips and tongue. It was no wonder the girls kept coming back to him. He was five seconds from giving me a stroke. It would have been worth it. He rolled me over and we were both panting. He was breathing so hard his mouth was open in a snarl and his teeth were visible. The big, bad wolf was about to blow my house down. Ogre's eyes were lidded in need and the lower half of his face was glossy with his efforts. He clambered up over me, lifting my legs and I could feel the blunt end of his dick, slippery with excitement at my entrance.

“Hold up, big boy.” I rolled forward and put a firm, halting hand on his thick chest. Ogre's glazed eyes had a hint of confusion behind them. I could tell I needed to slow him down. “I love you, but you're not spit lubing me on the first time out. That cock of yours is too big for that. You're gonna have to work me open no matter how bad I want it. Lube's in the nightstand.” Ogre seemed mildly frustrated to wait, but had a strange smile on his face as well. As he rummaged in my nightstand for the small bottle, I realized the endearment in that statement. It just slipped out. I started to worry about the ramifications, but lost all thought as he pulled me close and his first slick finger found its way inside me.

Ogre never stopped kissing me as he stroked his finger in and out and I found myself quickly accommodating him. Then a second finger followed suit, then a third. By this time, I was writhing on his hand for more sensation. I had lost all sense of decorum. I wanted him inside me more than I thought.

“Oh God, fuck me please!” I nearly shouted like a crack whore through my labored breathing. Ogre lost no time wetting his cock and cautiously but slowly inched into me to full depth. I felt impaled. He hissed and his grip on me tightened. Every muscle in his body was flexed as he anchored himself to me.

“Are you okay?” he whispered. I nodded yes. It was all the communication I could manage. I was barely coherent. “Don't move.” His instructions were coming through gritted teeth. “You'll make me come. I'm so fucking hot right now.” I nodded again. For a few minutes we just lay there connected, holding onto each other and trading kisses as we collected ourselves. I couldn't remember the last time when skin to skin contact was so engrossing. I didn't know if it ever was. How could this get any better?

Ogre slowly started to gently thrust. Oh yes, this was how it got better. With each slide, I responded with a guttural moan. I pawed the ridges of muscle in his back to the rhythm of his drive. I could feel every vein and contour of his penis. Every piston stroke was sending signals through my entire body. I was lost. I was consumed.

“Oh god, you feel so good,” Ogre said. His kisses were moving from my face to the crook of my neck. His grip on me was becoming erratic and stronger. I was becoming unhinged.

“Harder!” I shouted. It was the only word I could form.

“Fuck yeah!” Ogre raised himself on his arms and levered into a more powerful position. My legs hinged themselves around his waist unwilling to give up the contact and I grabbed hold of his arms swollen with exertion. He slammed his hips forward to honor my request. Oh, God did he ever.

Our eyes locked through all my uncontrolled noise and I shook my head to signal him that I was all right. Just keep going. His eyes were dark as he huffed and pounded me like a bull in heat carved from marble and I urged him on. His biceps were my handholds. Sweat formed on his brow as his mouth began to open. My head flew back as my back arched and my body climaxed uncontrollably. My chest and stomach were painted in violent streaks of pearlescent white with each thrust of his hips providing the power behind them. His voice pitched at the constriction around his burrowing member.

“Holy shit!” he gasped. Ogre wrapped his arms around me and forced his mouth on mine, roaring into the kiss. He shoved himself as deep as he could go before unloading himself into me.

Slowly, our kisses and sounds drifted down to more human-like tones. Soft laughter was found between satisfied breaths and thankful lips. My legs released their hold and Ogre carefully withdrew his shiny, wet cock. I could already tell I would be very sore tomorrow.

“Oh my, God. You're amazing,” he spoke softly to me. His eyes sparkled.

“You're a beast.” I couldn't control my smile. “I doubt I'll walk again.”

We laid there for long minutes just relishing the afterglow. He watched as his fingertips kept making lazy strokes through the fluids in my chest hair. Everything we did together seemed to hold a fascination for him. It was like he was experiencing everything for the first time. Short passionate kisses were shared between us.

“I really need something to drink,” Ogre said.

“Help me up and let's go to the kitchen.” My legs would barely hold me and Ogre held onto me as they firmed. As we walked through the house I found his hand in mine, his still hard cock leading the way.

We each drank greedily from bottled water as we basked in mutual body heat. Wandering naked together was very freeing and scandalous at the same time. I still hadn't cleaned myself up and Ogre wouldn't let go of my hand. I squeezed it back to show him that's where it belonged.

“Did you ever think about us before?” Ogre asked.

I shrugged slightly and shook my head. “Not until the night of the party. I gave up on the idea of hooking up with Eric's jock friends a long time ago. I always thought you were hot, but I never took it seriously. This crowd didn't exactly bring around a lot of options. It hadn't even occurred to me until you kissed me. Now it's all I can think about. I must have been in deep denial.”

“I dreamt about you once.” Ogre's head was bent forward and he looked up through his brow as if gauging my reaction. “It was a couple of years ago after the first time we all worked out together. I had a wet dream where you and I were at the gym naked. I'd never had a wet dream before.” Ogre couldn't stop smiling and began to blush. I never thought I'd seen anyone look embarrassed and relieved at the same time. “I didn't put it together until this week.” He paused and the intensity in his eyes caught my breath. “I think I've wanted you for a very long time.”

“You have me now.” Ogre kissed me softly and his free hand found the cleft of my ass still slick and wet.

“You're still very well lubricated.” A sinister eyebrow and smile painted his face.

“You seem to have a super soaker between your legs.” His load was threatening to drool its way out of me. I was trying to keep it for myself.

“Still wet enough for this?” Ogre once again lifted me up and sat me on the kitchen counter. This time he lifted my legs and plunged his cock back inside me. I gasped at the sudden penetration, but was ready for it. I instinctively held on to his shoulders as he began. “I'm not done with you yet.”

This time was less animalistic. His strokes were smooth and controlled. He nearly pulled all the way out before sliding his sword in to the hilt. He held my body through every motion as if he was dangerously trying to not lose me. My mind shut down, I just held on and listened to soft lusty growls while Ogre had his way with me. I didn't want it to stop.

I lost track of how long we were coupled before his movement sped up and became more determined. I could feel his balls were no longer slapping against me, they sat taut at their base. He began grunting loudly and I felt the gush that drooled out of me. He was unloading again at full power. The sensation tripped me and I planted a fresh release on my stomach.

Ogre's breathing shallowed and he kept planting soft pecks on me as we came down. I could feel the tremors in his arms from exhaustion. I pulled back and looked down to see his fluids had pooled under me and over his groin with thin rivulets running down his smooth leg; his now softening organ couldn't stay inside me. My legs had no strength left in them. My head fell forward into the niche between his neck and shoulder.

“The only complaint I have is that we waited so long to get to this,” I said as I slowly lifted my head.

“I just want to keep doing that over and over to you,” he husked. The sated grin proved it. I ran my hand over his torso. I held his head and pressed my forehead to his. We were perspiring heavier now than we were at the gym. And we were covered in bodily fluids. Well, I certainly was.

“We need another shower first. Then, if there's time, I'll consider it.” I grinned exhaustedly. I had to admit, I would have a hard time saying no because I wanted to be fused into his flesh at this moment. I felt addicted to this man that excited me at every turn. I knew I was falling hard and I found I didn't care. His touch brought me comfort and excitement. Damn, I had it bad.

Ogre helped me off the counter and supported my exhausted body as we cleaned the kitchen before we shambled off to the shower.

A special thanks to MJ85 for picking up the editorial reins. It's a good thing. :)
Copyright © 2012 Mann Ramblings; All Rights Reserved.
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Great chapter thumbsupsmileyanim.gif but I'm drenched in anxiety anticipating the guys getting "caught". Obviously, it's Ogre's reaction that concerns me. This is inevitable, right?

And great editing too! thumbsup.gif

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I'm with Conner on the getting caught fear. I was waiting for the door to open any moment while they were going at it in the kitchen. There is nothing more to be said about this chapter except it was HOT! OH, and btw,"The big bad wolf was about to blow my house down"., gets my vote for "best line in a story for today". Great work :)

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  • Site Administrator

Hmm... quite raunchy in spots, LOL. I like the chapter, and the mix of the emotional issues that LM has, along with Ogre. I also liked that you have Ogre another side, 'Steve the artist' and let us know a little about why he might freak out. Parental expectations, even when they aren't from overly-machismo'ed dads, can be difficult to buck.

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I agree with everyone else; just like in earlier chapters, I was waiting for Eric to come barging thru the door and catching them red-handed. Or white-handed as the case may be. :*)


"A supersoaker between your legs," was hysterical! :) I was :rofl:


I also think it's great that Ogre's mom encouraged him with his art. There's nothing worse than a parent who knocks down what other talents you have besides sports.


Great chaper Mann! :)

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Yes, it's love. Also really hot sex, -one of the best sex scenes I've read.

I often just skim over those, and this one was brilliant. The risk element

figures into the whole thing too, but I suppose that happens all the time

in all sorts of affairs. This is beccoming a bit more than an affair, and

there's the beauty of it: these two are so good for each other, and it's

going to be a fight to have their love thrive when pitted against the

accepted roles and stereotypes imposed by the straight football jock

establishment, which is probably the most strict of them all. I don't

see any problem with Eric though. I don't think he'd care. He's such

a good-hearted person. It's comical how they are worried about him

finding out. He likely has it all figured out, becase he's not a stupid

jock stereotype either. I really like this story.

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On 09/26/2012 06:40 AM, joann414 said:
I'm with Conner on the getting caught fear. I was waiting for the door to open any moment while they were going at it in the kitchen. There is nothing more to be said about this chapter except it was HOT! OH, and btw,"The big bad wolf was about to blow my house down"., gets my vote for "best line in a story for today". Great work :)
You know that since you wrote this I haven't been able to think of Little Red Riding Hood the same way?
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Wow another hot chapter. Just how long is Eric's study groups lol. I like the little sneak peaks you give us of Ogre. The drawing, the uneasy relationship with his dad, the loving one with his mom. The green eyed monster that popped out before the gym was funny. But my favourite was when he acknowledged that he might have been carrying a small deeply hidden torch for LM for a while, it took away my concern of Ogre using LM to make up for Past regrets with Tommy. Great chapter Mann.

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I kept wondering to myself during the first couple of chapters - What do Little Man and Ogre really have in common beyond having a mutual friend in Eric? Well that question was answered effectively in this chapter. Their shared passion for art and the fact that Little Man is free to explore his passion freely while Ogre's passion is seen as a potential liability in regards to his athletic career is such a great element to the story. I especially love that his passion is somewhat nurtured by his mother. I love when meek wives find ways to defy their overbearing husbands. It makes me smile.

There is so much tension. I keep waiting for them to slip up and get caught by Eric. I wonder how Eric will take the news that the two people closest to him are buggering each other behind his back. Will he be supportive? Will he be jealous? Hurt? Who knows.


Great writing!

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On 09/08/2014 11:49 AM, Bryce Lee said:
I kept wondering to myself during the first couple of chapters - What do Little Man and Ogre really have in common beyond having a mutual friend in Eric? Well that question was answered effectively in this chapter. Their shared passion for art and the fact that Little Man is free to explore his passion freely while Ogre's passion is seen as a potential liability in regards to his athletic career is such a great element to the story. I especially love that his passion is somewhat nurtured by his mother. I love when meek wives find ways to defy their overbearing husbands. It makes me smile.

There is so much tension. I keep waiting for them to slip up and get caught by Eric. I wonder how Eric will take the news that the two people closest to him are buggering each other behind his back. Will he be supportive? Will he be jealous? Hurt? Who knows.


Great writing!

The art connection gives a dimension to Ogre that might otherwise be missing and as you've seen, provides a common bond of attraction for Ogre and Little Man. Even if Ogre has sat in denial for a long time.


Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Good to see there's a lot more to Ogre than your stereotypical jock boy. It was cute to see him being so shy and fragile about his hidden art talents. I loved this chapter, it was another great addition to an already great story. Tension is building though as I wait for the inevitable reveal, like LM, I'm praying this friendly threesome continues unbroken. Good work.

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