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Phases of Moon

   (7 reviews)

Under the phases of the moon, Jimmy Coutreau is hunting, following the howls that don't belong. A loner by choice, he finds himself fascinated by Sawyer Thomas, a man who doesn't belong in his world, but here he is anyways.

Graphic sex and violence may be present in any chapter. 'Tis my way...

Copyright © 2020 Mann Ramblings; All Rights Reserved.

Story Recommendations (14 members)

  • Action Packed 13
  • Addictive/Pacing 12
  • Characters 14
  • Cliffhanger 9
  • Smoldering 9
  • Tearjerker 3
  • Unique 8
  • World Building 3

  • Like 8
  • Love 12

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User Feedback

Great story! Well told. It tends to grab your attention and not let go. :D 

Looking forward to the next chapter. Please keep up the good work. 

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Altruistic? More like selfish since I got to read ahead. LOL

Anyway, I'll leave you a review later, headed out to make some vitamin D. The weather's beautiful, wish you were here. :P


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