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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

He could have been a bright boy, doing well at school with friends and family and a future. Five minutes inattention had stolen it all and left behind…something. Can anyone bring the light back to Shade?

This story touches on serious subject matter, including the abuse of a minor off-scene occurring prior to the start of the story. Use discretion in reading if this type of material is offensive or upsetting to you.

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This is a story that is very truthful, incredibly emotional and covers a topic that the majority of us find uncomfortable. There’s a lot of ups and downs plenty of twists and turns that will leave the reader angry, sad, happy and elated. This will leave you with a better understanding of what person’s with emotional and mental health issues undergo during their treatments and how flawed the Social Services and mental health systems are. I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it for everyone. Thank you to Nephylim for an amazing experience! Bravo!



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"A Boy Called Slave" is a story that takes the readers on an emotional rollercoaster through many ups and downs and twists and turns.

This story deals with some subject material that writers often shy away from simply because writing about these subject and actions which are outside the normal garner intense reactions from readers.  Shade was kidnapped at a young age and kept captive for many years.  When he was rescued as a teenager, he had none of the skills that average kids learn as a course of growing up.  The vast deprivations caused huge emotional, academic and social problems for him.

As a result, the only placement for him is a home for troubled youth that is almost prison-like.

But there, he meets the irrepressible Dorian - Dory for short - and somehow they develop a bond.

This story is full of Psychiatrists that are jaded to the point that there humanity is calloused.  It hSocial Workers that make the reader angry.  It has carers that are also worn around the edges from an adulthood of working with cases for which there is little hope.

Nephylim handles the interactions between these people and our protagonists like a choreographer of majestic prose.  The author is masterful at giving the reader great insight into that which makes the characters who they are.

This is a great read with many heartwrenching twists, but leaves us satisfied at the last period signifying the last sentence.

Bravo, Nephylim, Bravo.


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