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Wolves & Constellations

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Omegas must pick a beta to be theirs for life - a guard to protect them wherever they go. Every beta is muted, their voice physically taken from them. Zaran is an omega who doesn't believe in the tradition. With his new bonded guard Einar, Zaran must show him he means more to him than just silent protection. Worse, Zaran must face the bidding- alphas coming from other packs to find strong omegas with special abilities. Abilities like Zaran's, which will bring the deadliest alpha of them all and an epic journey none of them ever could have imagined.

M/M/M/? 😏

WARNING: It's not edited - so I'm sorry in advance about that. 😐

NOTE: I changed a few things to make it more cohesive. The Craig wolves are now The Constellation Wolves. I changed this to be more inline with the markings and beliefs of the pack. This will be edited throughout so if you notice that change there is a reason for this change. I also removed Zaran's siblings as he was the only child born of Tomic and Sven.

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Incredibly captivating first five chapters. I'd normally never expect that this sort of intensity could be maintained. But I'm now confident, that this is only beginning to get started.

Join us for the ride. 😘

Edited by Bard Simpson
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16 hours ago, Bard Simpson said:

Incredibly captivating first five chapters. I'd normally expect that this intensity couldn't be maintained but I feel confident that this is only just getting started.

Join us for the ride. 😘

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I regret it has transitioned into members only after several great chapters not hidden away

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