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Little Ms. Who 1. The Ms. Series

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance


Lee has been going through the same routine in his life. Seeing his friends find love has made him question his own choices and when he meets Tris at the Friday night bonfire he is captivated at first sight. One kiss is all it takes for him to want her for his own, and after that night he thinks he's found his Cinderella and his one chance at love. What Lee doesn't know is that some princesses have much bigger secrets than being covered in soot.

So every chapter will be based on a country song. To get the feel of the music being played you can look up the song name and it should come up if you reference the name and "country" in the same search! I encourage you to listen to the songs that make up this story it will show you the mood set for each chapter and what the characters are hearing when these songs come on. Hope you love the play list that built this story! 

Things will change as I find suitable things for the story such as songs and titles. Most updates to the story won't be to major and I will put it in the chapter notes. 

All the songs in this story are property of the artists and record companies that own them.

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One of my favorite stories it’s about love beautiful love

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Sam Wyer

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I have absolutely no idea how I ended up reading the first chapter of this.  It ticked almost none of my usual ‘boxes’ but @Pmsingtiger comes with some awesome history.  Although I’m sure boredom played some part in it too.  Which is an incredible disservice to what I found.  I’ve been hooked on this story from the very beginning, so be warned, it has a way of getting inside you’re head.


So what happens?  It’s just your typical boy meets girls love story, both have secrets, some bigger than others.  Then there’s the drama (so much drama), the love, the hatred, the small mindedness, the crazy, the stupid, but ultimately, the amazing.  I don’t want to post any spoilers here, but if someone had explained to me all that happens in this story, I honestly would probably have just ignored it.  And I would have missed out on a really great experience becasue of my own lazy assumptions.


Go on, give it a go.  I’m very happy that I did.

Response from the author:

Thank you so much for this review. I was so happy to read this, it makes me want to write more stories! Thank you soooo much for reading my story even though it didn't seem to be your usual genre I'm so happy to know you loved it. 

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