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My Multidimensional Love - 4. Chapter 4 - Dealing with Monsters

Some green monsters to deal with.

Chapter 4 - Dealing with monsters

After the whole thing with Abbott in the alley, things between me and Dane were a little different. Something inside of me turned on like a switch, and it sure as fuck never turned off. To be honest, I think it was always there inside of me, but after that, it was hot and alive. I couldn’t write it off or ignore what my mind and now my body were saying together.

Dane was mine, and he and everyone else needed to fucking understand that.

October 2nd, 2015

“This movie is weird,” I said as I watched the giant worm creature come out of the ground trying to eat the humans on the run.

Dane chuckled from where he laid on the couch. I laid stretched out next to him using his stomach as a pillow as we watched the movie ‘Tremors’. I had to admit, even though the movie was weird as shit it was really good. Dane had been shocked when I’d said I’d never heard of the 80’s hit. I hadn’t realized it was such a notable movie.

“So where did they come from?” I asked.

Dane snorted, “It’s a low budget movie, Ty. Don’t dig into the plot too much.” He shifted a little no doubt one of his limbs falling asleep since we’d been on the couch for a few hours watching movies. It was raining outside, had been all day and being Sunday there wasn’t much else to do.

I did not mind at all.

There had been a lot of things changing lately. If I had to pinpoint when it had started after Dane had beat the shit out of coach Abbott behind the restaurant five months ago. Something inside of me had altered when it came to Dane. I loved him since I was thirteen years old, but now I think…I wanted Dane. I absolutely refused to let him figure it out, but it was hard sometimes. There were dreams, dreams with Dane, and me. I woke up either so hard it was painful or my bed covered in cum.

At first, I figured the dreams would stop and everything would go back to normal, but as time passed it became worse. Every innocent pat on the back or pat on the head made my blood head and my dick hard in my pants. It was torture, but it was torture I sought out anytime I could get it. I hadn’t noticed at first that I was touching Dane more, but at one point I’d realized I’d sit closer if I could get away with it, or brush my hand across his shoulder when I was passing him. Each touch made a thrill race down my spine and into my blood, but it was like a taste of an amazing drug.

I couldn’t get enough.

That’s how I found myself laying next to him on the couch. I was every bit of six-one at this point, and it was obvious the best way for both of us to fit on the couch was to lay side by side. I’d play it off but really my heart had been pounding like crazy as I’d stretched out next to his body. I couldn’t say what actually happened the first half of the movie, I was to busy floating on cloud nine, even with my feet hanging off the arm of the couch.

“I invited someone over for dinner tomorrow night.” He said out of the blue.

I shrugged, “Ok, who is it someone from work? What are we having for dinner?” I hoped he was cooking those meatballs with the spaghetti, that shit was so good, and there was always leftovers for lunch the next day.

“Yeah, it’s someone from work. I was planning on cooking those meatballs you like.”

Score. I couldn’t help the extreme wash of happiness that overwhelmed me as I watched the people shoot at the giant worm creatures.

As long as it was always me and Dane together, I would be happy.

October 3rd, 2015

“Ty set the table for me,” Dane called out from the kitchen the smell of homemade food wafting from the beautiful white space.

“Ok,” I called back as I opened the hutch next to the dining room where the plates and silverware used for any company were kept. I took out three sets and laid out everything on the beautiful oak wood table. Dane had told me once that the table was made out of a tree that his parents had met at. It had been torn down when the area had been developed so they’d bought the lumber and commissioned someone to make the table. It was one of my favorite things in the house, the story behind it almost like a fairy tale.

Jane had been reading at the base of the tree one day. It was in a plot just next to the college campus. Mark and his friends had been playing ball when he’d missed and the ball had ended up in the tree above Janes' head. When he’d come over to her he’d said he needed to borrow the tree for a minute, Jane had told him it wasn’t her tree and that he’d have to ask the tree for permission.

Mark had done exactly what she’d said.

He’d got down on one knee and propositioned the tree, bartering for the rights to climb up and get his ball back. Jane had spoken on the tree's behalf. They joked until they were planning their first date, and everything after that was their fairytale.

I smiled thinking about them as I touched the wood reverently. I missed them. Even now I wished they were here to see how hard I worked at school to be the top in my class. I wanted to show them my artwork, but not the pieces I’d drawn of Dane. God, I’d drawn so many portraits of Dane. I kept most of them in a tattered old artbook under my bed away from the rest of my work. One or two drawings wouldn’t be suspicious but fifty might be a red flag.

The doorbell chimed bringing me back in the moment. “Ty, can you get the door for me?” Dane called out again.

“Yeah,” I said as I walked to the large double white doors on the front of the house. I’d forgot to ask Dane which one of his buddies he’d invited over for dinner. He didn’t have many, just Russ and Wes, both of them worked on the base with him and often came over to watch football or have dinner. I hoped it was Russ, I hadn’t heard some of his jokes in awhile.

“Hey what’s—” My words died on my tongue as I looked at the person on the other side of the door. It wasn’t Russ, and it wasn’t Wes. Standing just outside the door was a petite blonde woman in a navy blue dress and white pump heels and a white purse to match.

“Hello, you must be Tyler it’s nice to meet you, my names Caitlyn.” She put out her left hand waiting for me to shake it.

Tyler? My name isn’t Tyler. Who is this woman? I thought as I stared down at her hand like she’d just offered me a dead fish. To be fucking blunt, I would have rather she’d handed me a dead fucking fish. I was saved from shaking her hand when I heard Dane come up behind me.

“Ty, this is Caitlyn. Caitlyn this is Ty, he doesn’t go by Tyler.” Dane corrected gently as he moved past me and without hesitation kissed the beautiful woman on her full lips.

Anger and an oily dark emotion made my stomach cramp painfully as I watched the affectionate display between them. Who was this bitch?

Dane pulled away and smirked before looking back at me. There must have been something plainly written on my face because his smile didn’t stay long. “Ty, Caitlyn and I have been seeing each other and I wanted her to meet you.”

With just one sentence my insides were burning inside of me, my heart squeezing so tight in my chest it was hard to breathe. Something in me wanted to rip her apart, something evil and so painful I had to keep swallowing it back down. I barely got out “hey” before I turned and went back into the house without another word to either of them. Dane had a girlfriend, and he hadn’t told me about her.

Dane had a girlfriend, and she was touching him.

Pure anger filled me as I walked into the dining room. I wanted to break something or run for miles until I couldn’t think anymore. Instead, I sat down and stared at my empty plate.

Dane walked into the dining room with Caitlyn, leading her over to the chair across the table from me. Caitlyn smiles up at him sweetly as he pushes her chair in, and bats her damn eyelashes like she’s got something stuck in both her eyeballs. “This table is beautiful,” she cooed, smoothing her hands over my deceased parent's table top. The monster's claws dug into my throat trying to pry it’s way out of my body so devour the woman across from me, but I swallowed it and my nasty words back down.

“Ty, tell Cait the story about Mom and Dad’s table while I get the food,” Dane said as he left the dining room and went into the kitchen. Thankfully someone designed this to be the only unopened space in this house because I doubted I was going to keep a lot of the nastiness contained.

“Yes, tell me about the table, Tyler.” Caitlyn, said, not asking in any way.

I shrugged, scowling at her. “My name is Ty, and it’s a table my dead parents had sex… on a lot,” I said, my oily green monster shining through my words. I watched with amusement as she jerked her hand away from the table top a look of disgust crossing her pristine features as she looked down at the wood. Her reaction only fueled me to continue. “Dane was also born on this table. There are family photos, it was really cool, but messy, you know?”

“That’s so interesting,” she said as she got

Caitlyn’s complexion was tinted a little green by the time Dane walked back in with the food. “Interesting history behind it right?” He asked as he put food on the plates.

She nodded, her lips in a tight line that barely could be called a smile. “So much family history,”

And bodily fluids, I wanted to add, but with Dane in the room, I swallowed down the sticky reply. Caitlyn thought she was going to waltz into our lives, and take Dane away from me she wasn’t going to like how this played out. I was a kid from the streets, I had no problem playing dirty to keep what was mine.

Once Dane had all the food out on the table he sat down at the head. We all began to eat, but I mostly just pushed my food around as I kept side-eyeing the harpy across the table. Caitlyn broke the silence first.

“Dane this is amazing. Where did you learn to cook, your mother?”

He shrugged it off like he always did a compliment. “My father taught me. He cooked most nights while mom cooked most mornings.”

Not that prissy Caitlyn would know that. I’d often wonder which meal I’d take over, and I’d started learning how to cook more breakfast foods so I could be the one to cook breakfast. I loved Jane’s pancakes and I wanted to make them for Dane like he’d made them for me.

“Oh, that’s so sweet. I like making breakfast more I think. Scrambling eggs and toast is so much easier to put together.” She commented.

“Might as well put a pop tart on a plate,” I said under my breath.

“What was that Ty?” Dane asked, a knowing glance aimed at me.

“Might as well make pancakes with that,” I said louder changing that statement completely.

Caitlyn scowled, “Pancakes are way too fattening, but yeah maybe once a year.”

Was this woman serious? It took a lot to contain what I wanted to say, I pushed it back down till my throat burned and my stomach was cramped with air. What did Dane see in this air headed woman? Other than her appearance - which was mediocre at best - her personality was like five-day road kill, it reeked and was mutilated beyond repair.

“Ty, you’re really tall for fifteen. I bet you’re the best basketball player at your school.” She commented, flashing her white teeth in a triumphant smile.

She’d thought I was on the basketball team because I was tall? Was that any worse than assuming I was on it because I was black? “No, I hate team sports, I only play basketball with Dane and I actually suck at it. I can’t jump worth sh—” The cuss word died on my tongue as I side-eyed Dane who had an expression that promised I’d regret saying the rest of it later.

“Oh,” Caitlyn said as she looked to Dane.

“Ty doesn’t like sports unless I force him to play with me. He draws.” Dane explained to her, and by the tick, in his jaw, it might not have been the first time he’d told her that. That or he was ten seconds away from throttling my ass.

“What do you like to draw?” She asked, no doubt trying to placate the situation.

I looked at my glass of water. It was an opportunity I was more than willing to take. Reaching out for the glass I came up short tipping the glass across the table to cover the sealed hardwood in water. “Oh crap, I’m sorry!” I right the glass, but the content was already spilled across the table.

Dane got up, “I’ll go get a towel,” he said before he left the room. The closest towel was at least on the other side of the house, so I had enough time to get out what I wanted to say to this woman.

From across the table, I locked eyes with Caitlyn, “Dane is mine. So you can give up on whatever relationship you think you have with him.”

She stiffened, her nostrils flaring. “Dane deserves to have a relationship outside of raising you.”

I shook my head, “Dane’s mine, as in I might be fifteen right now and he doesn’t see me as an equal yet, but he will one day and your bimbo ass won’t be there to get in between us. So you can give up right now. Dane is everything to me, and I am everything to him.” The monster was riding me hard now, my words coated with a sticky jealous anger I’d never felt before. There was no way I’d let her think for a second I’d let her have Dane.

Dane was fucking mine.

Caitlyn's brown eyes widened as everything I’d just said seemed to sink in. “You’re fifteen, are you insane? You’re a child to him, he’s raising you like his son!” She gasped her cheeks flushed and her voice rose when she said, “You’re fucking sick!”

“What the fuck did you say?” Dane growled.

We both turned to look at him with surprise. His face was flushed, and his eyes were the same dark grey I’d only seen a few times in the past few years, and only once had been with Abbott. I swallowed hard, wondering what he’d heard between the two of us.

Caitlyn grabbed her purse and got up from the table quickly. “I can’t do this, he’s sick in the head. I’m sorry Dane but this isn’t going to work out, you need to get that man-child help.” She ranted as she practically ran out of the dining room and out the front door.

Dane looked at me then, “What did you say to her?” His voice was hesitant and slightly confused.

I shrugged, “I told her I felt white on the inside and then she lost it. I guess you brought home a racist.” I stood up and started gathering the plates off the table. Once I had all the places I went to pass him to go into the kitchen, but before I did I said, “you don’t need her Dane, you’ll always have me.”

Dane chuckled lightly. “I know Ty. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

November 13th, 2015

“Are you Tyler Green?”

I nodded to the police officer standing outside on the front steps. It felt so familiar like I’d done this before. The flashing blue and red lights in the dark right outside Mark and Jane’s house. No, not Mark and Jane’s house anymore, Dane and my house now. They were dead, they’d died two years ago. Then why was the police officer here? “Ty, my names Ty Huntsman,” I said confused. My name had been changed two years ago.

“I’m sorry to inform you Mr. Green but your guardian Dane Huntsman has passed away in an accident today.”

The officer's words made my heart stop. I forgot to breathe as overwhelming agony pierced through my chest and into every organ in my body. It wasn’t Mark and Jane, it was Dane. Dane was dead? I felt my throat tighten but I could hear someone screaming.

Not Dane!

Not Dane!


“Ty wake up! Wake up!”

Dane’s desperate voice brought me back from the nightmare. I gasped as my eyes opened, staring up into familiar worried grey eyes. I couldn’t breathe right past the painful throb in my chest. He’d been dead. They’d said he was dead.

A broken groan escaped me as I wrapped my arms around his bare torso and buried my head against his chest. His scent enveloped me, the warmth of his skin soothing some of the remaining fear lingering in my mind. What if this was the dream? What if I’d passed out when they told me he was dead? I held him tighter afraid he might disappear.

“Easy Ty,” Gentle hands rubbed down my back in soothing motions, “I’m here.”

He was here, that’s what I kept telling myself as I tried to control my breathing. He wasn’t dead, I wasn’t alone.

“What happened Ty?” Dane asked after a few minutes of silence.

I shook my head, humiliated that he’d caught me having such a violent nightmare. Usually I could keep them to myself, even the dark ones that came from my past, but this one, this one had been more painful than anything I’d dreamed before. It was like my heart was being cut out of my chest along with every bit of hope I clung to.

How could I explain that to him? That on the second anniversary of Mark and Jane’s death I’d had a nightmare about losing him? I didn’t mourn what I’d lost anymore, but feared losing what I had. “It was the day mom and dad died, when the police came to tell me they were gone.”

Dane pulled away so we were able to look at each other. “You were screaming my name. What happened that you were screaming for me, Ty?”

I averted my gaze, I looked somewhere over his shoulder at my desk where the photo I kept was. “The officer he wasn’t there to tell me about mom and dad this time. He came to tell me you were—” my nostrils flared as my heart stuttered in my chest painfully. I couldn’t say it, not out loud.

I couldn’t make that even a spoken reality.

My hand drifted forward and I settled it over Dane’s bare left pectoral, the heavy beat of his heart constant under my palm.

He was alive.

“Lay down Ty. Go back to bed, everything is fine.” He said as he went to get up.

I grabbed his arm and shook my head, unable to ask for what I needed. He couldn’t leave. I needed him to be where I could see him, feel his heartbeat stay strong. If he was gone, the nightmare would come rushing back in. This might be the dream.

Dane sighed. The sound wasn’t exasperated, it was him making a decision. “Lay down Ty.” It was a command this time not a request so I laid back down watching him closely. He didn’t say a word as he climbed into bed beside me and laid down on his side. “I’m here, I won’t leave go to sleep.” He said as he closed his eyes.

I watched him for a few minutes afraid the moment I closed my eyes I’d be back in front of that officer screaming for the pain to stop. My eyes closed and my heart began to race as anxiety rushed through my system, my breathing becoming erratic as my mind whirled with horrible thoughts. A strong hand on my wrist made my eyes snap open, as if it had pulled me back from the dark pit I’d been sinking in.

Gently Dane laid my hand over his heart, the strong beat of the organ thrumming under my palm. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t have to. The strong rhythm of his heart was my life line to him, he was here and I could feel him under my palm.

I closed my eyes again, my hand firmly placed over his heart. My own heart matching the rhythm as I fell into a deep restful sleep.

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Can anything ever happen between Ty and Dane?  It seems clear (or maybe not) that Dane is straight.  But Caitlyn was right that TY is a Man-child, although using that term to him was not exactly tactful.  


Do I wish that there could be more between Ty and Dane?  Not necessarily.  But if Ty could at least make friends outside of the home it would be good for him.  A boyfriend maybe?


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Seems Ty's monsters are getting too strong for him to control. He's one messed up kid. And Dane's refusal to be anything but his angelic savior is only making it worse. But I guess he has his own emotional dependence on Ty. Interesting dynamic they've got going on. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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I don't care if Ty is in love with Dane, his behavior at dinner is inexcusable. I worry that he seems to have no one in his life but Dane. I understand love, even passion, but it can't be good to have only one person the focus of everything. Thanks for more good story.

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Well, I don't think that was exactly the correct way to go about getting rid of Caitlyn at dinner, but her response showed what kind of person she really is...a total fake. Who wants someone like that hanging around all the time? They may have to have a talk sooner rather than later if Ty's monster keeps running people off. 

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22 hours ago, JeffreyL said:

I don't care if Ty is in love with Dane, his behavior at dinner is inexcusable. I worry that he seems to have no one in his life but Dane. I understand love, even passion, but it can't be good to have only one person the focus of everything. Thanks for more good story.

Ty's insane, no doubt about it. He is obsessed with Dane because he had a fear of losing Dane and he doesn't cope well with the abuse and trauma he's had in his life. Dane is a 27-year-old going to college and working full time while raising a teenage boy who has some emotional issues - I give him some leeway. 

Edited by Pmsingtiger
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Posted (edited)

Other than continue to love and care for him, the best thing Dane could do for Ty is get him to a very smart therapist.  Stat!  It pains me how much emotional baggage the poor kid has had to endure.


I know that his dinner table stunt was a tad immature, but it still cracked me up!  She was goading him and, frankly, had it coming.


This is a great story of complex characters wih deeply flawed, wounded psyches.  Fascinating.  I can hardly wait to see where this goes.  For their sakes (and ours), I hope it ends with happiness for hoth.

Edited by tesao
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Ty does need help but I do think that any child with separation anxiety would have reacted the same way.   How many other children in single parent relationships try to sabotage their parents dates.  My only question now is does Dane realize the place that Ty is in???   Thanks and looking forward to more.  

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Caitlyn was not a good person, so good riddance. As a small example, she kept calling him Tyler notwithstanding that both Dane and Ty told her not to. That relationship was never going to end well. She got what she deserved. I go back to the opening paragraph of the story, however, and see that you said "It's nothing as nefarious as what they think is going on in their heads." That leads me to wonder how, exactly, Dane and Ty's relationship did end up. They are not related by blood, so there is no problem there. Did Dane formally adopt Ty? I don't think so, because the word "guardian" was used during the 2013 conversation between Dane and Ty, plus in this chapter Caitlyn said Dane was raising Ty "like" his son, not as his son. I am not sure that, once Ty turns 16 or 17 or 18 (depending on state laws) there is anything stopping them from having any relationship they want. This story is very intense; I do like it a lot and hope Ty gets what he desires.

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38 minutes ago, Homosapiens said:

This story is very intense; I do like it a lot and hope Ty gets what he desires.


Dane & Ty forever ❤️❤️ 

Yeah, there is a lot of hardship to their story. Dane's parental status will be brought up in another chapter. 

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15 minutes ago, Sam Wyer said:

This is getting intensely messy - great work!

So messy 😈😈😍😍

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