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PFTA - 10. Chapter 10 - Well that's a bitch

Chapter 10 - I am, one big bitch.

This hadn’t been my best idea.

My fangs bared and I felt her threat build the anger that had brought me here begin to boil over my reserve. A deep rumbled built in my chest as I stared down at the female who had done nothing but made my life hell since the moment I’d rolled into that tree. It wasn’t my fault the alpha chose me! It wasn’t my fault she didn’t like how I looked! It wasn’t my fault she was such a sour puss! She threatened, threatened us—

I growled and threw her backwards with enough force to knock her onto her rump. Naga looked up at me with shocked wide eyes, a comical O to her mouth. The females behind her growled in warning as they stood up to defend their alpha bitch. This hadn’t been a good idea but I was tired of being the squirrel in this game. I wasn’t going to play anymore. “I’m not afraid of you.” That was a small white lie, but she didn’t need to know that.

Naga’s yellow eyes narrowed dangerously a low vicious noise broke from her chest. “You made a big mistake.” The she wolf shifted into her four form and launched herself at me teeth bared.

A threat, she was a threat. Instinct kicked in and I grabbed the back of her neck and threw her away from me. My heart pounded as I watched the alpha bitch tumble a few feet away. Naga stood and shook off the dust from her gold coat and rushed me again. I braced for her attack. I’d never been in a fight a day in my life. I’d never had a reason to protect myself in my old pack, but I felt I had a reason to stand up for myself.

Teeth latched on deeply to my side. Yelping I realized one of the females had attacked me while Naga was down. I swatted harshly at the grey wolf, growling angrily as her teeth sank in deeper. I couldn’t hear the sounds of the pack coming to life with howls and barks as the fight broke out, only the deafening sound of my heartbeat and my angry shouts. Naga launched onto my back biting into my shoulder forcing me to the ground. My free hand grabbed the alpha bitch again the talons digging in as I wrenched her from my back. Pain made me howl out raggedly. I turned and bit into the soft shoulder of the grey female pulling her off my side. Wolves blood pooled in my mouth coating my tongue and made me growl triumphantly. The two females got to their paws, blood dripped from wounds under their fur and onto the ground. Naga and the other she wolf bared their teeth ready to come at me again. Survive, live, protect, survive, live, protect. That’s all that I could think, those words were everything to me in that moment. I launched forward on all fours at the females stopping just short and let out a sound I didn’t even know I was able to make. The roar echoed throughout the forest. Birds crow as they flew from the nearby trees.

Naga and Comira - who I recognized now as the grey wolf - shrank to the ground with their tails tucked between their legs. The aggression they’d been filled with only moments before evaporated. My heart still raced like a doe in the hunt. They wanted to kill me, I should kill them before they kill me. I needed to protect—-

“IRA!” The loud shout made me stop moving towards the females — I hadn’t even realized I was moving. My alpha slid in front of me, his large wolf body blocking the females from my line of sight. His black eyes were darker than I’d ever seen them as they watched me cautiously. My mind began to defog the urges no longer clouding everything else around me. Wolves from the pack watched with scared eyes from a comfortable distance, their alpha and Alloy - I noticed to my right- stood close to me.

“Ira, you must be calm my mate.” Zora said softly, shielding the females from me. My alpha was protecting them, but hadn’t they been the ones to attack me? I looked around at the wolves who watched the scene play out with nervous glances. They were afraid of me, they were all afraid of me. I looked at my mate and his guarded stance, he was afraid of me too.

“Alpha…” I croaked, feeling my own fear run through my veins like ice. I hadn’t felt any control, I’d wanted to— A whimper built up in my throat as the thoughts I’d had started to register in my brain. Blood, I’d wanted to taste their blood.

My alphas muzzle pressed into mine and a tentative lick broke the remaining tension in my body. “I am here, you are safe, Ira.” He reassured me.

I buried my nose into his neck, the familiar scent grounded me, but I still felt the panic building in my gut. Squirrel nuts, what had just happened to me?


Zora licked my wounds as I lay in our bed furs. The soothing laps of his tongue over the bite on my shoulder made the pain dull. He hadn’t asked me anything in the past few hours since the fight. He’d told Alloy to tend the females and tend the pack until he was ready to speak later. My alpha had taken me to our den and laid me down while he tended my two wounds. He didn’t say anything, but his gentle ministrations helped settle my mind as I tried to process what had happened.

I’d been angry, but it hadn’t been enough to feel that level of violence. I’d never felt that before in my entire life. I’d only wanted to go to Naga’s den and tell her that I wasn’t a coward - even though I kinda was - I hadn’t gone with the intention to cause a fight. I’d never fought before, not with anyone.

“My omega,” my alpha pet my side soothingly, “tell me what happened.”

My stomach knotted as I thought about the instinctual urges that had completely taken over my mind. I was afraid to tell him, I didn’t know how to tell him. Oh nothing alpha I just felt the urge to spread their blood all over the dens, not big deal. “I-I don’t know, I felt like I had to protect—” I didn’t know. “I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.”

Zora trailed his hand soothingly down my chest and belly calming me with his contact. “Tell me what brought it on. Why were you at Naga’s den?”

I didn’t want to bring up the compost thing. I couldn’t admit to how stupid I’d been trusting her in the first place. It was more than just that though, I’d wanted to make her respect me and maybe come to a truce of some sort. Well I’d blown that opportunity straight into mythical corner. The she wolf and me were never going to be friends, I’d settle for natural enemies. “I wanted to stand up to her, but I hadn’t meant for anything to happen. I just wanted her to stop walking all over me. Then she threatened me—” A growl interrupted me and for a second I thought it was me, but it was my alpha a ferocious light in his black eyes.

“She threatened to do what?” Zora asked between clenched fangs.

“She said she’d get rid of me to be alpha mate, and then I felt this rush and I don’t remember much more than blood and my mind just kept repeating over and over again to protect.” Protect what? Myself? My alpha? “I’ve never fought with anyone before.”

“She should not have threatened you. As for everything else we will figure it out.” He pressed his face into my throat scent marking me.


“Alpha!” One of the pack wolves called from the dens entrance. “The pack wants to speak about your mate.”

A growl I recognized followed the pack members. “The alpha is tending to his mate.” Alloy said irritably.

“The pack needs answer.” The wolf I didn’t recognize snapped.

“I will come out in a moment.” Zora called out. He looked back down at me his ears pressed flat to his skull, his black eyes filled with concern. “I am your mate I will protect you. You don’t have to be afraid of anything.” He trotted out of the den to speak to the pack.

His words lingered and I felt some of the weight lift off my chest. This wasn’t one of the simple anxieties I normally worried about. I seriously was scared about the way my mind had betrayed me. My ears twitched when the pack members conversation started to drift into our den. Getting up I got closer to the entrance so I could hear everything they were saying.

“Alpha we cannot trust a wolf like him.” I knew that voice to be Segie, one of the older grey male wolves that taught the adolescent wolves to hunt. He’s always been civil to me.

“And the pups, how can you defend them if he were to go feral?” Another male spoke up.

“He would have killed Naga and Comira today if you hadn’t been there.”

“We have to think about the pack,” unified agreement spread among many of the voices.

“Ira is capable of defending himself. I have no such doubt that he is able to protect himself and this pack. What happened today was something that could have been avoided. Naga threatened my mate and his statutes. With that knowledge I can say my mate had every right to defend himself against not only her but Comira. There will be no discussion about my mate, this is not up to a mass agreement, I have no ill will towards Ira and none of you should either. All of you would be wise to befriend the one wolf who is capable is defending this pack instead of ostracizing him.” Zora growled the last half with clear irritation.

It was the most I’d ever heard my mate say to anyone and it was all to defend me. It didn’t matter that the other wolves were afraid of me, or that I was terrified of my own body, Zora had stood beside me when I needed him most. Even when his pack had wanted him to sway away from me.

“I call for retribution.” Oh, I knew that female voice. Naga sounded pissed and i wasn’t surprised after what had happened.

“You made a threat to my mates life. What makes you think you deserve retribution?” Zora growled at the alpha bitch.

“He initiated the fight by making the first strike, I was defending myself.” Naga said haughtily a few voices murmured their agreement.

“Your threat was no better than a strike. You think you are above the laws I have set in place Naga, but I will make you comprehend in front of this entire pack. You have no authority, I will find a new alpha bitch. It is only because of Azya that you aren’t banished from this pack today. Keep away from my omega or I will not interfere next time.” That was the end of the pack meeting, and I couldn’t say that I wasn’t happy with my alpha’s decree. A small part of me was still unsettled. What had caused the violence in me? Moose farts this was bad.


A week after the fight with Naga and I was officially the pack ghost. Very few of the wolves would come near me and the last time I checked they were giving me about ten feet wide load space at all times. I’d gone from being mildly accepted to invisible. To top off the pile of shit I was currently wading through my alpha had saw fit to punish me for not telling him about Naga and going to her den to confront her. I told you that had been a bad idea.

My punishment was to stay near the dens and try to mend the rift among the other pack members. I hadn’t come up with an ingenious plan yet but I figured I needed to start with a wolf that might actually talk to me. Dey was the only she wolf that had stood up for me in the past and I figured she would be the best to start with. Dey was older and had her last litter last summer, and I often watched her pups when I was guarding them little ones. She was outside of her den tanning a deer hide as three of her pups pounced on something only they could see. I saw her blue eyes widen when she saw me approaching, and that was with me on all fours so I wasn’t as imposing.

“Dey, please I just came to talk. I promise I won’t do anything.” I kept my voice soft so the rumble would intimidate her.

Dey tilted her head her silver red hair following the moved across her shoulders. “That bitch Naga got what she deserved. I’m just surprised to see you here.” She said curiously. “Why are you here?”

“Well I thought that I should find at least one wolf in the pack that didn’t treat me like bear shit.”

“Well come here. I don’t mind listening while I work.” She said as she went back to tanning the skins.

I walked over to her and sat not far away. I really hadn’t got far in my plan, so I didn’t have any good questions to ask her. I was perfectly fine with her quiet acceptance, I didn’t need to talk.

“The alpha really loves you. I’m glad he finally found a mate. He’s was very lonely before you came along.” Dey said without removing her focus from her task.

My heart skipped a beat when she talked about my mate. Did she really think my alpha loved me? The idea was like a thousand squirrels falling into my mouth at once, or Naga falling off a very very high cliff. You get the idea both of those things make me very happy. “Why do you say that?”

“Well he’s always been independent, and he separates himself from the others, I think he needed a mate like you. Strong and very special.” She laid out of the of skins. Did she do this all day?

“I’m not strong and I’m definitely not special.” I said dejectedly. “I’ve caused almost the entire pack to fear me along with forcing my alpha to have the wolves accept me. What kind of alpha mate does that?”

Dey snickered, her small nose wrinkling as she giggled. “Well those things aren’t the best no, but you have other things that make you special. The fact you are expecting your first litter is very special.” The she wolf said without pause.

My mind short circuited and I think I felt the world tilt a little. “I’m— I’m sorry can you r-repeat that?” I garbled.

“You’re expecting your first litter. It’s so rare I’m sure you’re excited.” Dey continued completely oblivious.

Was the female insane!? Wasn’t it obvious that was impossible for me? “Um Dey you do realize I’m a male right?”

Dey eyed me for a second before she snorted again. “It’s very obvious you’re male.”

“Then why would you think that?” I said, panic starting to fester.

“I smelled it on you about a week ago. I’m pretty sure that’s what ignited the fight as well. Don’t worry, the first pups aren’t that bad.”

A strangled sound escaped me and I felt the world tilt this time, but I don’t remember much after that, but I’m pretty positive I passed the fuck out.

I'm on a roll! I hope everyone loves the story's track and love Ira and all his wild immaturity.

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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if it's not one thing it's another. moose farts. and holy moose farts, i didn't see this! :P


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2 hours ago, Geemeedee said:

Welp, now we know who the new alpha bitch is.  LOL


Also, thank you for the steady updates. It's frustrating when you become invested in characters and the author only updates  the story a few times a year.

I’m the worst for updating slowly but I’ve made it my mission to finish this story and little miss who before the end of this year both at 70k or higher 

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18 hours ago, JeffreyL said:

HMF! First three forms, two of which he can't readily change into. Now he's pregnant!? What else do you have up your sleeve for Ira? No, don't tell me. I'll just keep reading and wait for the next surprise. Thanks for more fun! Jeff

I hope a good plot! I've got a pretty cool idea in my head that I hope you will all love. Ira is of course going to be himself lol 

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Oh my freaking god. How did I miss this yesterday.  What a battle. And I think Naga should have been in trouble for the 2 on 1 attack. On to the next chapter. 

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On 10/4/2017 at 5:51 PM, Geemeedee said:

Welp, now we know who the new alpha bitch is.  LOL


He can't be alpha bitch, because he's an omega.

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19 hours ago, Timothy M. said:


He can't be alpha bitch, because he's an omega.

But he can kick her ass. Ira would say it was only on accident though, a moment of insanity 

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