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PFTA - 11. Chapter 11 - Preg-preeeg— PROCREATE

Added to the final paragraph about ten minutes after posting sorry missed some of it. Hope you enjoy :) 

Chapter 11 - Preg-preeeg— PROCREATE

“Ira, are you ok?” Dey’s voice carried through my foggy mind. Oh man that had been a strange dream. I must have eaten something strange to come up with something so out there.

“I’m fine Dey, I must have eaten something bad. I think I was hallucinating.” Maybe I should stop eating so many squirrels, it was making me turn into a nut case. You better be laughing, that was damn funny.

“Finding out about your first litter is a shock. I remember.” Dey said with a wistful sigh.

Oh no, no, no, no, no. It hadn’t been a dream, she’d really told me I was pr-pr— Mother I couldn’t even bring myself to say it! Maybe she was insane? That was highly possible right? I mean she had to be insane there was no physical way my ass was pre-pre— FUCKING WEASEL DICKS!!! Panting I could feel the mass hysteria ready to come on. What if she was right?

“Calm down alpha mate. It’s nothing to be frightened over.” Dey soothed a hand over my shoulder, trying to calm me down. IT. WASN’T. WORKING.

“Calm down!?” I croaked. “I’m not female! Are you absolutely sure? How would that even work? You’re sure you’re not insane?” I touched my belly and tried to imagine a pup— wait what if there was more? A whimpered escaped me. I’d just wanted to come over here and talk to the nice she wolf who was always nice to me, but no instead she’s insane and tells me I’m pr-preeeeeggg— WHY CAN’T I SAY IT!

“Ira should I call for the alpha? I’m afraid you are stressed.”

“Stressed?!” I barked and tugged on my ears in a very stressed like way. “You just told me that I’m pr-pree— PROCREATING! That’s not normal!” Breath deep breaths, deeeeeep breaths. I think I was gonna pass out again. “Are you absolutely sure?”

Dey nodded, her blue eyes worried. “Yes I’m positive. I can smell them in you. Alpha will be able to notice soon to, but I have been a birth mother for a long time and I have always been able to sense the pups early.” She said it with a proud smile as she continued to sooth me.

“Great!” I huffed out awkwardly. “No big deal that I’m male.” I said. I was lying, it was a big moose shit size deal.

“It will be fine. You are not the first omega I’ve seen in my life.” She said with a smile. “No wolf in this pack has ever seen an omega before, well except me.”

She’d seen another male like me? “Wait? You’re saying you’ve seen another wolf like me?” I croaked completely forgetting about my other problem. Why had she never told me? Where was this wolf?

Drey hummed. “Yes he was my brother Vey. He was born in a half form like you, but he was able to change back and forth at a young age and he wasn’t nearly as big as you are. I’m not sure why you can’t change. Like you he was mated with another male wolf. They had a few pups together and were very happy until Vey was killed.” She said with a sad droop to her shoulders. “You remind me of him a lot, he was kind like you.”

Another wolf like me? I wasn’t just a freak of nature, there were other wolves who were like me and they could shift. I was left so shocked I didn’t know what to say. I’d spent my whole life thinking I was just a fluke, but what if I wasn’t. What if I was meant to be the way I was? Wait wait, what about the pre-preeegg— UGHH!! “What about the pups? You said he had pups? Was his form like mine? How old was he before he could shift? Why was he born in a half form? Why didn’t you say anything to me before?” That was a vomits worth of questions. I hadn’t meant to spew them on her so quickly.

Drey smiled and shrugged. “Never thought about it. Oh there’s the alpha!” She yipped in welcome to my mate as he trotted on four legs over to her den. “Hello Alpha.” She said sweetly.

Panic started to wash over me again in cold drenching waves. Was it possible to drown in panic? I think I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I absolutely did not want to talk about the possible pups that I could be carrying. I barely could swallow the idea, I didn’t think I could tell my mate yet. I mean how did you tell your mate ‘oh guess what Dey just told me I’m able to carry pups and guess who’s already knocked up? This guy!’ My eye was to twitching again, I could feeling it.

“Hello Dey.” Zora said politely, tilting his head to the older she wolf. “Ira, are you feeling well my mate?” He didn’t hesitate to lick small kisses on my muzzle that caused my belly to squirm excitedly. I loved it when he showed me his affection. My gut began to tighten when my brain started back up again, the affectionate haze wearing off. What if Dey said something? Nope Nope Nope Nope.

“We were talking about such great news!” Dey said happily. “The alpha mate is—”

“Feeling like a brand new wolf!” That sounded cheesy even to me.

Dey gave me an odd look. “That’s true, but I was telling him—”

“THAT I’VE REALLY COME OUT OF MY SHELL!” This was ridiculous. They both looked at me like I’d lost my mind, and maybe I had. “Sorry I’m a little excited. Dey, it was nice talking to you I’m going to go with my alpha and uh— talk about stuff.” I got up and nudged my alpha with my nose herding him away from the she wolf’s den before she could say anything. I was in no way shape or form ready to talk about the pre-preeeeeg— UGHHHH WHY CAN’T I SAY IT! We walked away from Dey’s den and I tried to think of a good excuse why I was acting so strange. Then again I think my alpha thought I was always strange so he probably thought this was normal.

“If you wish to get away from Dey you can always use me as an exit excuse.” Zora said with a chuckle. “She had always been talkative, but kind. You chose a good she wolf to mingle with. I need to go out and trail the north side of the pack lands, some of the pack have caught some strange scents. I came to tell you I’ll probably be late.”

Yeah let’s pretend that’s what that was all about. “I just wanted to be alone with you alpha.” I brushed my face along his back, his scent soothing some of my anxiety. Definitely not all of my anxiety. If Dey was telling the truth it wouldn’t be long before my mate would be able to smell the pups in me. Would he be happy about them? “I’ll stay out of trouble.” Somehow I’d manage to stay out of trouble.

“I will return by nightfall.” He pushed his nose under my chin in our usual exchange. It always caused my paws to curl and my tail to wag when he did it. I watched him lope off towards the group of wolves, Alloy followed silently behind him his usual shadow.

So that left me with today to figure out what I wanted to do. Should I tell my alpha? Or should I let it come naturally? Hell, maybe this was all just Dey being crazy and I had nothing to worry about. A small itty itty bitty bitty part of me didn’t want it to ne delusional dey. What if I was having my mates pups? I ran my hands over my flat belly a warm gooey filling my heart. That would be special.


I’d spent the remainder of the day thinking about ways I would tell my mate about the — I still couldn’t say it so I wasn’t even going to try. I hadn’t had much success coming up with what to tell him. Short of stuttering out some unintelligible words, I didn’t think I really knew enough about what was happening to come right out and say it. I let my mind wander for awhile and I imagined what it would be like to have pups of my own. I loved watching the pack pups and since the fight with Naga none of the pack members would let me near them except for Dey. I missed playing with them and keeping an eye on them while their mothers were busy. Maybe when I had my own pups the other females would let me watch them again? I’d be able to watch my pups play with others in the pack. The very idea of little wolves running around looking like my mate made my heart swell. But what if they looked like me?

It was dark by the time I lay in our den. I couldn’t sleep until Zora returned so I laid there waiting and thinking. Dey had said she’d had a brother like me, but had he been different? He’d been able to change between all his forms and I couldn’t figure out how to change into anything. I still couldn’t figure out what had caused me to change the two times before, but I had no doubt what had changed me back the last time. I’d been terrified Naga was going to attack me and that fear had run through my bones and muscles shifting them back into the large body I’d been born into. I know it had been my fear that had made me shift back, but I couldn’t figure out what would change me back.

A distant lone howl echoed through the woods made me sit up. Had that been Alloy? My heart started to race uncontrollably in my chest. Something had happened I could feel it — I don’t know how but I could ok. Something wasn't right. What if it had been Zora? What if my mate needed me? Another howl split through the night and I was running out of the den towards the distant sound before I could even think about it. If my alpha was in trouble I would protect him, I don’t know how but I’d protect him. Rushing into the tree line on all fours I ran as fast as I could in this form. I was never able to keep up with the other wolves and even now I wasn’t able to push my speed any higher and I felt the drain of running take its toll. Panting I pushed through the burning pain in my limbs and chest, my heart pounded painfully as I forced my body to keep up the straining pace. I needed to get to my mate. The farther I got the worse the pain and I started to wilt even as my mind pushed me to keep going. DAMN IT, why can’t I move as fast. I need to move, I need to move faster. I need to get to him. I need, I need, I need— intense burning coursed through my body and I finally stopped when the debilitating sensation fired over all my nerves. It wasn’t pain, I couldn’t describe it to you if I tried. My whole body felt hot as the muscles and bones pulled and jerked into new positions until I was left sprawls out on the forest floor in a much smaller body than what I’d left the dens in.

Oh mother. I stared down at my black paws in a state of pure shock. I’d changed, I’d actually changed. How had I— Another howl split the air making the fur on my back rise a cold shiver rushing down my spine. It didn’t matter how I’d changed, I needed to keep moving. I braced my unfamiliar paws under myself and began loping through the woods again, picking up speed as instinct kicked and my new body became familiar. I was so much faster than I’d ever been before, weaving in and out with my small wolf body through the dense forest like a squirrel through the trees. Keep going, I need to keep going until I find him.

The scent of the pack filled my nostrils as I got close, Zora’s earthy smell leading me through the rest of the trees until I ran into a clearing all the wolves visible. I rushed towards the one wolf I’d come from the one who’d could be hurt who I’d die for. What would I do without him? I needed to protect him and stay with him forever. I needed to tell him—

I crashed into my unsuspecting mate, the other wolves yelped in surprise as I cartwheeled the two of us a good five feet. Zora growled viciously, his white fangs bared as he looked at me in our tangled mess of legs and fur. Oh thank mother, he was ok, he was fine, he smelt really good and he was ok. Licking his face frantically I completely ignored the growls that turned into a confused yips as he tried to untangle himself from me.

“Ira?” He said shocked. “How—”

“I’M PREGNANT!” Fuck yes I’d said it!

My mates black eyes widened comically, he looked like an owl. “W-what?”

“I found out today, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I should have told you the moment I found out. Not that I know if it’s real it could just be a crazy old she wolf, but I think she might be right and I’m terrified they could be born like me, but I’ll love them anyways because they will be our pups and I’ll love our pups no matter what, but I’m male so that’s kind of strange and I didn’t know how you’d take it so I was afraid to tell you, and then I thought you were dying and what would I do if you died and didn’t know about your unborn pups!” I panted as I tried to catch my breath. Wow that had been a mouthful even for me.

My mate just stared at me with wide eyes and a parted jaw.

It started to dawn on me that I’d just burst out something very important that I wasn’t even sure wasn’t just some crazy she wolfs old age getting the better of her, but damn it had felt good! “Surprise.” I said, and then I shifted back - back into my hug slow ugly body - and there wasn’t a damn thing to be afraid of. So apparently I really was broken, mentally and physically.

At least I’d said it.

This was a fun one to write not going to lie. :2thumbs:

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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I tried to save this until tomorrow, but I just couldn't! So I gulped it down. A vomits worth of questions. I may use that sometime! Excited to see the alpha's reaction to the big news ... and what those howls were about.

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I can just see him barreling into his alpha and taking a roll with him🤗  Awesome! And now Naga's ass is solidly kicko!👏👏

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That was hysterical.  He’s pre.....preeeeeg...... knocked up.  At least Ira knows he can shift while awake and if needed.  I wonder also what the howls were?

and omg....fucking weasel dicks. Where do you come up with this stuff?   Have you been eating to many squirrels and become a nut case too?  Please keep

the hilarity coming and thanks for the laughs. 😂 😆 :2thumbs:

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yay! he said it, but...but... what was going on the the clearing with Zora? you had fun writing it, and i had a ball reading it.

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😊  Thank you So much for writing this story.  It has been a long time since I've read such a simplistically good and fun to read story.  I am seriously enjoying your writing, keep it coming. Thank you again. 


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I'm soooo enjoying this story, you have me laughing so much and weasel dicks I am still laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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I guess I wasn't the only one who thought this chapter was humorous.  Poor Ira though.  Everything has to be so traumatic for him.  He'll get his confidence soon and it'll make all the difference in the world.

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2 hours ago, Terry P said:

I guess I wasn't the only one who thought this chapter was humorous.  Poor Ira though.  Everything has to be so traumatic for him.  He'll get his confidence soon and it'll make all the difference in the world.

I think he makes it a little traumatic by being a little bit of a drama queen. Lol 

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1 hour ago, Timothy M. said:

:blink:  Hmm, so he can shift even though pregnant. Interesting....

I thought the SAME thing!!

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