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PFTA - 12. Chapter 12 - It's more than mating

Some Ira loving up ahead beware :read:

Chapter 12 - It’s more than mating

I was big again. In my huge bulky body, again. There had to be a way to do this, an on and off switch in my head. Maybe my head was like a puzzle and it was missing a few pieces— that would explain a lot. My mate sat beside me in his four form completely lost. I could see it in the wide eyed blank expression on his wolf face. I don’t think many living creatures could say with confidence that they had made Zora completely speechless. I’m not gonna lie, I felt a little excited being able to have that trophy all to myself. While the other wolves in the clearing looked at me with openly confused and unsettled face I remembered that the majority of them still thought I was a raging psycho after my meltdown last week. Barreling head first into my mate probably didn't help their opinion of— Oof!

Zora had shifted and wrapped his strong arms around my waist to hug me tightly. A happy low growl vibrated out of his chest as he buried his face in my throat right where my mating mark was under my fur. A warmth spread through me like wild fire. I know my alpha wasn’t good at displaying his emotions, or talking - I talked enough for the two of us plus one more - but he showed me how much he cared in moments like this. I loved every painful second — no I take it back too tight he was squeezing me too tight. “Can’t breathe.” I wheezed.

Zora laughed, his deep chuckle causing the other wolves to relax around us. “You are always bringing me so much joy.” He placed a large hand over my belly rubbing the soft fur there as if something was going to kick out. I was just finding out nothing better pop out of anywhere for at least a year or I may actually go squirrely whirly and fall off a tree. “You pick the strangest times to reveal things to me.”

That was an obvious observation that I would not dispute. “I thought something had happened. I heard Alloy howling.” In my defense that had freaked me out on a colossal level. My alpha was everything to me and I loved him too much to not be there to protect him when he needed me.

“Alloy is further up with more pack members. We have sighted other wolves nearby, but they have stayed just out of pack lands.” The alpha explained while still keeping a possessive hand on my abdomen. “You should not have come here. I cannot protect you if I were injured.”

“I panicked when I heard him howl and I might have overreacted. It doesn’t matter, I would protect you. It’s my job as your mate to protect you too.” Of course he had to realize I wasn’t like other wolves, I could defend him. Well, I would try my best.

“Alpha,” one of the grey male pack members spoke up. “Should we return to the dens?”

“No. We cannot afford to let these wolves to close to the dens. We will sleep here tonight, send Ouma to retrieve Alloy and the others.” Zora said sternly, the same alph voice that he’d used on me when I’d first joined the pack. I had a thing for hearing him be authoritative, but I wouldn’t say that out loud. It’s our little secret.

The wolves began settling down in the clearing for the night their alpha and I settled in the center of the circle surrounded by the pack. Alloy and other others returned and also began taking their places to sleep. I lay next to my alpha staring up at the stars thinking about what was going to happen. If I did have his pups, what would they be like? The humid night had a chill that made me curl around my alpha who lay beside me in his second form. It was colder for him in this form without any fur. “Why don’t you shift?”

“I need to mark you.” His voice was a rough growl that made my heart jack hammer. If he was talking about what I think he was talking about I was all in, every inch of my massive body was in agreement. A whimper escaped me as his black eyes began to burn with the same intense heat that always filled them before we tied. Quickly he grabbed my hips and flipped me onto my belly. I didn’t resist the change in position, instead I eagerly flowed with it. I pushed my butt up high and moved my tail out of the way baring the most intimate part of my body. Oh, we had an audience. I saw the others murmur as each other them became aware of what the alph and I were about to do.

Some of the pack wolves rumbled appreciatively, the sight and smell luring them awake. Zora growled deeply, a warning I understood and knew the other wolves understood it to. He was publicly marking me, they could watch, but they’d never participate. I don’t know if i liked this— My gut tightened as I became even more aroused. Who was I kidding I didn’t care who watched as my alpha defiled me just as long as he was defiling. Was it possible to ever stop loving this activity? No matter how many times he did this with me I wanted him to— OH YES!

He licked beneath my tail and I forgot what my name was as I dug my claws into the ground and whined like a female in heat. Did it feel even better tonight? He was relentless, using his tongue until I couldn’t tell what was up or down or if I was even alive. Surely I was dead. The other wolves yelped and nipped at each other excitedly as they watch their alpha. My mind was somewhere else and I loudly protested when he stopped what he was doing. I needed to come up with a name for that. Sweet sunshine? Or River of love? I’d have to return to this when he wasn’t—

“Alpha!” I howled as he pushed into me, burying his face in my back as he set a rhythmic pace that did something wild to my inside. I was almost one hundred percent sure that I was going to die from this experience. Zora’s pheromones saturated the air filling my lungs with his earthy scent as he thrust over and over again. I could hear the desperate sounds of the pack as they watched us mate, most of them consumed with the pheromones me and my alpha were swimming in. Zora rumbled appreciatively when he hit a sensitive spot and I threw my head back and howled, the sound garbled and desperate. He was going to kill me if he kept going. Panting, my alpha leaned over my body his mouth not far from the area he’d bitten me on our first night. “This is more than mating,” he nipped at the fur along my shoulder and I felt the pressure of his knot filling me. MOTHER I loved his knot so much! I whined and tried to push back. Why did he have to tease me?

I felt the first spikes of overwhelming pressure inside of me, building up until I knew it was going to explode. “Please,” I begged a lot when we tied, and I wasn’t about to stop. My alpha growled again before sinking his teeth into my shoulder and everything release all at once. I eagerly accepted as the wolves around us howled.


I’d been having a really good dream about a squirrel jumping into my mouth when I awoken by the sounds of growls. I’d had my mouth open and the little furry creature was soaring towards my gullet when— Man I was really looking forward to that stupid squirrel. I grumbled irritably when the growls of the pack wolves forced me to wake up. My alpha was in his four form standing beside me staring into the forest just outside of pack lands. Was there something they could see that I couldn’t? I took a big whiff of air looking for smells that were separate from the pack. I didn’t have the best sense of smell but better than most had in their second form. There was a scent, different from the others that stuck to the back of my throat once I could recognize it. An excited yip escaped me and my tail began to wag. It couldn’t be!

“Ira, be silent my mate—”

I cut off Zora’s command and howled long and loud. The wolves around us looked on completely baffled expecting their alpha to tell them what was happening to the insane omega. My call echoed through the woods louder than mosts, but definitely not attractive. It didn’t matter, the wolf I was looking for would know my call. Another lone howl called out to mine, much close than I’d thought it would be.

Excitement built up and I jumped to all fours. Holy moose farts it was him! I took off towards the sound the pack barking and yipping in confusion.

“Ira!” Zora called out after me, but I was on a mission. Besides he could keep up I wasn’t very fast. I didn’t have to run far before I found who I was looking for. The black wolf was rushing towards me with the same excitement I felt. How had he found— Oh that’s not good. My alpha rushed passed me and slammed into the black wolf, their teeth snapping as they tussled violently.

“STOP! Alpha stop!” They didn’t listen their vicious sounds filling the area around us as they sank sharp teeth into soft flesh. The smell of blood was already filling the air and my heart beat painfully. What to do what am I going to do! I had to stop this. Wait! I was big— this was going to suck. I threw myself on top of them, all 7ft three hundred eighty pounds of me. Zora grunted audibly, it hadn’t been the first time he’d had to support my weight, but he was big enough to take it now my brother on the other hand.

“Ira get off of me!”

“Ok, when I get up are you two going to stop fighting?” I wasn’t moving until I got an answer.

“I will cease my mate.” Zora grunted.

“Mate! You’re mated to this wolf!”

Another vicious growl rumbled from Zora as my brother continued to open his big mouth. Koda had always been the biggest trouble maker of the litter. “I’m not getting up until you both promise not to fight.” About this time I heard the other wolves rushing in. Alloy lead the pack when he was close enough a strange look passed over his face when he saw me laying on not only my alpha but a wolf he didn’t know.

“Alpha mate what are you—” Alloy was cut short.

“Alpha mate! What the hell ira? Mother you are heavy get off me!”

“I’m getting up, but if either one of you starts again I’m going to sit on you again.” I got up slowly making sure they didn’t try anything. The two of them separated, putting some distance between them. Zora corralled me behind me keeping me a good distance from Koda. “Zora this is my brother Koda.” I said happily.

Koda shifted his second form tall at 6ft and stocky. I’d missed him a lot in the last few months, he’d been my only real friend in my last pack. Moving around Zora I ignored his growls and embraced my brother in a big bear hug. I might have squeezed a little too hard cause I heard some bones creak. I set him down and ignored his bitching about painful reunions. “Koda this is my mate Zora, he’s alpha of this pack. That is Alloy his beta and that is Geb, and Shy, and Frix, and—”

“Wait who cares about them. You’re mated to the alpha?” Koda said fully surprised. “That,” he pointed to Zora, “is the alpha? What about that horse size wolf over there. You sure that’s not the alpha?” Oh I forgot my brother was a huge horse dick, somehow that hadn’t been in my fond memories.

Zora shifted his large second form dwarfing my brothers. I didn’t care what Koda said, my mate was amazing. “Well he is distinctly bigger in this form. Now I get the appeal for you.” Ok, I was ready for him to go home now, family reunion over.

“Koda why are you here?” I mean he hadn’t had any intentions of leaving the pack when I’d left.

He rubbed at a bite mark along his side mumbling some snide comment that I refused to listen to before he finally acknowledged my question. “Oh wanted to get out for awhile. Figured I’d go find you since you couldn’t have gone far. You’re only like a day’s walk from the old pack lands, must have not have taken you long to find this pack.” It had taken me two weeks, Mother I had been walking in circles — no one needed to know that except you and me.

“Anyways, Dega is the new pack alpha. I thought for sure I’d find you in a cave by yourself. Though you’d at might have a pet, but otherwise you'd be alone.”

I know I remembered why I left. “Nope I’m not alone in a cave with a pet rock. Thanks for checking in though.”

“It is not a surprise my mate left your pack if you treat him with such little disregard.” Zora rumbled disapprovingly while wrapping an arm around my waist.

Koda rolled his eyes, the way mother hated, and now I wasn’t too fond of it either. “Why does he talk like that?” He waved at Zora.

“I do not speak abnormally.” My alpha rumbled. These two were going to kill each other. Hell I was going to kill Koda myself if he didn’t go home.

“Whatever it doesn’t matter we should probably get moving. There was this pack of nasty wolves I kept avoiding and I don’t want to run into them.” He said while looking back from where he’d come from

“What?” What wolves?

“Yeah some really big ones and they smelled like a lot of blood.”

His whole family is dysfunctional :stupid: 

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.

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O O!!! Trouble coming their way!!!! The twists and turns in this story is causing my tipsy-ness! I promise there's no glass of wine 🍷 here🤣🤣🤣

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Ira's brother is an ass, maybe Zora can hook him up with Naga and send them back to Ira's original pack?

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This is more than mating, it's exhibitionist sex! Oh, I bet you meant making love, right? LOL


Nice plot point, adding an asshole family member. Opens up his past to the alpha.

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21 hours ago, Bndmetl said:

Ira's brother is an ass, maybe Zora can hook him up with Naga and send them back to Ira's original pack?

Those two belong together UGH 

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20 hours ago, Geemeedee said:

This is more than mating, it's exhibitionist sex! Oh, I bet you meant making love, right? LOL


Nice plot point, adding an asshole family member. Opens up his past to the alpha.

Ira's got some fetishes it seems lol

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22 hours ago, secretsides said:

This is such a great fun story!! I am so glad you're a fast poster 😁😁😁😁

I'm so glad you love it! I have so much fun writing it :) 

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