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PFTA - 5. Chapter 5 - I have no sense of direction

Chapter 5 - I have no sense of direction either


Night, Night, Night.” I chanted over and over again as I watched the sun sink slowly into the horizon. I’d slept for a few hours but afterwards all I could manage to do was walk around nervously. I would have done something useful but in the last two weeks I’d practically done every single chore that needed to be done, well besides washing the pups, and they weren’t to keen on “bath time with the pack monster”. Sorry I offered, geez.

The sun finally sank below the tree line and my tail began to wag excitedly as I imaged the possibilities of tonight. How would the alpha accept his new mate? What would he do or say? I was so tall how would that work? Stop, just stop got to focus. Was I absolutely insane? I was just going to magically have super tracking abilities? Yeah and Naga was going to miraculously sprout wings and call herself the angel in heaven. Both of these things were very unlikely, but the last one was somewhere in never never gonna happen land. Focus Ira! I need a plan, that was the only way I would be able to track anything other than my own tail.

Nothing! I couldn’t think of a single thing that would help me tonight, not even which direction to start my search because I didn’t know my left from my right. “Why did I have to be born ugly and stupid.” I grumbled to myself.

“Good question. Why would a mutant be born.” Naga mumbled as she passed me in her two form, her blonde tress hanging in waves down her naked back.

I watched her walk to the gather space where all the other wolves were beginning to sit together. My heart constricted tightly in my chest, the same dull pain that I felt when the mean comments finally got to me. I made fun of myself to help ease the pain of everyone else's opinions, but it still hurt. I didn’t want Naga to the power to make me feel like squirrel shit, it wasn’t fair.

A strong hand on my back made me jump clumsily, not much better than the doe I’d face-killed last night. I was laying claim to that “face-killed” it was a unique skill. Alloy stood beside me, his hand still on my back as he smile amusedly at me. “You should not listen to her.” He said. “Only alpha’s opinion matters.” He walked off towards the crowd of wolves stopping only to shift into his four form as he went to the front of the clearing where the alpha would normally be.

He was right! Don’t get me wrong the packs words still hurt, but it wouldn’t matter none of it would if the alpha saw me differently. I walked over to where Naga and the other she wolf stood and ignored the nasty sneer on the alpha bitches face as I knelt down in the line up. Alloy stood alone at the front of the group Zora nowhere to be seen. “Alpha has already hidden in the woods. Track the alpha.” He said. Naga and the other female rushed into the woods faster than I could even blink. Wonderful, they are good at tracking and their fast. Everyone who remained in the clearing looked at me with confused glances wondering when I would rush to find the alpha. “I’ll just go that way…” I said gruffly while pointing at the trees. I got up and stopped in the woods completely floundering which way to go. How the heck had I even found a pack! Plan plan plan I need a plan. Pick a direction any direction. I looked around me at all the similar trees before finally going left. I think it was left.


Two hours later and I’m not sure going left (right?) was such a good idea. I have no idea where I’m at. I know I know, how have I managed to survive up to this point in my life? To be honest I have absolutely no idea. I was really tempted to go into grief stage of depression and just sob and matt my fur with snot, because I didn’t think I had any chance of finding the alpha before the other females did, especially Naga. Why couldn’t I at least have been born with a great sense of direction, I wouldn’t mind my ugly face being able to scare deer to death if I could just be a great tracker.

“I have no time to be depressed. I can do this, what would Dega do?” My brother was the best tracker I’d ever seen, and I’d often tag along with him on outings because mother insisted I wouldn’t get lost with him. God am I that helpless? I’m a 7ft monster and I needed someone to help me not get lost? “Focus Ira! What would Dega do?” I thought about my most recent outing with my brother before I’d left the pack. He would use his nose to scent the air. I tilted my head back and took a deep drag of air into my lungs. Thousands of smells filtered through my brain, a couple stood out as being familiar. Pine bark, and earth tones and— my eyes snapped open and my heart started to gallop in my chest. I knew that smell, I’d slept wrapped in that smell. An unconscious happy rumbled broke free from deep within my chest. “Nose lead the way!” Follow the yummy scent trail. I went straight the scent getting stronger the farther I walked. He was here I just knew he was somewhere close by.

“Ok, ok, I got this. What would Dega do next?” I pondered and remembered him listening for long moments. So I closed my eyes perked my ears forward and sucked in a large gulp of air. Oh! He would look too, I opened my eyes scanning, listening and gulping air. Was the world starting to spin a little? Wait did Dega used to do this all at once? I’m pretty sure he didn’t.

The snap of a twig catches my attention. Something was not far away in front of me. I walked further into the trees sniffing the air for his familiar aroma. The trees thinned out to release into a clearing where the moon shone down on lush blue green grass, but it wasn’t the foliage that made my body shake. Zora sat in the middle of the clearing watching me with his intense beautiful black eyes. “Holy flying moose farts, I found you.” I rumbled breathlessly. Zora grinned, baring his lovely white fangs at me. My tail began to wag behind me and I wished so desperately not for the first time in my life that I was normal. I wanted to be small, to be able to lower to my belly and feel the protection of my alpha. Instead I towered above him with my unnatural height.

“Yes my omega you did well. Come.” He commanded.

What was he going to do? What did he expect me to do? I felt my body begin to shake with uncontained excitement and anxiety, like a jack rabbit ready to run into rutting season. I lowered myself to all fours and walked over to where he sat and lowered myself as much as I could before my alpha shaking noticeably like a leaf.

“Why do you want to be alpha mate?” He asked.

Why? Why would I want to be his life mate? How could I contain everything I wanted to say? “I— I want to—” A nasty snarl interrupted my words. The bushes not far from us rattled before a familiar white pelt wolf came bounding out of the forest and into the clearing. Naga’s yellow eyes were wild with rage. I may be much bigger than the she wolf, but I feared the look in her gaze when she spotted me in front of the alpha.

“You lied! You said whoever tracked you first would win, but you were following that mutant the whole time!” A vicious sound escaped her as her tail rose stiff behind her in an obvious sign of aggression. I should defend myself, I should show that I could in front of my alpha, but I couldn’t bring myself to stand against her. Never in my life had I felt the urge to hurt another wolf. Hell I apologized to the oak tree I scratched up - I really didn’t mean to be so mean to that poor tree.

“Enough Naga!” A vicious noise emitted from the alpha as he blocked her path, his own tail hiked high in the air while the fur on his back went rigid.

“You cannot take that creature as your alpha mate!” She barked defensively, her tone losing the aggression she’d had only a moment ago.

“You forget your place.” Zora growled and pounced on the she wolf sending her tumbling onto her back, tail tucked between her legs as she whimpered.

Naga’s cries broke my frozen trance. Although I did not like the she wolf, I did understand her desperate drive to be the alpha’s mate. I’d known since the day I had met this pack that she wanted to be with Zora. I had thought at one time they were already mated. I wouldn’t wish to be in her situation. “Alpha, please don’t hurt her.” My gruff voice was as soft as I could possibly make it, my ears flat and my eyes downcast as I made a demand I had no right to make.

Zora grumbled but release her backing up a few steps to allow her to get back to her feet. Her yellow eyes were wary as she watched her alpha, unsure of whether he would change his mind about her punishment. “Naga bare your throat to my mate.” The alpha demanded.

My heart ratched in my chest as I looked at Zora. Me? I was the alpha’s mate? My vision started to swim when I forgot to breath. He’d picked me, I was his choice, all seven plus feet of me. I began to mewl excitedly. I couldn’t stop the sound from spilling out of me. My whole life I thought I’d be alone, but the alpha was claiming me for a life mate. Zora pressed his head against mine, the gesture one of comfort I’d only ever done with my mother. He licked my muzzle comfortingly before looking back at Naga. “Do as I say.” He said with a stern finality.

Naga’s eyes narrowed, becoming hard yellow stone as she robotically tilted her head and bared the weakest part of her body to me and her alpha. I couldn’t help but feel like a snake was looking at me when she glared at me, waiting for a moment to strike me when I was vulnerable. This punishment Zora had given her was much worse than any physical pain he would have inflicted on her.

Together we walked back to the pack, it was a silent trip that I did on all fours so I could be closer to the alpha. Naga stayed far enough behind us that she was still visible but out so hearing range. I wanted to ask Zora so many questions, but I was terrified and confused. What if this was all a dream and I’d fallen off the mountain side getting the herbs again? The very idea of this not being real, really freaked me out. Can you imagine your most desirable wish coming true and then finding out it never happened? No! Of course not cause who would survive that? I didn’t say anything while we walked, I was to afraid to say that wrong thing. I still couldn’t believe I said moose farts in front of him. We arrived in the clearing it was silent, all the other wolves asleep in their dens, unaware their alpha had returned. Zora led the way to his den, the one I’d slept in so comfortably the one night. He stopped at the entrance and shifted into his two form revealing his tall beautiful bronze body that I was starting to think was my favorite of his two forms. He looked at Naga who stood off a little distance from the cave.

“You are no longer welcome in my den.” He said to her. “Ira come.” He walked inside and I watched his beautiful body move.

Holy flying moose farts, I was the alpha mate!

Lol Holy flying moose farts! Don't mind it's getting stranger by the minute :P

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Ira is adorable and so lovable! I won't deny that I hope the mating bite allows him to finally shift. But if it doesn't, the alpha doesn't seem to mind. That Naga must be distantly related to Makayla, tho ... 😆

Edited by Geemeedee
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4 hours ago, Geemeedee said:

Ira is adorable and so lovable! I won't deny that I hope the mating bite allows him to finally shift. But if it doesn't, the alpha doesn't seem to mind. That Naga must be distantly related to Makayla, tho ... 😆

Naga must be related to Makayla lol totally possible with their similar bitchiness. Although Naga might surprise you. 

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I totally agree! Makayla's twin sister!!! Ira has become my favorite wolf! I just love his personality and definitely an omega!! Now I would love to read about his interaction with the pups of the pack 💖💖💖

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Ira needs some confidence in himself.  I do understand the feeling of wanting something so bad and when you get it fearing it is only a dream.  Can't wait for more. Thanks

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I don't think you have to keep apologizing - we are loving the story! Ira is so lovable, how could the alpha not choose him? 

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5 hours ago, elisabeth1 said:

I don't think you have to keep apologizing - we are loving the story! Ira is so lovable, how could the alpha not choose him? 

I'm so glad you love it! 

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I get it.  This is the gay wolf pack shifter version of Beauty and the Beast!  Though the characters don’t exactly align, Naga is Gaston.

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On 10/22/2017 at 3:34 AM, tesao said:

I get it.  This is the gay wolf pack shifter version of Beauty and the Beast!  Though the characters don’t exactly align, Naga is Gaston.

Naga says and I quote "I am much smarter than the idiot that fell off an obviously crumbling building." 

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