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PFTA - 6. Chapter 6 - Show me how to mate.

Mature content, and some awkward Ira moments.

Chapter 6 - Show me how to mate


I was the alpha mate. Walking into the alpha den I felt like I was going to explode, and not just from excitement. My nerves were a bundled mess as I tried to think about all the scenarios and what exactly it meant to tie with another wolf. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had the same seeds and the earth conversation with my mom my sisters had, but I’d never seen anything happen between another mated pair, especially not two male mates. I walked on all fours to where the pelts were, the same ones as before, but I noticed another pile of furs ten feet in the other direction. Had that been there before?

“Ira.” The alpha said. “You have no reason to be afraid.”

Hot puffs of air escaped me faster than I could control. I was mated to the most beautiful alpha male I’d ever imagined, hell I couldn’t even imagine something as beautiful as him. Maybe I could add a panic stage to my emotional guide? I really really wanted to panic right about—

“Ira?” A soft hand touched my muzzle, my alpha had moved to my side without me even realizing. What was wrong with me? I leaned my head into his gentle touch, a soft rumble releasing from my throat. Oh dear mother nature I’d never felt anything as amazing as this. “You have never tied before.” It wasn’t a question, he knew that I was.

“No alpha, I’ve never—” A nervous grunt escaped. Would the floor possibly open up and take me away from my embarrassment? Maybe I should be truthful with my alpha? He was my lifemate, he should know every detail about me, right? “Well there was times I would touch my—” Why did that sound as good when I said it out loud as it had in my head? Another gruff noise escaped me and I realized with dread that I had the hiccups. NO! This wasn’t a dream it was a nightmare.

Zora knelt down in front of me so our eyes were practically level. “Why do you want to be my mate Ira?” He asked, his black eyes shining with what could only be humor.

His throat and shoulders were bare and so close, his scent made my brain feel like I was about to pass out. Instinctively I pushed my maw under his chin and towards his throat and shoulders, bathing in the rich aroma of bark and earth. “Home,” I said drowsily as his scent started to work its way into my body. I wanted, I wanted— I didn’t want to each. No, I wanted him to touch me. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to touch myself. Was I say that this out loud?

“You are not used to my pheromones.” A distorted rumble escaped Zora as he rubbed his face along my neck and jaw the same way I did his. It was the most intimate contact I’d ever had with another wolf and my body pulsed with heat. “And I am not used to yours.” He murmured roughly, sounding as drunk as I did. Suddenly I was pushed backwards, a gently shove that forced me to fall back on his thick pile of pelts. My body felt like it was floating, maybe I was floating cause all I felt was this intense need deep in my gut and groin and behind my tail? Zora leaned over my large body, almost equal in to me in his two from. His black gaze burned with a hot intensity, that only made me squirm on the bedding. “What form do you prefer me in?” He said roughly as he shoved his nose into my belly tracking my scent down lower, and lower, and lower, and OH HELL THAT WAS LOW! I squawked as his face found my groin, the sensitive area lighting up with pleasure as he did— what was he doing, oh that felt good.

“This…. form…. alpha.” I panted/growled out my response as he continued to do something amazing to me.

A rumbled came from Zora that vibrated through all the right places. I’m not sure what you’d call the sound I made, but it was not something I’d ever done before in my life. It seemed to please my alpha, because he picked up his head from what he was doing and smiled the most gorgeous smile at me. “Do you enjoy this Ira?” His hands pet over my belly and my hip soothingly, and teasingly. I didn’t want him to pet me, I wanted him to keep doing what he’d been doing.

“YES!” I barked. “Don’t stop anything! Do something, I don’t know do everything.” I said with the desperation of a squirrel in lost in a heaven of nuts.

A clear laugh escaped the alpha before I was flipped with ease onto my stomach, my rear end facing my mate. I looked over my shoulder with a confused glance, my ears perked forward as I tried to figure out what he was doing beneath my tail— OH MOTHER GREEN NATURE! Another sound escaped me as my alpha licked— well you know, under my tail! He was doing things to my body I’d never even dreamed about and I didn’t want him to ever stop. I pushed my rear towards him, trying to chase the amazing sensation he was causing to stir deep in my belly. I felt something brewing deep inside me that wanted to boil over, and spill out of me. The alpha tugged my tail sharply, dulling the overwhelming need that was taking over my body.

“Easy my omega.” He said in a deep growl.

I looked over my shoulder again beyond excited to feel what he would do to me next. I wiggled my behind just to give him a small hint of where I’d liked him the most. I’d really really really liked whatever that was the most. A laugh escaped him as he put a strong hand on my hip to keep me still. “Alpha?” Was that my voice? Was I panting?

“Mine.” He growled deeply, his black eyes burning possessively as he put a hand on my lower back and pushed inside—- NOPE I change my mind this was by far my favorite thing! Uncontrolled I shoved myself back onto him, forcing him all the way inside me without a moment to waste. A wild noise ripped from my alpha and he leaned over me, covering my back with his body as he began to move.

This was so much more than I’d ever dreamed of, I never wanted my alpha to stop what he was doing. Groaning loudly I matched his movements feeling that overwhelming pressure build up again in my belly. Was I going to explode? It felt like I was going to burst into a million pieces. That couldn’t physically be possible. “Alpha?” Was I asking him a question, I didn’t know, but what was happening to me?

“My omega.” He growled, lost in the same current I was in. I didn’t care, his words only made the burning heat inside me hotter. I felt pressure build where we were connected. Alpha growled deep as he worked a tight knot deep inside me, pushing on everything that was making me lose my mind.

“Zora,” I was nervous, hell I was terrified of the thing building inside of me. I’d never felt this way in my entire life. A soft hand moved down my side as he soothed the panic welling up inside me.

“Breath my mate.” He said deeply before he buried his fangs into the crook of my shoulder.

Everything spilled over at once, onto the pelts, inside me, and my blood into my alphas mouth. I howled as the most intense sensations I’d ever felt coursed through me and tinged every nerve in my body. I rode out the waves as the pulsed through my body, the strong jaw latched onto my shoulder only made me feel like I was in heaven. Hell with use my stages of grief, I’d just do this with my alpha when I was upset.




I woke up curled around my alpha, his strong arms wrapped around me like a protective cage. I hummed contentedly in the wolf’s embrace. Nothing compared to being held, accepted, and wanted. I pushed my nose under his chin and along his shoulder, his wonderful scent filling my senses as I nuzzled him. Zora moaned softly as his hand came up to stroke over my face. Wait my face? My hand came up to touch— My hand? A terrified bark escaped me as I scrambled up into a sitting position. “GIANT DEER BALLS!” I shouted, my voice no longer a harsh growl but a soft song. Zora growled as he came away, the smell of my fear startling him. He scanned the den for danger before his black eyes landed on me. The alpha's eyes widened comically as he took in my two form.

“Ira?” He asked skeptically.

I nodded enthusiastically as I looked at my hands and feet— OH THANK MOTHER I have toes! I wiggled the little digits and laughed at how tiny they were. They weren’t the only small thing I realized as I looked at my very massive alpha. I was small, very small only five feet tall with thin pale limbs. I was smaller than even my sisters! “I’m the size of a squirrel!” I cried. WHY does mother nature hate me!

Zora snorted a laugh as he soothed a hand over my face and shoulders, stopping at the place he’d marked me the night before. “You are—” He stopped lost for words. I couldn’t help the soft moan that broke free as he touched me all over, inspecting my new form. I had changed for the first time in my life and the only thing I really cared about was if my alpha appreciated my new body. I didn’t know what caused me to finally shift, but I wouldn’t look a happy goat in the eye. “Alpha I’m not killing you with my face am I?” I was afraid to ask the question, but I was used to the answer. Even if I wasn’t an attractive wolf in my two form at least I was able to have it.

A strangled sound came out of my alpha and he paused his explorations to look into my eyes. “Mine. You are mine.” He growled deeply before slamming his mouth to mine in a possessive kiss.

It seemed I really liked kissing too. My mouth opened on a gasp as I let his tongue into battle along with mine. The same excited head I’d felt last night poured into my belly and my skin was more sensitive now that it was bare. I felt so naked in this form, but it was worth it to feel my alpah’s hands rub over my back and down to my naked rump. Wild excitement filled me as Zora broke the kiss and easily picked me up and put me onto my back among the soft pelts. I squirmed against the fur as it tickled my back, but I forgot about it when my alpha grabbed my legs and spread them wide to inspect my lower half. Was he going to do that thing again? More heat ran through my veins as I thought about the amazing things he’d done the night before. My alpha growled again, the noise almost constant as he pulled my behind onto his lap. What was he— he pushed himself deep inside of me with one large thrust, my body sucking him in like nectar. “ALPHA!” I bowed my back, the experience even more overwhelming than the night before. My small hands scrambled to hold onto something. Zora pulled me up and sat me on his lap allowing my arms to wrap around his neck as he thrust frantically into my body. Mewling I couldn’t help rubbing against him, my groin trapped between his body as mine. This was amazing, even better than in my other form. I felt completely owned by my mate as he tied with me. Could this be the only thing I did ever again? Could you blame me if this is all I wanted to do?

Pressure pushed inside me, swelling in my body as his knot began to tie us together. I didn’t stop moving frantically against him, shoving my face into his jaw as I came completely apart in his arms. Grunting, Zora laid us down on the bedding, our bodies still joined as he came down from the same wild craze I’d felt. He ran his hand over my cheek and smiled. “The perfect mate.”

My heart jumped happily in my chest as I lay my head down on her chest. “I’m the luckiest wolf alive.” I said, breathing in his scent and enjoying our connection as I dozed off.



“Ira, mate. You are heavy.”

I woke to my alpha’s grunt of discomfort. Opening my eyes I realized I was still laying on him, but he was much smaller now...NO! BEAVER SHIT! NO NO NO!!! I was in my other form again, my huge black, furry middle form. I wanted to cry, the depression stage overwhelming all my other stages of grief. I’d only had a short time before I was back in my same ugly body. Why was mother nature so cruel to me?

I rolled off my mate not able to keep the sounds of dismay from rumbling out of my chest. I didn’t sound like a soft spoken angel anymore, I was back to growling like a beast again. I hadn’t even had one day to enjoy the differences in my other form. My mates face pressed into mine as he rumbled comforting noises.

“Both your forms please me. Do not be sad you are in this one.” He said as he spread his scent along my jawline, reassuring me.

The pain in my heart dulled as my alpha comforted me. I had changed, so it was possible to change back and even if I didn’t I had the only thing I needed to be happy.

HOLY MOTHER GREEN NATURE. Thanks for reading about crazy ira so far. :) 

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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I've decided I want to learn to swear like Ira.  Just maybe Ira will be special and have 3 forms instead of two.  Love it. Thanks

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Ira is so special! It's the first story I've read on GA where the main character is a wolf with personality and lots of spunk 💝💖. Totally love this story 

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6 hours ago, Smoothy said:

Ira is so special! It's the first story I've read on GA where the main character is a wolf with personality and lots of spunk 💝💖. Totally love this story 

I'm so happy to hear that! Ira is an individual that's for sure. I wanted him to have his own distinct personality that would stand out even without him being stuck between two forms. 

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7 hours ago, booklove said:

Joy! He is so sweet. I am absolutely awaiting his wolfform. I think its gonna be gorgeous.

Oh it is!

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