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PFTA - 8. Chapter 8 - I need a friend

Chapter 8 - I need a friend

Thankfully I found the little brown pup not far away, but I think I might have shaved at least three years off my life when I’d started to panic. The brown pups name was Azya, and to my utter horror I found out she was Naga’s one and only pup with Zora. I watched as she played with the others in the small clearing, nipping and tugging at the others as they all became a massive puppy pile. In my last pack I’d never gotten so close to the babies, I’d always been excluded from all the usual pack activities, especially watching the pups. That was something I couldn’t give my mate, that was something Naga would always have.

“Do you believe Naga will give up?” Comira said from not far away, talking loud enough she knew I’d hear her. There was no way she wasn’t oblivious to me sitting only twenty feet away.

One of the females snorted. “Doubtful! She’s wanted to be with Zora since they were pups.”

It was Teza this time, her and Comira were equally as distasteful, but what they were talking about was something I wanted to hear. I hadn’t known that my alpha and Naga had been pups together. How had they known each other that long and not have mated? My stomach twisted as I thought of the possibilities. Could my alpha change his mind? No! That’s absolutely stupid to even consider.

“She did everything short of killing the competition to become alpha bitch. God, nobody wanted to deal with her if they won. I feel bad for the poor boy, she’s going to make his life a living hell.” Dey, the older wolf and mother the Kep said as she tanned a deer hide.

“It’s a waste for our alpha to be with a male, especially a deformed one that can’t even keep up with the hunting party.” Comira sniggered and Teza joined in.

“Naga will probably ask for second choice,” Miram added.

“You shouldn’t listen to them.” Alloy said as he walked up beside me in his second form, his black skin equally as dark as his pelt. He sat down beside me watching the pups wrestle in the dirt. “They don’t know what they are talking about.”

“I think they want me to hear them.” I said lowly so they wouldn’t hear me, because yeah I was good with confrontation. “Besides, I’m learning things about the alpha.”

A derisive snort came from the large wolf and his gold eyes narrowed. “You’re learning to listen to bitches gossip. It will hurt you if you let it.”

I pushed my foot into the dirt awkwardly not sure what to say. The females weren’t being mean, they just feared me. I’d understood that a long time ago. Females never liked me to walk up on them when they didn’t expect it, or to be around their pups. Not that I could blame them I wasn’t exactly normal. Besides, I didn’t have anyone else to talk to or listen to. “I may pretend I’m one of them when I listen, but only sometimes.” I said quickly. Mother, he was going to think I was screwy as a coon that ate shit.

Alloy’s yellow eyes widened before a soft chuckle escaped him and then a full blown laugh that caught the pups attention. “You are the strangest wolf I’ve ever met Ira. You should talk to the alpha if you want to learn about him.”

He had a good point I should talk to my mate if I wanted to learn more about him, but I got the impression my mate didn’t like to talk...much. He was the stoic quiet type that was all, he’d talk more as he got to know me I was positive. Also I could talk a lot for the both of us. “I wish I could have stayed with him today. I didn’t mean to be a hinderance, I just want to be the best mate I can be. I never thought I would get the chance to be anyone's mate, especially not an alpha’s.” It felt nice talking to him, I hadn’t had anyone to talk to since I joined this pack, not like I’d had my siblings.

“Ira I want to show you something.”

“Oh!” Excitement radiated through me and I tried to not wag my tail to quickly. “What is it?” I loved surprises. I should rephrase that - I love good surprises - finding out you might have stepped in your sisters poo wasn’t a good surprise.

“Follow me.” He ran off into the woods.

I looked at the pups and saw the females looking at me. “I’m going now.” I said waving awkwardly. They really didn’t like me who was I kidding. Dropping to all fours I followed into the woods excited to see what he was going to show me. I kept close to him as he weaved in and out of the trees running in short bursts before walking again. I tried to come up with what he wanted to show me? I hope it wasn’t something dead. My brothers loved to show me dead things they’d found in the woods, I’d never gotten the appeal. It was a rotten corpse and it smelt bad, what was the big surprise?

Alloy brought us to a thick part of the woods, the vines and bushes think underneath the trees. It was hard to walk through, but I followed closely behind me and the sound of rushing water started to become discernible. Where was the beta wolf talking me? Following his dark coat through the thicket I was amazed when we came out the other side. A massive crystal clear pond sat in a clearing surrounded by thick trees and brush. A small waterfall poured into the reserve on one end, adding to the tranquility of the beautiful area. “Moose farts! THIS. IS. AMAZING!” I barked enthusiastically. How had he found this place? It was amazing, like mother nature's heaven.

Alloy grinned, baring his fangs in a goofy smile most wolves didn’t attempt in their fourth form. “Only me and Zora know about this place. It’s the perfect place to come when you need some peace.” He said and then shifted back into his second form. “How about a swim.” Alloy dived into the clear water without waiting for me to respond.

My tail wagged so fast I felt my butt sway to keep up with the excited pace. Howling I jumped into the water after the beta, completely forgetting about everything else. I’d never had a friend before.



I’d spent a few hours in the clearing with Alloy. He had told me about the pack and the history, but he also talked about his friendship with the alpha. It hadn’t just been Naga who had grown up with my mate, but Alloy as well. The level of friendship that he told me about had made me crave something just as amazing. I wanted friends, real friends not just to pretend I had them when they were bitching about me. Yeah even I had to admit that probably wasn’t healthy.

I went to my den when I returned, laying in the furs exhausted and excited to see my alpha. Oh shit, how could I have forgotten what happened earlier? I’d almost forgotten about the complete faux pas I’d made. Almost being squashed by a tree should be more memorable, and disappointing my alpha. I’d kinda wanted to forget that. Should I just pretend it didn’t—

“Ira?” His soft rumbled made me jump as I startled out of my own head. I need to get a grip on myself before he thought I was crazy. Zora walked into the den carrying a doe over his shoulder. He deposited the deer a few feet away from our bed before approaching where I sat. His black eyes were the same as always, so cool and steady. He was the calm steady river and I was the whirlpool that had no idea where it was going.

He leaned down and rubbed his face gently into the side of my cheek, his simple gesture made up for the hard reality from that morning. His affection reminded me that he didn’t seem me as a complete waste to the pack. I wanted to be more than a “the monster that watched the pups and dug the dens”. “I’m sorry about—”

“No,” He interrupted me. “I should apologize to you. I am this pack’s alpha, but I am your mate and I hurt you today. When you asked me to join the hunting party I had not expected it. I thought you would prefer to stay at the dens with the pups and other pack members.” He pulled back to look straight into my eyes. Zora smiled softly, “I have never had a mate before, but I would like to learn how to be the best mate for you.”

A gurgled noise choked out of me as I wrapped my arms around the man and pulled him down in a huge bear hug. I’d spent the whole day wondering what it would take to become the best mate for him and he had done the exact same. Rumbling happily I licked his face with wild happy kissed that caused my alpha to laugh in a loud husky chortle. It was the most amazing sound that I wanted to hear as often as possible.


“How many pups do you have?” I asked a little later as I chew on the deer meat my mate had provided. Thank god I’d found him when I had, cause if I hadn’t I’d probably have starved another few weeks alone. Rabbits only nourished someone my size for awhile. Zora lay beside me in his second form completely full and content after eating. I’d built up the courage to ask that question only when I’d seen him begin to doze.

“Four, three are from one litter and one was born singularly.” He said while looking at me patiently. “What has made you curious?”

“Well….I thought I’d lost one of your pups today, but I found her right away she wasn’t far at all just didn’t see her and I panicked, but I’d never lose any of the pups. I love the pups.” Yeah that was definitely not what I’d wanted to say. I just needed to uncram my tail from my mouth…”I found out she was Naga’s.” Yup and that was not supposed to come out.

“Yes, Azya. She was the boone that Naga called for when she won the title of alpha bitch.”

Boone? Wasn’t that treasure? Confused I tried to come up with a way to tell him I had no idea what he meant. “So you gave her a really nice white pelt….” I trailed off hoping he’d understand I was fishing for deeper explanations, because I was working with tadpoles.

“No my mate,” Zora smirked, the expression causing my belly to tighten and my groin to— Hairy moose ball hairy moose balls, focus focus not time to tie. “She requested that I sire her first litter. Azya was the only pup that came of the union.”

The bitter taste filled my mouth again and I realized now with complete clarity that I was jealous. Every time I saw Naga touch my mate, rub her stupid head all over his jaw like a hog in shit, I wanted to — Wow that was a violent thought, keep that one locked away deep deep deeeeeeep inside my head. “I’m glad you chose me alpha. I know that I’m not normal and I might cause you trouble, but I’m so happy that I’m your mate.” The words poured out of me, gushing like my full heart.

“Ira you are already proving to be the perfect mate for me.” Zora said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me down onto the furs. My mate nipped at my jaw, his love bites making my heart race in my chest. Rumbling I let him touch me all over, his hands gliding over my body making my blood thrum in my veins and my breaths come out in pants. He nipped his way down my neck and shoulders making a trail of tingling bites down my chest and towards my straining— OH YES That was still amazing! I clenched my jaw to keep from howling.

Zora stopped and looked at me, his coal eyes intense. “Ira, let the pack hear you.” He said before he sucked me back in. I would never disobey my alpha, I unclenched my jaw and howled my pleasure.


I had paws! Full blown four form paws. I stared down at my limbs flexing my pads. When I’d woke up I’d been different, smaller again, at first I thought I’d changed into my second form, but I’d felt my tail begin to wag and knew I’d changed into something else. Zora slept soundly beside me as I lay in complete amazement in my new form. What could possibly be causing me to change? I’d spent my whole life trying and in the past few days I’d achieved both forms. What did I look like? My legs were long and thin, I could tell that much, and I wasn’t very tall. Short in this form too?! I was a huge monster in my normal form, but in these bodies I was practically no bigger than a pup.

“Ira,” My mate rumbled beside me making that happy sound that I was starting to fall in love with. “My omega, you’re beautiful.” He pet over my ears and neck.

Oh mother, thank you for giving me this form. I leaned into his soft touch, wishing he’d change into his four form so that I could indulge on the simple experiences I’d missed so far in my life. “Alpha, will you run with me?” I asked, extreme excitement causing my tail to pound on the ground.

Zora smiled playfully before he shifted right where he lay, his silver coat and black tipped ears and muzzle. I yipped enthusiastically and bounced up onto my new paws, I wobbled for a second as the world felt so much bigger from my short position. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss my height, but only because I was used to it! I took a few steps and then a few more before I was loping small circles around my mate, burying my face under his throat and inhaling from my comfortable position. This was the most rewarding experience about my change. Zora rumbled affectionately before nipping my ear and running out of the den. I was playing tag with my mate in my four form. The realization made me howl as I chased after him with a clumsy gait.

I chased after his black tipped tail, thinking about tying with him once I caught him. I didn’t see her until she stopped dead in front of me blocking my path to my alpha. Panicked I skid to a halt as my heart raced in fear instead of joy. Naga growl viciously unaware of who I was. Split slick teeth snapped as she stalked towards me, and I felt the change in my body as I turned back into the monster I had been born. As my limbs grew and shifted I realized what had changed me back—


I'm expelling my inner strange through Ira :P

Copyright © 2017 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.

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"I'm expelling my inner strange with Ira :P "


and i'm so glad you are share it with us >cheep, cheep<

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So extreme emotional swings trigger his physical changes? It's weird that he hasn't discussed this with the alpha, to try to learn to control it.

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Ira is learning so much about himself as he enjoys the journey as the alpha mate.  I wonder if Naga might feel a little "inferior" because she had a litter with only one pup? 

I have to say, I loved Ira's remembering his brothers wanting to show him dead things,  I mean hairy moose balls, it's just a rotten corpse.

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28 minutes ago, Geemeedee said:

So extreme emotional swings trigger his physical changes? It's weird that he hasn't discussed this with the alpha, to try to learn to control it.

He didn’t know until then that was what caused the change and so far the only thing that’s changed him back while he’s awake was fear. He still doesn’t know what changes him into his other forms. 

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:blink: Happiness, comfort and love changes him into his two and four shapes, fear, anxiety and hate induces his hybrid shape. 

Edited by Timothy M.
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16 minutes ago, Timothy M. said:

:blink: Happiness, comfort and love changes him into his two and four shapes, fear, anxiety and hate induces his hybrid shape. 


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