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Posing for the Pack - 4. Chapter 4 - Tired much?

Wow, I lagged on this chapter! Sorry about that guys. No worries back to my normal schedule so be prepared for the next update :heart: 



"You're looking a little dead inside."

I stared ahead at my brother while my pups lay beside me curled around each other in their soft bed of fur Zora had got them the day after their birth. Granted I tended to curl around them on our furs instead of laying them on their own, but it was only because I didn’t want to be far away. I’d become so used to their presence inside me I didn’t want to be to far away from them while I slept. But back to what Koda had said, yeah I did look like I was dead inside. My blue eyes once crystal with youth were bloodshot with lack of sleep, my ears usually perked up with curiosity, lay flat against my skull while I dream about sleep, and my nipples hurt. I crossed my arms over my chest so Koda couldn’t make fun of my swollen nubs, because he would definitely make fun of them if he noticed...the bastard. “I do not look dead inside, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” True, I was really happy, like so happy I could probably fart a rainbow and sing a beautiful song, but I was exhausted. My pups were very active and they needed a lot of attention. Between feeding, cleaning, and just general love and care they took a lot out of me.

“I can see your nipples. You look like you’ve been feeding a mutant army.” Koda gasped out a laugh as he doubled over in his second form.

“Skoll eats more than any creature I’ve ever seen.” I glared at my largest pup who was currently curled around his omega brother Hati. Their black and white coats contrasted in a bright clash and I had noticed that they tended to be close to each other. Vana and Edda would squiggle about until they too became part of the puppy pile, but only after Skoll and Hati had formed one. Skoll was my fat pup, who loved to eat, maybe even more than I did and that was a very scary thought because I loved food. Hati was quiet and steady only ever whimpering lightly when he was hungry or bothered. Vana was my loud pup crying out when he was in need for something. Then there was Edda, she was an alpha like her brothers and just as fierce so far as either of them. Skoll had sat on her head the other day in his attempt to get to food before her only to have her growl and bat at him irritably.
“Your pup has the same appetite
at you!” Koda gasped out another laugh.

“I hope you roll in rabbit shit and die.” Not really, but seriously he needed to stop laughing at me while my nipples were so sore. “To be honest Koda, I’m so happy.” I gushed as I watched my little ones sleep peacefully in their puppy pile. Don’t get me wrong though, birthing them was the absolute worst experience of my life yet to date. Well, what little I remembered of it. I still can’t believe that I was dama. It was hard for me to take in sometimes I just couldn’t breathe through it all.

“Earth to Ira.” My brother barked as he waved his hand around in my face. “You have this far away lost look on your stupid face. Thinking about how lucky you are?" Koda teased.

“Yeah soooo lucky to have sore nipples. Did you know your nipples could hurt bad enough to keep you awake at night? I accidentally rolled on them in my sleep and I thought I was being tortured as little mice bit into my nipples in one of the worst nightmares of my life!” Panting I finished my little tirade with a flourish as I stared at my sibling. The nightmare had been pretty terrifying, Zora had had to wake me up when I started shouting ‘NOT THE NIPPLES!!’ Yeah to say my mate had been shocked was an understatement.

Koda stared at me with wide green eyes as he shook his head. “You’re messed up. Seriously why would you—”

“You tell someone that?” Svara interjected as she walked up on our little family chat. In the past few days I hadn’t seen much of the luperci female, but I hadn’t done much but watch over my mini me’s constantly. Zora had told me last night that there was a lot still left unsaid among the pack members and the luperci females and I had to agree that he was right. At the moment I was rejecting thoughts about Hexis and Lathos and everything that came with them, I didn’t want them to ruin my bliss that I was currently swathed in. I didn’t want the evil of what we were dealing with to ruin this amazing moment in my life. No I wouldn’t let it ruin it, I refused!

“He was making fun of them.” I grumbled referring to my poor nipples. Mother, but Skoll went at them like he was going to die before his next meal the greedy little shit. He was most definitely my pup. I’d bred a monster!

Svara snorted and sat down in her luperci form beside Koda, her size drawfing my sibling in her current form. “Well they aren’t your average pups born like they are.” She looked at the pups with sparkling yellow eyes that belied her humor, the bitch.

“Born like they are?” Forgetting all about my sore nipples I looked at Svara with narrowed blue eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?” I barely kept the growl out of my words.

“Calm your tits,” she snorted a laugh before looking pointedly at my sore chest. “I only meant that pups aren’t normally born in their luperci form it’s very rare, and taboo in the kingdom.”

Koda growled outright, his green eyes snapping fire as he scooted away from the female slightly. “Taboo? What the hoofs fuck does that mean?”

Sighing she didn’t look at him but focused on me instead. “For fuck sake. I only mean that it’s rare for pups to be bore in their luperci form and when they are there only tends to be one and yet you had an entire litter of pups born in their luperci form. That’s beyond rare that’s impossible.”

Impossible? They weren’t supposed to be born in this form? I looked down to my pups and ran a soothing hand over Hati’s back as he stirred in his sleep. I’d always figured they were all born in this form and then changed as they got older into their other forms. Had I been wrong? I didn’t want to ask about Hexis pack about the evil that I knew would follow if I got the answer. Why did everything have to come back to the luperci? Couldn’t I just pretend for a little that they didn’t exist, that they weren’t a threat we still had to fear. Still my stomach churned as I thought about myself and what I was and all the answers I’d craved to puzzle of my life. What she was saying had to do with me and how I’d been born. “It’s rare you said,” I looked between her and Koda before continuing. “Then what happens to the pups that are born that way in Hexis pack?” To pups that couldn’t change when it was forbidden to ever take that form if you weren’t an alpha.

“Who cares! It’s not like we listen to that bastards laws.” Koda said quickly staring sharply at Svara as if demanding her to keep her mouth shut. Yeah right like he was capable of that in any form.

“I want to know, Koda. Tell me. What did they do to them?”

Svara sighed as she looked down at my pups. “They killed them. I’m sure that’s why you were a foundling. Your dama probably couldn’t bare the idea of them killing you and instead gave you up.” The female took in a deep breath. “I want you to know I don’t agree with what they did Ira. I would never hurt your pups. Hell I would die to protect them because they deserve a protector just like any pup does.”

Numb I didn’t say anything. I mean can you blame me? Mother, but I was supposed to be dead. How many before me had perished because of a genetic abnormality they couldn’t help but be born with? Had my dama not saved me I wouldn’t be here today. He had saved my life and I’d never get the chance to say anything to him. What about my pups? Worry started to twist my gut into painful knots. Svara had said it was rare for pups to be born in their luperci form, did that mean there was something wrong with my litter? I didn’t think so, they all seemed so healthy, especially Skoll’s fat greedy ass, I was going to deem him the nipple destroyer. That was besides the point — Did it just mean they were like me? What exactly did it mean to be born in luperci form? “What does it mean to be born in luperci form?” I asked looking back at Svara.

She shrugged. “It’s an abnormality as far as I know. You said you had a hard time changing into your other forms so there is a possibility that it has something to do with your base form.” Her yellow eyes shifted down to the little bodies that were starting to squirm awake, something like envy shinned in her eyes as she watched them. “I wouldn’t worry too much Ira. Your pups are just a fucking perfect as their dama. It’s Hexis and his pack that is broken not you.”

Koda barked out an agreement and shifted abruptly into his four form to walk over to the pups and curl around them protectively. His protective instincts were only third to mine and Zora’s I imagined. “They are the biggest fucking turds on the earth if they think there is anything wrong with Ira’s pups.” Koda snarled passionately.

Mother, I loved my brother. I could only wish my other siblings were as devoted to me as Koda had been. Regardless of why they had chosen to forget me at least I could say he hadn’t and wouldn’t leave me. An affectionate rumble formed in my chest as I leaned down and licked a loving swipe across the top of Koda’s head. He didn’t say anything but I saw the slight twitch in his tail and knew he understood and felt the same way. He might be a colossal bisson sized pain in my ass but I loved him a lot.

“Like I said there is nothing to worry about, the pups don’t look near as fugly as you so that’s a win.” Svara cackled evilly.

I was not fugly…. Right? “I’m not ugly…. Zora thinks I’m beautiful.” Trump that one bitch, my alpha has good taste.

“He also speaks funny and has a hard on for massive luperci omegas with big mouths.” The she wolf teased.

Granted all of that was pretty spot on. “Doesn’t matter then I might be ugly but I’m one fucking lucky ugly luperci who couldn’t be happier.” Well, that wasn’t completely true. I could be happier if we didn’t still have Lathos and Hexis threat hanging over our heads, and if I knew where Dey was. Still even with everything I was so blissfully happy to have my pups out of my body I could eat a hundred squirrels. NO! Two hundred squirrels, but I had to give them time to repopulate after Lahtos and his alphas killed so many of them— the fucking killjoys.



One weeks after the pups birth I was dying to get out of my den. NO. I was gnawing my leg off. Was it possible to die from lack of outside time? Was that a thing? If it wasn’t I was going to make it one even if I had to kill Zora with my complaining. He was the reason I had pups, it should be his turn to watch them while I did anything else. “Ouch! Skoll stop that!” I groused as I tried to get my fat ass child off my chest for the tenth time in the last hour. Mother but the male was worse than me! Hati, his white omega brother mewled and pulled at Skolls tail trying to get his attention. They were wobbling on four legs at this point, just like Heza and Sora had said they would until they were about a year old. Till then they would walk like any other pup would. “Alright that’s it! I’m going outside. You all are coming along.” Getting up I picked up my little bundles and made sure to situate Skoll as far from my poor abused nipples as possible, the pup was a demon. It wouldn’t hurt them to be around the other pups for awhile and I needed to get out of the den before I turned into a potato and started saying carrots over and over again. I have no idea where that imagery had come from but I swear it had something to do with being surrounded by so many walls.

Vana, Edda and Hati all settled into my arms quietly while Skoll squirmed to find the food source. “Help, help, help.” I tried to grasp all four of them as Skoll kept squirming among them making it hard to get a good grip. I stumbled out of the den trying to keep all four of my pups in my arms as I walked outside. Why had I thought this would be a good idea? Granted my brain was starting to turn into a oozing tumor the longer I stayed in the den, so I could blame it on that if anything. “Skoll you demon, my nipples aren’t an all you can eat.” He didn’t seem to care because my little boy kept squirming and triggered a revolt among his siblings. Oh poopy duck butts they were going to— “Halp! Halp halp halp!” I barked as I tried to keep all of them in my arms and failing miserably.

Strong arms plucked two of the four pups out of my arms making my struggle so much easier. Zora barked out a laugh as he held Skoll’s squirming body along with Hati’s calm still one in his arms. “Where are you going little one?” He chuckled as his pup kept squirming against his chest. My heart stuttered in my chest as I watched my mate hold our pups. Mother but nothing was more amazing. Zora leaned down and nipped gently at his son's ear causing our pup to whine irritably before settling down. The little traitor was such a sires boy.

“I figured I’d go see the other damas before my head exploded from boredom and my nipples fell off.” I hefted Vana and Edda up as I got a better grip on them. “Also I wanted to talk to the females… the luperci ones.”

“Your nipples fall off?” His black eyes drifted down to my chest where my sore nipples were thankfully hidden by my coat. Shaking his head he seemed to move on to the next subject. “I do not want you to worry about the Luperci. That is my burden to bear.”

“Alpha, this is something we all have to bear together. I want to help. I need to.” I did need to help. I knew now that Lathos was brought here after he followed Svara’s trail, but it had been my scent that drew him here. “Besides I still need to talk to them about… well everything since I’ve come to the pack.”

Alpha sighed and moved closer to me till we were pressed together our pups pressed snuggly between us. “Ira, my little one, you always help.” Zora pressed his face along the side of mine, his affection caused the warm spread of love to overwhelm my heart. “I could not have a better mate,” he licked a swatch across my muzzle and I returned the kiss, licking gently at his lips. Mother but I was the luckiest living creature, I had my mate, my pups, and yeah even my pack despite everything.

“I love you so much alpha.” Sighing through the happiness that kept pulsing through me I looked down at our pups. Their little luperci forms were snuggled up close to our chests as they mewled softly, wanting to get down. “I love all of you so much.”

Zora growled deep and happily before nipping my jaw lovingly. “Come little ones let us take your dama to play.” He laughed when I nipped at his cheek. We walked to the den where all the dama’s and pups stayed. Majority of the time the females huddled the pups together during the day so that a few females could watch them while other dama’s went about their day doing tasks. We walked up together as the she wolves were settling the pups of various ages together to play. Some of those females were luperci but I noticed now they wore their wolfs skin. Was it out of habit or were they uncomfortable to be in their other form. Svara I had noticed had no problem walking around in her luperci form, she wore it like it was a badge of honor. We walked up to where the pups were and settled ours on the ground so that the little ones could get their first look at the new alpha and omega heirs. Skoll wobbled onto four legs like he’d been walking for months instead of days. Edda and Vana both yipped and mewled as they tried to attempt what their other sibling was doing lifting their little paws in cute attempts to stand only to wobble and fall back down again. Hati didn’t attempt, my little omega pup was more than content to lay there watching his litter mates pudder around. The other pups from the pack converged on our pups like a sudden tidal wave, the older pups taking care to snip at their small luperci bodies as curiosity drove them to find out how different they were.

“Look at their paws!”

“Their legs are so long!”

“They are so big!” Gex, one of the older pups said. I had to admit in comparison our pups were bigger than newborns were, they were the size of a 3 month old pup versus a newborn — and didn’t I know how big they were from personal experience after I pushed them out of my—

“They are ugly, like the monster mate.” Azya snipped poking Skoll harshly with her brown puppy nose causing my wobbling alpha pup to tumble over dramatically. Silence reigned as the other pups looked at Naga’s pup.


Yeah I’d heard Naga call me that a time or two, Monster Mate, Ugly, Scary, the list went on although she wasn’t as creative as others in the past so it didn’t sting as much. I didn’t really care about the slurrs others called me behind my back, not that I had much reason to anymore since I was far from the only luperci in this pack, but Naga’s distaste for me wasn’t about what I was and I think every adult wolf knew that at this point. I was in no way going to allow Naga’s daughter treat my pups the way she treated me, I’d eat a two tailed skunk first! “Azya—” I growled on for Alpha’s deep growl to shroud my own. He shifted down to all fours in only a few seconds, standing over the pups he was much more capable of picking up Azya in an easy grasp of her neck before shaking her a little as he growled and plopped her down in a not to soft drop.

“You disappoint me, Azya. They are your pack mates. You will sit away from the other pups for today to think about what you are without your pack.” His words were deep and measured causing the other pups to look up with big round eyes and ears flattened to their skulls with intimidation. Azya was no better than the other pups her eyes wide like puddles and body shaking with a mix of fear and sorrow, it was obvious the pup hadn’t thought her actions through before she’d done them. I kinda felt bad for her, it was probably hard with a pissy bitch like Naga as her dama.

“Y-yes alpha sire.” She mewled sadly, her tiny pup tail tucked between her legs as she walked to the edge of the circle where she would sit alone for the remainder of the day.

A little growling barking noise made me look at Skoll who had wobbled back up to his paws with the help of little Hati who’d found it in himself to get up and go to his brother on equally unstable puppy legs. Vana and Edda didn’t seem to bother getting as far as Hati and Skoll had their little tails wagged in excitement as the pups licked and cooed happily over the new additions to their group. Zora came back over to my side and I sat down to be on his level where I could see the anger smoldering in his black eyes. “Naga holds such excessive anger it has begun to poison her pup with it.”

“Well… partially I think Naga is just uhhhh… antisocial to put it mildly, and I think she holds a grudge against me more for my position than my looks. Anyways now that the crickets legs are broke and all the females are revealed I doubt she’s going to openly make comments anymore.” Well that and I think she and Svara might have something brewing between them. The female alpha was chasing after the alpha bitch like her tail was on fire. The whole thought brought back memories of them talking about the time Svara had— ughh I couldn’t even think about it without my brain shriveling up into a dried turd. Naga’s sex life was the last thing I wanted to think about.

“You are likely right my mate, but I still do not condone her behavior around the pups. I am not less luperci than you or the females. The wolves in our pack must learn to live with us and find no prejudice.”

Yeah that was as likely as fish flying and me shitting a rainbow— no wait, it would be like me shitting a double rainbow with a pot of squirrels at the end of it. Definitely a more accurate assumption on my part. “I doubt that will ever happen. I’m living proof that wolves will always be prejudice of luperci. I lived in my pack since before I could remember and grew up around those wolves and they treated me not much different than this pack had,” I grunted dismissively. “Besides, I think Naga just likes the title of bitch too much to let it go.” It took me a lot not to laugh because damn that was funny.

Zora snorted, but I could see the humor in his black eyes. “I think you are right my mate,” he agreed and nipped at my side lovingly. The pups yipped and growled playfully as they rolled around with each other, our younger pups mewled and stumbled around trying to keep up with their antics. Zora’s soft nip turned into a lick across my shoulder as he watched our pups with loving deep black eyes. “I love you, Ira. More than my life.”

My heart stuttered in my chest as the most euphoric happiness filled me. Tingles ran down my spine and into my toes and fingers. It was moments like this, when he looked at me like I was the most amazing thing he’d ever found that I knew how lucky I was that day in the woods. In a flurry of fur and gangly limbs I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed his wolf body to my chest as I kissed all over his handsome face. “I… love… you… too.” I said in between each sloppy kiss.

“Ewwww alpha is getting a face bath.”

Grossss my dama does that to my sire too.”

The pups whined in highly disgusted voices. Zora laughed deeply and returned my happy kisses with his own more refined ones, and each one was amazing. If I wasn’t careful I would end up mounting my mate in a very open area in front of the pups. Ughh I needed to stop but I just wanted a few more kisses—


Koda’s yell broke me and my alpha apart quicker than any of the pups complaining could. I looked behind me to see my sibling galloping towards me his green eyes wide but a happy grin on his face that I hadn’t expected to see. “Koda what’s wrong?”

He skid to a stop looking excited and scared at the same time as he jumped frantically in place. “You both need to come with me. You won’t believe who’s here!” He was already galloping back in the other direction to excited to wait up for us and realize we were unable to run off with our pups here. “Koda wait—” Crap he was already gone. My heart drummed painfully in my chest, but now it was from nerves not happiness. Who was here? C-could it be Dey? Had she come back? “Alpha?”

“Raina, Sage, watch the pups.” Zora growled to the females who were watching the pups today. The two damas got up quickly from their spot and crowded the pups together quickly and shifted to pick up my pups.

“We will keep the pups safe alpha mate.” Raina said quickly.

“They will be safe, come Ira.” Zora nipped at my side to move me.

I looked at my pups held in the two females arms, Skoll mewled irritably not even searching for food as he usually would. They will be ok, I just needed to go see what had Koda so excited and then I would be right back. I would be right back. I got up and followed my alpha in the path that Koda had just run off on. Now that I could really take in what he said I couldn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat. I’d missed Dey desperately since she’s left and even if she was a luperci like Svara had said I know she hadn’t betrayed me. She was good, and she had left for a good reason. We ran to the other side of the dens where a majority of the pack was huddled around a group of wolves, but I couldn’t tell much else. Heza, Sorra, Ikrity and Svara were in their luperci forms as more wolves from the pack converged on our new guests. Zora shifted mid-stride his paws lifting off the ground as they turned into large hands and his powerful second form taking fours place.

“Ira,” Koda barked as he pushed through the crowd. Pack members turned to see their alpha automatically moving to let the alpha pair through the crowd.

“Koda where is De—” The words caught in my throat in an awful croak.

“It’s our—”

“Pack,” I said cutting Koda off as I stared right at my litter mate Dega, his face was drawn up into the same scowl I always remembered. "Oh, rabbits."

Oh my family is in town :lmao: I know your pain Ira 

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Welcome back! I just wanna hug that cutie wolf until all the worry and anxiety is gone. But then it wouldn't be Ira. 

I was expecting his mom. Not his sister. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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No way. Was not expecting that? Hopefully they're here to help and they won't cause Ira any stress. Love the family moment, was so cute. Cheers 😁

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Well I guess Ira is ready to shit something other than rainbows 🌈. I am sure that his old foster pack and other litter mates are not anybody he ever thought he would see again. And why does Koda seem so happy to see them again after the way he left?   Sounds like more trouble is brewing for our luperci hero.  Welcome back and can’t wait to find out the whys of it. Thanks. 

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I’m soooo happy to see another chapter of my favorite story!!!! , it would be like me shitting a double rainbow with a pot of squirrels at the end of it!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗

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The thing I loved the most about this chapter was how Ira refers to Skoll. So funny :D

I am hoping Ira's old Pack have turned up to ask for help. I hope they didn't know Ira was Alpha's Mate. Pay backs are a bitch...

I love the picture of Ira! I don't think he's fugly. He's cute with his too close together and slightly crossed beautiful blue eyes.

Great to have you back!

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NOPE! NOPE Nope nope nope nope.

Unexpected family visits never tend to be a good thing to happen. Judgemental bastards.

Love this chapter.

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Wow, family! What are they doing here? Was it Dey that brought the pack? Do they have female luperci hidden as well? A bigger pack is safer anyway, although they must have their own alpha... Will they join Zorra's?

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8 hours ago, Buz said:

The thing I loved the most about this chapter was how Ira refers to Skoll. So funny :D

I am hoping Ira's old Pack have turned up to ask for help. I hope they didn't know Ira was Alpha's Mate. Pay backs are a bitch...

I love the picture of Ira! I don't think he's fugly. He's cute with his too close together and slightly crossed beautiful blue eyes.

Great to have you back!

“I didn’t think so, they all seemed so healthy, especially Skoll’s fat greedy ass, I was going to deem him the nipple destroyer” <—— wait till he’s teething 😂

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11 hours ago, glennish said:

Well I guess Ira is ready to shit something other than rainbows 🌈. I am sure that his old foster pack and other litter mates are not anybody he ever thought he would see again. And why does Koda seem so happy to see them again after the way he left?   Sounds like more trouble is brewing for our luperci hero.  Welcome back and can’t wait to find out the whys of it. Thanks. 

Koda might have left out a few details to keep from hurting Ira more than necessary 🤭

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8 minutes ago, Pmsingtiger said:

Koda might have left out a few details to keep from hurting Ira more than necessary 🤭

OooHhhh.  More intrigue.  Now I really can’t wait for next chapter to find all the dirt. 

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Great chapter. I rather like chewed nipples... LOL!

Thats an interesting connection between the omega pup and brother. Will that mean something later?

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15 hours ago, Buz said:

I love the picture of Ira! I don't think he's fugly. He's cute with his too close together and slightly crossed beautiful blue eyes.

I was surprised at the image, because I thought Ira was described as a mix of human and wolf, like he was caught mid-shift. This looks like a fluffy dog.  ???

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3 minutes ago, Geemeedee said:

I was surprised at the image, because I thought Ira was described as a mix of human and wolf, like he was caught mid-shift. This looks like a fluffy dog.  ???

It’s his body that is stuck and he has fur all over but the head of a wolf 🐺 closest thing I can think of is like maybe the werewolf Professor in Harry Potter but not so gross and way more fur. Also uglyness depends on opinion. They find Ira ugly because he’s different than them 

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