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Posing for the Pack - 6. Chapter 6 - Don't shit on the help

Chapter 6 - Don’t shit on the help

I lay with my pups curled beside me, their little bodies tucked against my chest and belly as they slept soundly. After leaving them alone with the other she-wolves for almost half the day I’d been anxious to get back to them. It was a physical pull to get them as close as possible to me. The moment I’d seen them the tension in my body had ceased and all was right with the world again. Until Skoll had latched onto my nipple like a ravished beast. That had been a painful experience I would like not to do again.

Zora’s strong hand ran down my side, his talons running through my fur and scratching gently against my skin. It wasn’t often that he slept in his luperci form, he only did it when he felt there was a threat nearby, and with Dega and the others nearby, I had to agree I was also uneasy. I could handle myself, but if anyone even looked at my pups the wrong way I think I would be the new definition of a terrifying monster.

“The wolf’s words hurt you,” Zora said as he pet over my hip and then to my belly in soothing caresses.

Hurt? More like emotionally destroyed, but who was keeping tabs, not me. I snorted, “Dega has a way of sticking a claw in a sore wound and twisting it back open if you know what I mean.” To make matters worse, my dama and all the other luperci females hiding in my first pack had been taken to the kingdom. Svara was certain they would kill them, but I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just kill them right there and then. Maybe it was my hope, but I’d hold onto it until my claws fell out. Hope was better than nothing.

“I could send them away.” Zora continued to rub my side soothingly.

“No, I need to talk to them and figure out how Hexis pack found the female luperci and if I can I need to try and save my dama. I know she lied to me, but she took me in when no other female would. She risked everything to take me in, but she did it anyway.” Where would I be if not for her? I’d spent my entire life thinking I was a freak of nature, but the entire time she’d known what I was, half my pack had.

Zora was quiet for a moment before he licked gently at the back of my neck, soothing me. “I do not judge them for their fear, I condone them for not telling you what you are. You will decide their fate tomorrow if you want them to stay that will be your choice.”

My choice. Moose farts but I wasn’t very good at making important decisions and this one was a pretty big damn decision. Turning away from the pups to face my alpha I slotted my body against his looking into his black eyes as he waited patiently for me. “You know I’m really bad at making choices, that’s why I need you.” Well, that and I think I might actually have starved to death on my own. I really was bad a hunting.

Zora smirked before rolling us so I was straddling his hips, his cock rubbing against the seam of my ass as I shifted forward. Mother nature I wanted him, I needed to feel him inside me again. Whining low in my throat I leaned back into his hard length, rubbing my wetness against him. “Easy my omega, take what you want.” Zora’s voice came out in a rumble as he grabbed my hips and helped me position him at my entrance. I didn’t need to build up to this, it had been so long since I’d had him inside of me that when I sank down on him it was an explosion of pleasure bursting from every part of me.

“Alpha—” I moaned as I rode his cock up and down. Nothing was better than this, no amount of dead squirrels or even watching Naga fall on her face in a pile of shit, nothing was better than feeling my alpha inside of me. I moved my hips frantically, his claws digging deep into my sides anchoring me to him in the best way. He growled and nipped as my chest until I couldn’t think of anything else.

“My beautiful mate,” Zora groaned making my own cock jerk violently as I rubbed against his abdomen.

Lighting raced down my spine and to the tips of my toes as my body clamped down on him, his knot pushing in deep just as I spilled onto his stomach. Deep growls and moans escaped us as we rode through the pleasure together. Inside of me, he pulsed filling me with his seed. Too bad for him I wasn’t making anymore babies for a least a year, the females told me so. Still, I enjoyed the sensation of him trying to. Zora rolled us over so we wouldn’t pull at the knot and I could lay beside him on the pelts. Our pups slept deeply, oblivious to what we’d just done. “You know I can’t have any more pups for a while,” I didn’t want him to forget that I had just pushed out four massive creatures not that long ago and I didn’t want to do it again anytime soon. “Actually maybe we could just adopt the next round of pups,” cause that sounded way less painful.

Zora chuckled and licked a kiss across my muzzle. “We will have more pups and you will want them. Until then we will have to keep practicing.”

“I don’t know about the more pups thing, but I do love practicing.”

Alpha laughed again.



I sat in the den with my alpha beside me and his betas around us, Alloy, Sallo and Koda sat together beside Zora while Vod, Shy, Geb and Hert sat beside me. Svara stood just behind us with Naga as we faced Dega and his betas, my sister sitting just behind him silently. No one spoke, but there didn’t need to be words to read the hostility in Dega’s eyes. My sisters looked scared with their ears laying flat and their tails tucked beneath them. I wanted to sooth them, to tell them there was nothing to fear here, but I doubted my words would have any reassurance anymore. I don’t think even Koda’s words would have any effects on their spirits at this point, he was after all just as much part of this luperci pack as I was.

“You going to start talking any fucking time mutant or are we going to sit here all day?” Svara grumbled irritably. Apparently, she’d caught the Naga bug or she was just on her monthly bitchy cycle. Zora growled but didn’t say something else as he nudged me with his wolf nose. Everyone had decided to come in their wolf forms, well everyone except me and Svara. Her exact words on the subject had been “I’m pretty sure I don’t give a fuck if they are scared of me or not,” and that was the end of that argument. I think alpha just doesn’t even bother arguing with her at this point. It’s about as pointless as hunting mountain goats (those fuckers always end up kicking you in the face, well they do it to me) my point is that it’s a waste of time.

Clearing my throat I tried to settle some of the nerves in my poor broken heart before I spoke. It had been over a year since I’d seen my littermates, and after Koda found me and told me of my banishment I’d thought maybe he hadn’t heard it all right. Looking at them now I had no doubt that he’d heard everything just fine. “I still can’t hunt,” I have no idea why I just said that.

Dega growled slightly but quickly stopped when alpha bared his fangs. “We didn’t come here to talk about your inability to function.” Dega spat.

Right, he still didn’t have a sense of humor. How could I have ever forgotten? “Then why are you here? What happened to our dama and the others?”

“They were taken, they— ” Lemira said softly from behind Dega.

“Be quiet, Lemira,” Dega snapped effectively cutting her off.

“One of you will have to speak or my patience will begin to run thin,” Zora said evenly.

Dega growled again, baring his teeth as his hackles rose causing everyone in the cave to tense and bare their teeth in return. “Fucking enough!” Naga barked. “Bare your teeth to our alpha one more time and you won’t have to worry about your pack members.” She hissed dangerously low.

“Dega please,” It was Comira this time who spoke her brown eyes pleading for our littermate to relent. It was a long few minutes before Dega relaxed back down to the ground, but I could see the fight drain out of him gradually. When he spoke he didn’t look at me, instead, he spoke to my alpha. Apparently, even to this day, it was a pissing match for him.

“We were sleeping when they attacked. There was seven of them all looking just like Ira, but bigger with blood red eyes. They started by killing three of our females then they corralled us together on all sides. Their leader gave us an ultimatum, he said either they could come with them or they would kill all of us. I thought he meant the entire pack, I asked him what he wanted with us. The fucking creature laughed.” Dega snarled at the memory, his eyes far away as he remembered the attack. “It said, ‘Stupid wolves, you’re females have been keeping secrets’ I didn’t understand, but then our dama walked past me. I tried to stop her but she—” Dega paused obviously struggling with what he needed to say. So much anger and pain was in his face it was hard to remember him as the calculating wolf that he was.

“She changed,” I said.

Dega looked at me then, anger pouring out of his yellow eyes. “She was like you the entire time. Did you know?” He growled deeply only for Zora to bare his teeth in warning.

“No, she never told me. Dama never even told me what I was. You think I spent my entire life being an outcast when I knew half the pack was like me?” Moose farts but saying it out loud made it worse. She’d let me go all those years feeling like I was broken, a mistake. How could she do that to me? I wouldn’t have told anyone her secret. Why couldn’t she have told me what I was?

Sneering my littermate looked away, “She wasn’t the only one, half the pack females were the same. Hiding among us, mating to other wolves.” There was so much animosity in his voice I felt it down to my soul. I could imagine this was the worst kind of betrayal for him, but no worse than our other littermates, or me.

Everything he said was identical to what the females had done here. Living normal lives as regular wolves. “Where did they take them?” Maybe they hadn’t been killed yet, there was still squirrels hair of a hope that they could be saved we needed to try.

“They didn’t say, but they did say that we could get them back.”

Hope sparked in my chest as I looked between him and the other wolves of my birth pack. There was a chance they weren’t dead, and Lathos had given them an opportunity to get our dama back? What the hell were they fucking waiting for? I shook with anticipation and dread all in one, “Get them back how?”

They were silent, my sister's eyes averted not looking at me while Dega seemed to find some joy in staring me straight in the eyes as he told me. “If we bring you they’ll let our dama and the others go.”

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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1 hour ago, Wesley8890 said:

So since your updating so much this week do we get sluppies?


LOL! No but seriously...do we?


Awesome to have Ira, Zora and The Puppies back :)


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Ugh sometimes I just wish I could reach through the screen and deliver some justice.. his (Dega's) animosity is wrongly directed and no one messes with my Ira!. Hehe thanks for the update. Cheers 😊

Edited by mally
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2 hours ago, Buz said:


LOL! No but seriously...do we?


Awesome to have Ira, Zora and The Puppies back :)


Of course

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Yessss i have missed Ira's wacky sense of humor.nd fuck Dega how dare he Ira is blameless in this whole mess.

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Wow almost forgot about this story missed it great chapter looks like I have to read previous chapter I can’t follow properly anyway great 

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Damn but Dega is a crafty evil SOB.  This will not go over well with the rest of the pack especially because he is the alpha mate.  Ira just don’t do anything stupid.  I do wonder on which side Koda will be in this discussion.  Thanks for the chapter.  



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