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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
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Posing for the Pack - 7. Chapter 7 - Better Think Twice

Chapter 7 - Better think twice

“Flying boar twats! Are you fucking serious right now?” Koda shouted into the silent den. “You want to give up your own brother? Just like that?” Koda’s green eyes flicked back and forth to Dega and our sisters as if he was having a hard time believing they would do this. I wasn’t as surprised, actually, I was surprised they were so open about wanting to take me to a psychopath in exchange for our dama. It still hurt to hear it. It hurt enough to make my heart cramp in my chest painfully till I gasped through the ache as it radiated through my chest and into every part of my body. Whining in my throat everyone turned to look at me just as the hair started to recede from my form while my entire body shrank and readjusted in an unfamiliar twist and pull of muscles and bones. I sat there panting, staring down at my pale skin and small feet. Holy fucking pork tits, I’d shifted, right here in front everyone, again. Heart thundering I felt Zora’s strong hands pull me close as I realized I was shaking against his massive body. Massive because I was weak and small, why had I shifted at all?

“Easily little one, breath,” he soothed me as a deathly silence lurked in the den. No one said a word but I wish they would, and I wish I was in my den with my pups, even my nipple destroying pup was better than this torture. I didn’t want to shift, I’d come to terms with being who I was but it happened now of all times?

“Ira it’s ok,” Koda said while Alloy and Sallo looked kept their eyes trained on my birth pack. I realized all the betas were tense around us as my alpha shielded me with his body. They would protect me, the concept was almost unbelievable since I’d lived my whole life believing I was the one who should protect others, that I wasn’t worthy of protection. Not till Zora had shown me that I was, and now my pack was too.

“I’m ok, Alpha,” I said my voice coming out in a soft unfamiliar lilt as I rubbed my face into the strong column of his neck, breathing in his scent. He rumbled soothingly but didn’t release me from his hold, maybe some of his own instincts warning him that I was a breakable twig in this body.

“What the hell is this? You can shift?” Dega barked as if it had just occurred to him what he was seeing. “You spent all those years parading around in that form only to be able to shift!” His growls got louder and his eyes darker with anger as he spoke.

“Enough,” Zora growled, the sound rebounding off the den walls booming in the small space. “You have upset my mate, degraded him, and further asked impossible tasks of him. You are a defeated alpha and you will act like one. You all are part of my pack now and will respect your pack members, the luperci and wolves. Anything regarding Hexis and the taken females will be discussed among my betas and me.”

“You are not the alpha of my pack!” Dega barred his fangs in rage as his hackles rose.

“Dega please,” Corra begged softly trying to calm her alpha brother as the other wolves of their pack began to tense in fear baring their teeth like Dega.

“Enough Dega!” I said, intending for my voice to be strong and deep but instead it came out more like a mouses squeak. Of all the moose fucking times— anyways. “You can’t face Hexis alone and giving me to them won’t release our dama or the others. We need to work together, we need to be a pack.” Pulling away from my alpha I heard him growl in warning to the other wolves as I stood on unsteady legs. I reached my hand out, looking at my littermates begging them to see me not as a monster for once in their lives. Koda stood without hesitation and trotted over to nuzzle my palm with his snout, licking my fingers as he sat down beside me. My eyes prickled and I felt the hot burn of tears threaten to fall as I looked down at my brother. I loved him so much and knew with every fiber of my being he loved me too. I looked to my sisters and Dega my other hand extending asking them without words who would they chose? Dega glared at my offered hand, his eyes cold and refusing as the wolves behind him looked between us with unsure glances.

Lemira stood on four paws making growls and yips of surprise burst from the small group of wolves. Dega growled the loudest as he watched our sister walk up to my hand and nuzzle my fingers the same way Koda had done only moments before, licking the digits in a familiar welcoming kiss. “Mira, thank you,” I said softly as I threaded my fingers through her grey fur. Koda licked her face as she sat down beside him, bathing her in happy kisses that told her how much he loved her without words.

“Lemira, what are you doing?” Dega hissed as his eyes burned into our shy sister.

She jutted her chin up high her eyes glaring as she spoke. “I’m tired of your hatred. Our dama loves Ira, and I love him and he has always kept up safe even when everyone treated him like a monster. I’m doing this for our dama and for our pack.”

“She’s right,” Corra said as she and Biri both stood and walked to stand beside me. “Ira has always protected the pack and stood with us no matter how he was treated.” Biri nodded in agreement as they both settled in beside me. “We cannot fight this alone, Dega.”

Dega bared his teeth, his ears flush to his skull as a look of pure hatred past over his wolf face. “No! We do not need these monsters! We are better off without the females, I did not want them back after their betrayal you did!” He raged, his yellow eyes filled with so much anger I could see him drowning in it. He would destroy the entire pack with all the anger he kept inside of him. The other pack members behind Dega growled, his words burning into their already broken hearts. Without warning the remaining wolves stood and walked past their alpha to stand beside me and my siblings, staring at their broken leader with weary gazes.

Dega’s breathes came in hard pants as the rage only built up inside of him, his eyes darting between all of his pack members and back to me. “I am the alpha, I keep the pack safe. Not you, not monsters!” His muscles bunched and I saw his feet get underneath him as he prepared to launch himself at me. Holy squirrel nuts he’d absolutely lost it, Zora was going to kill him and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Dega n—”

My words were cut off as my alphas luperci arms wrapped around me to shield me with his body, but it wasn’t needed. Svara grabbed Dega mid-jump by the scruff of his neck before tossing him back down onto the den floor. Dega yelped then growled as he faced the massive luperci female, her face contorted into an angry sneer. I relaxed into my alphas strong arms even as my heart thudded like a rabbit taking a massive heart wrentching shit. Mother damn fucking nature but I did not need to be in this form ever again. Why had I ever dreamed of this? Because I was fucking stupid, that’s why! (That’s shouldn’t always be the first answer)

“You have a death wish you fucking moron. If you want to die so badly I won’t have any problem tearing you limb from limb right here and showing you what a real alpha can do.” Svara’s eyes burned bright red as she approached the white wolf growling on the floor. “You are no more an alpha then Koda. No wolf your tiny ass pack is. It’s no surprise you were terrified of Ira if you are the best excuse of an alpha they can muster up.”

Dega growled again although his tail tucked between his legs as he stared up at her. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Svara roared, her maw opening to reveal all her teeth as the sound thundered in the den. My birth pack whined in fear as they moved closer together like terrified armadillos curling up into frightened balls. Dega was no better, his ears lay flat while his tail tucked and his legs shook in the face of Svara’s dominance. “Shift,” she rumbled in a deep demanding tone that even pulled at my own instincts. Dega’s body shifted only seconds after her command, morphing seamlessly into his bulky second form as he kneeled on the ground before her.

“Svara don’t—” I started only for Zora to cut my words off with a light nip to my smooth throat.

“Settle little one, she will not hurt him,” he assured me.

I wasn’t so confident. She looked like she was about to eat him like a freshly killed doe after she’d killed it with her face. That roar would have killed a deer with a heart attack no doubt in my mind. “What’s she going to—”

I was cut short as I watched Svara grab my litter mate and spin him around on his knees with little effort before pushing his shoulders down to the ground until his ass was left in the air. Dega’s body shook and a deep whine built up in his throat along with a fearful growl. She didn’t hesitate before she leaned down and licked his— OH No No no no fucking rat feet and everything unholy in the entire world. She licked his ass, in front of all of us! My eyes were bleeding, they had to be. Koda howled with laughter as my sister stared at the entire thing with shell-shocked eyes. Dega was the most shocked of everyone his ass still sky high but his body wasn’t afraid anymore.

“Your dick doesn’t seem to mind monsters,” Svara chuckled and I swore I heard Naga laughing. Naga! Laughing! The world was going to fucking explode!



Alpha made Svara in charge of Dega. My brother was ‘her responsibility’ he’d said. I’d expected some kind of rejection on her part since she was notorious for following her own paw prints or in other words doing whatever she wanted to do no matter what anyone said. This time all she’d said was “obviously I wanted him if I had my tongue up his ass. He’ll make a good challenge.”

Dega had been angry but hadn’t had much choice but to leave with Svara and surprisingly Naga right behind them, to go do….something I didn’t want to think too hard about. Two alpha females in charge of my very uptight, angry littermate sounded like a disaster in the making but Zora seemed to think it was a good idea and at this point, I really didn’t have any better ones.

At the moment I had more concerning things to think about, like how fragile were my nipples in this form? Skoll was pretty teethie and looking at the little pink numbs on my chest I didn’t have high hopes they’d stand up to my little demon spawn. I rubbed a finger over the sensitive skin testing the waters and sure enough, milk flowed out but I could feel even the lightest touch on them. The pups were fast asleep for the time being, but it wouldn’t be long before they woke up and I’d have to face the inevitable.

“Ira what are you doing?” Zora asked as he walked into the den in his second form.

“Wishing you were the one feeding the pups, my nipples are sore and in this form, they are even more sensitive…. Maybe it’s the fur that protects them? I don’t know but I want to change back.” I’m sorry mother for ever wishing I had a second form, I will do anything to change back to my nipples of steel now. My alphas handsome face pinched and I could tell he was holding back rare laughter. He didn’t do it often, but when he did my chest became tight and an unimaginable joy filled me. The same emotions I soaked in every time I looked at my pups or when I thought about my pack. He’d given me all of that.

“Let me help you little one,” he rumbled as he walked over to our pelt of furs where I was sitting and knelt down beside me.

“Help me how?” Really I did want to change back, but there was a underlining hint to his words and I knew what we were talking about. My body heated as my groin tightened. I wanted to tie, but I also want—

He licked over my sensitive nipple making my brain short circuit and my breath puffed out as I gasped. He did it again and this time my dick stirred between my legs as he leaned me back against the soft furs. Moaning I arched into his mouth as he suckled gently on my chest. He growled and tugged on the flesh between his teeth gently pulling until I cried out grabbing his hair. “Alpha, please,” let me ride your thick—

“Do not think Ira, feel try to find the change inside.” He said as he moved down my abdomen before swallowing my erection without hesitation. Moaning loudly I thrust into his heat and shamelessly pulled at my wet nipples as I rode his mouth. Oh, mother green nature but it felt so good like fire roiling with intense pleasure through my entire body. Zora skimmed his teeth along my length before dipping his tongue into the slit. I shook, my body feeling like it was going to shatter apart as I tried to focus on the change inside of me. My hips thrust up wildly as I sought out my alphas wet mouth but he pulled back letting the cool air lick at my erection.

“Alpha please,” I begged, my voice soft and whining as I arched my back.

“Change, Ira and I will,” he rumbled as he watched me suffer.

“I c-can’t, please alpha,” I’ll do anything, except not eat squirrels, those things were almost repopulated and I swear I saw three yesterday and my mouth watered.

“You can little one. Think of strength, imagine your fur as I sink into your body.”

Shaking, I scrunched my eyes shut and thought about my fur and the feel of my ears swiveling on my head. I thought about my talons moving through my toes and the set of my fangs in my muzzle. A warm sensation started to flow over my skin and fill my limbs as my body heated.

“Feel your fur cover your body,” Zora urged, his voice deep and husky and his hand slid up my hip and over my ass.

I whinned again as my hips thrust up into the air chasing his touch as the warm flood spread through my entire body only heightening my arousal. It was like I was flying apart from the inside out, and all I needed was my alphas touch to— Zora’s mouth engulfed me swallowing me down to the back of his throat just as my entire body pulled tight and shifted. “YES! Don’t stop!” I growled long and loud as my talon tipped hands tangled in my mates hair as he sucked me all the way down from base to tip and back again. Zora hummed deeply sending a rush through my dick and to my hole that felt empty without my alphas knot. Oh, mother, I was dying I wasn’t going to survive this pleasure. At least that’s what I thought until my mate’s throat closed around my cock and his fingers dipped into my hole beneath my tail. Barking out in surprise I released into his mouth as I held onto his head no doubt gagging him in the process. He didn’t complain and once my grasp relaxed he licked me clean before pulling back a devious smile set on his face as he looked at my luperci body. “What?”

“You are beautiful in your second form, but I love your comfort in this form.” With that said he shifted in a meld of elongated limbs and growing fur turning into his luperci body.

Holy squirrel balls but I was lucky. I had never imagined in my life that I would have pups of my own or a mate that loved me, and I definitly never imagined being able to shift of my own will…. Well, I had a little help but close enough. I sighed happily as my alpha wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his massive chest. Nothing matter at that moment. Not Dega or my missing dama, not Dey and the mystery surrounding her, not Hexis and Lathos and the kingdom, and especially not my luperci body. I was, for the frist time in my life, happy that I was who I was because if I hadn’t been I wouldn’t have the things I had now. Tears pricked the back of my blue eyes as I looked up at my alpha and the words I wanted to say bubbled up in my throat along with my emotions.

“What is wrong, my omega?” His deep voice rumbled as he nuzzled my throat.

I sniffled and hiccuped as the tears clogged my throat making my nose run. “No matter what you have to promise me something,” I sniffled again.

Zora paused and looked down at me with serious black eyes. “Ira, what is wrong?”

“Don't,” I took another deep breath trying to talk through my clogged nose.

“Do not what, mate?” His voice became worried as he licked over my tear-drenched cheeks.

“Don’t let Skoll suck me dry, my nipples can’t take it anymore.” I looked over at my waking pups, my nipple destroyer already awake and looking for milk. No, it was too soon! Mother, why couldn’t alphas nurse too?

Zora snorted out a laugh. “He has a fondness for food like his Dama.”

I deflated. Yeah, guess that was a trait I’d passed on to my alpha son.

Moose farts.

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Don't let Skoll suck me dry, :rofl: . 

Poor Ira having a son with his appetite for food.

Looks like Dega may finally get what's coming to him, Svara AND Naga he deserves everything they do to him.

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I think Svara and Naga are going to start their own pack...with the rightfully emasculated Dega. This will be fun...poor Ira's nipples

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Any story chapter where the first paragraph has both flying boar twats and holy fucking pork boobs gets my vote.


Other authors please take note.

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It looks like the alpha bitches Svara and Naga are totally gonna turn Dega into their sex boy toy!!   If Iras old pack reacted to the ass lick like they did they gonna be in for a lot of other surprises for some of the sh..tuff this pack can pull.   Now the pups are hungry again. Thanks for the chapter 

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Thank you for this story.  It has kept me glued to it for 2 days.  But now I see that it's been a while since you revisited it.   PLEASE PLEASE come back and give us more chapters.  At least wind it up.  Make Ira learn that he can shift to be a even more bad assed luperci and can beat up the blood thirsty Alphas and save the day or something to wind up the story.    🙂 

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On 5/2/2019 at 9:03 PM, My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat said:

@Pmsingtiger, please tell me you plan to finish this series. I spent all day reading it and I must know how it ends!! 🐺 


Of course!!! :D I'm working on finishing this one and two others

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Please won’t you continue this awesome story? I’ve enjoyed each and every chapter and I’ve missed updates 😰. This is one of my favorite stories 🤗

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