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Posing for the Pack - 9. Chapter 9 - He was right here!

Chapter 9 - He was right here!


“Do you really think our dama is a luperci?”

I looked at Koda his green eyes searching my face for an answer. He’d caught me off guard with the question as I lay sprawled out on my furs - alone except for my pups - barely awake yet and still dreaming of juicy plump fearless squirrels. I wish I could have eaten just one of those things. At the moment I couldn’t even catch a regular squirrel with how tired I was. Between my alpha reaming me into a new form and my pups sucking my body dry of any nutrients, I was drained. Also, the sudden arrival of Dega, my sisters and what was left of my birth pack had been taxing in its own right. I was really starting to wonder if mother nature in all her wisdom had a personal grudge against me, between the luperci, the deaths, Dey, and everything that had happened since my arrival wasn’t some big ball of shit, but then again I had a lot to be thankful for. I would trade any amount of squirrels in the world to keep my pups and my alpha safe — but weeping rat butts did it always have to be so hard?!

“I don’t know,” I said as I stretched and sat up my pups grumbling irritably in their sleep as I moved. Skoll growled directly at me his blue eyes aware enough to be irritable with me for moving him. Whatever deity had given me him as my first born thought it would be a cosmic joke, because I was certain he was going to be the death of me when he got older. I could already see him outsmarting me in just about every situation. I would have to be a responsible dama and delegate the punishments with Zora. He could deal with his unruly alpha pup. I’ll take be responsible for the omega one and my other not ornery alpha pups.

“You’re zoning out on me! Focus Ira this is important!” Koda barked his green eyes agitated.

“I don’t know! Why are you asking me? I wasn’t there I only know what you know,” and that made me feel just as uneasy and unsettled as it probably made him feel. I really hadn’t wanted to focus on the fact that my adopted dama had been like me and let me suffer alone all those years. It was even worse to realize that half the pack's females had been luperci and they had all made me feel like an abomination.

Koda’s eyes became intense, “How could you not know? They can tell when there are other luperci but you can’t?”

Hurt bloomed in my chest in a sudden sharp spread that made it painful to breathe for a few seconds. Koda’s words dug deep into my heart alongside my own self-doubts that nagged at my mind every day. “No I can’t,” I rasped. “You know that better than any.” The fur on my back started to rise as an irate growl rolled out of my chest. Anger bloomed inside me shadowing any hurt that I’d felt from his accusation. He thought I spent my whole life living as an outsider keeping their secrets?

Koda’s ears flattened to his skull as he looked away. “I know,” he sighed and walked up to me pushing his head under my muzzle asking me for forgiveness. “I shouldn’t doubt you, I’m a rotten shit filled pork belly.”

The growl dyed in my chest as his head settled in under my own, my arms wrapped around him on instinct. Moose farts but I couldn’t hold a grudge for shit. Besides who would want to hold all that hot ball of hate inside when hugs felt so damn good. Of course, I wasn’t going to lose an opportunity to agree with Koda on his vivid description. “I think you’re more of a runny shit spewing out of a dead deer.”

Koda snorted and nipped my chin sharply. “You’re a bloody rat hole.”

“You’re a big piece of wet shit covered in bear ass,” I grumbled.

Koda smirked, “that was a good one.”

We snorted at each other's horrible insults. I’d never take my siblings name calling for granted ever again. As a pup, I’d always thought it was Koda being mean, but I’d come to learn that it was his way of accepting me for who I was. Every crazy word he matched with one equally as crazy until it became our game to try and outdo each other. Koda may not be my blood sibling, but he was still my brother. The thought made my eyes drift towards the other side of the dens where I knew Svara had taken Dega the other day.

“You know he doesn’t mean all the things he says,” Koda murmured from beside me, his green eyes looking in the same direction I had been. “Well, he doesn’t mostly mean all the things he says.”

I narrowed my eyes, “Is your brain bleeding? I could check that out for you, let me look inside your ear just in case,” I said seriously already leaning over to peer into his ear hoping I didn’t see his brain leaking out. Obviously, that was the only reason Koda would think that Dega didn’t mean what he said. He was Dega, no wolf was anymore straight forward than him. Not even Naga or Svara.

“Stop it,” Koda nipped at my jaw, his ears laying flat against his head to avoid further inspection. “What I mean is if he would stop being so afraid, he wouldn’t be the way he is all the time.”

Hmmm, no I wasn’t falling into that hole. Dega would, and always had been, a huge stick in the mud. When we were pups he’d gone out of his way to ostracize me from the rest of the pack, even when our dama had practically forced him to help me. Even with everything he’d ever said and done, I still loved him. He was my littermate, and I wouldn’t trade all the squirrels in the world for him….but it was a close damn call sometimes, especially if those juicy squirrels from my dream was on the menu.

“We should go talk to him again. Maybe now he can give us some more information on what happened to our dama,” Koda said while already getting up.

“Uh I don’t think that’s the best idea,” that’s what I said, but I already had my feet under me intending to do exactly what my littermate wanted because I was definitely not the voice of reason. Also anytime out of the cave was a good time, even if it included Svara possibly hanging by my tail from the highest tree. I had a track record for being where I shouldn’t be, killing things by accident, and seeing things I definitely shouldn’t see.

“Who will watch the pups?” Koda asked looking at my sleeping bundle of beauties. They were always perfect when they slept, less time for them to be wandering off or trying to chew my nipples off with their new baby teeth.

“Let’s take them to Heza, she’s good with them and Skoll doesn’t try to bite her like he does other females,” I said glaring at my sleeping son. The last she-wolf who’d watched him still has teeth marks in her arm where I’d had to pull off my unruly pup. I couldn’t wait till he was old enough for his alpha father to put him in his puppy place.


“You really think this is a good idea?” I asked for the hundredth time as we crept closer to Svara’s den. I had the distinct feeling that I was about to see something I did not want to see (again) and also that I was going to get my ass reamed as well. Then again if it’s my alpha reaming my ass—

“Stop smiling like that you look creepy,” Koda griped as we both crawled up towards the den.

“I look creepy? You’re the one who wants us to peep in on our littermate while he’s probably getting his ass devoured by Svara. Who’s the real creep here?” I grumbled, but also I kind of agreed with him, I was willingly following him after all, so that kind of made me a creep by association.

“Be quiet, you don’t know how to whisper,” Koda said in the softest voice possible.

I narrowed my eyes, “My alpha loves how loud I am,” I said in a harsh whisper that was undoubtedly not quiet.

Koda’s face pulled into a disgusted grimace, lips pulled back from his fangs and his tongue lolling out to the side on a gag. “That’s gross Ira, you’re gross. I’ve already seen enough of your damn ass when you were pushing out those little monsters of yours and now your putting that image in my head too?” He gagged dramatically.

“You’ve seen me tie before, and if I recall you were getting reamed by your mate right next to me, so stop being such a prissy roach twat,” after all we all know he was the biggest slut out of the two of us.

“Whatever, come on let's get closer I don’t hear anything.”

“They are probably asleep, it’s the heat of the day and Svara has been taking night patrol with Naga,” I said crawling low to the ground with my rump stuck up in the air. I wasn’t really sure I understood why we had to crawl towards Svara’s den, it wasn’t like I could hide and I was able to actually crawl hence my ass sticking up like a flag. Other pack members were watching us with confused but accepting eyes as if seeing me doing this was normal. Mother, who was I kidding, this was normal for me.

“What? You couldn’t say that earlier? I thought Svara was with Zora,” Koda barked.

“Well no, she’s practically one of his betas at this point, and she’s luperci so he has her keeping watch at night just in case, and well Naga is like her extension at this point. Do you think those two are mated or something? I’m starting to wonder if they are, because I’ve seen some things between those two, thinking about it again makes my brain hurt, and my stomach, and my eyes, you know it’s actually an all over body discomfort,” I said trying but failing to not remember the day I saw Svara with Naga. “Let’s just say if Svara’s tongue could get Naga pregnant she would be on her second litter by now,” I rambled, completely losing track of our entire mission as I talked aimlessly.

Koda got out of his crouch position, sitting down with his ears flat against his wolf head his green eyes staring at me. I knew that stare, I got that stare from a lot of pack members in the past. “Let’s just walk inside, sneaking with you is like burning the forest down and pretending it’s still there afterward.” He got up and walked towards Svara’s den.

I shrugged getting up. “You should have known this was a bad plan, I can sneak up on anything except myself,” I’d almost shit myself the other day when I saw my reflection in a puddle of water I wasn’t expecting. I kept a lot of these events to myself if Naga or Svara ever heard any of this I’d hear it till the day I croaked.

Koda didn’t wait for me as he approached the den. Quickly I caught up to him entering the large opening the made it easy for me to stand. Svara’s den was one of the other caves in the side of the mountain, not one of the dugout dens on the far side of the pack. It reminded me of Zora’s and my den, except ours, was cozier. Inside I could see forms lying down together sleeping soundly amongst a pile of furs that made me crave my own. If we were fast I could go back to my den and take a long nap in my pile of fluffy — nope, I was not going to sleep more. Mother, I was turning into a lazy fat ass. Still, the litany of ‘naptime, naptime’ kept playing over and over in my head like a cooning lullaby.

“I think he’s in the pile somewhere. Let’s wake him up and talk to him,” Koda said determinedly.

“That’s probably—” not a good idea, but he was already approaching the bundle of bodies curled around each other. Svara was in the middle, Naga curled against her back in her second form, skin flush to the luperci females body. Dega was surprisingly curled in close to Svara’s chest, his thick frame dwarfed by the large luperci arms wrapped around him. Yup, Koda’s gonna die. I thought without a single doubt. Alloy was going to be devastated, and Zora was going to be pissed that I hadn’t deterred him from this stupid plan.

“Koda wait,” the words came out just as Koda nipped Dega sharply across the shoulders.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Svara’s eyes snapped open the same time that Dega barked out in surprise. An angry roar filled the den as she lunged toward Koda massive teeth barred, eyes blood red. Koda yelped and scrambled backward attempting to get away from the angry female’s teeth. Instinct made me surge forward, propelling me in front of Koda my own teeth bared against my will as I snapped back at the angry luperci. “Alpha, no!” Naga shouted wrapping her arms around Svara’s neck at the last minute to cut her short the force enough to keep her fangs just shy of sinking into my side.

Just as suddenly as it all started it ended as the red drained out of the luperci’s eyes and her usual yellow gazed became more aware and increasingly pissed off. “What the fuck are you two doing in my den?”

I looked between Svara, Naga who still had her arm around her neck, and Dega who was looking up at me with narrowed hate filled eyes as usual. I shrugged, “To be honest I have no idea. I wasn’t listening to most of what was going on today. I heard leave the den and that was all I needed to be convinced into this.” I totally just threw Koda to the stampede. Not an ounce of guilt.

Svara looked over my shoulder at Koda, “What the hell do you two want? Besides my teeth in your damn throat?” Oh, she wasn’t a mid-afternoon person apparently. Good to know.

“We need to talk to Dega,” Koda said stepping out from behind me, his eyes zeroing in on our littermate.

Svara grumbled something about fucking pack hierarchy and mates who could disappear, but I could have been hearing things. “No, now get out of my damn den,” She snarled, already getting ready to lay back down.

Ok well, that’s that, I started walking back towards the exit. “No, I’m not leaving without talking to him,” Koda said firmly, unfazed by the luperci female. Ok, guess it’s not. I turned back around, shoulders slumped. Well, there goes time for my nap. I figured we were just going to come and see if he was being sexual used and go home pretending we hadn’t seen anything, nope we were here to argue with Svara and Naga. Maybe I could take a nap here while they argued?

“Get the fuck out,” Dega said firmly.

Svara growled, nipping Dega’s ear sharply causing him to snarl back at her. “Keep your mouth shut, you haven’t earned the right to bitch at the alpha and betas mate’s.”

“You need to tell us more about what happened the night they took dama and the other females. There might be more to it, maybe dama—”

“She fucking lied, Koda. That’s the end of the story. Just like she lied about him,” Dega growled gaze burning hot as he stared right at me. Jokes on him, I have had way worse try to stare me down. He was equivalent to a squirrel at this point, maybe even lower. What was more unassuming than a squirrel? A mouse?

“She had a good reason to lie,” I added, hoping that quelled some of his anger.

“I don’t care about any of this, I just want to go back to sleep. Get your asses out of my fucking den,” Svara growled.

Koda got up his ears laying flat and his fangs peeking from beneath his lips. “It didn’t take you long to change your mind about monsters. “ Koda snarled at out litter mate looking between him and his close position to the Svara. Koda turned and walked away without another word. I turned but stopped to look back at Dega, his teeth were bared and his skin flushed with anger, but he hadn’t pulled away from Svara. “Just because she lied doesn’t mean she doesn’t love us,” I said.

Svara snorted, curling a possessive arm around Dega’s waist. It was Naga who spoke though, “Get out of our den.”

I took the hint and followed Koda outside. My littermate didn’t say anything as we walked away form Svara’s den, not even a nasty remark about Dega being Svara’s new cuddle toy. Concerned I watched my brothers tail droop as he seemed to wilt like a dying flower, and ugly dying flower, hmmm maybe an ugly dying weed, but still dying inside.

“He’s right,” Koda finally said when we were further away standing along the edge of the treeline watching the pack go about their day.

“Uh, I don’t think Dega is ever right, besides I’ve met shit with more optimism than him. Dama lied because she had no choice, all the females did you know that,” I said sitting down beside him.

“How can you say that? She lied to you most of all, they all did! They let you spend your entire life feeling like a monster when they knew exactly what you were!” Koda snarled, green eyes fiery, fur standing up along his backline.

My shoulders sagged dejectedly. He was right, they had treated me like a monster. I’d never felt accepted into the pack, only my dama truly made me feel loved and wanted. Even though she lied, she’d done it to protect her pack. I looked down on the pack, various luperci and the wolves working and laughing together as they went about their day. They weren’t so different, there was no reason to hide who we were. Only fear kept so many in the dark. I realized suddenly that it hadn’t been what I was that my last pack had been so afraid of, but that I could be the reason they were discovered. “They were afraid, and if it meant protecting my pack I would have probably done worse,” I admitted, knowing the lengths I would do to protect my loved ones.

Silence settled around us as my words hung in the air for long seconds. I waited, expecting for my sibling to respond. “Koda are you—”

Koda was gone, where he had been sitting beside me only moments ago vacant. Eyes shifting I looked around and didn’t see anything, but the feeling of foreboding started to slowly drip into the back of my mind. The paw print in the dirt behind me stood out like a massive beacon. It hadn’t been there before I was almost positive.

Someone took him from right beside me, without making a sound. Panic swelled up inside my of my chest and the howl that burst free was loud and resounding; calling for my alpha and the pack.



“Ira think. What happened after that?” Alpha pressed for more information. It had been hours since Koda’s disappearance. No one could find him. They’d gone into the woods only to lose his scent trail only a few hundred feet from where we’d been sitting.

“I was talking to him, but I was looking at the pack and then I asked him if he was ok and he wasn’t there. He was just gone, no scent, no sound, nothing. I was in my head again thinking about things and squirrels and food and— Moose farts, what’s wrong with me!” I whined loudly, the sound filled with panic and disgust at myself. Would anyone else have been this useless? The answer was NO, no one else would have let this happen to them. No one else got so stuck in their own damn head they didn’t hear the outside world. I pulled furiously at my ears as my heart cracked slightly.

“Ira stop,” Zora pulled my hands away from my ears, his grip strong and demanding even in his skin form. I didn’t resist him, instead, I pressed close to his warm skin my luperci head shoving under his chin.

“I’m sorry,” I cried wet sopping tears that dampened my mate's chest.

Zora sighed, pulling my face away from his chest so that I was looking into his pitch black eyes. “Enough, whoever took Koda had planned to take him and would have done it when he was alone if not now. At least we know he was taken,” he brushed his hands over my abused ears. “Do not ever be sorry for who you are mate, it is an insult to the ones who love you.”

I nodded, still feeling the heavy weight of guilt weighing my large ass down. It was a lot of guilt. “We have to find him. Alloy he must be so angry with me,” I said.

“Alloy does not blame you. He only wishes to find Koda. He and some of the other betas are trying to track a different scent—”

“Zora,” Svara barked out, voice tense.

I sniffled pathetically and pulled away. I wonder if it was possible to go to sleep and wake up again to find out that all of this was just my brain creating a very acidic dream after eating way too many squirrels, or possibly something toxic. Hell, maybe I was back in the woods wandering around looking for a pack still?

“Svara, did you find him?” Zora asked looking at the female luperci with expecting eyes.

“No, they brought him with them,” she said stoically.

“They?” I asked. “Where’s Koda? Is he ok?”

“He seems fine, but they want to talk to you,” she said.

“Who took Koda, Svara?” Zora asked, a growl slipping through.

The female luperci sighed, tension keeping her body ramrod straight. “A pack, a luperci pack and they want to speak to our omega,” her yellow eyes drifted to me. “They want to speak to you.”

Can't wait to introduce Zana and Cori ❤️

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Damn it you have me laughing from these horribly insane insults to being scared to death!


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Awesome chapter. I just love those insane insults.

Edited by chris191070
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I’m an Ira fan all day long but it is kind of frustrating how unaware he can be.

Like my fellow commenters, I thoroughly enjoy the flair for insults you display through Ira and Koda. ☺️

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1 hour ago, FanLit said:

I’m an Ira fan all day long but it is kind of frustrating how unaware he can be.

Like my fellow commenters, I thoroughly enjoy the flair for insults you display through Ira and Koda. ☺️

Trust me you are not the only one who gets annoyed by that. There is an entire pack of wolves who understand your frustration 😂

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I want to know how those lupercis make their scent disappear! Can Svara and Zora and the rest do it, too?

Been meaning to ask: is it pronounced “loo-purr-see” or “loo-purr-chee”?

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28 minutes ago, Geemeedee said:

I want to know how those lupercis make their scent disappear! Can Svara and Zora and the rest do it, too?

Been meaning to ask: is it pronounced “loo-purr-see” or “loo-purr-chee”?


the scent thing will be talked about in the next chapter  

I’m excited for the next part in this story so many things are going to happen 😈😈😈😈😋😋😋

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Great Ira the negotiator...I'm thinking Kissinger with a fascination/ fixation on squirrels. 

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Oh no, this is a little cliffhanger. Please, please, put me out of my misery and update it soon!

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Hey! Are you gonna pick up where you left? It’s been ages since you last updated...pretty please?🙏🏻

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On 5/26/2019 at 10:58 AM, FanLit said:

I’m an Ira fan all day long but it is kind of frustrating how unaware he can be.

Like my fellow commenters, I thoroughly enjoy the flair for insults you display through Ira and Koda. ☺️

Sometimes its seems like he may have A.D.D, with how he spaces out so much, is that even possible.

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20 hours ago, 1brokNangel said:

Sometimes its seems like he may have A.D.D, with how he spaces out so much, is that even possible.

Hey you got it. 😂

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Just read the entire series in one go.  

Please start again 😊

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I read the first two books and absolutely loved them. I count the series as one of my all time favorites! Any chance you'll finish the third book? I'd love to know how Ira's story ends. 🙏

Also, is there a chance you'll put the last 2 books up for sale on Smashwords to purchase too? Or all 3 on Amazon? I'd love to own the whole series. 🥰

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