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Slothin' It - 10. Chapter 10 - No more Sloffee

Chapter 10 - No More Sloffee

“Halp!!” I shouted as I tried to catch Jack as he bounced uncontrollably in his human form around Walker’s office….I, of course, failed miserably. How the hell was a sloth supposed to catch a coked-up rabbit literally bouncing off the walls? “HALP!!!” I shouted louder as Jack got dangerously close to the large plate glass window behind the desk.

The door to the office opened and Terry, the older badger from the bar came in, “What the fuck is all the yellin— HOLY SHIT!” His eyes bugged out of his head as he watched Jack crash into furniture and knock everything and anything down.

“Help… ME!” I said as I tried to catch Jacks foot but was about 60 seconds to slow my hand still hovering in the air after he’d already bounced off again.

“What the hell is wrong with him?” Terry asked as he tried to corner the coked up rabbit but wasn’t fast enough.

“He… d-drank… s-sloffee.” I stuttered out, wish I could add (he was being an asshole and got what he deserves drinking my sloffee and being a prick) but of course, that would have taken way too long to say.

Terry frowned as he tried to grab Jack’s leg falling on the carpet floor when he missed. “Coffee did this?”

I shook my head, I was on top of the desk at this point trying to reach in one direction hoping maybe Jack would run into my stretched out hand (wishful thinking I know). “No...SLOFFEE...S-Sloth...C-Coffffeee.” I said louder my stutter getting worse. If I kept it up I’d be talking to Walker telepathically for a long time.

Terry blanched, even as he tried to grab Jack’s ankle in mid-air, it didn’t work, the rabbit jumped even faster as he bound around the room in a complete frenzy. “The cocaine coffee!” He barked with shock.

Yeah, how had that little detail slipped from my mind? Thankfully it was Jack who’d drunk it and not Walker, I liked my mate a lot more than the jackass jumping off the walls currently. Fuck it, I give up to let him bounce it out of his system or have a heart attack it wasn’t like I even liked the asshole. He’d been nothing but mean on every occasion since I’d met him and let's be honest no one poured my coke coffee down his throat. I watched as Jack chittered wildly before slamming into Terry sending him falling into the tv. “Terry……..watch……..” Yeah, that was way too late, damn sloth reflexes. I was just about to go over to Terry when Jack slammed into me knocking me off Walker’s desk and into the massive glass window behind it. The sound of shattering glass is universal, something that you can pick up even when you have slow reflexes. So when I slammed into the window and heard the undeniable sound of fracturing glass give way under my weight I knew I was in trouble. The world tilted and I was falling backwards in what felt like the slowest moment of my entire life. “Oh fucking biscuits, I’m falling out a broken window,” that was the thought running faster than lightning through my head, but like always my body was slow on the uptake as I fell back into emptiness behind me. Without warning I was pulled back into the room by my shirt and slammed into a familiar hard chest, his arms locking around me to keep me steady. Walker’s hot breathes puffed against my cheek bringing some reality to the situation. I’d almost fallen out of a window...because of a rabbit….on cocaine.

“Are you alright?” Walker growled, his instincts close to the surface as he pressed his nose to my throat and inhaled my scent, no doubt looking for the smell of blood or panic on me.

There was definitely panic, “I-I...ffff-feelll,” my words came out a stuttered mess as I tried to get my mind to stop racing faster than my physical capacities.

“Easy little one,” he licked my throat, soothing me with his wolf kisses.

I took in a very slow...very very slow...deep breathe and let it out just as slowly until my mind wasn’t a scattered mess of thoughts in my head. Once my mind was under control I took a good look at Walker’s office and Jack who was lying unconscious on the floor by the desk next to Terry. To say the room was wrecked would be like saying sloths weren’t really that slow...so to put it in the best terms the room looked like it had exploded. The overhead ceiling light that hung precariously chose that moment to fall with a loud clatter not far away.I looked up into my wolfs glowing gold eyes and smiled tentatively, “so the rabbit stole my sloffee and well...I guess cocaine doesn’t mix with rabbits.”

“Did you say Cocaine?” Walker’s eyes widened and then he frowned deeply as be looked down at my stomach for some unknown reason and then at the wrecked office. He narrowed his eyes at me, “no more sloffee.”

Yeah, that was probably fair.


Jack had to go to the hospital and get an IV drip and a sedative, (the poor evil creature) if you haven’t noticed I don’t really have sympathy for him. Terry went with him because he had some wounds that might need stitches and someone needed to take Jake home when he settled down.

I’d refused to go to the hospital. Walker had, of course, insisted on a major level but I’d been firm about not going. You couldn’t make a sloth do what a sloth didn’t want to do. Hospitals were the worst for sloths, the doctors and nurses had a protocol to follow that made them do everything extra slow all the way down to inserting needles very, very, very, slowly not to shock the sloth system. For me, it was like a form of torture. You ever watch someone slowly put a needle into your arm over the span of a minute? It’s not fun and I don’t recommend trying it.

I did decide to hang out on a potted tree for the next few hours down on the empty club room. It had great big branches and was a tropical species of some sort that made me feel a little better after the whole ordeal. How had I ended up here in the last few days? My family was majorly pissed off at me, and by he number of missed phone calls and unread texts, I wasn’t doing much to make them any less angry. I’d lost my job, which I wasn’t sure I was upset about but I wasn’t happy about it either. Then there was Walker. My wolf mate who had somehow came into my life and now was taking it over. There was so much I had to fear when it came to him. What if this couldn’t work out? He had a she-wolf mate that he was trying to get pregnant for fuck sake! How could I compete with that? I was a sloth, not a beautiful female wolf with big chest lard, and I couldn’t make him any babies that was for sure.

“Little one, are you feeling better?” Walker asked from the base of the tree, his golden eyes shining up through the tree branches from below.

I meeped, a universal sloth noise for contentedness. Ever so slowly I moved down closer to him wanting to be nearer to the one person who was becoming my whole world. How was it even possible to feel this much for someone I’d just met?

Walker was patient as I climbed down, not rushing me as I made my way down the branches one at a time till I was nose to nose with him my long claws grasping the branch as I looked into his eyes upside down. My wolf smiled, baring his teeth in a devastatingly handsome display. “Hey baby, come down here,” he said, reaching up to thread his fingers through my soft coat.

Who was I to resist? Letting one of my claws unhook from the branch I slowly transferred myself from the tree to my man's wide shoulders. He took me into his arms with little effort, scratching my back in just the right way. “The club is going to open in the next few minutes. Do you want to shift? Jack won’t be able to work tonight so I figured you might be able to help me cover him?”

“He’s ok?” I asked out of common courtesy and I didn’t want the mean rabbit dead, just for him to leave me and my wolf alone. Since he worked here it didn’t seem that was going to happen anytime soon.

“Yeah, he’s fine, just really groggy and doesn’t remember anything that happened before coming up into the office.” Walker shook his head with an irritated sigh. “He’s been a pain for a while, I’ll have to talk to him before he comes back to work.”

“What exactly does Jack do here?” Please say a waiter or bartender, I thought to myself.

“He’s the club manager, that’s why I’d love your help tonight,” he pushed his nose into my coat and took in my scent that was even stronger in this form. “You smell so good, Larry.”

Oh, joy the evil rabbit was the manager around here. How was I going to avoid the man if he was always here? Maybe I could ask Walker if I could work at another one of the business, the one with no sloths or evil rabbits. “I better shift before he starts licking me in sloth form.” I thought as I shifted in his arms letting him hold me up as I turned back. Walker didn’t say anything as I shifted but when I was finished I was naked in his arms my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he held me up by my naked ass. “Hi…” I said out loud a slow smile curling my lips. Yeah, I was totally a sucker for him.

“Hmmm so sexy,” He pressed his nose along my jaw marking me with his scent as he nipped my skin gently. “You’re right I would have started licking you, I can’t resist,” he rumbled.

As much as I wanted to stay there with him grabbing my naked ass and scent marking me till I came on his chest, the club was about to open and I wanted to get some clothes on before every animal in the city saw my naked ass. “I want to help you tonight,” I thought even as I mewled lightly rubbing myself against his shirt as he started sucking on my neck.

“Good then let’s—”

“Hey, boss.”

I looked over Walker's shoulder to see the gorilla that maned the front door when I came to the club the first night. He was big, bigger than I remembered, and had dark skin that matched his dark eyes. Even as big as he was he seemed to defer to Walker in a way that said he respected my mate, it just reminded me how much I needed to still learn about him. Walker grumbled but set me down on my feet and turned to face the other man while keeping me behind him. Oh was he keeping my naked butt hidden?

“What is it Tengo?” Walker’s tone was polite but brusque and lined with a dominance he hadn’t ever directed towards me. Was this an alpha thing? Or was this a boss thing?

The gorilla pointed over his shoulder, “The crowds huge tonight, should I start letting them in?”

“Go ahead, me and Larry were just headed upstairs to get him some clothes,” Walker said with a tilt of his lips that meant he was lying. Tengo nodded and turned to go back to the door when Walker spoke again, “Tengo, did you see any of my pack members outside?”

Pack members? I looked between the two men confused. I knew there was more to that question, but I didn’t understand pack dynamic or really anything about wolves besides that they were apparently allergic to cake and their penises knotted when they had sex. God, that was depressing that that was all I knew.

“No, boss. I didn’t see any of them, you want me to tell you if any of them come in?”

He nodded. “Yes, keep an eye out for Raina,” was all he said before he turned around and scooped me up into his massive arms and walked me upstairs to his office.

I squealed out in surprise when I saw the office. It looked untouched. NOTHING was out of place, even the window was fixed. “H-hhooww…” I said out loud my eyes saucers in my head as I stared at the pristine surfaces.

Walker chuckled. “I’m a wolf, Larry, I’ve torn this place up way worse than Jack ever could. A crew came in and fixed it while you were sleeping.”

“How long was I asleep? Is it still Wednesday?” How long had I been hanging on that tree?

“Yes little one it’s still Wednesday,” he nipped my ear before setting me down in a new leather chair. It was new no doubt about it, the smell of fresh new leather puffed out of the cushion as my ass sank into it. I was starting to get the impression that my mate was rich, and not in the ‘I have some money to buy a boat’ but more like ‘I have money to buy the boat company’.

“They put this all back together in an afternoon?” How was that physically possible?

Walker nodded as he handed me some fresh clothes. Wait, where had these come from they weren’t mine. I looked at the cotton shirt that said ‘not slow enough for you to catch’ and the pair of denim jeans that felt like butter on my fingertips. Walker saw my confusion and bared his teeth in a wolfish grin, “You’re other clothes got ripped so I had someone pick up new ones for you, I thought you’d like the shirt.”

I looked at it again, yeah I loved it, all of it. How did he know what I’d like already? “I do love it, thank you for getting me new clothes.”

Walker hummed happily dipping his head to press his nose along my jaw before kissing my cheek. “Get dressed and I’ll show you around the club while it’s open.”


The club was booming. It was just like I remembered it but with more people. How was it possible to be this crowded this early in the night? People were already out on the dance floor grinding as they held their drinks up, laughing and playing along with each others antics. I craved to be like them, to dance and move to the beat and talk like everyone else.

“What’s wrong little one? Don’t like the music?” Walker asked as he pressed up behind me at the base of the stairs.

I shook my head, slowly of fucking course. “No, I love it. I just envy them, the way they move in time to the beat, just being able to move.” Ugh, I was being so dramatic what was wrong with me? I didn’t usually obsess over being a sloth, but watching these beautiful people writhe on the dance floor like sensual creatures I wondered how I could ever compete. How could I ever keep Walker surrounded by this every day?

“Maybe they’re not listening to the right song,” he rumbled low against my ear.

The right song? What did that even mean? “What? I—”

“Stay here, I’ll be right back,” he said before giving my cheek a soft kiss and walking quickly through the dancing crowd out of sight. I had no idea what he was up to but I swear if he put on any sloth rap I would die of embarrassment… right after I killed him. Imagine listening to a song for twenty minutes that only had five words in it and the same metronome that just kept repeating over and over again, that was sloth rap. Scratch that, I wouldn’t kill Walker I’d force him to listen to that shit on repeat until his ears bled. Paul had loved that stuff when we were teenagers, one year he’d play the whole Slothacious C album on repeat (which was about 9 hours of the same beats on repeat and about five lyrics per song). That had been the longest year of my life. That was the difference between me and my brother, he did almost anything to become more engulfed in sloth culture, while I fought not to drown in the overwhelming slow death of it all. As I watched the moving bodies on the massive dance floor, pumping in time to the fast beat I wonder why I even bothered, I’d never been able to keep up no matter how fast my mind was.

“Holy shit, you’re the sloth,” a familiar voice rose over the music making my shoulder hunch instinctively. Not him, why did it have to be him? He’d been so drunk even if I had run into him I hadn’t thought he’d remember me.

I turned around, taking my time as I did it so that I could think of something to say to the asshole behind me. “What…. do…… you…. want?” I asked the hawk who’d laughed at me so cruelly the last time I’d been at the club.

Beck narrowed his eyes at me, the brown muddied and nothing as striking at my mates. Nothing about the hawk down to his sharp downturned nose was as attractive as Walker, and yet only a week ago I would have thought myself lucky to have his attention. “You’re an ungrateful little shit. I came to be nice and ask you if you wanted a drink. I was going to overlook the fact you are a sloth.” An ugly smirk crossed over his narrow fast, “I’ve done some research about sloths, you guys have some amazing dick sucking skills apparently.” He leaned forward his booze heavy breath ghosting across my face and wafting into my nose. I gagged a little at the strong stench of old food and a lot of alcohol mixing together. God he smelt worse than a sloth who’d sat on a tree growing moss for months, and what the fuck did he just say about my dick sucking abilities?

“I…. wouldn’t…… suck…… ...your…… dick….. ..to….. ….save…. ...my…. Life,” I said tensely.

“You piece of sloth shit, do you know who I am?” He squawked like the irritating bird he was.

“I bet you know who I am,” Walker growled from behind Beck, his massive hand already locked over the smaller hawks shoulder squeezing tight enough that I swear I heard bones creak.

Beck gasped his face going deathly pale as my mate dug his hand into the sensitive pressure point between neck and shoulder, incapacitating him. “A-alpha, l-let me go...h-hurts,” Beck squawked and tried to wiggle away from the pain but it only causes my mate to clamp down harder.

“I’m not a forgiving man, Mr. Altmore,” Walker growled, his yellow eyes dripping with a maliciousness I hadn’t known he was capable of. “If you happen to run into my mate again, you will treat him with the same respect you would give a predator like myself, and if you don’t,” He squeezed even tighter on the hawks shoulder causing Beck to cry in gasping sobs. “You won’t be flying anytime soon, do you understand?”

Beck nodded emphatically, shaking his head wildly up and down until my mate let him go. Gasping in relief the hawk clutched his wounded shoulder staring up at my alpha as he walked around to stand at my side. “Get out of my club, poultry before I eat you,” he growled, baring half-formed fangs.

Beck didn’t wait a second longer before he was rushing through the crowd, pushing people out of his way as he ran towards the main exit. “Wow, I didn’t know birds could run that fast…” I thought watching the man practically fly with his feet out the door.

“Are you alright?” Walker pressed his face into my throat inhaling my scent. I didn’t understand wolves, but I had the impression that he was checking my scent looking for signs of fear or pain.

“I’m alright,” I smiled not able to hold the giddy joy building up inside my chest. He’d stood up for me, no one had ever done that for me before. It was common for predators to have prejudices towards prey and vice versa but for sloths, there was so much more prejudice than just that. “Thanks, for standing up for me,”

Walker stiffened, a soft growl rolling out of him before he licked possessively at my throat, marking me again. “You’re my mate, I will do anything to protect you.” I sighed exposing my throat to him, loving whenever he nipped or licked the sensitive area. The idea that I had someone who would protect me no matter what, that he would protect me no matter what made my knees wobble dangerously. How was I lucky enough to get this man? Walker hummed his arm wrapping around my waist like he knew my legs were weak, of course, he knew, always lurking in my head.

“Dance with me, little one,” he asked leading me towards the crowd of people.

“I can’t dance Walker, that would require moving—” in time to the beat, was what I didn’t add. Being a sloth dancing was more like zen meditation or yoga, it wasn’t like we could go fast enough to keep up with most songs. Suddenly, the loud beat of the club suddenly changed and the music turned to a different song, something much slower with an intense base.

“Dance with me, mate,” he asked again this time picking me up.

I wrapped around him as he walked up onto the dance floor where the dancing had changed to a slow seductive rhythm. People moved in time to the beat, grinding and swaying in the most salacious displays. My heart sped up as Walker set me down slowly letting me slide down his body till my feet it the ground and I was standing in the middle of the crowd the songs slow intense beat calling to me in a way I hadn’t expected. He turned me around my back against his front bending till his mouth was pressed against my ear.

“Dance for me, little one,” Walker said yellow eyes shining.

So I did. Copying the others I swayed my hips in time with the music I moved against him, teasing him with the gentle movement of my hips. Walkers hands drifted over my body as I let the music settle into my body taking over a primitive part of my brain I didn't know was hidden inside of me. There I was a sensual creature, able to seduce my mate while the beat lead my body. Slowly with our bodies pressed close I shimmied down and then back up his erection pressing into my lower back when I came back up. Without warning, he turned me to face him, in time to the sudden sharp note in the song. I didn’t stop dancing, I slide my hands down his body in time with the sensual beat until I reach his buckle only to reverse my hands back up his chest, teasing. My hips swayed back and forth, liquid and slow as my hands traveled up his chest and I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled myself up his body with little effort. It was good being a sloth sometimes. Walkers eyes burned bright gold as I wrapped my legs around his waist the final beat of the song ending as I stared down into his lust filled eyes.

“Wow,” was all I could think as my pounding heart started to remind me where I was. Looking around I noticed that the entire club was watching us, everyone's eyes wide after they’d watched a sloth and the wolf dance. “I didn’t know I could do that.”

Walker laughed as the fast beat pounding club music came back on and everyone started to dance again. He walked me off the dance floor my legs still wrapped around his waist as he took me to a table off the dance floor before setting me down on my feet. “You are capable of so much more than you think, mate, and I plan on showing you.”

I swallowed, the excitement building up inside of me unexplainable. Maybe he was right, maybe I was capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for. Maybe...I just needed my wolf to show me the way.

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

I'm sure Walker will show Larry so many new things. He seems very intent on curing Larry's lack of self-esteem. 

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Raina and the pack — since he can no longer get it up for women, he’ll just send over his baby batter and a turkey baster, right? And why hasn’t he marked Larry already? Could it be because they haven’t even known each other 5 days yet?  LOLLLL 

  • Haha 4
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8 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

WE WANT SLUPPIES! WE WANT SLUPPIES!  And maybe some sloffee. Moral of this story, if they have four letter names, they're asses.




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You give me life,i love how Walker helps Larry with his self esteem,and also if there are slupies i call dips on the alpha one.😍

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3 minutes ago, Pmsingtiger said:

Don’t be hating on my sexy man!



My bad.  Maybe.......



You should write another chapter about him and I will like him more??!?!

:bambi eyes:

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6 hours ago, Geemeedee said:

Raina and the pack — since he can no longer get it up for women, he’ll just send over his baby batter and a turkey baster, right? And why hasn’t he marked Larry already? Could it be because they haven’t even known each other 5 days yet?  LOLLLL 

He definitely needs to explain that too him and mark him already.

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Great chapter.  Walker is going to teach Larry all the things he can do and not to obsess over the thins he can’t.   Walker doesn’t want to see the members of his pack.  That can’t bode well.  More please and thanks. 

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Slow, sexy songs and BAM....Larry can dance!!! YAY! :D   So why did Walker look at Larry's belly and declare no more slofee?  Hummmm???  Could a little sluppie be in there?  And is Walker expecting the pack to show up and cause trouble? 

  • Love 2
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I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying this story. I apologize if I haven’t done it yet. It’s a highly entertaining read and I’m loving the possibilities of this story world.  I feel like a much older version of Larry, but still looking for my place. It’s silly, but he gives me hope. He’s also incredibly funny.  Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks again.

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Hmmm, so will the people watching them dance now want a sloth lover too? They may be disappointed since Larry seems unique.

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