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Slothin' It - 16. Chapter 16 - Omega Sloth For The WIn

Italics coming soon

Chapter 16 - Omega Sloth For The Win

Yup, it was the stupid bitch. The same one who my mate was technically mated to by pack obligation and the same bitch who had pulled some of my hair out while I scratched the shit out of her face. Too bad the scratches were all healed, I would have loved to add to them. Keeping close to my mate I glared at the naked she wolf in front of us, her chest fat pushed out vying for all the attention. “If I wasn’t pregnant I’d show her how much of her stupid hair I can rip out of her big fucking head,” I thought as visions of defeated she-wolves danced in my head.

“Rain,” Walker growled, the sound unfamiliar and nothing like the sexy ones I was used to. This sounded aggressive, like a warning from an alpha. A shiver worked its way through my body, but it wasn’t fear. I swallowed down the sound that tried to escape. No way in hell was I letting a mating call out in front of his entire pack.

Rains head tilted up, her green eyes burning as she stared straight at her alpha. “I am your mate, you took an oath with me. I have the right to fight for my place in the pack,” She said her voice barely quavering as she spoke.

“What was she doing? Was it even possible for her to request this? How could I defend myself against her? Would the pack rebel against Walker if I didn’t fight her?” My mind whirled and I started to feel the rush of fear and anxiety burn through my veins. Unconsciously, my hand touched my belly and I pressed closer to my mate. I would fight for him, I was willing to get hurt to prove that I was worthy of keeping him, but I couldn’t, not if it meant hurting my pups. “Who does this stupid fat chested bitch think she is! Walker is mine! I’m pregnant, doesn’t that seal the deal?”

“No oath is binding when you find your destined mate, I am unwilling and unable to fill the promise that was made to you,” Walker said with a stern voice, while his hand threaded softly through my hair rubbing soothingly at my scalp. “But, if you need vindication, I’m willing to accept your challenge.”

“WHAT!” I squeaked, my eyes going wide as I watched “The bitch is going to eat me for breakfast! What are you thinking! She’ll even save parts of me for leftovers. I can’t do this. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?” Walker rumbled a soothing sound, no doubt scenting my absolute horror along with hearing it in his head loud and clear. I’m sure he was hearing everything along with nope nope nope nope nope, on rerun in his head. Wow, hearing me in his head had to get old. the she wolf's face pull into a surprised but sinister smile.

“I’m ready now, alpha.” Rain took a step forward, her eyes locked on me like a cat with a mouse. She was definitely going to do more than pull my hair this time.

“Stay here, little one,” Walker said gently before leaning down and brushing his lips across mine. He release me before I could ask him what he was doing, or what the hell was going on? As he walked forward he started taking his shirt off baring his muscular chest and shoulders, the moons light playing off his sexy body.

Rain watched with obvious confusion on her face as more pack members whispered and watched with bated breaths. “I don’t understand,” she said, her face tightening into a frown.

Walker snorted derisively as he tossed his shirt to the forest floor, his yellow eyes narrowed dangerously. “I said I accepted your challenge.” Walker walked closer to the she wolf his size becoming more apparent the closer he got to her. I’d always known he was big, but in that moment he seemed larger, more dominate, more alpha. “You thought you could come up here challenge and degrade my pregnant omega,” he said as he stood right in front of Rain, her shoulders hunching as she cowered beneath her alphas hard stare. “What made you think anything gave you the right to challenge your alpha mate?” He growled deep and angry. Everyone in the clearing was silent, only the sound of their breathing and the leaves crunching beneath their weary feet broke the tense silence.

Rain bared her throat, her eyes shut tight as she panted with obvious fear. “He is not one of us,” she said, even as a shiver rushed over her body.

Her words hit home in a way I didn’t want to admit to myself but couldn’t deny. Hadn’t I thought the same thing so many times before when I lay in bed wide awake staring at my sleeping lover? He was the king of wolves and I was an ADD sloth who didn’t even fit in with my own kind. The she-wolf was right, I wasn’t one of them, and I wasn’t anything better. “I hate being a sloth,” I admitted to myself for the first time as I watched my alpha stand before the beautiful wolf I could never compare to.

I watched as my Alpha’s back stiffened, the muscles tensed along his spine and shoulders. I realized then that he’d heard my thoughts. Shame and guilt raced through me along with my usual self hatred for being what I was.

“He’s mine,” Walker rumbled, deep and angry so every wolf could hear. “He is not one of us, but he is better because he is not. My mate is perfect, and no wolf will ever be as worthy as him. Larry is this packs alpha mate,” He said with a strict finality. “Everyone in this pack will treat him with the respect of his position or you will be challenging me for the alpha position.” His gold eyes were glowing, already shifting into the eyes of a wolf as he looked around at all of his pack members. “Do you understand?”

In response every single wolf tilted their heads and lowered their eyes, baring their necks in submission as a chorus of “yes, alpha” echoed through the clearing.


Stund, I stood there with my eyes glued on my mate, replaying his words over and over again.

Rain didn’t move from her spot, her body still shaking slightly at her head staid tilted with her neck vulnerable. Walker looked down at her again, his eyes returning to the normal gold that I was familiar with as some of the anger drained from him. He grabbed her chin in a firm but careful grasp as he forced the she wolf to look him in the eyes, only causing her to shake more as he alpha stared down at her. “Do you understand me, Raina?”

She nodded, forgetting his hand holding her chin before replying quickly with “yes, alpha.”

“Good girl,” He said before releasing her chin. “Now go and apologize to your alpha mate.” He moved aside giving her room to pass.

I thought, completely caught off guard with this change of events. “Oh no it’s not necessary for her to do that, I’m good. No need to rub salt into the wound, besides I don’t want her chest fat near me.” My thoughts rambled on as Rain lowered her head in a nod and walked towards me. As she did I couldn’t help but think this was going to be awkward. More awkward then that time the boy I was crushing on thought I was paul, more awkward then the time my mother left me at the superstore for two days and nobody notice I was hanging in the fake tree in the decor isle. I thought about all of this as the she wolf walked right up to me, stopping so there was only a foot of space between us. Then, silence, awkward tense silence. Craning my neck just slightly to look around her, I saw my alpha watching with patient eyes trained on the she wolf's back. This was somehow a lesson for her to learn then. Wait what?”

“I’m sorry, alpha mate, for disrespecting you. Please punish me in anyway for how I acted,” she said in a bitter, but resigned voice as she closed her eyes and stood straight, waiting for something.

“I…have...no….idea...what….you’re….talking....about,” I said, and I had to admit, I said it a lot faster than I normally would have.

Rain’s shoulders tensed, and I swear I could hear her teeth grinding in her clenched mouth. “You are the alpha’s mate, you have the—” she stopped her body tense as a short choppy breath escaped her. “You have the right to inflict a physical punishment for the way I have acted.” She ended the sentence with a sharp clip of her teeth, as if getting the words out really burned her bitchy soul.

A punishment. I had to admit that sounded pretty nice, but a physical one, that was going to be kinda difficult. I mean I could just go all out, that would be the best course of action. She wouldn’t hurt me since it was punishment. “Alright...brace...yourself,” I said with what would pass for a stern voice coming out of me. Laughable really.

Rain nodded and her muscles tightened, there was a collective silence as the other wolfs braced for what I would do next. I lifted my hand slowly into the air, not for any dramatics but because I was slow. There was a tension in the air as I held my hand up getting ready to land a blow to the she wolf's face. She deserved this for saying the things she’d said to me, and for making me feel like I didn’t deserve my mate. What gave her the right?

I let my hand fly—

And fly.

And fly.

What started out as a tense moment suddenly turned back to the awkward one I was familiar with as my hand slowly crept towards Rains face. I didn’t feel like I was even in control of my own arm as I watched it move so slowly I wished I could will my muscles to just abandoned this stupid idea halfway through. Nope, I was committed at this point, couldn’t stop and I definitely wanted to. Embarrassed I watched my hand close in on the she wolf’s face till finally, but pathetically, it landed a blow that pushed her cheek in. It was like I was patting her on the cheek, like a weird relative did when they saw you at christmas dinner.

“I think I’m actually going to die of embarrassment,” I thought as I pulled my hand back, slowly, and watched as Rain’s face became increasingly red. Clearing my throat I looked at the other wolves watching us, and my alpha who at this point had an expression on his face that I couldn’t interpret.

“Well…..uh…..I...hope….you…..learned….your….lesson.” God, I was a fucking moron. Rain’s face became even redder as a short snarling sound escaped her. I took an instinctive step back. “She’s going to kill me now,” I thought as I watched her eyes screw shut and her body tense. “How can I get away this close if she—”

A peel of loud laughter escaped her, followed by another round of loud snorts and gasps for breath as she she wolf held her belly in a tight grasp. Her laughter set off a chain reaction as other wolves joined in, laughing so hard that it became almost deafening in the clearing. A part of me wanted to be offended, but another part of me could help the smile that broke across my face as I saw the hilarity of this situation. I snorted out my own laugh as my mate walked back over to my side, his warm hand threading through my hair as he did.

“Rain,” Walker said once everyone’s laughter had started to subside. “Everything between you two is in the past, but understand if you threaten my mate again I will be the one punishing you, do you understand?” His voice was light, but his words held a much deeper meaning that wasn’t missed among anyone who could hear. Rain nodded and responded quickly, “Yes alpha.”

“Good, Denver will lead the pack run tonight, I will catch up with some of you later,” He called out giving permission for all the wolves to start their change. Without waiting one after another they melted into their fur all different shades of grey, black, and browns started to appear. They yipped and barked in excitement as groups of twenty or more at a time ran off into the surrounding woods. It all happened so fast I wondered if I’d actually miscounted how many wolves were actually in the clearing to begin with. Rain didn’t shift right away, but when another wolf stood not far behind her barking instantly she didn’t say anything before she melted into her wolf form and ran off without another word.

“That….was…..weird,” I said, once we were the only two remaining in the clearing.

“You did good, little one.” Walker reassured me as he hugged me from behind, his named chest warm against my back.

“Did I thought as I tried to figure out exactly what I’d done. I’d hit a she wolf, got laughed at because it was that pathetic, and hadn’t learned a single thing about how wolf culture worked. If anything I was more confused than when we’d pulled up to this clearing an hour ago. good at what?”

“You stood up for yourself and for what is yours, and I want you to know that I love that you are a sloth. I heard what you were thinking and I don’t want you to ever be ashamed of what you are.” He nuzzled my neck before placing a gentle kiss on my skin.

“She’s right though, I’ll never be a and didn’t that suck. wolf like them,”

Walker rumbled the deep soothing sound he always made when I was anxious. I sighed and leaned back into his embrace enjoying the contact now that we were along. “You’re my mate, that’s all you ever need. I love you because you are a sloth, not in spite of it.” He pulled back and started tugging on my shirt without any warning. “Get undressed, slothie. I’m going to take you on a run.”

“A run?” Had the wolf lost his marbles? Walker I can barely walk a normal speed, what makes you think I’m going to run?”

He grunned the same

secy grin he always did when he wanted me to do something. “You’re going to right my back, and I’m going to show you what it’s like ot be a wolf.”

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Now you are getting me too used to the regular updates. NOT that I am complaining. I love Larry. He is just so...he's lovely!

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That was awesome! In my head I was thinking the perfect punishment would be to give her a kiss on the cheek. But that would be a punishment for Slothie, too. How soon til we ride the Alpha? 

Oh yeah! Still gotta go back to last chapter and read the juicy bits...

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I LOOOOOOVED THE BITCH SLAP!!!!   🤣 🤣  I think that did more to make the pack accept him than anything else could have. It was perfect. Now to see a Sloth literally ride a Wolf. Yay.

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