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Slothin' It - 17. Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

I stripped right there in the field, we were alone after all. Walker assured me that all the other wolves had moved on far enough that we had our privacy. My pants and underwear pooled around my ankles next to my shirt in the cool grass. I watched him shed his remaining clothes, baring every inch of his hard body to the moon's light. My eyes tracked over my handsome mate as my bare feet flexed in the dirt beneath my toes sending a thrill up my spine. I grinned wildly at him as a breeze brushed around us blowing my hair from my face.

“You’re so beautiful,” Walker said as his hand gently cupped my cheek his thumb brushing over my lips. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

I snorted, leaning into the welcome caress. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. You’re perfect in so many ways,” I took in a shaky breath as I laid my hand over his, holding it against my cheek. “I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and lose you,” I touched my belly, “and everything you’ve given me that makes me happy.”

“No little one, it is me who is the lucky one, and it’s you who has given me so much. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy because that’s what you give me.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, his other hand settling over mine on my swollen belly.

My eyes watered as I kissed him back pressing close to his tone naked body. Our breaths were hot as they mingled in the brisk night air, our nose bumping gently as we pulled back to look into each other's eyes. Everything I could ever hope for was gazing back at me, shining brightly in his gold eyes. That this wolf loved me as he did was unbelievable, but to think that he never even hesitated to accept me for what I was, that was what made me wonder if I was in a coma somewhere. Maybe I’d fallen down some stairs, sloths weren’t known for our amazing reflexes. If that was the case, I hope I never woke up. I don’t think I could live without him, knowing the other half of my soul would never find me.

“Are you ready, Slothie,” Walker asked while nuzzling my neck, marking me with his scent. I loved it when he did it.

“Hell yes.” I thought, a manic grin slowly pulling over my face till my cheeks were stretched tight.

“Shift my mate,” he commanded as his own change started to spread through his body.

I let the rush of the change sweep over me, letting my other body morph into my sloth form. Although I was slow, our shift was as seamless and quick as any other shifter. It only took seconds before Walker and I stood staring at each other in the clearing from our second skins. It was the first time I’d seen him in this form and I had to admit how beautiful he was in this form.

His coat was white, pure as snow and his eyes were the same striking gold I’d fallen in love with. Walker rumbled gently as he dipped his massive head down to me nuzzling my cheek before giving my nose a quick kiss. Squeaking happily I reached for him with my long claws, wanting to touch him in return. “Let me touch you,” I thought, not sure he’d be able to hear me in this form.

“Get on my back, baby.”

Squeaking again, this time in surprise, I looked up at my mate the echo of his voice still running through my head. “You can speak to me telepathically? I thought only I could with you?”

Walker shook his wolf head slightly, before laying down close to me. “As a wolf, it is how I communicate with my pack, you are pack now. I can only do it in this form. Now get on my back, we are losing moonlight,” his voice rumbled, even from in my head I could hear the teasing tone in his voice.

“I’m going, I’m going, give a pregnant sloth a few minutes,” I thought while climbing inch by inch on to his back. His fur was warm against mine as I wiggled my way up between his shoulders, my arms clasping around his neck till I was secure. My heart galloped in my chest, as fast as physically possible for a sloths heart to beat.

“Are you ready?” Walker asked, his deep voice lingering in my head.

“Onward, my noble wolf stead!”

Walker’s laugh filtered through my mind and without pause he loped off into the woods with me clinging to his back. The first thing I noticed was the feel of the wind on my face as he dipped in and around trees with extreme grace. Then, the pounding of his heart as it drummed in time with his steps. He ran with easy abandon and sure-footedness I could only ever dream of having. Was this what it was like to move at a normal pace? Did everyone get to feel the rush of air and the pounding of the heart as they ran?

I squeaked out a happy sound as we ran through a clearing, the moons light bright enough to guide the way. Tilting my head into the cool breeze, my mate's scent filled my senses, and I had to admit: I was glad to be a sloth at that moment as I clung closely to his back.



I was not asleep in a tree.

That was the first thing I thought as I came to the next morning, the sun warming my skin. I was also not in my bed, but that wasn’t something I’d done in a long time anyways...I should probably sell the apartment. Wasn’t like I could back out of my sluppie piled relationship at this point. Maybe I’d put my apartment on the market today. Definitely taking out my favorite potted tree though, I’d have to find the perfect place to put it in my new home, most likely near the window where—

“EEEP!” I squawked. Someone licked at the back of my neck, and I felt hands, multiple hands, laying against my side. Opening my eyes I saw that I was in the woods, laying in a soft yet crunchy pile of fallen leaves. That wasn’t the surprising part - no - the surprising part was I was also surrounded by a least thirty naked bodies cuddled around me in what could only be referred to as a puppy pile. Holy shit, I was in a naked puppy pile and I was naked.

“They have accepted you,” Walker rumbled from where he laid in front of me, his strong hand stroking over my distended belly. There was a spark in his yellow eyes, and a slight grin that showed how contented he was at that moment.

The unknown wolf behind me rumbled contentedly curling close to my back as the other wolves around me and my alpha made the same happy sounds. Hands reached out and touched naked hips, and shoulders, chests, and breasts. I watched as they curled close to each other the entire circle pressing close to the center where Walker and I lay. I had to admit this was some strange wolf shit, but...it wasn’t all that bad as I relaxed and felt the soothing caress of a hand on my hip, a gentle breath warming my feet. “This is accepting me? Do I want to know what would rejecting me would look like?”

Walker snorted, “You are the alpha mate, you are to be accepted or I will accept a challenge. The pack will do anything to please you, knowing it will please me.”

Pursing my lips I thought about all the sloffee and mangos I’d be getting in the near future when something occurred to me. “Wait...when you say anything do you mean—”

Alpha growled with a predatory sexy grin as he leaned in towards me, his hand dropping down to my dick. “Yes, slotthie, many of my wolves will suck your dick, eat your ass, massage your feet, bath you...whatever you want,” he said in a husky tone as his hand gently fondled my hardening cock.

Holy sloth fairy, what was he even saying? Did I want those things? Did he want them? “You would let them? I don’t understand,” and I seriously didn’t understand. If anyone even got to close to my Walker would usually sound the alarms, but he wouldn’t be upset if another wolf sucked my dick?

“This is my pack, these wolves,” he looked to the pile around us, consisting mostly of males. “They are my pack, showing submission and giving pleasure is something I would never be angry at them for. Besides, there are benefits to being the alpha mate.”

I nodded slowly, not even trying to understand the complexity of what I was learning to be wolf culture. Still, the whole thing was a little odd. “What about Raina?”

“That was different, she was insulting you and demeaning your position as the alpha mate,” he said while his hand continued to stroke me.

“Does that mean, you’ll have sex with your wolves too?” The idea of sharing my alpha with anyone, even his pack made my stomach cramp. He was my fucking alpha, and I wanted to be the only one sucking on him, or letting him sink into my body.

“I don’t have any urge, desire or other need to be with anyone but you, Larry,” he leaned in and nipped my jaw before kissing the stinging flesh gently. “I am your mate, and I know you don’t understand wolf culture and I don’t expect or need you to follow it. You are perfect to me, perfect for me.”

Warmth spread inside me and I felt the slight kick in my belly as our babies shifted feeling my excitement. I must be the luckiest sloth in the world.

“Scoot over I want to get my turn in the middle,” someone said from the back of the pile.

“Wait your turn!”

Walker chuckled and I snorted out my own laugh. I might be able to get used to the monthly puppy piles.




“Oh, it’s out and people are a talkin’ about it now! It’s all over the head lines! Alpha heir dicking the sloth, Sloth gets the alpha’s knot— ” Robby paused and his eyebrows scrunched together as he looked down at his tablet. It was definitely the same look he had whenever something wasn’t adding up or in his case didn’t come out right. “Oh no, wait, this might be the porn sight, oh here we go — Alpha heir mated to a sloth may lead to wolf extinction?”

I sighed as my friend skimmed the news clippings on his tablet, while dunking his veggie burger into a bowl of water. Thankfully we were at the club and it was only us since it wasn’t open yet. The last thing I wanted was to have anyone judge me or my friend while I was pregnant and slower than ever. My speech might have gotten a lot faster, but my body was almost at a stand still.

“Walker...said...not...to....read...those,” I said while grabbing a mango chunk out of my bowl on the table.

“The porn, because that stuff looks pretty interesting. Although I don’t think they actually have a sloth, it looks more like a hedgehog or a squirrel I—” Robby stopped burger mid dunk when he finally caught the scowl on my face. “Oh right you mean the tabloids,” Robby snorted, “Well I can understand, he doesn’t want to upset you with all the talk going on! There is a huge uproar about you’re mating. Talk about the end of wolf kind, and what it could mean for other animals if they get the wrong idea and start dating out of their species! It’s a big mess of dicks sword fighting for the last word!” Robby said a little loudly as he took a big bite of his soggy veggie burger and started to chew.

“Fighting for the last word?” I thought as I watched my friend scroll, dunk, eat and repeat. “What...do...you...mean?”

He took a big soggy bite of the burger before speaking, his cheeks filled with food. “Well, for starters, the council is trying to get a law passed to illegalize the union of two different species, and—” he looked down at my belly, his large brown eyes filling with an uncharacteristic show of worry. “Any offspring that the two could produce.”

I hissed, my hands moving down to wrap around my swollen belly to protect my unborn sluppies. Could they do that? Could the council make it illegal for my pups to exist? I shuddered as fear raced through me. “Why..didn’t...anyone...tell..me!” I all but shouted, my heart all but doing back flips in my throat, it was physically not structured to beat as fast as it was.

Robby must have noticed because he set his food down quickly and got out of his chair so fast it clattered to the floor. “You are fine, everything is fine, no dicks ever gonna get those babies. My whole troop would be all over anyone before they could even get a paw or claw near those little ones, and so would the wolfie prince's pack, raccoon promise!” He swore as he patted me down with his gently hands all over, chittering wildly as he did.

“Stop it, you stupid racoon,” Jack snapped as he walked up to the table, pushing Robby back towards his turned over chair. “You’re stressing him out and it’s not good for the pups.” The rabbit set down a cup of apple juice in front of me while glaring at my friend who was retrieving his chair at this point. “Walker has nothing to worry about, he is one of the most powerful men in the world, no one is going to have a say in who he mates and breeds with.” Jack said while taking the empty glasses off the table. Ever since he’d found out I was pregnant he’d been a lot different, although he was still his same surly self, he brought me stuff to snack on and checked on me while I was in the club constantly. As Terry put it, rabbits viewed pregnancy of any kind as a gift from the gods… their god having something to do with fertility both of the earth and the body.

“No…” I said out loud, watching as Robby paused on his way to sitting down. “I...want… to… know… what’s… going… on.” My face was pulled into a tight frown as I thought about all the things they were trying to keep from me. I couldn’t understand how the council could even speak about making matings of any kind illegal. It was, and has been, illegal to split any mated pair of for any reason, because matings were so sacred among all the species.

Jack thumped his foot irritatedly against the floor, his glared aimed directly at Robby who was already back to dunking his second burger into his water. “Stupid, coon,” he said before he pulled out the empty chair at the table and sat down. “Apparently, the councils are trying to ban mixed mating. They state that as different species there would be incompatibilities and that it would be counterproductive and possibly disastrous, but you don’t need to worry about that. Alpha will not be grouped into those decisions, he’s too powerful to be governed by those laws.”

My stomach turned as I thought about the repercussions of what the council was going to do. What if a sloth like me mated to someone who wasn’t as powerful as my alpha? Would they then be forced to be separated by law? What about my own pups? What would a law like that do to them? “Who...proposed...this...to...the...council?”

Jack’s lips tightened into a distasteful frown before he looked at Robby. “You’re his friend, you tell him.” Robby stopped chewing, his chubby cheeks draining of color as he looked between us.


The raccoon pulled at the table cloth bunching it up in his hands as he started twitching anxiously. “You know I think we should talk about the porn instead, I’m pretty sure they are actually using a beaver in that one video, only a beaver would have that strong of an ass—”

“Tell...me!” I growled, feeling my slups twist around in my belly as my anxiety mounted.

“Alright, alright. It was….well it was maybe sorta kinda possibly your….brother,” he squeaked out the last word while his hands bunched up the table cloth until it was up under his chin.

“My...brother,” was the one leading the crusade to end my mating, and possibly any chance my babies would have a mate of their own? That son of a sluth! How dare he try to ruin my life! Twin or not I was going to push him down a flight of stairs! UGH!!!

“Your face is really red, you better not have a heart attack, my warren would disown me if I resulted in a miscarriage of any kind.” Jack fanned my face and offered the cold juice as if I was about to pass out.

“The wolf prince would definitely kill you, I don’t think disownment would be your biggest problem,” Robby pointed out while smoothing down the table cloth.

“Shut up stupid raccoon,” Jack chittered angrily while still fanning at my face.

“Enough...both...of...you,” I said in a calm tone. “Jack,” I said looking at the rabbit with serious eyes. “I’m… going.. To.. need.. Mango.. Gummies,” and after that I was going to to slowly kick my brothers ass back into yesterday.

Sorry it took me so long! Getting back on a schedule.

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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I kinda wished I'd bought the giant pink or purple plush sloths from a gas station I frequent (my family adores the soft ice they have) as it often reminded me of your story. 

How long would a crotch kick to the mangoes take to affect/ last on an asshole sloth?

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Oh boy a Sloth showdown. Larry will win against his brother.

Edited by chris191070
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OMG....Robby is in Soooo much trouble. He is going to get it. And from his pregnant twin. Lol.....I can't even imagine what grandsloth is going to say to that.


As always, can't wait for more.☺

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I think he's going to enjoy kicking his twins ass into yesterday. Brother & twin or not, he's threatening his family.

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I love this story! I love how you have taken a premise and turned it on it’s head. The characters are rich in personality and soooo much fun. Sloth, Raccoon, and Rabbit !! I want this tv show. I keep picturing Sex In The City meets Charlie’s Angels on the Nature Channel. I hope we stay in this world for a long time to come. Thanks !

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On 3/8/2019 at 11:50 PM, Tazzle001 said:

I love this story! I love how you have taken a premise and turned it on it’s head. The characters are rich in personality and soooo much fun. Sloth, Raccoon, and Rabbit !! I want this tv show. I keep picturing Sex In The City meets Charlie’s Angels on the Nature Channel. I hope we stay in this world for a long time to come. Thanks !

Omg sex in the city and Charlie’s angels meets nature planet!! Robby’s story will be next it’s called Trash Bandit 

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On 3/7/2019 at 6:54 PM, Fae Briona said:

I think he's going to enjoy kicking his twins ass into yesterday. Brother & twin or not, he's threatening his family.

Yeah Paul is going to get a slow beating 😂😂😂

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On 3/7/2019 at 8:41 AM, chonga said:

OMG....Robby is in Soooo much trouble. He is going to get it. And from his pregnant twin. Lol.....I can't even imagine what grandsloth is going to say to that.


As always, can't wait for more.☺

Grandsloth will always have something to say. Thank you for the comment!!! 

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On 3/7/2019 at 7:40 AM, sugarsmacks said:

Missed you sweets

❤️❤️❤️❤️ I miss having time to post!!! 

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