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Slothin' It - 7. Chapter 7 - How slow do you go?

Look Slothie goodness I wrote another chapter! Except....you might be mad at me for this one 😈

Chapter 7 - How slow do you go?



“No,” I said cutting Bob off - again. Ever since Walker had dropped me off that morning at work I’d been hounded by the older sloth one booth over. I knew what he wanted to talk about. Every sloth knew what had happened at the mingle and they wanted details about the sloth who was newly mated to a wolf. Granted I could understand their curiosity but I made it a rule to only endure my families slow speak.



“No!” I said again, trying to stop Bob. It didn’t help that I was grumpy. I’d left my lover - again - to go somewhere I did not want to be. Work was the last place I wanted to go Monday morning, but alas responsibilities call and I needed to pay my bills. It would have been heaven to stay in bed with my wolf all day and let him fuck me and then watch Spanish bull soaps all day long. Instead, I came here. After our talk on the couch, Walker had told me he’d make me dinner and it had been an amazing salad with mangos in it. Which my wolf had followed up with “you said you loved mangos, so I googled some recipes.” I’d pretty much melted at that point. After that, we’d gone to bed together, but we hadn’t had sex to my horror. I’d wanted him to knot me again so bad I’d practically clung to him like a tree branch through a bad storm, but Walker had been insistent. He told me that he didn’t want to hurt me and one knotting was more than enough for my virgin body. He had followed that up with sucking my cock so good I’d literally passed out.

I still felt pretty bad about that.

“Get back to work, Larry.” I thought as I stared at my computer screen. From the corner of my eye I could see Bob peeking from behind his cubicle wall, his brown eyes curious. I refused to acknowledge the nosey sloth. Instead, I stared at my computer screen determined to get some work done, but finding myself instead, searching for anything and everything about wolves that I could find out. There was a lot that I needed to find out about my new mate and I wouldn’t be able to get any work done until I found it. I skimmed over a few sites learning character traits and species habitats all pretty common knowledge. Wolves were by nature more aggressive because of their predatory nature of course. They were pack animals (which I knew) and they live primarily on a diet of meat. What caught my eye were the species highlights, the same ones that would be listed on a driver's license. It stated that wolves needed their pack to feel less stressed when scared, they were territorial, allergic to cake— “seriously?" I read that again. Wolves were allergic to cake. “Well ok then.” I kept reading.

“Uhm.” A cough behind me startled me enough to make me fall forward on my keyboard clicking across the keys gracelessly before I spun my chair around to face my boss. Hoobert was a scrawny man with a hairy face and big black eyes that seem to peer into your soul. I didn’t see him often, but when I did I always got the heebee jeebies. Owls had that effect on a lot of animals apparently. “Larry, I need you in my office, now.” He said, his eyes darting to the computer screen behind me and back to my face. “Probably better if you didn’t look up certain things on your computer during work hours.” He hooted irritably before turning and walking back towards his office, but not before his head did a one-eighty and watched me for a few more seconds as he retreated.

A shiver of revulsion raced up my spine and I turned back to my computer only to squawk in surprise. There were wolf penises all over my computer with large knots extended at the base in massive high definition. Being a sloth I couldn’t get the pages closed fast enough, as I clicked ever so slowly on the damn mouse. “Oh god, why won’t the browser close! No! NO! The computer froze.” I banged my head on the keyboard as the video on the page ‘All about wolf Knotting’ began to play on the speakers on my desktop. A masculine voice said through the office ‘When wolves mate the base of their penis will swell and a knot will form—’ “Oh god shoot me now.” I thought as I got out of my chair and wheelied to my bosses office my cheeks burning and my hair hanging in my face to hide it as much as possible. Just as I opened Hoobert’s office door the video on my computer said ‘Once the knot forms at the base of the penis the male wolf will push it inside his mate past the barrier muscles to lock himself in place and release his semen to begin impregnating them.’ I shut the door, cutting off the rest of the informative video.

Hoobert’s large eyes narrowed to thin slits on his owlish face as I sat down across from him. I could feel the heat on my face as I looked the owl dead in the eyes, this was by far the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me. “I’m…. …….sorry….. ……….about……. ……..that.” My apology was drawn out, but thankfully after Walker's experiment in his car I’d been able to talk normal again a few hours later. I wasn’t going to risk losing my voice though so I made sure to stretch my words out longer than I normally would.

Hoobert nodded his head slowly. “Well although this most current situation is... unexpected, I’ve brought you into my office to speak about some other things that have come to light.”

“Other things?” I tried to think if there was anything I’d missed or had possibly done wrong. I came up with nothing after a few minutes of pondering. I always made sure to file all of my reports and get my work done. Besides not talking to other sloths while I was here I didn’t do anything different than anyone else. “I….. …….don’t……. ……..understand.”

Hoobert cocked his head to the side, back and forth much like he would in his owl form. “Well Mr. Leisure, I do find myself in the position to inform you that you have made some grave errors and we will not be able to keep you employed here starting right now. You will be able to collect your things before leaving the premises.”

“W-what! W-wwhat… a-arreee...y-yyouu ….s-sssayyingggg… I-I I—” I sucked in a breath trying to stop the horrible stutter as I tried to get the words. “I don’t understand! Why is this happening? I know I’ve never done anything wrong!” I opened my mouth only to have Hoobert hold up his hand to silence me.

“Please, Mr. Leisure I do not need to wait and hear more. Your work performance has been deemed subpar and thus I am terminating you. Please remove your stuff and leave the premises.” He hooted sharply.

I didn’t understand. Why was he doing this? I hadn’t done anything wrong and he wasn’t even telling what I’d done wrong. Damn it, he wouldn’t even let me speak! Not that I could at this point, my voice seemed to be stuck in my throat as my mind raced along with my pulse. I was being fired - again. I was a failure, I couldn’t even keep my job at a sloth workplace doing sloth things, how would I keep a job anywhere else? A shiver raced through my body as I stood slowly and walked numbly back towards the office door. A loud hoot from Hoobert made me stop, my hand resting on the door handle.

“Unplug your computer before you leave. No one wants to see that disgusting display,” his voice dripped with disdain as he spoke.

What he said burned deep inside me, lighting up something I didn’t know existed in me. Anger unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life churned in my gut as I turned around slowly and faced the owlish man. “Y-you….. …w-wishh…. ….y-your….. ….cock….. …..was…. ……that….. …..big….. you..... …...s-scrawny…..a-asss…… twat!” I hissed going as far as to bare my teeth at the ugly man before I turned back around and opened the door, leaving him gaping as I left.

I wheelied to my cubical on shaky legs, my heart beating frantically in my chest. I was still angry but more than that I was scared and upset. I needed this job, I couldn’t depend on my parents, not with how they wanted to constrain me. I didn’t want to be a burden on Walker, I wouldn’t be a burden on him. Back at my desk, the video had stopped playing and the images of cocks with knots was still on the screen. A part of me wanted to unplug the computer and leave quietly, but another part of me one that didn’t want to be walked on or looked over anymore wanted to make a statement.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I nodded to Bob as I skated away from my desk carrying my small box, Bob’s eyes tracking me as I left. It wasn’t until I was at the elevators that I heard the sound of the video I started blaring out. “Fuck me harder alpha! Give me your knot! Harder alpha! Cum all over me!”

I smirked at the loud chirps and hisses from the sloths and other employees as I got on the elevator. They wouldn’t be turning it off anytime soon since I’d unplugged the mouse and keyboard. Hoobert would have more than enough time to see how ‘disgusting’ a wolf's cock was as it was plunging in and out of a willing asshole. “He wishes he had a cock as beautiful as Walkers, the bastard.” I thought as I pressed the elevator button for the bottom floor.


I didn’t know where to go for a while.

I knew I should probably go home and be in a habitat that was familiar and comfortable to me, but that wasn’t where I wanted to go. My home would feel familiar, but it would bring comfort. “I need a drink, no I need twenty drinks.” I thought sadly as I dashed at the errant tear that escaped. What had I done to deserve to get fired? I always followed the rules and even got my work done ahead of time. Why had he suddenly fired me if it wasn’t the browser images?

I walked down the street using my skating shoes to glide along the pavement. I didn’t look at people avoiding their glances as they stared at me. It wasn’t rare for people to watch me skate down the road. It was rare for a sloth to do anything but move dramatically slow down the sidewalk, and with my wheelies I wasn’t being normal - I wasn’t normal to my own kind or any other species.

With the heaviness inside of me, I made up my mind and took out my phone to call and uber. It didn’t take long for the car to arrive. Thankfully I could enter my destination on the app so the driver didn’t need to ask me where I was going. I didn’t bother to try talking to the older mouse, she seemed more than happy to drive her car and listen to her music without being bothered. It took twenty minutes to reach Walker’s house. I paid the driver on the app and got out of her car hearing her gasps as she looked at the beautiful house. Pride filled my chest and I said to her as I was getting out “That’s…… …….my…… ……...mates.”

“If your mate is as sexy as that house you’re one lucky bastard.” The girl squeaked in a very tiny high pitched voice before winking and driving off.

I smiled and took in the house. I was a lucky bastard, but was it weird that I was coming here without talking to Walker? I’d only known him for a little under two days, but when I thought about comfort and safety I thought about the cabin and being in Walker's arms. I didn’t want to bother him at work though, even though he had said that I should if I needed him. A text pinged with an incoming text. I unlocked my phone to see a text from my brother Paul.

“I hope you’re happy. I told you not to piss Craig off, he is a sloth with a lot of power and your little spectacle yesterday cost you your job. I wish you’d listen to me for once!”

I read the text message again, and again. “Craig was why I was fired? Fucking Craig!” I fumed, vibrating with the need to strangle the other sloth. How was it possible for him to even do such a thing? Who was that sloth? I texted my brother back.

“How can he do that?” I texted.

I didn’t bother waiting for his response. Even with text suggesting words it took sloths a long time to text back and to be honest I need a little while to calm down. Today was turning out to be one of the biggest shit shows. I hissed as I shoved my phone back into my pocket and slowly climbed the steps to the massive front door of the cabin. The door was locked by a code so I entered the combination that Walker had given me the other day. Inside I walked towards the couch that was facing the massive window where the beautiful view was calling me, but then I remembered I could go up to Walker's bed. The view was just as visible from the second story where the massive windows extended and the sheets would still smell like me and my wolf. Warmth filled my chest and I went to the large spiral staircase and walked up to the massive loft where the comfortable bed was calling me. I hoped that I hadn’t bothered Walker with my thoughts today. I could only imagine how annoying and distracting it would be to always hear someone in your head all the time. Hell, I knew better than anyone how it felt to keep hearing thoughts in your head that no one could hear, although not from another person. It took me a long few minutes to climb the stairs up to the bedroom. For once though I didn’t mind. I needed the time to sort out the complete crazy mess my life had turned into, and where I was going to start looking for a new job. I’d have to be careful until I found one, it wasn’t like I had cash to burn as a newly unemployed twenty-one-year-old sloth.

Cresting the stairs my belly warmed as I imagined curling up in the soft white sheets of Walker’s bed. A good nap there would help calm me down and then I could start to look over sloth qualified jobs that I could get.

“Everything will be fine.” I thought.

That was until I saw the naked female stretched out over Walker’s bed, her green eyes just opening from sleep as she looked at me. She didn’t move to cover her naked skin as she narrowed her eyes at me, her beautiful face becoming disgruntled. “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my mate's house?” The she-wolf growled.

Copyright © 2018 Pmsingtiger; All Rights Reserved.
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Oh hell! You did not just make another Naga! Another delusional bitch!!! But Larry baby I would be done the same thing volume at the max looped on replay!!!!!!!!

  • Haha 5
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Ouch.  This can not be good.  Has Walker been keeping secrets?  Or is it a stalker bitch?   Larry needs a good lawyer for a wrongful termination suit.  Course now I am pondering sloths in court testifying or on jury panels.   No need for a death penalty, the defendant will be long dead before the verdict could be rendered.  Thanks for the chapter and I will be thinking about poor Larry until next chapter. 

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Hmm... Someone appears to have a little trouble handling the truth... Who is it? People are quick to judge the she-wolf, but she could be under the impression she's the mate. Maybe not of Walker but another pack member. And she's simply being a wolf. 

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Oh boy! Does Walker had a mate before he found his soulmate? If that's true it is very disrespectful to Larry, he should have told him...

Maybe she is just a friend who wants to be more and is forcing her way... But she would need the codes to enter the house.

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OH... EM....GEE!!! Uhm she-wolf say what now? Am I the only one whose claws are already out ready to get her away from Walker...he's for Larry and Larry only!! Lolz. 


Can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Cheers 😁

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Poor Larry had a piss day. I applaud him for his wolf porno at work... Work that knot!

Who’s that female in my mates bed?? *hisss*

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Nooooo can this day get any more f#cked up for poor Larry.when it rains it pours slowlllly

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6 hours ago, empresslovesreading said:

Oh boy!!!! Next chapter please!!! And don't even pretend to go at a sloth pace getting it out!!!!!

Poor Larry.


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I can just see Larry deciding that the day sucked, turn and slide down the banister and then find a tree to climb and nap to reset the day. Meanwhile the last thought Walker hears from Larry is about  shit sprinkles on a shit cake and Walker has to figure out where Larry is and talk him out of a tree. 


Awesome chapter. 

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OMG...:o This cannot be happening. There has to be a very innocent and logical explanation for all of this. Poor Larry, this is not his day.

Please don't leave us waiting for too long.

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