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Dear Travel Diary - 2. DTD Ch 2

Day 1 Continued.

Wow, what a long trip that was, the whole journey took seven hours including the time that we were at Learmonth and Cocos Keeling Island, and I was fairly tired from the whole journey, although I managed to snooze a bit for the longer part of the journey.

We had to go through customs and quarantine once again, which I was expecting, and after collecting my hire car, I headed to the main settlement at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island. Due to it being New Years Day, most shops and other places were closed for the public holiday, so I went for a drive around the other suburbs of the island, and I found the bakery, which was closing for the day, but they were able to let me buy a loaf of bread and some bottles of water, which is a necessity it the tropics.

The first place I went to visit is the Taj Jin House, the former British Administrators residence, which is a little smaller than I thought, but it is an impressive building.

From there I headed east with my destination of Martin point, which is the the first location on the island Indy book, passing by the infamous CIDC - Christmas Island Detention Centre on the way, which is fairly well hidden from the road due to the very thick jungle around it.

At the car park, it was just a short walk to the Martin Point lookout, and wow, what a view, just like the photos that I had seen of the area, and as I headed back to the car park, I passed out the distance from the lookout to the point that is noted in the book where the hidden treehouse is, in the book.

In real life it is just thick jungle as I looked around the area and smiled. Heading back to the settlement, I stopped by at a minimart to buy a few items before returning to my accommodation. Astigmatism was getting dark, I could see that there was going to be a spectacular sunset, so I walked down the street to the tavern that has a grassed area in front of it, where others have gathered to take photos, as did I.

Having a snack, I relaxed in my room with the air conditioning as it was quite humid outside, and I spent some time watching some television before retiring for the night, as it had been a very long day for me.

Day 2

I ended up sleeping until mid morning, and after a shower, I walked down the street to see what shops are open, which was not much. Returning to the accommodation I headed off in my hire car to do some exploring, and I found the local bakery open to get some food and water, as it is very easy to get dehydrated here.

I decided to check out some of the small beaches around the place, and as I was driving I saw a sign to the Phosphate Hill Chinese cemetery and lookout, so I followed the road, once again swerving to avoid squashing the red crabs that are often on the road. I also have noticed that there is a substantial number of chickens that roam freely around the island, and I need to ask a local about them.

I found the sign to the cemetery and lookout, which has a Chinese marker at the start of a narrow path, that disappears into the jungle. As the path began to slope downwards, I was beginning to think that this was not good, as I am overweight and unfit, as I dodged around some more red crabs.

After approximately 400 metres I stopped and turned around to walk back up the slope to where my car is parked, glad that I had brought a bottle of water with me. Back in the car I let the air conditioning cool me down, before I set off back to the main road, Ethel Beach and Lily Beach, both are covered with coral and shells, so I kept my sandals on, as I walked into the water which was quite pleasant, as is the view out onto the ocean.

My next destination is The Grotto, a cave that has waist deep water that is crystal clear, the water was a lot colder due to it being in a cave, even though there is water coming into the cave from some underwater hole that leads to the ocean. On the way back to the settlement, I stopped opposite the golf course where there is a bit of a raised hill that gives another view of the Indian Ocean, before taking some photos of the golf course and the huge cliffs in the background.

Back at my accommodation, I showered and changed from my swim in the Grotto, before heading down to the tavern for a few drinks, and some dinner, before returning to my accommodation, to do a bit of reading and retired for the night.

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