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Dear Travel Diary - 3. DTD Ch 3

Day 3

I woke mid morning once again, and I went in search for food and bottled water, which wasn’t easy on a Sunday, and after a few failed searches I headed back to the small supermarket in Poon Saan, which I was pleased to see is open and I bought what I needed and headed back to my accommodation.

With it being Sunday, I decided to just relax today, and restart exploring tomorrow. After a shower and change I headed down the road to the tavern, arriving at 5.30, in time to relax and soak in the island, before enjoying a delicious lamb and veg dinner.

Day 4

Woke up earlier than usual, and headed to the shops for a meal, before a more detailed look around the settlement area, and afterwards went to the bakery for an early lunch. Soon after returning, Pete, the chap that I sat in the same row with o the flight over, arrived for a chat, and he was able to give me some more pointers on what places to go and see, which some of them I had seen and others I have plans to see in the next few days.

Before 3 pm, I headed down to the Christmas Island National Parks offices, where they have a twice weekly public viewing of the rehab area for injured birds, which I found very interesting.

Having missed the post office, which closes at 3.30 pm, to post the postcards I had bought, I headed back to my accommodation to relax as it was getting quite humid this afternoon.

Well it definitely feels like the wet season now, with over ten millimetres of rain and the humidity now at 95%, as I headed out in the driving rain in search of the Chinese restaurant, called the Lucky Ho, which is located in Poon Saan, which meant I had to tackle the trick bit of road that is notorious for accidents as it has a steep incline as well as having a long curved road, which is tricky during the day, let alone at night time to when it is pouring down with rain.

Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time I had finished my delicious dinner, and apart from a guy tailgating me down the tricky hill, I managed to get back to my accommodation safely.

My holiday was now passed the halfway mark, and I was feeling a little sad that it was going so quickly.

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