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Dear Travel Diary - 4. DTD Ch 4

Day 5

I was woken up early again by the noisy group of guests as they had breakfast, and I just did some reading for a while, knowing that I would not get back to sleep. I had to delay going off exploring later this morning due to it raining fairly heavily, and it was 11.30, before I was able to go out and have some brunch.

It began to rain again soon after returning to the accommodation, so I did some more reading until the rain cleared before setting off to explore another beach, known as Greta Beach.

After a heck of a lot of walking, I finally made it to the beach, well to the top of the long steep steps leading down to the beach anyway.

I was to tired to be able to go down all those steps and have to climb all the way up again, so after about half an hour of just looking and the beach and the surrounding jungle, I headed back along the track to where I had left my hire car.

After a quick shower and change, I headed to the tavern to have a quick dinner and retired for the night.

Day 6.

Once again I was woken up early but I managed to get back to sleep, and woke up a bit over an hour later, only to discover that it was raining heavily, the wind was blowing strong and the sound of the waves crashing on the foreshore indicated that there is rough seas.

I headed to the supermarket to grab some food to take back with me, and from there I could see that the seas were very rough. I spent most of the day in my room reading a book on Kindle, only taking a break at lunch time to grab a bite to eat at the bakery café, and again to the tavern for dinner.

Day 7 Final Day

Woke up fairly early, showered and dressed, before finishing packing my bags, as I had to be at the airport by 11 am. I called into the bakery café for some breakfast, before taking a short drive along the Flying Fish Cove foreshore, to see if the seas had calmed down at all, which they had not, but the winds had calmed down a lot.

After collecting my luggage, I stopped at the Island Information Centre to make a few final purchases, before I headed to the one and only fuel station on the island, to top up the fuel, before driving to the airport.

I was a little annoyed that after checking in, we had to in the entry lounge, which has seats and a few table, but there were only overhead fans, and the double doors were wide open letting in the hot humid air, while just on the other side of the glass was an air conditioned boarding lounge, that we were not permitted to go into until the security screening was completed, which would be just 45 minutes before boarding the plane.

I was not too pleased about this, but said no more about it and just waited it out, which made me quite restless. Once on the plane and buckled in, I said a silent farewell to Christmas Island, as the plane lined up and departed, heading Southeast for Western Australia.

The End

I’ve discovered that I am absolutely hopeless at writing travel diaries, so I apologise for that.


Copyright © 2021 quokka; All Rights Reserved.

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Glad to see you had a great vacation even if the weather was quite bad at times. The Christmas Island sounds an amazing place to visit.

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Good chapter. I don’t think I could write a travel diary either, unless I had some time to read up online as to what I would need to have it come out where it could be read by someone and they would be able to understand what I saw on my travels. This was a great attempt at the trip meant for the person who was traveling to Christmas Island, I’m not sure if it was you or a character. Can’t wait to read the next story you come up with.

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I thought it was okay.  You didn't go into excessive detail, but the got the "flavor" of the the trip.  Sounds as though you also enjoy reading.

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