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Hazard - 5. Chapter 5

I woke up at 6 am. A full half hour before the alarm went off. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom. Usually I would wait but I had a full bladder that was demanding to be emptied. I thought who cares he's my Dad right. So, went in and took my morning piss. Oh God that felt so, so, good as my bladder started to drain. And my morning wood started to go down.

"Nothing like that first piss in the morning huh." I was still groggy. And didn't notice the shower had turned off and my Dad had gotten out. I didn't turn my normal red face. I must be getting used to him or is was just that I knew he was now my dad and didn't care.

"Yeah, Almost as god as a." I stopped. Whoa Noah, somethings you don't say, even to your dad. I turned, and he was drying his hair or what hair he had. He wasn't bold he just had that marine haircut. High and tight.

"Yep, almost as good as blowing a load." he said." It's ok Noah it's a guy thing. We all do it. If you didn't, I'd be worried." He said, wrapping the towel around his waist. Gave me a one arm hung as he left the bathroom.

I took my turn in the shower. I took my time. I knew my dad would give me my privacy. I did the normal thing guys did at my age. I rubbed one out. I thought about Sam. I hadn't seen him naked or even without his shirt on.

I had a good imagination though and the shirt he had on pretty much let me know what he had under the shirt. The jean had a nice bugle in the front and his butt defiantly filled out the back of his jeans. It didn't take long as I thought about the things I wanted to do with him before I was pumping out a nice creamy load on the tile wall of the shower.

Once I caught my breath I did another quick rinse off and stepped out of the shower mi started drying off my lower body and started drying my hair." I need to bush my teeth. Do you mind me coming in?"

"Nah. It's cool." I said as I dried my hair. Not thinking about the fact that I was butt naked and still had a semi. My dad came in and I saw his eyes widen. I felt the blood rush to my face again. So much for getting over being naked in front of him.

"I see that wasn't idol bragging about tree trunks. You'll put a lot of guys to shame in the gym showers." He said smiling. "Don't be embarrassed Noah. They may tease you about being hung. Just remember one thing. They are just jealous."

"You got that right, Dad." I laughed as I went out to get dressed. I went over to my dresser and saw a small wrapped gift box sitting on top of it. I picked it up and looked at it. There was a tag on it that said; Noah.

"Go ahead and open it." I heard my dad say from the door way.

I unwrapped the box. I opened the box. In the box was two silver dog tag. They both had the U.S. Marine Corps insignia on it, the eagle, world and anchor. My name was on one and dads name was on the other. I held them in my hand and stared at them and smiled.

"Read the back of them." He said as he came up to stand behind me.

I flipped the one with his name on it. On the back it said, "Proud dad of Noah' and had the date he adopted me on the back. 8-27-2008 On the back of mine it said "Son of a Jared. again, with my adoption date. I looked at him I felt the tears threatening to come. I just hugged him.

"Thanks Dad. I love you." It was the first time in my life I ever said those words to anyone before. I guess it was the first time I ever felt love for someone.

"I love you too, Noah." He said as he hugged me back.

Grandma was already heading out the door. When I came down stairs after carefully picking out my clothes. A pair of low rise jeans, my Nikes and Grey t-shirt that had the Marine Corps insignia on it. Yeah, I did it because of my dad. I wanted him to know I was proud to be the son of a US Marine and his son too.

He was cooking up some eggs. The bacon was already sitting on a plate. I never seen him cook before, so this was interesting. The toaster popped out its toasted bread. I decided to butter them up to speed things up. I poured us some Orange juice and grabbed my cup of coffee. By the time I sat down he was putting some scrambled eggs in front of me.

"Nice shirt bro." he said smiling at me from across the table. We ate our breakfast making some small talk. Nothing important or noteworthy.

Doesn't matter though it was nice. It felt normal. I felt good. No, it felt awesome. I was sitting with the guy who was now my dad and we were talking about normal dumb shit. Things guys talk about. Things fathers and sons talk about. It was so cool.

We cleaned up our dishes. I went up to get my back pack loaded with books. Grandma being the principal, got me all my books early so I would I be able to just go to my classes and not have to wait for the teacher to hand me my books. I double checked everything. Note books for each class, pens, pencils ruler and a sketch pad my grandma must have slipped in while I wasn't looking and my class schedule.

I hefted it up on my back. It was so damned heavy. I figured I wouldn't have to carry all these books every day but if I did it would definitely be a work out. I headed down stairs where Dad was waiting.

"Ready for your first day?" he said as he adjusted my bag on my shoulders.

"Not really, but do I have a choice?" I answered back.

"Nope. Let's go."

I followed him out and I headed towards his jeep. I didn't realize that he wasn't with me until I was almost there. I stopped and turned to see him standing there watching me with a smile. I had that well what's up look on my face.

"You realize after today. That unless you want to ride in with your grandmother at 6:00 every morning you'll have to walk. That is until you can drive. "

I hadn't thought that far ahead. My excuse is I am a teen ager we don't plan that far ahead. It would be bad enough having the Principal as your grandma but to have to go to school with her in the morning would suck big time. I love my grandma but fuck. Why tempt my classmates. I may not have a rep in school yet. May never have one. I do know I didn't want that rep.

I smiled and looked down the drive at the long walk ahead of me. I had to be there by 8:30 and I was already 7:00. My smile must have turned into a frown. Because I heard my dad laugh. I looked at him. I didn't see what was so funny.

"Come on kiddo. I'll show you the short cut."

I followed him around the back of the house behind Grandpa's work shop. Where he was already tinkering away at some project of his. There was a trail behind it I never noticed before it was a little over grown but it was still there.

I followed Dad down the trail about a quarter mile. The made a left turn onto the power line we hiked up and down several hills but made good time. We traveled about a mile before I saw that we had come out above the football field. It was 8:00 by the time we got there. Cool I thought. As I watched some guys running the track surrounding the field.

"I am not going embarrass you in front of your new class mates by hugging you. Though know that I want to."

"It's cool dad" I said giving him a hug. I didn't care what people said. This was my dad now. I was proud of that. Fuck them if they didn't like it. If they teased me. I knew it was out of jealous right. Well I'll just think that who cares.

"Want me to pick you up after school?"

"Sure, that be great." I wanted as much time with him before he left that night as I could get.

He smiled bumped fists with me and headed back down the trail. It was so cool to have him as a dad. He wasn't that much older than me 10 years isn't much. He was young enough to remember what it was like to be in high school. Old enough though to be able to be my dad. It was awesome. Yeah, I used awesome again to describe my dad. Formerly my Uncle Jared. Get used to it because I'll use it again.

I headed down past the brick stands. Once past there I had a good view of the field. I caught a glimpse of a blonde head bent over on the track. I stood frozen in my tracks. It was Sam. Shirtless. Sex on legs. I just stared at him he like 20 yards away. Close enough to make out the details of his body.

He wore only his running shorts. His legs were muscular, and his ass seemed to be barely contained in his shorts. When he stood up straight I saw the chest. Did I say he was shirtless? My eyes took in every inch of his body. Dime size nipples on well-defined pecs. There was a small amount of hair between his pecs. My eyes traveled down his abs. He had the beginning of an eight pack. From his belly button there was thicker trail of hair that disappeared into his running shorts. The hair was a few shades darker than the hair on his head. He was definitely sex on legs.

He took his t-shirt and wiped the sweat off his chest. Let me lick it off for you I thought. Oh God what I wouldn't do to him or let him do to me. I was in love or at least lust.

Breaks screeching of the school bus brought me out of my trance just in time as he looked over my way. I was glad that bus was noisy enough to break me for my worshiping of Sam. I definitely didn't want to get caught drooling over a football jock my first day.

He smiled and jogged over to me. I felt like a deer caught in headlights I couldn't move. He was coming over to me. What is going to say? Did he know I was staring at him and having thoughts of mad sex with him? Oh, shit man was I scared. Even if he seemed nice that day, no jock wants a fag drooling over him. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"Hey, you're the new guy right Mrs. Mac's grandkid, right?" he said. His voice was hot too, a soft tenor.

"Um, yeah, that's me." I said trying not to sound like a love-sick fag. Yeah, I know my dad said he hates that word. I do too but sometimes it just fits.

"Cool. I am Sam Meets." He said hold out his hand

"Noah Mac Daniels." I said shaking hands with him.

"Nice to meet you Noah. I got to shower fast before homeroom, catch you later." He said as he ran off into the locker room under the stands, football locker room I figured.

I wanted to follow him. Fuck man I wanted to be the one to wash that hot sweaty body. With my tongue. Oh man I had it bad for this guy I thought as walked to the school entrance. I don't know how I will contain any control around him. I shifted my hard-on so that my T-shirt was hiding it before I got close to the building. There were kids everywhere.

Grandma said there was just over 800 hundred students, but it seemed as though there were more or they all just seemed to be outside waiting until the last minute before heading in for a day of sitting behind a desk listening to their teachers. Unlike most kids I enjoyed that part. It was the social part I hated. I was always on the outside. The poor kid with a druggy and drunk for a mother. The social outcast.

I expected it to be pretty much the same here. With the added features of being the new kid and being related to the principal will be even more of an outcast. Oh well, not like I wasn't used to it. Being that was the norm for me. I was either bullied beat up, until I started getting bigger that is. I did though learn to run fast. You had to when you have a bunch of jocks waiting to kick your ass for no other reason than to be assholes. Let's face it. It was an unofficial sport for jocks. Pick on the outcast. Should be an Olympic event 'outcast punching'.

One or two guys I could handle. After that it was flee or end up bruised and bloody. I chose to flee. I am not much for pain and bruise easily. I don't think anyone really is into pain except those perv's that get off on it.

I rounded the corner of the building. And TJ was there in the same spot he was the day I registered. With the same guys. I nodded to TJ and kept going past the group remembering what he said we weren't friends.

"Hey, isn't that your loser cousin. What a fag." I heard one kid say. He was all of 5' 9" and had to weigh 200 pounds. In other words, fat. He had pimples on his forehead. I stopped in my tracks for a second. Shook my head, nope, not worth my time.

While I was still in hearing I heard TJ say, "Shut the fuck up Pork. Leave him alone."

I had to smile TJ maybe like his mother in a lot of ways, but he was at least keeping his promise to not hassle me or let others hassle me.

I walked in and found my homeroom. There were a few kids in there already. As you may have guessed they were the geeks and unpopular kids. The teacher saw me and smiled and introduced himself as Mr. Winters. He was about 45. Red hair with a bit of grey. He seemed nice enough. He was probably hot back in the day. He told me to take any seat I wanted he didn't assign seats. I of course took a seat in the back corner closest to the window.

After a few minutes the school bell rang letting students know the day was to begin, in other words the warning to let you know in three minutes you'll be late. The room filled up fast. Students got into their little clicks and talked quietly about whatever the social elite talked about. I just sat there wondering what the teachers were going to be like and how hard the classes were going to be. I just sat there and stared at nothing.

Just as the second bell rang Sam came running in. Head still damp. God he was hot. I wasn't the only one who thought so either. Every girl's eyes were on him, a few guys too. He looked around the room and he saw me in the corner and smiled and walked down the aisles and took the seat next to mine.

"What classes you got?" he asked. I showed him my schedule.

"Whoa dude that's all advance shit. You must be pretty smart huh?"

"I guess." I said. I can see it now I was going to be in school geeks clicks. Though if it went like it usually did, I would be ostracized from them too. Yeah big words, I am smart remember.

"You guess? Dude all except for gym and elective you have AP classes. So cool. I never had a smart friend before."

Did he just call me a friend? I smiled.

"We have Gym class together and of course lunch. So cool."

Mr. Winters took roll call, while over the loudspeaker my grandma gave the announcements.

I found out that Sam lived not far from me just down the next road with his aunt and uncle. His dad was in the army and his mom died when he was about two years old of cancer. Normally he drove to school. Though today his uncle needed the old pick up to pick up some lumber and didn't want to scratch up his new Ford F150 so, he borrowed Sam's old Chevy truck.

I found out a lot about Sam. In that 30 minutes. He started school here last year and tried out for the football team and made first string right off. He lived and breathed football he was originally from Philadelphia and was a big Eagles fan. Even though he said they sucked he was still a fan.

Fortunately, he didn't find out much about me. Which was a good thing for me. I would have friend for a while until he found out that my mother was a druggy and died from an over dose. He already knew my grandma was the principal. God forbid if he found out I was gay. I would enjoy it while it lasted. All too soon he won't want anything to do with me.

The bell rang. As I was heading out Mr. Winters gave me my locker assignment and a combination lock. He told me I would have to buy another for my gym locker. I found my locker it was located near the cafeteria, so it was centrally located. I put the books I wouldn't need until after lunch in the locker and headed to my first class.

English literature. Mrs. Hardy reminded me of the fairy godmother from Shrek. She seemed nice enough though or at least I thought so until after she took roll call. She looked at me over her classes.

"Mr. Mac Daniels. I hope you don't think that because your grandmother is the principal you'll get a free ride in my class." She said. I felt all eyes on me. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I wasn't embarrassed I was pissed. Now everyone knew my grandmother was the principal. That could work in my favor but if it was like things normally went. It would work against me.

"No Ma'am I don't. I work hard for my grades." I said. I guess my tone was little bit harsh because I heard a few giggles and a few gasps.

"I am the teacher in this room. I expect you as I do from every other student to give me that respect. I rule in this room no one else. I am I understood?" she said. Her lips were so tight they seemed to have doubled in wrinkles around them. Great I pissed off my first teacher. There goes my point grade out the window.

I got through the class. She talked about the book the class was reading, 'The Great Gatsby'.

"I don't expect you know today but by Friday I expect you to catch up with the class. Quickly I week should be enough time." She said to me.

"I read it last year." I answered.

She of course took that opportunity to try and make a liar out of me. I think I pissed her off more when I answer all the questions she asked. Oh, what the fuck lady, get over it. I am smart that's why I was put in advanced classes. I wanted to do the kid thing after class and stick my tongue out but didn't.

Next was American History. It was one of my favorite subjects. Mr. Catelli was the teacher he was a young guy. I would guess around 22 or 23 and this was his first year here at teaching full time. He was pretty cool and knew his history. I learned somethings I didn't know. I was expecting all this to be your typical redneck High school education. I was wrong when it came to this class.

Art class was an elective class my grandma made sure I got. I enjoyed it. The art teacher Miss. Moss she was about the same age as my dad. She asked me to sketch something for her, so she can see what I can do. The topic was up to me. I took a piece of charcoal and pulled out my sketch pad. I started sketching. I just worked away. I didn't stop until I was done. I hadn't really paid any attention. To what I was doing I just did it. I was surprised at what I had done.

Miss Moss saw that I had finished and came over to look at my work. She stared at it. I saw her smile as she bent down closer to me.

"Excellent likeness of your Uncle Jared. You captured his soul in this."

"He's not my uncle he's my dad." I said.

She looked at me confused. "I went to school with Jared we are the same age. He is way too young to be your father."

"I know. He adopted me last week." I smile back.

"Sounds like something he would do. Anyway, you a very good Noah. I see I can expect excellent work out of you." She said handing back my work.

The bell rang signaling the end of class. I quickly sprayed some fixative on it, so it won't smear and put it in my book bag. I noticed a few classmates staring at me as I left the room.

Economics was my least favorite subject. Mr. Moon was a weird looking guy. Seemed nice but was a bit boring. Economics is boring to begin with but when the teacher is boring too, its hell. The time seemed to drag on. I just spent my time trying to catch up, which wasn't hard. Not only was he boring but he was slow in teaching the material.

Finally, the bell rang. Lunch. Though I was starving I took my time went to my locker and exchanged books. Lunch was either going to be bad or terrible.it was never good for me. I'd have to find a seat where I would be left alone or at the very least, with less hostiles nearby.

I made my way into the cafeteria. It was typical lay out rows of tables. At one end was the kitchen and food were under those glass sneeze guard things. I got in line and was quickly joined by Sam. Giving me a bump he said follow him, he'll show what's good what's not. We were in line when I felt a bump behind me. It was that guy TJ called Pork. I turned back around to face. He bumped me again, Harder this time, which made me bump into Sam. I turned around and looked at him again.

"What's your problem Fag boy." He said loud enough for people around us to hear, even Sam.

"Probably worried you'll get zit juice on his clothes." Sam said before I could react.

"Why you sticking up for him Meets? You looking to get a free blowjob." Pork said

"Nah bro. That's your sister's job. Be cool dude. Though a word to the wise bro I would remember who his grandmother is."

"Why should I worry about some old lady?"

"Dude are you that dumb? I thought TJ was your buddy."

"Yeah, so."

"You know TJ is his cousin, right?"

I stood there wondering if Pork had more fat between his ears than was rolling over his belt. He still had no clue.

"Duh, yeah I ain't dumb."

"Damn dude if he is TJ's cousin and Mrs. Mac is TJ grandma what does that make Noah's grandma?"

"I don't know what you're getting at."

I couldn't take it anymore. I looked at Pork. "His grandma and my grandma are the same person."

No, she isn't. Don't lie Fag boy."

I shook my head and turned to Sam. Who was about to have another go it.

"Forget it you'll just hurt your brain trying squeeze in anything more in his brain that fat takes up too much room." I said.

He laughed, and we just ignored Pork. We had switched places, but I picked out what he did. The fry's. pizza and pudding. Him vanilla, me chocolate. We headed to a table that was a mixture of jocks and cheer leaders. I noticed TJ at one end we took the last two seats on the other end opposite side from TJ.

To say I felt awkward would be an understatement. This was not my crowd. I wasn't a cool kid or jock. I wasn't even high enough on the social ladder to be a geek. I just listened.

Pork came to the table with a tray that could all of us. He made a fuss over there not being a seat. But settled down once someone found a milk crate to use as one.

I was eating my second slice of pizza when some chick said, "You're in my seat move."

I turned and saw a girl with big boobs in a tight sweater and tight jeans. She looked like a prettier and younger version of Kim Kardashian.

"I said move. That's my seat."

"Stay right where you are No.' he said to me before turning to the seat demanding bitch.

"Linda, that is no more your seat than anyone elses seat. Why don't you sit over at that table? There's plenty of seats there."

"Samuel, is it a crime for a girl to want to sit with her boo?"

"Your boo? I am not your boo, your boyfriend or anything. We made out at a party on Saturday. I was drunk. Get over it."

"Do you think for one minute that I am that easy? That you can share what we did and walk away?"

"We all know you are Linda. Hell, we all took our turn. You give more turns than a merry go round."

I heard TJ say from down the other end. "I heard she is easier to get into than an open doorway." Someone else said.

I felt bad. She may be a slut, but I knew what it felt like to be made fun of. Sure, she could just say no to fucking guys but then still didn't give people the right to treat her like that. I looked at Sam. He wasn't smiling either.

"Be right back." He said to me.

He got up and took Julie out of earshot of everyone. I saw them glance over at me a few times. Whatever Sam said made her smile. She gave him a hug and walked away with a bit of a spring in her step. Sam took his seat next to me.

"What you say Sam? You promised to give her some more Sammy meat?" some guy said I think his name was Harley.


"Dude, player. What's the mystery?" TJ yelled up the table.

"Not telling who what where when or how." He said.

"Fair enough bro."

At that point Pork realized I was there. "Hey bro, the dude that's your cousin is trying to claim that your grandma is his grandma."

TJ looked at Pork like he just grew another eye. "You're such a dumb ass. He's my cousin of course we have the same grandma."

"Oh yeah, I guess you would. I didn't think about it that way."

Sam and I looked at each other. He rolled his eyes and we both busted out laughing. I mean what other was there to think about it.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. I grabbed my bag and dumped my tray and headed off to calculous. The class was over fast or, so it seemed. My next was study period. I went to the library where I was assigned to go. I pulled out my homework. By the time the bell rang I had done everything except for my English lit paper. We had to write about the first three chapters. Do some hand out and write an essay about our opinions on what the character's motives were so far.

I could have done that but thought I'd play it safe and let grandma look at it after I was finished the paper. I didn't trust fairy Godmother. I knew she already had it in for me. So, the way I saw it I had to do A+ work. I might get a B- from her.

I had had teachers like her in my last high school. Always trying to make me feel stupid. Even more so when they knew I was right. Not my fault I am smarter than them. Maybe if they just got their heads out of their asses and realized that not all teenagers are dumb they might have less a hard time teaching.

I had been sent the Principle so many times over this that the secretary and I were almost on first names basis at my last school. Sure, Grandma was the principal, but I knew it look bad if I ran to her over a teacher giving me hard way to go. Teachers would hate me for ratting out one of their own. Bad enough with the Fairy Godmother hating me, don't need the rest giving me a bad way too.

I headed to the Gym. I had my gym clothes in my bag. I followed a few guys down to where I figured the locker room was. I looked down the rows of lockers and jocks, geeks and fatties in different stages of undress. Oh God help me. I saw Sam waving at me. I went over.

"I don't have a locker yet."

"They don't assign lockers. Take this one it's empty just put your lock on it." He said indicating the one next to his.

"I don't have another lock yet first day, remember?" I said feeling stupid.

"No problem bro we can share until you get one."

He started striping. I was trying not to look but I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. He dropped his pants and I had to turn away. I knew if kept looking I would pop a bone. in my underwear there would be no way to hide it.

I quickly undressed and put on my gym shorts, which were both navy blue with a gold bulldog emblem on the shirt. I turned around and stood transfixed. Sam was bent over looking in his locker. He was bare assed.

O M G his ass was beautiful. Nice round butt cheeks. There was a nice amount of blonde hair on it. Not hairy, just that fuzzy type. God help me I wanted to rub it. In the crack of his butt, the hair thickened and was a little darker. God it was so fucking hot. I quickly adjust myself. Made sure my shirt was covering my hard-on.

As Sam stood up and pulled out a jock strap, he turned slightly. I could tell he was lacking in that area either. he had big balls and a thick bush of dirty blonde hair. His dick. O M G was beautiful. it laid neatly over to smooth balls. He had to be 3 inches soft. I pretended to not notice. He pulled on his shorts grabbed his T-shirt.

"Let's Go-bro."

Gym class was typical shit. Warm up exorcises like push-ups. Sit ups stretches. For ten minutes. Then my nemesis, Dodge ball. I hated dodge ball. I always got caught eventually. Mostly because I was normally the main target. Of course, you know they would throw it as hard as they could too.

To my surprise I wasn't the main target this time. It was some kid with glasses on one of those straps to keep them from falling off. He was pretty good at dodging the ball but when it did hit him there was a loud smack. And he went down. I knew he was in pain, but he got up. There was a red mark where the ball hit his leg. That was going to be one hell of a bruise.

I watched him limp off the court to sit on the bleachers. He was rubbing his thigh. The coaches didn't seem to notice that he was in pain. I purposely jumped in front of the ball. Though it stung I wasn't hit quite as hard as the geek. So, I wasn't in any pain or had to worry about a bruise.

I went over and sat next to him I saw Sam look at me and Give a nod. I smiled and then he was hit. He came over and joined us. You can tell the kid was nervous. I mean who wouldn't be I was six feet and decent looking and then there was Sam, the football jock stud, on the other side.

We talked the geek kid and found out his name was Miles Strawberry. Poor kid small skinny and geeky looking and then was cursed with the name Strawberry. Sam got him some ice in a towel for his leg and we talked for a while. He seemed to relax a bit. You can tell he had some serious hero worship going on with Sam. Hell I did too. But I secretly wanted more though, I was lusting. I would never let on to that though.

Smiles was grinning ear to ear as we headed down to the locker room. Sam had an arm over his shoulder and kept calling him buddy. Smiles, as I had started thinking of him. Was in heaven. I thought he might be gay because he would glance at us as we stripped off our clothes and blushed when I caught him looking one time. No telling though, just may be hero worship.

We headed towards the showers and grabbed towels along the way. We took shower heads next one another and smiley took the one on the other side of Sam. We did the normal heads to the wall stuff peeking at the competition. Sam glance over at me a saw what I had.

"Yo bro what horse did you rob?" he said loud enough for a few other guys to hear and they all looked at me.


"He saying you got a big one." Smiles volunteered. Pointing to my dick. I hung like 5 inches soft.

I blushed and tried to shrug it off. I finished showering grabbed my towel and dried off I wrapped my towel around my waist and waited for Sam at the bench at the locker. Since my stuff was in his locker I had to wait. I thought I'd take that opportunity to look at Sam's beautiful dick again. On second thought I better not. There would be no way to hide a boner.

Did I mention he has a beautiful dick? I don't use cock I hate that word. Makes it sound like porn. Sam was not porn. He was a living god. I refuse to cheapen the thought of Sam.

I dressed as soon as Sam opened the locker I started putting on my high tops. I was in a trance sitting there on the bench waiting for him as he came up from drying off. His dick was swinging just a foot away from my face. I turned my head quickly. I couldn't look any longer I didn't trust myself.

As he quickly dressed, I grabbed my backpack swung it over my shoulder and headed out. Sam's locker was on the other side of schools we had parted ways after gym class. I saw my grandma at the front door saying good bye to her students.

I smiled when I came up to her. "Hi Grandma."

"Hello dear. How was your first day?" she asked.

"Pretty Cool." I said tilting my head as nodded.

"Your classes are all going alright? Any problems I should know about?" she asked me

"All good Grandma."

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow as if she didn't believe me. "If you say it's all good. Okay then. Though, if there any problems you will tell me. I expect that from any student here. Not just because you are my grandson."

"OK Grandma. Gotta go, Dad's picking me up."

I waved and headed out the door. I saw my Dad parked across the road. He was leaning against the front of the jeep. I waved and ran over. He smiled, and we got in. He turned around in the parking lot we had to wait for a minute because the road was packed with parents picking up kids.

He of course gave me the third degree about school. I gave him the basic it was cool info. I said Sam was in my home room and gym classes and that we ate lunch together. I looked over and he had a strange look on his face. His eye brow went up. What is it with that eye brow and my family?

"Well that's good to hear. That you made a friend. One good friend is all you need."

We headed down Bulldog lane towards home. I was thinking about how the day went. About the fact than in a few short hours my dad would be leaving. I didn't want to think about that.

"Isn't that your Sam?" dad said as we approached a figure walking along the road.

"Yeah that's Sam." I said ignoring the 'your' part.

Dad pulls over in front of him Sam walks up and looks in the jeep, sees me and smiles. God that smile. If only he knew what he did to me when he smiles. Nix that thank God he didn't know.

"Need a lift? Sam, right?" dad asked.

'Yes, sir that me, Sam Meets. And ride would be awesome."

Dad was pretty cool about the conversation on the way home until after we dropped Sam off. He just asked the normal stuff about sports and football. School and that how coach Humbler was older than Moses. I guess I was quiet. I just caught glimpses of Sam in the mirror every now and then. And listened the musical sound of his voice when he talked. His laugh was just as wonderful as his voice and him. It was music to my ears.

"Thanks for the ride Jared. I'll pick you up at 7:00 in the morning No. Be ready."

"I'll be ready Sammy." I said. I blushed when I realized I called him Sammy. His eye brow went up, but he just smiled and waved.

What is with that eyebrow and people in Hazard. Is it a town thing? After living here for a year do you just automatically start doing that with your eyebrow? Must be something in the water or air. Better call the EPA in on that.

"You got it bad Noah." No use denying it.

"Yeah I know."

"For what it's worth I think he likes you too."

"He's straight."

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way you win. A great friend or a boyfriend." He said as we pulled down our road.

I started dinner while Dad went up to pack his stuff. I wanted to help but I knew if I did I might start balling. I mean come on I am 16. I mean what 16 years wants to start balling because his Daddy is going away for a while. We have email and skype. Not like he is going to the moon or across the world. Just to North Carolina. Less than 500 miles away. It was his new assignment. He won't be a couple thousand miles away. Get a grip Noah. I told myself. It's not that I am not afraid to cry around my dad but why make it harder right.

Grandpa came in the back door. Looked at me smiled patted my shoulder. I watched him walk into the living room. Where were his pants and boxers? I know he has bad days, some worse than others but this was really getting weird. Usually he just would forget the day or to put his shoes on or socks that didn't match. Seeing Grandpa's sagging butt cheeks and balls was not something I wanted to see. At least he isn't burning the house down.

I put the rainbow trout grandma left out in the oven. I threw a few lemon slices on it. Squeezed some lemon juice on it and sprinkled it with a pit of Cajon seasoning. Not much, just enough to give it a slight Cajun flavor.

Once that was done I went out to the living room Grandpa was stretched out in his lounge chair sipping on a beer. Where did he get the beer? He wasn't supposed to drink. He was bottomless still. He looked at me and said. They still fighting in the blanket country. I hope your brother doesn't get called to go over there."

Blanket country I got he means Afghanistan, but the brother part had me confused. I smiled. Went back to the kitchen and crabbed a coke. I went back to grandpa and took the beer and handed him the coke.

"Doctor said no beer remember." I reminded him, he frowned but didn't fuss. I took the beer and emptied it in the sink and threw the can in the recycle bin. I went upstairs. My dad was just sitting on the bed looking at a picture of the two of us on the camping trip. He smiled as I sat down on the bed leaned my head on his shoulder.

"That was so much fun. Take that picture with you."

"Nope I have it on my lap top and phone."


He got up grabbed his bag looked around the room to see if he missed anything. He shouldered the bag. He looked so cool. He was in his camos. He looked like a big ruff and tuff Gyreen, as he would say. I knew though that as tough as he maybe in the marines. He was the gentlest and kindest guy that ever lived underneath that ruff tough marine.

"Oh, Dad be warned Grandpa got nothing on below the waist."

"He in his boxers?"

"Nope they gone too."

He shook his head as he walked out of the room and down the stairs. He set his bag by the door. And walked to his dad.

"Hey dad."

"Jared, your still here I was just telling your brother that I hope that young Bush don't send you to the blanket."

Again, the brother shit. I looked at my Dad he winks and mouthed later.

"So, dad where your pants and drawer at?"

"In my shop. In the trash"

"Why are they out there?"

"They smelled like shit."

"Why do they smell like shit Dad?"

This was getting like twenty questions.

"Why wouldn't they?"

"Dad how come your pants smell like shit?"

I saw my grandpa as tears started to roll down his face.

"Dad? Did you have an accident?"

I saw my grandpa nod his head yes, I could see his shoulders shaking. My Grandpa was crying.

So ashamed." Grandpa said.

Dad bent down and kissed his dad.

"It's going to be okay Dad you're just having a bad day."

"Too many of them."

"Don't sweat it Dad. Let's go to your room and clean you up for dinner and you can look like the stud for Mom when she gets home. You know she likes to see in those khaki slacks." He led grandpa back to his bedroom. Once he was in the shower Dad came back out.

"To answer a quick question, I was a twin my brother died when we were two. He was sickly baby. Your grandpa forgets he died sometimes. And honestly you and I do look a lot alike."

"Okay that make sense now." I answered and went in to check on dinner dad went and checked on Grandpa.

All going great. I put some asparagus in to a pot and some potatoes in the microwave.

I pulled my English lit homework. I answered all the quick easy questions then got on to the essay part.

I heard the door open and Grandma came into the kitchen. Checked the oven turned on the pot of asparagus. She then went to her bedroom to change.

Dad and grandpa came out at that time. Grandpa was all smile again. His mishap was forgotten. Dad nor I would bring it up. We didn't want Grandpa to get upset again. I felt bad for my grandpa. He was a sweet guy. He just forgot stuff. Even going to the bathroom, he sometimes would forget.

While Grandma was at school there was a nurse that came to watch Grandpa. Only he was never told that she was there for him. She was a house keeper as far as he knew.

While Grandma was off last week for the funeral and stuff she was given the week off too. She would be back tomorrow until I got home. Then she could go home to her family. I never met her. Grandma told me she was a very nice girl and a former student.

I finished my essay part. I wanted grandma to look at it before I turned it in. I turned on the microwave. Just as microwave finished Grandma came into the kitchen. She set the table. I placed the food out. In dishes on the table. Grandpa and dad came in when Grandma called them to the table.

It was kind of cute the way Grandpa strutted into the kitchen and like a buck trying to get his does attention. Grandma smile and kissed his check whispered something that him made grandpa blush.

My dad smiled at them. I can tell he loved seeing them still so much in love. I hope he finds someone to love like that.

My dad. Yeah, I still love saying that. My dad. Get over it.

Anyway, my dad sat across from me and the grands across from each other. Dinner turner out better than I thought it would. Grandma said it was very good and that she never had fish like this before. Dad just nodded as he took the last piece. I think he ate a whole fish by himself while we three shared the other one.

It was 6 his flight left at 10. Dad looked down I knew the feeling. He didn't want to go, and I didn't want him to go. The alternative though was desertion and then who knows what then. He smiled and winked as Grandma cleared the table. Grandpa helped.

She came back in with four cups and a pot of coffee. We filled our cups up. Me with plenty of sugar and cream, my dad black, Grandma, just cream and one grandpa, all the above. We sat there not saying much other than idol chit chat. The time was growing near when we had to take dad to the airport.

"Don't our boys look wonderful Eva? Both grown up. I remember when they first came home from the hospital. I was so proud of my boys." Grandpa said.

Grandma smiled at looked at both of us. Dad nodded. She gave a slight frown but for Grandpa she was all smiles. Dad was too it was forced smiles, but they didn't want to upset Grandpa. Let him have his dream. No one was getting hurt. Tomorrow might be a good day for him.

The drive to the airport was about 2 hours. It was a small airport as airports go his flight went to Raleigh NC where he would connect with a fight to Jackson NC. He is in Camp Lejeune by 3 am.

I sat quietly. As we waited for his fight. I was finding hard to sit still. He put his arm over my shoulder as he and Grandma talked. At 9:30 they called his flight. I felt like hell. I was determined to be brave. Dad hugged grandma and grandpa. Then came my turn he gave he a hung and I felt the tears come.

"I am sorry."

"Don't be." He said as he stepped back. He had tears too.

"Talk to you tomorrow night, 8 o'clock okay?"

I nodded. He bent kissed my fore head and went out the door.

"He 'll be back before you know it Noah." Grandma said as we left the airport.

In the two weeks that I have been in Hazard. I have felt love for the first time. From people I barely knew when I came here. People that I can no longer imagine in my life. Of course, the down side there are people like Ruth. People who can't see beyond their own little world and how it affects them or how people see them petty people like that.

Copyright © 2016 Randy Wade; All Rights Reserved.
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Another good chapter.  Can't wait to see where Noah and Sam's friendship goes.

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You're really good with dates.  The original in Nifty did not have Noah's adoption date.  You must have used a 2008 calendar.  I checked and all the date are correct.  It is nice when a writer does their research.  


This chapter is full of emotion.  It should come with a warning to please have a tissue ready when reading.


Keep the chapter coming.

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