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Hazard - 9. Chapter 9

I had a long talk with Grandma that night. I expected to be grounded but she said that even though she had temporary guardianship over me, I would have to tell my Dad. It would be up to him if and or what my punishment may be.

"You do realize that you made several big mistakes in all of this?" she said to me as we sat on the front porch.

"I know one. I should have knocked her on her ass when she smacked me" I said grinning.

"This is serious, Noah."

"I know Grandma. I am sorry for the mess I caused. I just seemed to mess up everything."

"Stop and listen to me young man. You are 16, all 16-year old’s make mistakes. We adults do them too. I made a big one by not confronting you earlier with Fairy Godmother."

I looked at her. OMG. How did she know that? I was embarrassed. She knew I was mocking Mrs. Hardy.

Not much happens in that school that I don't know about. Even teacher's nicknames given by the students."

I wasn't surprised about that. Grandma seemed very involved with the students in her school. She knew which ones were being picked on, who the bullies were, and who was dating who.

"The main mistake was that you should have come to me as your principal if felt you were being unfairly singled out or unfairly graded."

"Come on, Grandma. It would have looked like I was running to my grandma to fix what everything. Like snitching or something."

"Wrong. You would have been going to your principal with something that you feel is unfair. Once you cross that door I am not your grandmother, I am your principal. If I have to suspend you I will. Ask TJ."

"Next thing you did was leave the building instead of coming to your principal with the fact that she hit you. Lastly, you talked back to a teacher. Under no circumstances do you ever do that in my school. Refer back to what I said earlier about being treated in what you feel is in an unfair manner."

I looked down at my feet. I felt like an idiot. I mean for as smart as I am, I knew grandma was right. I should have done just what she said I should have done. Instead I did what I always did, I said “fuck it.”

I felt sorry for myself; I got pissed because of being called a faggot in front of my grandma; and then that cunt called me a lair and belittled me front of the class. Then she had the balls, or is it tits, whatever, to smack me. Then she lied about it. WTF! Twenty witnesses and she thought she could lie about it. Dumb cunt.

"I sent your father an email earlier today while you were out of school. I explained everything to him."

"Everything? But how? You didn't know everything."

"Again, I don't miss what happens in my school. I have to admit I didn't know Fairy Godmother's motives. I did though, know what she was doing. That was a puzzle that had the pieces numbered so it didn't take much to figure out."

The phone rang, and Grandma answered it. She talked for a few minutes. I knew it was dad. I waited for her to hand me the phone, but she hung up.

"He wants you to get on Skype."

I ran upstairs to my room. This was the first time Dad I were using Skype. I wasn't sure, though, that right now it was a good thing or a bad one. Was he angry and or disappointed in me? I didn't know. I could take angry but if he was disappointed in me, that would hurt big time. I wanted my dad to be proud of me.

I connected to Skype and sent the message that I was on and then waited for him to connect. Almost instantly his face appeared. I wanted to reach out and touch the screen. I actually started to.

"Hi Dad!" I couldn't help but be happy, even right now -- I could see my Dad live! I missed him. He had become not only my dad but my best friend. I told him everything. even about Sam's and my little session in the shower.

"Hey li’l bud? How are you holding up?"

"I am doing better than I was doing earlier."

"So I heard. Bit of roller coaster day, huh?"

"That's one way of saying it. I would say it was just another day in Noah's hell called life."

"Noah, stop right there. You are in no way to blame for what that fucktard Hardy did. He was an ass in high school and was a second-rate athlete. His mother gave me a hard way to go too. Your only blame is how you reacted."

"I know. Grandma told me that too. I am sorry, if it means anything."

"Being sorry means a lot. Especially to me. If your regret your mistakes, it's the first step. The second is to try not repeat that same mistake."

"I definitely won't make that mistake again."

"I believe you, son. Did grandma give you the 'Once in those doors I am not your grandma speech?’"

"Oh, yeah, she did."

"She gave me and my sisters the same speech. She gave me detention so many times I thought I had a ninth period class."

"I know she suspended TJ twice last year."

"She doesn't play favorites and expects more out of family than the rest of the students."

"I guess she has to, huh."

I watched my dad's head nod up and down in agreement. I could hear a lot of noise and loud male voices in the background.

"Noah, Grandma left it up to me to decide if you’re to be punished or not."

"I know, dad. She told me that."

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't run away again?"

"I didn't run away. I was going to come home. I just had to think and calm down first."

"Noah, you left school, didn't answer your phone, and worried your grandmother. You should have just gone to her. Instead you ran from your problems. That is running away. It doesn't matter if you were going to go home or not. You ran away."

I could feel tear's flowing from my eyes. I knew he was right -- I ran away. Not from home but from the problem. It is different but it's the same principle. I ran away instead of dealing with it and talking about it.

"I didn't think about that way dad. I am sorry. It was a big mistake to run from it."

"We all make mistakes. Just don't make it again, alright?"

"Yes, sir."

"No punishment this time. Next time though you will be. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Great. Now I have a few jarheads that want to meet my son."

He introduced me to about twenty guys in his unit. They were all built. Some were hot as fuck, too, though none were as hot as my dad. Yeah, I still thought of my dad as a hot motherfucker. I didn't have sexual thoughts though. I just was proud of the fact that my dad was hot.

He took his laptop somewhere private, we went back to our private conversations, and he asked about school. I had sent him some of my artwork and he asked if I did anything new.

"I did a lot Dad. My first sketch pad is full."

"Well then, I want to see it when I get home."

"Cool, definitely."

"How are things going with Sammy?"

I could feel my face go hot. I knew I was blushing. I just hoped my dad didn't notice it. I mean how do you tell your dad you sucked another boy's dick? Regardless of the fact that he is okay with me being gay. It's just not something I can do.

"That good huh. I take it went farther. I don't want the details. Just be safe and use them raincoats. You hear me?" Fuck he knows.

"Oh, I suggest you talk to your grandma about this. She knows you’re gay. She is just waiting for you to tell her and no, I didn't say anything."

"I will Dad. I promise."

"Soon, Noah. Very soon."

"I will Dad."

"I have to go big guy. I love you."

"Love you, too, Dad."

I felt tears build up. I missed him. He was my main support.

"Dad, come home soon. Even if it just for a weekend, please."

He smiled. I saw.

"I'll do my best to visit soon."

The screen went blank. I stared at the screen willing his image to reappear. Pathetic I know, but hey, that's my Dad. Yeah maybe only for a month. It felt like forever though. He was my personal hero.

I went downstairs and grabbed a snack and glass of milk. Told Grandma good night. Gave my sleeping grandpa a kiss on his forehead and whispered, “I love ya’ Grandpa.”

After a shower I put on dads sweat pants and climbed into bed. I was exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. The last thing I thought about was my Sammy. He knew I was gay; two people knew I was gay -- three if you counted Grandma. But I haven't told her I was, so I didn't count her. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.


Uncle Jared scored a touchdown. The last one of the game. With only 20 seconds left. The score was 32 to 12, the Bull Dogs were on their no-loss-yet-this-season streak.

I jumped up and climbed on to the railing. My uncle was the best. He was my hero and the best uncle in the whole world. Grandpa was smiling, too, so I knew I was right -- he was the best.

Uncle Jared came running over to the stands and gave me a high five. I was so proud. He pulled me over the railing and put me on his shoulders.

"You are hanging out with me tonight little buddy."

"What about the girl you always are kissing? You go hang out with her."

"She'll be coming too."

I couldn't help but frown because she always called me a pest. She called me a dummy once when I spilled my ice cream cone on her lap. She always acted nice when Uncle Jared was around though.

I got high fives from the rest of the team. As we headed into the locker room under the stands, I felt so special. Every guy on that team treated me like I was the best kid in the world except the guy they called Butt Face.

Uncle Jared set me down in front of his locker. He took off his uniform. I watched as he took off the big shoulder pads and all the other stuff. Even without the things on his shoulders my uncle was the biggest guy there.

"Be back in a few minutes kiddo. Just need a quick shower," he said grabbing a towel and heading to the big shower in the back.

Butt Face’s locker was next to Uncle Jared's. He was big, too, but he had a mean face and pig nose with a big pimple on it. I couldn't help but stare at the pimple.

"What the fuck you are looking at fucker?" he said to me.

"You have a big pimple on your nose."

"Shut the fuck up, brat," he said pushing me backwards.

I fell back and hit my head on an open locker door. It hurt. I started wailing.

My uncle came running out of the shower so fast he left the towel behind. He picked me up. I was holding my head where it was stinging from hitting the locker door. I just wailed even harder as Uncle Jared tried to calm me down and find out what happened.

He sat me down on the bench and squatted in front of me as I cried. I calmed down after a minute of him soothing me. He pulled my hand away from my head. I saw blood on my hand which started me crying again.

He checked the back of my head. There was only a small gash but like any head cut, it bled a lot. He grabbed his white T-shirt and held it to my head. By now everyone was in the locker room huddled around me. I was crying but not like I was.

"What happened Noah? Did you fall?" my uncle asked me in soft voice.

I shook my head. "Noah, what happened then?" I just looked at him. I knew not to tell on people. "Noah come on, you can tell me. You won't get in trouble, I promise." I believed him, Uncle Jared never lied.

I pointed at the locker where the man was. He was gone now. "Something scared you?"

I was just sobbing now. "No, Butt Face pushed me because I told him he had a big pimple on his nose." I said between sobs.

I few of the guys snickered at me calling him Butt Face. Most, though, were growling.

"Where's Hardy?" Uncle Jared said standing up looking around for him.

"I saw him leaving as we came out."

"I'll catch up to him later when I take Marg home."

By now the bleeding had stopped. One of the guys put a liquid band aid on my head, another gave me his Snicker's bar. They were treating like I was their little brother. I felt better but I was still quiet.

I kept hoping that mommy didn't find out that I cried because she would give me something to cry about. I hated the belt. She loved it because it had a big buckle so when it hit me I would remember I was bad.

My uncle took me and sat me down to where he could keep an eye on me. After he dressed we left the locker room with a few of his buddies. He held my hand tight. I could tell he was still mad. I was scared. I didn't want uncle Jared mad at me.

He saw Marg talking to her friends and he went over to her. He bent down and looked at me.

"Wait right here with Marc, ok li’l guy?"

I nodded but tears started to flow.

"Hey what's the matter guy?"

"I don't want you mad at me."

"Whoa dude. I am not mad at you all. You’re the best bud I got," he said giving me hug and kiss on the forehead.

I giggled. "Buddies don't kiss buddies’ heads."

"Sure they do." And he kissed Marg’s forehead. "See?"

"Wait here though, tay?"

"Tay." I said our private secret word “Tay”.

When he and Marg came back, Marg seemed unhappy.

We piled into my uncle's Jeep. I loved the Jeep. I pretended we were in the Army sometimes when we were in it. He'd be Sarg and he would call me Captain.

Marc and his girl for the week, Suze, were in the back, Marg was shot gun, and I was in the middle next to my uncle. My uncle pulled out of the parking lot. I lost my balance when he turned around and bumped into Marg.

"What the fuck, watch it skank."

My uncle slammed the breaks.

"What did you just call him?"

"He banged into me."

"What the fuck did you just call him?"

She didn't say anything.

"She called him skank," Suze called from the back.

"I know what she just called him. I just wanted her to say it."

"I call everyone skank."


The Jeep started moving again. We pulled up to a pizza place that had the best pizza. We all got out. Marg talked the whole way there, but Uncle Jared didn't. He ignored her.

Before my feet hit the ground, my uncle picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him. He ignored Marg's hand when she put it out for him to hold.

We went in and saw a bunch of the guys from the football team in a booth and we joined them. By the time Marc, Suze, and Uncle Jared got in, it was filled. Marg sat on Uncle Jared's lap. I stood at the end of the table.

Jared said, "Get up Marg." Which she did.

"Sure, Hun get all comfy."

Uncle Jared adjust things.

"Your lap ready Hun?"

"Sure is, but for Noah." He said pulling me into his lap.

"Oh, where I am gonna sit then?"

"Don't know, don't care -- as long as it's not here."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means no one calls Noah names. Don't think I don't know how you treat him."

"Oh, I see how it is. I hope he takes care of your dick as well as I do."

"You're a sick as bitch, you know that Margret Hardy? You need to go somewhere else before I forget I am a lady and kick your sorry skank ass" Suze said.

"Yeah you're the skank. Not me." I piped up loud enough for the whole place to hear.

My uncle busted out laughing as Marg stood there and fumed. Suze high fived me.

"Marg why don't you just leave?"

"You are taking me home Jared MacDaniels."

"The hell I am. Call your brother to come get you."

"Yeah you both can trade child abuse stories," a football team member yelled behind us.

"Fuck all of you."

"Not even with your brother's dick," the same voice said.

We sat and ate our pizza when it came and drank our sodas. I had root beer. So did Uncle Jared. Everyone else had Coke. Uncle Jared said we had root beer because we were special buddies. Everyone was nice to me. I felt so good.

I don't know what happened but somehow, I ended up on the floor covered in pizza and soda. I was too shocked to cry. I was kicked. My uncle and that guy, Butt Face, were fighting.

Uncle Jared hit Butt Face and he fell beside me. He punched me.


My alarm woke me up. It wasn’t a dream. I knew that it happened. I remembered Coach Hardy, aka Butt Face. Marg was his sister. They were Fairy Godmother’s children.

I remember sitting in the emergency truck while he was being handcuffed, his sister screaming at my uncle and him ignoring her and fussing over me. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I never remembered that before.

I remembered it in my dream though. I decided then that I would write down my dreams. Show them to my Dad and grandma. Maybe they can help me make sense about what's real and what's not.

I did my morning rituals. Sam picked me up and we did our run as usual. The shower changed though. I gave him a blow job instead. I didn't mind. I loved Sam and I knew it. I just could never tell him that. It would fuck up things.

In homeroom it was announced there would be an all-day assembly at the football field so we all went out there.

If you're wondering what it was about, then you forgot what happened yesterday. There was a speech about the respect that students need show to teachers, that teachers are to show their students, students to student and everybody respect everything basically.

Grandma went over all school policies. We broke for lunch which consisted of subs made in the cafeteria and sodas. We did the normal lunch thing. Hung out with the same group. TJ was a little friendlier but still kept aloof. I understood why though. I was okay with that.

After lunch we had a short talk about tolerance of others. We didn't have to agree with the differences, but we had to respect the others’ right to be different. Honestly, though, like that is ever going to happen. People hate different. Different was bad to most people.

School was dismissed an hour early. Sam had an away game, so he had to get on the bus to go where ever it was. He has to come over tomorrow so I can tutor him. It was to be two hours every day at my house for the next two weeks. Hopefully he can show enough progress that he can keep playing football.

Copyright © 2016 Randy Wade; All Rights Reserved.
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The dream shows the close bond between uncle and nephew.  A bond which is further tightened by the bond between father and son.  I like how you weave this throughout the story.  I am loving the extra detail.  I am looking forward to reading other chapters.  I didn't think I would like this story anymore but this republishing has. 

Edited by Rod Stratman
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Just read to this point in one sitting.  Great read. Glad you got an editor! Makes reading a little simpler.

Noah certainly had a shit life. I suspect I know why Ruth hates him so much, but I'll wait and see if my thoughts align with yours!

Looking forward to next chapters!

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