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Rough Justice

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Rough Justice is a thriller and a love story in which two young men discover that love is about more than sex. In his new school, Robert is severely provoked by a fellow student and the Headmaster whose dogmatic religious beliefs have led him to the brink of insanity.

When he falls in love, Robert's life falls into place - until attempts on both young men’s lives force them to take extreme measures, the consequences of which pose an ethical dilemma that could destroy their new found happiness.

Copyright © 2018 Rigby Taylor; All Rights Reserved.

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Carlos Hazday

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In the interest of full disclosure: I picked up Rough Justice hoping to steal an Aussie slang or two. I have a few Australian characters and try to intersperse an Oztrayan word now and then in their dialogue. Imagine my surprise when I ended up binge reading the story.


Mr. Taylor spins an engaging tale exploring love and hate. Two young men fumble through their mutual attraction while others conspire against them. The author adroitly weaves social commentary into the tale commenting on politics, religion, the environment, and bigotry. An engaging, multi-cultural cast of characters provide us with humor and thoughtful dialogue. Bart and Robert face off against homophobic adversaries and together discover how far one of them will go to protect the other one.


Some may find the ending disturbing. To me, it personifies the book's title.


I would suggest reading on a tablet--the ability to highlight words and seek definitions will prove invaluable. The interruptions are at times annoying, but my vocabulary grew as I read. Oh, and the Aussie slang? I may have noticed one or two but became so engaged I forgot to write them down. I'll have to peruse other work by Mr. Taylor so I can accomplish my theft.


Definitely worth reading.

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