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    Rob Colton
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Enforcer - 12. Chapter 12

Once they made it back to camp, it was a madhouse. There were people everywhere.

It seemed like a dream to Jed that only a few hours ago, they were fleeing a hunter cell’s hideout, just as it exploded into flames. Miller’s men wasted no time blowing all of it to high hell. Jed could still feel the heat against his back as they raced through the woods away from the fire.

Alpha Miller Poundstone and his pack-mates were all here, taking care of the three pups and their wounded. Out of everyone, only two men had suffered any real injuries.

Stan had arrived at the camp just before the convoy to prepare to receive the guests. The little man was running around, trying to get everyone whatever they might need. You think he’d be frazzled, but instead he was in his element, helping everyone as best he could.

Jed, on the other hand, was frustrated as hell. Buzz had driven all the way from California, and all Jed wanted to do was to get him alone so they could talk. They had so much to say to each other, but they barely had time for so much as a “hello” before they were running to rescue Shell and the Glacier kids.

He first needed to make sure Parker and Colton were good before he could see to Buzz.

Buzz stood at his side, looking around at all of the activity. He looked a little dazed. Understandable; it was a lot to take in. Jed could only hope Buzz would be patient with him. He reached over and squeezed Buzz’s hand.

The handsome man looked up at Jed, and gave him a smile that threatened to melt Jed into a pile of goo. He’d seen that look on Parker’s face when he looked at Colton, and had seen it on his father’s face when his mother walked into the room.

Never in a million years would it have crossed his mind that he might have the same. Before he could say something, a strange voice interjected.

“Our medic should check the boy out.”

Jed turned to see one of the Glacier commandos reach out to take Wylie from Parker.

Parker pressed his lips together for a moment, but then nodded his agreement. As he held Wylie out to the other lycan, the pup had a shit-fit the likes Jed had never seen before.

“Oh my god.” Jed backed up a step as the kid opened his mouth and screamed bloody murder as he kicked and thrashed like he was in the middle of a seizure. And he thought his two youngest brothers were nightmarish brats. They had nothing on Wylie.

“Uh… be right back…”

All that screeching and howling drove him away from Colton’s cabin.

“Good lord,” Jed muttered to Buzz.

“I know, right.”

“Remind me to call Doc and schedule a vasectomy.”

Buzz laughed at Jed’s silly joke, and Jed couldn’t help but feel happy.

Spotting his dad standing in the parking lot talking on his cell phone, Jed turned and headed in that direction.

Speaking of phones

Jed pulled out his phone, and discretely deleted a couple of apps. He wouldn’t need those anymore. Not that he had any use for them since the incident. When he had a little more time, he was going to prune his contacts, and clear out some of the pictures in his camera roll. He didn’t need those either.

“Your mother will be here soon,” his father told him after he hung up his cell phone and clipped it into its belt holder. “She and your brothers are bringing a score of food for the men, and some clothes for the little ones.”

“I thank you for your help,” Miller told the Forest View enforcer. “Please relay my gratitude to Alpha Forrest.”

John nodded. “I’ll do that. Though, truth be told, your men did most of the work, as well as Alpha Butler and his pack-mates.”

“Perhaps, but me and my men still appreciate your tracking skills as well as your hospitality.”

Things were absolutely crazy at Camp Timber and they wouldn’t be letting up any time soon.

Jed and Buzz walked the camp, making sure everyone had what they needed. He also took the opportunity to show Buzz around what was going to be his new home. Not that there was all that much to show.

They swung around the back of the cabins, along the river.

“This is nice,” Buzz said as he stepped onto the wooden dock. “Needs a boat.”

“I built the dock.” As soon as he said it, Jed felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t want to seem like he was bragging to Buzz, even though he did have a hand in renovating most of the camp. If Buzz noticed his boasting, he didn’t say anything.

They continued on, and Jed stopped to check in on Shell.

Doc was with Curtis and Shell. She wasn’t having the baby just yet, but she was damn close. Apparently, the excitement of the day had triggered some false labor pains. She was going to have to go on full bed rest. Jed made a mental note to avoid her for the next few days.

They ended up back in the parking lot where his father stood with Miller.

“Once we get dinner, we’ll be heading back to Montana.”

“That’s not a lot of time to relax,” John noted. “We can put you up in hotels if you’d like to wind down a bit.”

Knowing Colton wouldn’t want his mentor’s pack owing a favor to Forrest, Jed added, “There’s a few empty cabins here, and we have the common building as well.”

Miller shook his head. “Thanks for the offer, but we’re looking forward to getting home, putting this past us. The parents are worried sick. The sooner we get the pups home, the sooner things can get back to normal.”

Jed was so looking forward to things calming down and getting back to normal. He desperately needed some alone time with Buzz.


Jed turned toward the sound of his Alpha’s shout. Ready to bolt into action, his nerves settled when he saw the source of the pain.

Colton had Wylie riding on his shoulders. The little boy had a hold of Colton’s hair in both his fists, yanking as if trying to steer the big man. Parker walked behind them a pace, trying unsuccessfully not to laugh at his mate.

Jed couldn’t help but smile.

The little boy had been bathed, and he now resembled a human being. His hopelessly tangled hair had been buzzed down to stubble. With chubby pink cheeks and big blue eyes, he looked like an angel. Looked being the key word. That boy was a little devil.

“You sure that boy’s not an alpha?” Jed joked. “He acts like a baby Colton.”

When Colton let out a sharp growl, Wylie stopped pulling his hair and just let himself go for the ride.

“Are you taking the boy with you?” John asked Miller.

“No,” Parker answered for him.

As they approached, Wylie narrowed his eyes at Jed and bared his teeth. Jed returned the gesture, and didn’t let up until Wylie backed down. The little boy needed to learn his place damn quick, especially if he was going to stay here, even temporarily. The thought sent a shudder down Jed’s back.

“He doesn’t trust anyone but me and Colton.” Parker reached up and rubbed circles on Wylie’s back. The pup settled down, relaxing against the back of Colton’s head, while still carefully eyeing all of the surrounding people.

Miller glanced at Parker, but spoke directly to Colton. “I don’t have a problem with that if he will be taken care of. I’ve already spoken with the Council and informed them of what went down today. They will find out where Wylie belongs. You can take it up with them at that point.”

Colton dipped his chin in acknowledgment. “Good.”

“Can we stop calling him ‘Wylie’?” Parker asked. “It just seems wrong.”

Miller shrugged. “Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea what his real name is.”

“How about Cujo?” Jed offered.

Buzz elbowed Jed in the side. “Be serious.”

Colton looked at Jed, while pointing towards Buzz. “I like him.”

With narrowed eyes, Jed glared at Buzz. “Traitor.” Buzz was so cute, he couldn’t keep the act up, and his face burst into a smile.

The sound of approaching vehicles interrupted their banter. Jed turned to see his brother’s red Charger pulling in, followed by another brother driving their mom’s pickup truck.

“That’s the missus,” John said, his face bright with the smile reserved solely for his wife.

Miller raised an eyebrow. “I look forward to meeting the woman who can put a smile like that on your face.”

Jed turned toward Buzz, leaned in and whispered. “This is the first time Mama’s been here.”

Buzz swallowed and licked his lips. “I’m trying not to freak out.”

“Don’t worry.” Jed reached out and squeezed his mate’s hand. “She’ll love you.”

As soon as Martha got out of Zef’s car, the petite red-headed woman immediately began directing her boys. “Unload the food from the back of the truck.” She turned until she found Colton. “Alpha Butler. With your permission. Where would you like this set up?”

Colton pointed toward the common building. “We have a kitchen and a large dining area in the common building, Mrs. Stone. Thank you for coming out on such short notice.”

She dipped her head with respect toward Colton’s position, but a smile was evident on her face and in her eyes. “You’re welcome, Colton.” Once the formalities were complete, she immediately went to her husband. Her hands roamed John’s muscled body. “You’re okay? You weren’t hurt?”

“Not even a single bruise,” John replied quietly. He bent down and gave his wife a tender kiss on the mouth.

Once she was convinced her mate was good, Martha turned toward Jed and looked him over. She immediately zeroed in on his ear.

“Have Doc put some Neosporin on this.”

“I’m fine, Mama.” He held out his arms. “See? It’s just a scratch.”

“Well, you can’t blame a mother for worrying about her baby,” she said. Her eyes briefly cut to the side, where Buzz stood. “No matter how big they get.”

Okay, so his mother had noticed Buzz, and was now patiently waiting to be introduced. Taking a deep breath for courage, he turned to the man at his side. He took Buzz’s hand and pulled him closer. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is Buzz Hinske. Mama, he’s my mate.”

“Mate?” Jed’s father scrunched his brows and frowned. “When did this happen?”

Martha drew in a sharp breath. Her eyes filled with tears and she immediately pulled Buzz into a tight bear hug. “I am so happy to meet you.”

After squeezing the life out of his mate, Jed’s mother held him at arm’s length. “Let me get a look at you.” She looked him up and down appreciatively. “Nice and solid. Perfect for my boy, don’t you think, John?”

John agreed. He shook Buzz’s hand with gusto. “It’s nice to meet you, Buzz. Is Buzz your given name?”

“Actually, it’s Bradley. The only person who ever called me that was my mom… But she’s…” Buzz trailed off, dropping his eyes.

Jed moved in closer, and put a hand on Buzz’s shoulder to calm him.

Martha took Buzz’s hand, and spoke softly and sweetly. “I’m so sorry, Buzz.”

Staring down at the ground, Buzz shrugged his shoulders. “It’s okay.” He lifted his eyes and looked up at Jed’s mother. “You can call me Bradley, if you want.”

That earned Buzz another hug from Jed’s mother, as well as a kiss on the cheek. Jed wanted to burst with joy at the reception his boy was getting from his parents. And here he was, nervous Jed’s parents might not like him? Buzz had his mom practically eating out of his hand with that ‘call me Bradley’ line.

Jed’s mother moved to him and pulled him into a bear hug. “I am so happy for you. It seemed like yesterday you were just my baby boy, but now you’re a man.”

When Martha finally let Jed go, John put his arm around her shoulders. “Oh, honey, I’d like you to meet…” John looked around the campsite, puzzled. “Where did Alpha Poundstone go?”

Zef walked up, carrying a laundry basket filled with assorted children’s clothes. “Mama, we’re setting up the food in the dining room, and—” Zef stopped mid-sentence and he began looking around the campsite. His nose twitched as he scented the air. “Was there someone else here?”

* * * *

“Alone at last.”

Buzz swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. Everyone had finally left the camp and returned to their respective homes.

This log cabin would be Buzz’s new home.

Jed shut the door behind them. “So, this is where you’ll be staying.”

Setting his suitcase on the table, Buzz looked around the single room. It was surprisingly nice for what it was. It obviously had been refurbished recently. The room was clean and free of dust.

A pair of mismatched armchairs sat in front of the fireplace. With outdated and threadbare upholstery, they looked like they were salvaged from a thrift shop or a garage sale. There was a small kitchenette in the back corner with a simple square table and a pair of basic wooden chairs. A bed took up the bulk of the space.

It wasn’t anything like the mini-mansion he grew up in. But then, that house was nothing like the home he grew up in either. And in this place, he could be himself. That was relieving, yet scary at the same time. He’d been hiding for so long, he wasn’t sure if he knew how to be himself. Hell, sometimes it seemed as if he wasn’t sure who he really was.

“This is nice.” Buzz dropped his backpack on the bed.

“I’m glad you like it. I did a lot of the work.”

“You did a good job. So… This was some day, huh?”

“Buzz, you don’t need to be nervous.”

Buzz wasn’t so sure. Jed looked like he wanted to devour him, bones and all. The man was damned sexy. Buzz had seen him in action… seen him naked. Jed may not have been in many battles, but he was a natural fighter, a natural protector. It wasn’t just his size. He had skills.

“You were amazing today. I can see why you are the pack enforcer.”

“Well, who else is gonna do it? Little Stan?”

“Don’t do that. Don’t diminish your talents. Colton picked you for a reason. Today you showed him that reason was justified.”

Jed swallowed visibly as he stared down at Buzz. He didn’t speak for a few moments, and when he did, his voice was quiet and filled with emotion. “You keep talking like that… and I might fall in love with you.”

Now it was Buzz’s turn to swallow the lump in his throat. “I might be part way there.”

Jed pulled Buzz close and they kissed. This time was slow and leisurely as they took the opportunity to explore each other. As their tongues roamed, so did their hands. Buzz ran his fingers across Jed’s body, feeling the hard muscles beneath his clothes. He’d been aching to touch Jed all day. It was astonishing to him that he could do so, as much as he wanted, without fear of being found out.

“You’re so damn sexy,” Jed whispered against his lips.

“So are you,” Buzz whispered back.

As the two men kissed, they undressed each other. Buzz took advantage of the slower pace to touch every part of Jed’s body. The big man was built like a tank, all muscle. His chest and stomach were covered in thick curls of auburn hair. It felt good to rub his fingertips through the ginger fur. He hadn’t known how sexy a hairy man could be until now. It was like the nerves in his hands were hardwired directly to his balls.

Buzz’s hands shook as he unbuckled Jed’s belt. Even though he had seen his mate naked and even touched his cock, he was filled with a nervous energy. Jed groaned softly as Buzz’s hands skimmed over his skin, pushing down his boxer shorts. Jed stepped out of his jeans and underwear, then kicked them off to the side.

Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart in only a pair of white socks, Jed looked like a god. A large erection jutted out from between his legs, pointing toward Buzz. Pre-cum dripped from the head, hanging in a string, dripping toward the floor.

Buzz used a finger to scoop the string up before it fell. He brought it to his mouth and sucked the digit into his mouth. The sweet flavor of Jed burst across his tongue, making Buzz moan.

“Fuck, that’s so hot, watching you taste me.”

After Jed yanked off his socks, he tossed them aside. His large hands moved to Buzz, peeling away the last of his clothes, not stopping until Buzz stood naked in front of Jed.

Jed started at Buzz’s shoulders, then slid his hands down to his pecs. After rubbing his fingers through the light hair, he made his way to Buzz’s nipples. Teasing and twisting, he worked the sensitive nubs until they were hard as glass.

Buzz tipped his head back and closed his eyes, reveling in Jed’s touch. “Oh… Jed…”

When Jed’s hand grazed Buzz’s dick, he couldn’t help but groan. Pushing his hips forward, he begged for Jed to keep going. It wouldn’t take long for the other man to make him come. “Please.”

“We got all night, baby.”

Buzz opened his eyes and looked up at Jed. He knew he was putting it out there, opening himself up. But if he couldn’t do that with Jed, then what was the point? “I need you so bad.”

“You got me, Buzz.”

After Jed pulled the bed covers down, the two men lay down, facing each other. Jed stroked his hand across Buzz’s jaw. “It seems like I’ve been waiting for this forever.”

He leaned in and kissed Buzz, sliding his tongue into Buzz’s mouth. Buzz stroked his tongue against Jed’s. As they kissed, Jed’s hand moved to Buzz’s hard-on. His experienced hand stroked slowly, using a feather-light touch, sliding the foreskin back and forth across the head.

Buzz took Jed in his hand and returned the favor. Just as Buzz picked up the pace, Jed sat up, dislodging Buzz’s hand. Before Buzz could voice his disappointment, Jed bent over and took Buzz’s hard-on into his mouth. Buzz cried out, thrusting his hips upward, sending his dick deeper into Jed’s hot throat.

Jed’s head bobbed up and down at a steady pace. He didn’t suck too hard, or move his head too fast. He was doing it just right, just the way Buzz liked it. The feel of his tongue fluttering along his shaft and swirling around the head sent Buzz into orbit. Sure, he had received blowjobs before, but none compared to Jed. The man definitely knew what he was doing.

Then Jed took Buzz to the root. With his nose buried in Buzz’s pubes, Jed moaned, sending vibrations from the base of Buzz’s dick deep into his body.

Buzz stopped breathing.

Jed slid up to the tip, momentarily pulling off. Before Buzz could complain, Jed flicked his tongue back and forth across the slit, then went back down.

A wet finger slid between Buzz’s cheeks and across his hole, teasing the ring with a circular motion. No one had ever done that to Buzz before. It never crossed his mind to let anyone touch him there. But this was Jed. He would not deny Jed.

Buzz spread his legs a bit wider in an unvoiced invitation.

Jed pressed the tip of his finger into Buzz’s body as he buried his cock into the back of his throat. He repeated the motion again and again, sucking him expertly while fingering his ass. The digit twisted inside him, flicking against his inner walls.

Jed pressed his finger against something that sent a surge of pleasure throughout Buzz’s body.

Buzz saw stars.

The orgasm hit him out of nowhere.

“Jed, I’m going to come.”

Before the words left his mouth, he was already shooting into Jed’s throat. Buzz writhed on the bed as his body was wracked with shudders and contractions.

Jed backed up, leaving only the head in his mouth. Using his hand to work Buzz’s spit-slick shaft, he moaned sensually around the tip as Buzz filled his mouth once more.

His tongue kept swirling across the head and Buzz finally had to stop the man, squirming to pull his over-sensitive dick away from Jed’s greedy mouth. After one last flick of his tongue and one final full-body shudder from Buzz, Jed sat up, grinning proudly and snickering, his lips all wet and juicy.

Buzz’s body went limp on the mattress. He wanted to say something to Jed, but he couldn’t make his brain work.

* * * *

Jed’s cock was so hard it hurt. He had just sucked Buzz off. Already addicted to the taste and smell of Buzz’s cum, he could do it again and again.

Even though Buzz was practically passed out, Jed desperately needed relief. He laid down next his boy and pressed his boner into Buzz’s thigh.

Jed nibbled up and down Buzz’s neck, licking and sucking. “You taste so damn good.” He flicked his tongue across Buzz’s earlobe and nipped it with his teeth. Once more, he ground his erection into Buzz, trying to urge his mate into reciprocating, trying to let him know how turned on he was.

Buzz sat up, and pushed Jed flat on his back. Tipping his head, he stared at the tattoo on Jed’s arm. He traced his fingers along the tribal-style wolf’s head. His touch sent a shudder down Jed’s spine and made his cock throb. “I like this.”

“It’s Colton’s. All of the original pack-mates have the same one.”

“It’s sexy.”


Leaning over Jed’s body, he pressed a kiss in the thick patch of hair between Jed’s pecs, then made his way south.

“Yeah… Suck me, baby,” Jed said, his voice deep and husky.

He brought his hand to the back of Buzz’s head. He didn’t push; he just threaded his fingers into Buzz’s hair.

Staring down at Jed’s cock, Buzz whispered, “I haven’t really done this a lot…”

“It’s okay. Just do whatever feels good. Trust me, I’ll enjoy it.”

Buzz lifted his eyes as his tongue swiped up the length of Jed’s cock.

The eye contact was a complete turn-on for Jed. He was mesmerized by those big orbs of gray. With just a touch of blue, they were beautiful.

Buzz never broke his gaze as he lowered his mouth onto Jed’s cock. He only got half of it into his mouth before he gagged. Backing up, he sucked hard, slurping as he went. While he cleared his throat, he glided his hand along the slick shaft.

He eagerly tried again, getting a little farther. Buzz couldn’t deep-throat him—his cock was much too big—but Jed didn’t care. As far as Jed was concerned, Buzz was doing a fantastic job. Using his hand and mouth, Buzz brought Jed closer and closer.

“That’s it, baby. Just like that…”

Just as Jed was about to come, Buzz pulled away. Holding Jed’s shaft firmly in his fist, he lapped at the tight sac, mouthing and licking and sucking each of Jed’s balls.

“Oh, fuck.”

His balls tightened even further, pulling up snug to the base of his cock. Jed thrust his hips up, needing the friction to make him shoot.

“Buzz.” He lightly pressed the back of Buzz’s head, gently urging him. “I need to come.”

Immediately obeying Jed, Buzz took him back into his mouth. His slick sucking mouth and tight fist worked Jed to the edge.

Jed’s breathing quickened. His stomach muscles tightened, his legs stretched, and his toes curled. With a loud drawn-out groan, Jed came. He erupted like a geyser, coming harder than ever, flooding Buzz’s mouth.

Buzz let out a whimper as he took Jed’s spunk into his mouth, swallowing it all down like a champ. Every time Jed filled him up, Buzz made that sexy sound. It was so fucking hot hearing his mate respond to him like that, and it only added to the intensity of his orgasm.

When Jed had finally been sucked dry, Buzz let go of his cock. The heavy shaft was already softening, and it dropped to Jed’s stomach with a wet smack.

“Wow,” Buzz whispered.

Yeah. Wow.

Now that he could finally relax, Jed’s body and joints ached. He had used muscles today he hadn’t used in a long time. Add a killer blowjob on top of that, and he was done for day.

“Oh my god.” Jed slumped deeper into the bed. His eyes slid shut and he struggled to re-open them. “You’re amazing, baby.”

“You too.” Buzz covered his mouth as he yawned loudly. He moved to lay next to Jed, pulling the blankets up with him, covering them both.

Jed cuddled up to Buzz and pressed a tender kiss against his lips. Buzz’s eyes drifted shut.

His mate was exhausted as well. Now that this crazy day had come to an end, the adrenaline had long worn off, and they were both crashing. He knew he needed to get up and get going, or he was going to fall asleep then and there. While that sounded like a perfect end to the day, he’d promised to give Buzz his space.

Reluctantly, he pressed another kiss on Buzz’s temple before he started to get out of bed. “I’ll see you in the morning, baby.”

Buzz peeked open his eyes as he reached out and took hold of Jed’s wrist. “You don’t have to go.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Stay. Please.”

With a grin on his face so big it could be seen from space, Jed crawled back into bed, covered them up, and snuggled against Buzz’s side. He rubbed his nose against the man’s neck, inhaling the scent he would never get enough of.

Holding onto his perfect mate, Jed fell into a deep sleep.

Copyright © 2014 Rob Colton; All Rights Reserved.

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Hmmmmmm... Zef zeroing in on Millers's scent...interesting.

But then him and his pack leaves without much fanfare.

(Oops, too late for civilized discussion, my gutter brain is already conjuring scenes of wrestling singlet and commando uniforms fetish hotness... BRB)


Ahem.... Anyway:

Is this the first non-cliffhanger chapter in book two? ;-)


I'm really glad Stan got to shine for a paragraph in this story. Felt so bad for him when he hit the floor on instinct earlier.

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I know that there's probably a reason for the fact that Jed didn't claim Buzz but it doesn't make sense to me. Buzz is still technically on the run and if they prove his True Mate status now it will be less of a problem later on down the line. Great chapter though. The oral was really hot.


I love the pup and I'm so happy they're going to change his name. I really hope he gets to stay with the Timber Pack. He's so cute and he already loves Colton and Parker. It would be icing on the cake if he's going to grow into an alpha as well.

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Finally some cub on cub action! Dear god, I can just see this and it is hot HOT HOT! Needless to say, I liked it. The Wylie character is adorable and evil...like every other toddler. Keep up the good work

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OOOOOOHHHHH, Are we getting Zef next? That would be pretty fun. Also, it looks like you might be setting Colton and Parker up to be adoptive parents. I would really love to see that. I hope they give him another name. I love this story and I truly enjoy your writting. It excites me when I see the title pop up on the side. I hope all is well in your world.

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Awesome chapter!!! We got to see Buzz and Jed get intimate again which was hot :2thumbs: . But it was also great to see the emotional scene between Martha and Buzz and how Stan finally finds his own niche within the pack. I hope Wylie will one be renamed to something less mean, but also that he readjust into the Timber Pack. Beautifully written Rob! And Zef is sensing that Alpha Poundstone is nearby… a new mating is going to happen soon!

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Fantastic chapter. Wylie look's like he is going to make a nice addition to the pack. Looking forward to how Jed and Buzz relationship develops - bet we haven't seen the las of Buzzs old pack.

keep up the good work

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Enjoyed this chapter. I love Jed's parents he is so lucky to have such support. I like the developing relationship btw Buzz and Jed.

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I couldn't get enough of this! Oh and Wylie is so damn adorable. ^^

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You had me laughing my ass off with Wylie riding Colt like a, well colt :P That little guy is going to be fun. I hope they can adopt him. I enjoyed the way Jed and Buzz are moving forward in their relationship. I'm glad he got to stay in bed with him too, b/c that would have been pretty cold making him go next door to a cold bed after what they shared. It was also nice to see buzz being accepted into Jed's family, and you know once the other pack-mates get to know him, they'll be family to him too.

I was happy to see Buzz going with the flow, considering the fact that he is in such a different place. I don't know if his pack was normal or not when his father was alive. Maybe we'll find out through conversations between Jed and him? We know his early adult life has been spent with his psychopath brother who doesn't understand love, loyalty or anything else. This pack is so different and what is nice is he is falling into it and fitting in just like Stan did. I just can't wait for more!!! I hope there is some down time for the guys before his brother comes :devil: , probably to punish him for taking off.

And I sense a third book maybe? Could Zef be Miller's mate? I don't know what type of wolbbbf he is, though I'd think it's possible he's got the makings of an enforcer in him if it runs in the family. Would he match up with an alpha? And how old was Miller? lol In my head you're already writing the book haha. But, it would explain his scenting Jed who probably smells a bit like Zef. Unless it was another one of the wolves from Glacier who Zef smelled. I'm wanting it to be Miller though. :D:thankyou:

  • Love 1

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Wonderful chapter as usual. Are Zef and Miller mates? And is Miller attempting to avoid Zef? Is that why he disappeared? I also loved the scene with the pup and the way he interacts with Jed. And speaking of Jed...that was some hot bear on cub lovin'...I got the vapors. I can't wait until next week!

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Awesome chapter can't wait for the next one. Zef and Alpha Miller very interesting, make it so pleaseeeeee. Lol

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Omg I just felt it! I just knew it was Zef & Alpha Miller, I'm right aren't I. Yes I must be. Also Jed has got awesome freaking parents!! Bradley has a new momma & daddy as well as a new mate, lucky boy. Colton & Parker have settled in with the little demon spawn so well, I think he will turn out well. Can't wait to see their adventures with him. Buzz seems to be handling his new life well and he and Jed fit really good together. Sadly I feel his old pack will cause some grief.

Aah the wait for the next chapter begins. Know that I will continue to stalk your pages hoping and praying for early releases and longer chapters. Is my greediness showing?? Get used to it It can't be helped.

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Have been away without internet for the weekend (gasp, the horror) and had made sure to get my Rob-fix by buying An American lamb in Europe. My cunning plan backfired when I couldn't stop reading once I started... Saturday was torturous but now I'm back to civilisation and everything is alright!


Great chapter! I won't even try to speculate what is going to happen between who. So many possibilities! You can write this series for ever. I know I will be reading!

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Chpt. 12

Buzz is welcomed by Jed's parents with open arms and kisses.

Looks like Parker and Colton will be adoptive parents.

The mystery of the sniffing Alpha Miller was been potentially answered. Could Zef and Miller be fated MATEs. If so Miller only has to wait for a year if Zef's 17. Colton did it.

Note: marked age differences is a "vallation" of "What are the Story Content Rules?" paragraph 2, section f) Relationships should always be between two persons of a like age group. Teens with teens, adults with adults. A young adult with an older teen is a like age group. An adult with a young teen is not a like age group.

Just saying...I'm sure these rules are based on case by case bases and not a blanket policy.

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I first stumbled upon your stories on Literotica and followed group over here. Very much enjoy your books & love the Timber Pack Chronicles!

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My curiosity is piqued as to what Zef was smelling. Loved what you did with Colton having Wiley riding on his shoulders. I think him and Parker will make excellent parents. Nice to see Buzz sliding into being more comfortable with Jed and being himself. I just keep waiting for the other show to drop and Buzz's brother to show up. That could prove to be quite interesting.

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I love where this story is headed. Buzz may become the man he is destined to be. That being said he may be more Beta than anyone ever thought possible. The validity that he is not an abnormality or deficient because he is gay will prove to be an interesting source of strength when his pissed off brother and arranged bride eventually show up. Zef and Miller should prove to be interesting. The reader that added the "age" reference seems to have concerns..., but the characters that Rob creates are a mindful sort. Alpha Poundstone may have figured out who his mate might be and put some distance between them until he could approach respectfully. We will find out soon enough. I think Derek & Shawna are the bigger threat and who knows, maybe Wiley will be the little terror that will make them both run for the hills. I can't wait for the next chapter. Fun stuff!!!!!

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Every chapter just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see what happens when the brother and the bitch bride show up!

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Looking forward to the continuing saga!!! I read the first book and was instantly infatuated with the characters.

Excellent work thus far!

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On 05/06/2014 04:34 AM, Sumer1968 said:
I first stumbled upon your stories on Literotica and followed group over here. Very much enjoy your books & love the Timber Pack Chronicles!
I'm so glad you found your way over here!

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On 05/03/2014 02:09 PM, DJSurface said:
Hmmmmmm... Zef zeroing in on Millers's scent...interesting.

But then him and his pack leaves without much fanfare.

(Oops, too late for civilized discussion, my gutter brain is already conjuring scenes of wrestling singlet and commando uniforms fetish hotness... BRB)


Ahem.... Anyway:

Is this the first non-cliffhanger chapter in book two? ;-)


I'm really glad Stan got to shine for a paragraph in this story. Felt so bad for him when he hit the floor on instinct earlier.

Hmm... this might be the first non-cliffhanger! LOL


Wrestling singlets and commando uniforms... that does make for a hot combo, doesn't it?

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On 05/03/2014 03:15 PM, Rebelghost85 said:
I know that there's probably a reason for the fact that Jed didn't claim Buzz but it doesn't make sense to me. Buzz is still technically on the run and if they prove his True Mate status now it will be less of a problem later on down the line. Great chapter though. The oral was really hot.


I love the pup and I'm so happy they're going to change his name. I really hope he gets to stay with the Timber Pack. He's so cute and he already loves Colton and Parker. It would be icing on the cake if he's going to grow into an alpha as well.

I think they both want it, but Buzz is still getting used to things and Jed promised him that he wouldn't push. He's trying to be a gentleman :)

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On 05/05/2014 03:29 AM, Puppilull said:
Have been away without internet for the weekend (gasp, the horror) and had made sure to get my Rob-fix by buying An American lamb in Europe. My cunning plan backfired when I couldn't stop reading once I started... Saturday was torturous but now I'm back to civilisation and everything is alright!


Great chapter! I won't even try to speculate what is going to happen between who. So many possibilities! You can write this series for ever. I know I will be reading!

Thanks for your support! I hope you enjoyed Jamie and Tomas.

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