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Lion's Lair

   (3 reviews)

There are lots of differences between Ryan, the Nebraska Marine, and Clayton, the buttoned-down engineer ... but perhaps more in common than either man suspects. Ryan's rebuilding his life after a tour of duty created major changes, while Clayton, at loose ends after the death of his lover, still has secrets that shape his life.
Can they build their strength--and find common ground--within the lion's lair?

Maybe you've met Joe and Rex before ("Joe the Welder").  Or you'll recall Barry (Bulldog) and Dave (Bubba) ("Landfall").  Now meet Ryan and Clayton.  Totally different men, each with their own challenges, and yet each perhaps growing together--maybe.  Lots of obstacles to overcome in this unusual story, complete with action/adventure/romance, and occasional sex.  Yeah, it's an adult story, with adult language and situations, so forewarned is forearmed.  And it's all set with supporting characters and locations you've seen before.  Note that you are NOT required to read either "Joe the Welder" or "Landfall" to follow this story--it stands on it's own merits.

THANK YOU for reading/following this story!

Copyright © 2016 Robert Rex; All Rights Reserved.

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This is an enthralling tale of love against the odds. Dealing with disability, a 30 year age gap and disparity in wealth we are transported into the hearts and minds of the characters and how they deal with these challenges.

Lion's Lair is a compelling read that had me laughing, crying and reflecting on life.

One of the best stories on GA by an expert writer.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Robert Rex has written another memorable story! Ryan and Clayton are both older men. They meet at a bar and begin a courtship, although they both come with some baggage. There is humor, drama, romance, and some hot sex as Ryan and Clayton build a relationship. Add to this some beloved characters from Robert's other stories, and you have a great read. This follows "Joe the Welder" and "Landfall," but this can be enjoyed as a stand alone. However, I think you'll enjoy it even more if you read the other two stories first.

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A thoroughly good read. I didn't want to leave it, even when it ended. Ryan is "handicapable" and if you have any hesitation in reading a story involving a character with physical limitations, you should definitely read this story. His limitations are never a source of pity, self or otherwise. It is simply a part of his life, like a long commute. Something he deals with on a daily basis. 

Ryan, goes looking for a gay friendly bar and finds so much more. Each character is vividly brought to life in the dialogue and descriptions.  Like any good gay romance there is love, drama, humor and intrigue. In fact the only fault I found was that the four door Thunderbird is not a "classic" automobile. I almost rated this story four stars for poor taste in cars. But, it was such an interesting and enjoyable read that I eventually, almost forgot about the car.   


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