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A Wizard's War - 29. Inside the Jade Tarts

**Content Warning**
This chapter features rape/non-consensual sex involving violent non-human characters in a fantasy setting.

Simon’s body was numb, and his mind was overcome by waves of drunken pleasure. The beams of the sex room ceiling were bouncing up and down as his body was jolted by each thrust deep in his ass. He hazarded a glance down at the hairy older man that was gruffly using him at the moment. The man grunted with effort, but loved the feel of Simon’s loose, wet hole around his cock. There had been a long line of men and beasts that had come and fucked Simon senseless. Lord Julian Crusnik was supplying him with an endless stream of cum. They moved him, positioned him, carried him, threw him across the entire room as they destroyed him.

Yidian was fuming with an intense rage inside which both heightened the ferocity of Simon’s need to fuck and made him uneasy. The more men that fucked him, the more powerful he felt. But Julian would come periodically and had a way of subduing Yidian’s nagging rage. Simon suspected his new lord was always watching his plaything from nearby. Simon was enjoying all the pleasures, but it was Julian who was at the forefront of his mind. Simon wanted to perform for him and show how much cum and power he could take for his lord.

The older man finished inside of Simon with a grunting cry of rage. He unleashed his cum deep inside and the power flooded through Simon’s body making his toes curl and his eyes roll back in his head. Simon hissed slightly as the life force flowed through him. The older man staggered back feeling suddenly drained by the experience. Another cock was waiting to enter Simon, no it was two massive cocks!

“Fogrot? Rummert?” Simon asked hazily as he looked at his two naked orc companions. Their cocks were already fully erect after watching Simon with the previous occupant.

“I brought you a gift,” Julian responded and approached from a shadowy corner of the room.

“We were worried about you,” Fogrot growled, “But we should have known you’d find your way out on top.”

“Or on the bottom,” Rummert quipped and barked a laugh. Simon smiled a little.

“Please, my orc guests,” Julian purred, “I had to pull a lot of strings to get you into the city. You should make this reunion count.”

“May I, My Lord,” Simon asked gesturing toward the two orcs and then getting on his knees before them.

“Yes, my pet,” Julian whispered and caressed Simon’s cheek with a cold hand, “Drain them both.”

Simon wasted no time placing Fogrot’s cock in his mouth and sucking expertly. His jaw was already sore from previous exploits in the day and the orc cock was particularly hard to get your mouth around, but Simon pushed through it and used both hands where his mouth couldn’t reach. Saliva was soon coating Fogrot’s cock and dripping from his balls.

“Move over, I want a turn,” Rummert intruded, slapping Simon in the face with his cock. Fogrot looked displeased, but let the other orc have a turn. Fogrot took the opportunity to begin roughly playing with Simon’s hole. His fat finger slid in easily as Simon’s ass was already coated with previous loads of cum.

“I think you’re open enough,” Fogrot decided and moved around behind Simon and entered him slowly. It was always a challenge with orc cock no matter how many others you’d had beforehand. They were exceptionally large compared to even the most well-endowed human. Simon swallowed Rummert’s head, moaning around the shaft in his mouth as he felt Fogrot digging in deep. Fogrot withdrew a bit and then went deeper.

“Oaaf…fffucgg” (Oh Fuck) Simon gasped around Rummert’s cock and felt the orc head flare and jump in his throat. Fogrot looped his arms beneath Simon’s armpits and then interlocked his fingers behind Simon’s head. Fogrot used the leverage to pump his cock into Simon while simultaneously forcing Simon’s mouth over Rummert’s cock.

“I don’t think he’s ever swallowed me so far down,” Rummert admired.

“So beautiful,” Julian whispered as he watched. He was stroking his own cock, his pale body visible just beyond the glow of the candlelight.

“The kingmaker takes orc cock because he likes it,” Fogrot smiled hideously up at Rummert, “Not because he has to.”

He thrust hard into Simon a few times to emphasize his point as he heard Simon moan in pleasure.

“Orcs learn that dominating and taking what we want leads to freedom,” Fogrot continued, “But that never compared to your talent and desire to please. The sharing of pleasure… knowing that he likes my cock slamming into him… heightens the experience.”

“I’ve never met another like him,” Julian agreed.

“You talk much,” Rummert swatted Fogrot on the shoulder, “Now let me have a turn.”

The orcs lifted Simon off the ground and bent him over a nearby footstool. Simon felt his own erection bump against the rough fabric of the stool and his warm precum drip down the furniture like honey. Rummert unceremoniously parted Simon’s ass with his hands and slid inside. The thick cock filled Simon and he hitched a breath as his body struggled to take it. Then Rummert was inside and Simon let his breath out in a shuttering gasp. Rummert pulled out and started slamming Simon brutally.

“Magnificent,” Julian had come closer and was watching the massive orc shaft penetrate Simon. Julian straddled Simon, practically sitting on his back while he was bent over the stool. His cold, icy cum began to spray out, dripping down Rummert’s abdomen and around the cock like a lubricant. Simon’s ass tingled with the sensations.

“Damn,” Fogrot approved.

“Fuck my cum into him,” Julian told Rummert, “Use it to increase the sensations around your massive shaft.”

“What is happening?” Rummert sounded alarmed, but he wasn’t slowing his pace as he thrust inside.

Julian closed his eyes in concentration, muttering softly and making small symbols in the air with his fingers. There was a faint hum in the air and the sweet decaying scent of old flowers. Simon’s eyes bulged as he felt the cock within him suddenly flare. Rummert’s cock was expanding and filling him more than before. Rummert was startled and pulled out with a wet squelching sound.

Rummert looked down at his own cock like it was foreign to him. The head was fat and mushroom shaped like never before and so full it was almost purple. Veins stood out all around the shaft as the cock visibly pulsed and swelled.

“Witchcraft!” Fogrot recoiled.

“It feels so…” Rummert stammered, “gooood.”

“I don’t know if I can take that now,” Simon looked over his shoulder in alarm.

Julian turned Simon’s head to look forward again, crouching in front of the boy and stroking his hair.

“Look at me,” Julian’s pale vacant eyes held Simon’s focus, while Julian made a gesture toward Rummert. Looking uncertain, Rummert placed the enlarged head against Simon’s puckered ass. He pushed and made no progress.

“I can’t” Simon shook his head, “It can’t fit.”

“Relax,” Julian whispered, “let yourself be open.”

Simon felt calmed by Julian’s hands around his face, gently stroking his cheeks and along his hairline. His body relaxed and all at once Rummert’s fat cock head punched its way inside. It felt like a punch too and Simon cried out. The bulging shaft began to inch inside and the flaring cock head plunged deeper.

“You’re going to hurt him,” Fogrot got up into Rummert’s face, “You should stop this.”

“But it feels better,” Rummert showed no sign of stopping, “So tight and warm.”

“My Lord,” Simon whispered as a tear fell from his eye, “I want him to fuck me.”

“Yes, my pet,” Julian whispered, “I know.”

That was all the confirmation Rummert needed to begin pumping his inflated cock inside harder and faster. Simon was screaming and saying things he couldn’t remember later. All of it urged Rummert to take him and use him. Simon watched Julian observe him with a look of admiration and lasciviousness. When Rummert finally exploded inside his balls were fuller than ever before. Copious amounts of seed erupted inside of Simon and great amounts of Rummert’s life force were passed on with it. Rummert collapsed backward panting and his cock was now limp like a deflated balloon.

“He took it all,” Rummert gasped.

“Not all,” Julian assured, “But I think he can take it all if he wanted.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game,” Fogrot pushed Julian over and stood between him and Simon.

“It was just a bit of fun,” Rummert laughed, “Felt amazing.”

“Would you like your turn?” Julian got up off the ground, unfazed by Fogrot’s outburst.

“You shouldn’t be around this one,” Fogrot looked back at Simon but pointed at Julian, “He is doing something to you.”

Simon was on another planet, lost in a sea of bliss as his ass dripped with Rummert’s hot cum. He laughed lethargically as he flipped over and stroked his own erection. How long had he been hard? His balls were hurting, ready to release.

“Not yet, my pet,” Julian spoke softly, but Simon immediately withdrew his hand from his shaft.

“No,” Fogrot declared, “This isn’t right.”

“If you don’t want a turn you should probably be going,” Julian placed a hand on Fogrot’s shoulder, “You are free to return to the Savage Plains.”

“Not without the kingmaker,” Fogrot removed Julian’s hand from his shoulder and stood taller over the necromancer. He was certain he could snap this bald, pale figure like a tiny twig.

“The kingmaker is free to leave with you, if he wants,” Julian smiled cordially and waved a hand toward Simon, “Do you wish to return to the Savage Plains with them, my pet?”

“No, My Lord,” Simon answered, “You have much to teach me. Train me.”

“You have fulfilled your duty,” Julian spoke diplomatically, “You have brought your kingmaker to the Bastion where he will be trained. If you remain, you could violate the terms of the peace agreement made with the orc. The Wizard Commander has kindly allowed you to return home now that you have delivered your message.”

“Please,” Simon looked drunkenly up at Fogrot, “I’ve placed you in enough danger, you should go home.”

“I don’t know who or what you have become,” Fogrot looked back at Simon, “But some fire inside you has gone out. This man did it to you.”

“You sound crazy,” Rummert laughed at Fogrot as he stumbled finally to his feet. He steadied himself on his friend.

“I’m truly sorry,” Julian held out his hands placatingly, “but Simon has made his choice.”

“You should go,” Simon nodded.

“Let’s go, Rummert,” Fogrot snorted and dragged his friend out of the room. Simon looked after them momentarily confused and thought he heard Yidian shouting. Before Simon could think about It further, Julian was near him and stroking his shaft. Simon’s body tensed as the pleasure of Julian’s cold hand encircled Simon’s big dick.

“My poor pet,” Julian whispered, “You need release now, don’t you?”

“Yes, My Lord,” Simon whimpered.

Julian sat down on Simon’s cock, swallowing it all into his frosty insides. As he sat straddling Simon and bouncing up and down, he began to kiss Simon’s neck. Simon let him kiss and nibble, bite and drink. Simon didn’t remember much as he unleashed more power inside Julian.


The wolf navigated the city streets uneasily. There was a stench in this place, like a rot had taken hold at the very core. The Bastion was meant to be a shining beacon and the high seat of magic in the realm, but it was overrun with poverty and debauchery. Connor had not once regretted his decision to come look for Simon, but he wondered if Simon was equally disappointed by what he had found.

After Zolgrim had shared the truth about Simon still being alive, Connor abandoned his own quest without a second thought. Deep down he knew Simon would help him after they were reunited. They had shared a bond, however brief, that Connor could not shake. His time as an alpha was also constantly eclipsed by the thoughts of Simon. Simon was Connor’s true alpha, and he needed his friend’s guidance once more.

But catching Simon’s scent in the Bastion was going to prove a very daunting task indeed.

Connor quickly learned about a place called the Wizard’s College that resided in the second tier of the city. He assumed if Simon had come to learn about magic that would be the place to go. He realized that the sloping path to reach the upper structures was too exposed for a lone wolf to traverse unnoticed. He waited until a wagon passed by and jumped inside. Several yard birds scurried away from him in the covered wagon and his stomach grumbled noisily. That was fortuitous.

When the wagon had crested the rise and rumbled onto cobbled roads, Connor dropped out of the back, licking his bloodied chops. He darted back into the shadows and steered clear of people.

The Wizard’s College had the feel of a grand cathedral with its lofty pointed towers, grand archways, and stain glass windows. It was a rather modern and jaw-dropping structure, clearly constructed with the assistance of magic. Maybe most of the city was. Connor watched people come and go for a time and checked the perimeter of the college.

The Wizard’s College crackled with magic energy, perhaps wards or protections, that caused the wolf’s hair to stand on end. He steered clear of these obvious dangers and realized the main gate and the side entrances were the only way in without triggering some magic. The people gathering and entering here were dressed in finer garments and robes. He would need clothes to get inside.

Connor found a home that was currently unoccupied and leapt through an open window. He transformed violently, his human form clawing out of the wolf as his bones snapped painfully. He had been staying in wolf form more and more frequently during his travel, which resulted in more difficult transitions. He thumped his right knee and felt the joint settle back into its proper position. Stretching naked in the stranger’s kitchen, Connor felt his vertebrae also pop and settle.

“Right,” Connor whispered to himself, “Where are your clothes?”

Connor had to make some minor adjustments to the clothes so they would fit properly, but he was glad to find he still possessed those skills when it counted. He left the home and walked purposefully toward the Wizard’s College.

“May I help you?” asked a middle-aged woman in blue robes and an oddly square hat.

“Yes,” Connor cleared his throat, “I’m looking for a guest at the Wizard’s College.”

“We have a registry of our current students,” the woman nodded, “Who are you looking for?”

“Simon Lorall…” Connor considered his talks with Zolgrim and corrected, “Perhaps, Simon Kingmaker.”

“I’m sorry,” the woman looked over a scroll, “We have no student by that name.”

Connor felt a huge weight on his shoulders and moved to throw his hands in the air. He immediately shot his hands back down when he noticed the clawed fingers.

“Your condition is rare,” the woman had caught sight after all.

“Sorry,” Connor stepped back, “I should be going.”

“It is always the result of magic,” the woman offered, “Perhaps you should consult some of our student healers.”

“No thank you.”

Connor left as quickly as he could through the main entrance and when he had cleared the magic barriers of the college he shifted back into his wolf. It felt so right to return to this form, and he shook from his head to his tail as he freed himself from the itchy robes he had stollen. The wolf made only a few paces when he realized he was being followed. His senses caught two guards from the college walking along parallel routes.

Connor turned a corner and made a run for it before darting off down another narrow alleyway. He narrowly avoided a woman carrying a heavy bucket of water. He heard a gasp of surprise and splashing water behind him. Eventually, Connor paused in his running to see if he had escaped his pursuers. Something nearby smelled amazing and he followed his snout in the direction. Behind a tavern or restaurant of some kind was a cart of animal carcasses and bones on their way to the midden heap.

Connor was considering following the cart, but he spotted a guard at the end of the street approaching quickly. Connor turned the corner behind him and followed the cobbled path behind several buildings and shops. To his surprise the path led to a dead end. Connor turned to see a triumphant look on the guard’s face. The guard was a big hairy, older man and, to Connor’s amazement, he smelled of Simon. Connor was cornered and he morphed his body into a large and fearsome beast. He transitioned between man and beast and approached the guard on his hind legs.

“By Vale’s mercy!” the guard choked out in terror and stumbled backward onto his rump.

“Simon Kingmaker, where is he?”

“I don’t know,” the man cried out and tried to find his feet again. When he was upright, he pulled a sword with a shaking hand.

“You smell like someone I know. Boyish face, green eyes, slim but fit build.”

“I…” the man was surprised as he considered, “I think I fucked him?”

“You did what?” Connor was also not expecting that revelation.

“He was not slim though, he is as strong as an orc and the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. I’ve never felt so hard.”

Connor could relate, Simon had that effect. It still made Connor’s skin crawl that this greasy, old city guard might have used Simon. Or was it a pang of jealousy?

“Where?” Connor demanded.

“Lord Crusnik owns a brothel, the Jade Tarts. I was there looking for a woman, but I got more than that.”

“Step aside and I won’t rip your lungs out,” Connor growled and the guard intelligently stepped aside.

It was getting dark when Connor finally found the Jade Tart down a shady street. Having adopted his more human form and stealing some more clothes, he headed inside. The smells of sex, vomit, and mead permeated the rooms. Several women lounged around the main area in various states of undress. One girl was openly twirling a finger around her hooded lady with her legs spread wide.

“Hey hairy boy,” she purred, “Want to feel inside?”

“Not right now,” Connor grunted, even though his wolf found her scent enjoyable.

“What you after, sweety?” a friendly-looking matron asked while smoking on a fancy rolled tobacco. She looked well-groomed and her raspy, gravely voice had a calming effect.

“I’m looking for Simon Kingmaker,” Connor spoke, his mouth suddenly dry.

“You and everybody else,” the woman rolled her eyes, “Crusnik’s new plaything. Follow me.”

Connor glanced around the room and then followed the woman deeper into the bowels of the sex den. The slapping and moaning that emitted from the various rooms made Connor blush.

“Surprised you knew him by name,” the woman commented, “Most have asked for ‘the new guy’ or the ‘orc fucker’.”

“He knows me,” Connor responded.

“He might have,” the woman spoke cryptically and then pointed into a large room with a fireplace burning within.

Connor entered on numb legs feeling a strange sense of disorientation. What was Simon doing in this place? It didn’t take long to find out.

Two men were laying on the ground near the fire and Simon was bouncing on both of their shafts at the same time. Another man straddled the others and fed Simon a third cock. Connor stood with his mouth open, speechless.

As Connor watched, the chubby man using Simon’s mouth climaxed and slammed his little piggy sausage into the back of Simon’s throat and made loud groans of pleasure. His big belly jiggled as he stepped back and away from the others. Connor hoped Simon would notice him, but also didn’t want to be caught watching.

“Buddy,” a man tapped on Connor’s shoulder, “You taking a turn?”

Connor’s wolf was usually attuned to the environment around him, but he had not noticed this new man with long black hair and a goatee come up behind him. Neither had he noticed the matron leaving as he’d stepped inside.

“If you’re not…” the man persisted with frustration. He then pushed Connor aside as he unfastened his trousers and freed his slim penis. Simon swallowed it willingly and it began to grow in his mouth. Connor watched as these men used Simon for their pleasure and there was a line forming behind where he stood. It was all too much to take in and a white-hot rage rippled down Connor’s spine.

“Get out! All of you!” Connor roared and everything in the room except for the crackle of the fireplace seemed to grow silent. Connor hadn’t realized how noisy the slap of flesh on flesh and the wet sucking sound had been until they stopped.

“What the fuck is your problem?” a man asked from behind Connor, but when Connor turned with elongating wolfish features and fangs, the man started to retreat. Soon they were all scrambling to escape as Connor became a werewolf standing on its hind legs in the sex den. Simon noticed him for the first time and giggled in a drunken way.

“Connor,” Simon smiled. He walked awkwardly forward, swaying due to his raw and open ass, until he was standing in front of his hairy beast of a friend.

“I thought you were…”

“Dead?” Simon winked, “Back and better than ever.”

“What happened to you? You’re so…”

“Strong?” Simon played with the fur on Connor’s chest, “More powerful than ever?”

“You look tired and used,” Connor studied his friend, “You have bruises around your neck. You’re pale and your hands are cold. Are you drugged?”

“I feel amazing,” Simon slurred, “but you could make me feel better.”

“I’m getting you out of here.”

“No!” Simon answered too quickly, “Why… don’t you just stick around?”

“This isn’t the Wizard’s College,” Connor tried to reason, “You are in a brothel, getting used by strangers.”

“Then maybe you should fill me up,” Simon slid a hand smoothly down Connor’s body and played with the wolf-like prepuce. Connor hated how hard the knot was inside and Simon played with the thick, pointed red tip that responded openly to his touch.

“If you are inside me,” Simon continued, “I won’t need them.”

Connor’s wolf was fully on board with Simon’s suggestion, but the human side was still disturbed by Simon’s condition. Simon was not in the right state of mind to make these decisions. There was clearly something wrong.

“I can’t” Connor spoke with a hollow, flat sound, “You should come with me.”

“We need the beast, not the man,” Simon spoke in layered voices. His eyes were even glowing as he began to rub Connor’s cock more aggressively.

In such a beastly form Connor could no longer resist, but as the beast gave over to Simon’s demands Connor’s heart was breaking. He’d relive those words for a while to come ‘we need the beast, not the man’. Maybe Simon only ever wanted Connor for the powerful creature inside.

The werewolf was holding Simon by his muscular arms as his erection protruded from its prepuce. The thick red shaft was lined with veins, but the full hard knot remained in the pouch. The werewolf lifted Simon and impaled him onto the shaft, rutting like a beast in heat. Simon was heavier and stronger than the last they’d met, but the werewolf lifted him with ease and used his body.

“Yes!” Simon cried out and gripped the wolf by his furry shoulders, so he didn’t flop backward while being hard fucked like a ragdoll. The werewolf pumped into him faster and faster all the while growling and snarling. He lowered Simon’s back onto a nearby table to get a better angle. The claws of the beasts long arms gripped Simon’s ankles and then pulled him violently onto the fat shaft.

“Fuck me you animal!” Simon cried out as his raw ass was being split and used in new and filling ways. Connor didn’t speak, but the werewolf growled in response as it fucked Simon brutally. Its thick knot was fully exposed as it pounded against Simon’s hole. The hole was beyond ready, slick with cum and precum. The wolf slammed the knot inside three times, each time causing Simon to scream in pain. The final time it sunk deep and swelled, filling Simon’s guts with rich seed.

Simon’s eyes rolled back into his head as the relentless flood of werewolf cum filled his body. Yidian roared victoriously as he felt much of the power that Crusnik had stollen come flooding inside. Connor watched as Simon had a spine bending orgasm while wrapped around the wolf’s thick knot. Simon/Yidian were laughing deliriously with waves of power washing over them.

The werewolf was locked inside of this powerful, sexy man and it began to feel the essence of the beast ebbing away. With each fresh spray of cum unleashed inside of the sweet, warm hole the beast was being taken. Connor slowly became more aware of what was happening. He felt full of shame that he had given in to the lust inside. Now their bodies were physically locked together, and he couldn’t unhear the dagger to his heart.

We need the beast, not the man.’

The werewolf suddenly acted defensively and with a large, clawed hand it batted Simon away as its cock popped out of the tight hole. Simon flew off the table his open hole puckering and dripping cum mixed with blood. Simon began to sob, holding a hand to his face.

“What have I done?” Connor looked down in horror. The claw marks tore a path across Simon’s cheek in three long jagged lines.

“What is the meaning of this?” a commanding, deep voice boomed through the chamber.

Connor turned in confusion, his body becoming less and less wolf-like with each moment. A pale bald man dressed in long black robes was standing in the entrance with a look of fury on his face. Connor recoiled at the sight and felt a general unease as he looked at the gaunt figure. The wolf knew immediately what Connor was struggling to understand, the smell of death.

“You have hurt him!” the bald man rushed to Simon’s side. He ripped a piece of his own robes and began to apply them to Simon’s injured face.

“Be gone you, grotesque beast!” Simon could hear Lord Crusnik yelling. Yidian’s brief moment of triumph was already being crushed as Julian gently laid a caring hand on Simon. But the lord was speaking for Connor’s benefit.

“Werewolf, filth,” Lord Crusnik spat, “Get out of my brothel!”

“Please…” Connor finally found his voice, “Simon…”

“You must do as my lord commands,” Simon glared up at Connor through tear-filled eyes, “Get out.”

“Just wanted the beast…” Connor felt his own hot tears spilling from his eyes, “Not…”

Connor couldn’t bring himself to say it. He turned slowly and started running naked from the room, through the brothel with tears falling freely. By the time he reached the street, Connor’s need for self-preservation was unbearable. He began to shift, and the pain of shattering twisting bone made the tears stop flowing. He pushed down the shame of the terrible thing he had just done. The wolf ran from the Bastion and fled into the night.

©Copyright (2020) (TeamStilinski); All Rights Reserved
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Simon and Yidian are trapped inside Lord Crusnik's brothel and are powerless to disobey him. Lord Crusnik controls them and Simon is being dominated and fucked over and over without concern. Simon craves cock and Lord Crusnik uses him. Simon is at the center of the brothel and the key plaything. Connor finds him and is disgusted. He, too, does not realize Lord Crusnik is controlling Simon and is so upset at the dominated and out of sorts person he is that after fucking him that he leaves. 

Who can save Simon? Yidian is powerless to object. Will Simon die under the control of Lord Crusnick?


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Maybe a disgusted Connor will meet the two orcs that have also left Simon. They might exchange stories and decide to return and save Simon. They could surprise and kill Lord Crusnik as a parasitic evil person who is truly hurting Simon.

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  • Site Moderator

Not the joyous reunion Connor was expecting.

Crusnik has pushed away all who would help Simon as he hoards the power for himself, but to what end?

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