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The Price of Revelation - 3. Chapter 3

The Price of Revelation
by Tiffani Chin

Chapter 3


Sean smiled nervously as he looked back and forth between Ethan and his father.

Storm narrowed his eyes as he studied Ethan, who appeared way too calm and confident. There was something off about him, but Storm couldn’t place his finger on it.

“Daddy,” Sammy murmured, his tiny hand reaching for the bowl of mashed potatoes. Storm wordlessly handed it over, his eyes never leaving Ethan’s.

A few days ago, Storm and Rachel had talked things over, once he had apologized for his earlier comments. Storm begrudgingly agreed that he had to relax his control over Sean unless Sean did something drastic.

“Storm, what if Sean decides to run off and live with Ethan? You know we can’t stop him. He’s an adult now. If he wants to live with Ethan of his own free will, even the police can’t help,” Rachel had pointed out.

“But, but…”

“We have to compromise,” Rachel had repeated. “Let Sean see him and we’ll see what happens. Maybe Ethan isn’t so bad. We really don’t know the guy.”

She had a point. As much as Storm hated to give in, he knew he had to. Storm could no longer stand the sad or dirty looks Sean had been directing his way for the past week. At the same time, he was frustrated. He no longer knew what to do. He knew it was best if Sean didn’t see Ethan, but Rachel had a very valid point. Sean had once mentioned running away to Ethan’s house and what could Storm do then? He couldn’t drag Sean back home, especially if Sean wanted to stay with Ethan. Storm finally realized he had to tread carefully.

“So, Ethan,” he began, forcing his voice to remain friendly or at least neutral. “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a writer. I write fiction, usually mysteries. I love the twists, and playing mind games on the readers,” Ethan smiled.

Storm nodded, clenching his jaw. “I bet you do,” he muttered. Rachel kicked his leg and Storm winced. He cleared his throat. “Working on anything new?”

Ethan nodded. “Yes, but I’m having a bit of mental block lately, so I think I’m going to take a break, relax a little, go out a bit more, and hopefully things will come together again soon.” He smiled at Sean and Sean grinned back.

Storm felt his face growing hot with anger, but he took a deep breath and then mentally counted to five. “Where are you from?”

“I’m from Brazil. I was born there, but my family moved to Nevada. I’m not close with either of my parents and after college I bounced around, exploring, traveling. I just moved here six months ago from Seattle.”

“Do you like it here?”

“Sure,” Ethan said, his eyes darting to Sean.

Storm felt like lunging at Ethan.

“Any location is good as long as I have good company,” Ethan smiled, his white teeth shining.

“Do you plan on staying around here?” Storm asked, fiddling with his napkin.

“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet,” Ethan said meeting Storm’s eyes head on, an odd look in them. One corner of Ethan’s mouth turned up. “It all depends,” Ethan went on.

“On what?” Storm demanded, unable to keep the harsh tone out of his voice.

Sean looked cautiously between the two of them.

“If there’s something or someone keeping me here,” Ethan replied, still staring hard at Storm.

“Someone won’t be keeping you here forever,” Storm said pointedly. “Things don’t last forever.”

“You never know,” Ethan said smiling. “I try not to over think things and let them happen naturally.”

“I do know,” Storm snapped.

Neither of them said another word; they stared at one another. Ethan reached over and took Sean’s hand in his, intertwining their fingers. He once again met Storm’s eyes and subtly raised his brow.

“I have to admit, I had reservations about dating someone so young,” Ethan began and Storm’s eyes narrowed into slits. “But you two have done a wonderful job of raising Sean, because when I’m with him, I feel like I’m talking to someone my age.”

Sean smiled and beamed.

“Really?” Storm asked. “I didn’t think Sean was that mature. How well do you really know my son?”

“Dad!” Sean’s face grew red.

“Storm,” Rachel hissed.

Ethan chuckled. “Sean is very mature for his age.”

“How do you know that? Hang around a lot of young boys his age?” Storm asked, placing emphasis on ‘young boys.’ “First hand knowledge?”

Ethan’s eyes darkened. “I’m observant.”

“Me, too. I know a lot of Sean’s friends and trust me, none of them are so mature that they act like they’re in their mid to late thirties,” Storm stated. “Sean isn’t any different. He acts like a kid, just like all his friends.”

“Maybe so,” Ethan laughed lightly. “But I guess I feel younger because of him. Sean has so much spirit and it rubs off on me. I take things less seriously. On my end, it’s nice to introduce Sean to new books and movies, and culture in general. I always like sharing my interests with others.”

Rachel nodded and hummed, glancing at Storm.

Dinner was tense, and filled with a back and forth volleying of questions. The more time that passed, the more convinced Storm was that Ethan was fake, condescending, and insincere, and reeking with ulterior motives.

Storm had to go with his instinct. By the time coffee and dessert rolled around, Storm made a decision. He was going to make a couple phone calls that night.




“What are your summer plans?” Ethan asked pulling Sean closer.

Graduation was the following Tuesday. Sean was excited about the upcoming months of chilling with friends and Ethan. Things had been going well the past two weeks for him and Ethan. The dinner with Sean’s family had been awkward, but nevertheless, Sean was still allowed to see Ethan. His dad hadn’t tried to stop him since.

Sean hooked his fingers into Ethan’s belt. “We’re going on a family vacation right after my graduation party. By the way, you’re coming, right?”

Ethan nodded.

“Well, two of my uncles live in California and we’re staying with them for a week. We do it every year, but this time it’s earlier than usual.” Sean shrugged.

“A week,” Ethan pouted and Sean laughed. “I’ll miss you.” He nuzzled Sean’s neck.

Sean hummed. “I’ll miss you, too.”

“Then I hope you and I can spend a lot of time together until you leave,” Ethan whispered slipping his hands under Sean’s shirt.

Sean raised his arms and his shirt was tossed onto the floor. “We will. Definitely.”

“I’ll have to see you off in a special way,” Ethan grunted lifting Sean into his arms.

Sean laughed. “Oh, yeah?”

“Oh, yeah,” Ethan said gruffly, throwing Sean onto the bed. He lay out on top of Sean. He started grabbing at Sean’s jeans and tugging on the button and zipper. “Sean, I want to make love to you.”

Sean froze, and placed his palm on Ethan’s chest, pushing him slightly. His heart started pounding. “Um…”

Ethan looked down. “What’s wrong?”

Hesitating, Sean blurted out, “I’m not ready.”

“Still?” Ethan asked, barely containing his annoyance. “Why not?”

Sean shrugged nervously. “I just don’t feel ready.”

Ethan bent down and kissed Sean’s forehead, nose, chin, moving down his throat and neck. “I know you’re a little nervous. Everyone is nervous their first time. It’s natural. But I’ll go slow and be gentle, I promise.” He captured Sean’s lips in a deep kiss, slipping his tongue inside.


“I want you so bad, Sean,” Ethan whispered. “Please don’t make me wait any longer. I need you.” As if to prove his point, he thrust his erection against Sean’s stomach. “This is for you, baby.”


Ethan pushed apart Sean’s legs and started caressing the lump beneath Sean’s jeans. Sean lost his train of thought and let out a moan, his eyes rolling. Ethan started rubbing harder.

“You want me, Sean? You want me just as bad, right?” Ethan licked Sean’s earlobe.

Sean lost the power to speak and whimpered. He heard rustling, clothes being taken off. He lifted his head and saw Ethan’s bronzed body standing before him. His eyes traveled down and widened at Ethan’s thick angry arousal staring back at him. His member was long and thick and Sean couldn’t imagine taking that in his ass. “Ethan, I…”

Ethan climbed on top of him once again, pulling down Sean’s jeans and boxers. “Lift your hips,” Ethan ordered roughly. Sean was too slow to comply and Ethan grabbed Sean’s thighs and with one hard yank and swift motion, Sean’s jeans were down to his knees.

Sean was breathing heavily, his heartbeat thudding in his ears. He was going to have anal sex for the first time. He was aroused, but he wasn’t as excited as he thought he would be. He was just scared it would hurt.

Ethan tossed Sean’s jeans to the floor and worked on Sean’s boxers. The thin material was easier to handle, and maneuvering them over Sean’s cock took seconds. They were added to the pile of clothes on the floor. Ethan sighed and wrapped his hand around Sean, stroking slowly.

Sean gasped and arched his back, his desire coming back full force. His eyes fluttered. Ethan smiled, stroking harder and faster, his thumb massaging Sean’s piss slit. Precum leaked out and soon the only sounds in the bedroom were Sean’s moans, Ethan’s heavy breathing, and the slick sounds of Ethan’s manipulation on Sean’s cock.

“I’m going to cum,” Sean managed to get out, his entire body tensing.

Ethan gripped his hand even tighter and continued sliding his hand up and down rapidly. Sean let out a strangled cry, spreading his legs further. “Oh shit, Ethan, I’m going…”

“Cum for me, baby,” Ethan urged. He scraped some precum from Sean’s head with his finger and just as Sean started thrashing on the bed, his toes curling, his legs straining around Ethan’s waist, Ethan slipped a finger inside Sean.

Sean’s eyes popped open, but then immediately closed as his face contorted in pleasure, his mouth wide open as he let out loud moans. He thrust his hips, fucking Ethan’s finger as his load shot into the air repeatedly, coating his stomach, chest, and face. Tremors ran through his body. He felt flashes of heat consume him. Breathing hard, he slowly came down from his high and took Ethan’s hand to stop his stroking.

He lay on the bed, sweat covering his body, the air sweeping into the room making him feel cold. He shivered and stared up at Ethan with heavy lids. Ethan smiled and shifted his arm. Sean’s eyes widened when he felt Ethan’s finger moving inside him.

“See, this isn’t so bad,” Ethan murmured. Sean didn’t say anything and tried to get accustomed to the feel. It wasn’t that painful. The more Ethan moved his finger around, the less discomfort he felt.

Reaching over to his nightstand, Ethan fumbled inside a drawer, finally producing a tube of lube and a condom.

Sean’s fear came back full force.

“It will be okay, Sean,” Ethan whispered. “Trust me. I won’t hurt you.”

Sean lay motionless, listening to the sounds of Ethan’s movement, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Something cold was spread around his hole and he tensed. Then he felt a burning pain and grimaced. He was being stretched and could feel more fullness in his ass. He knew that Ethan had inserted another finger into him.

“Fuck!” Sean shouted as a jolt of electricity ran through his body. He looked at Ethan questioningly. “What is that?” His eyes rolled as he started pumping his hips. He felt the urge to cum again.

Ethan chuckled. “That’s what makes this so good,” he answered. He jabbed his fingers deep inside Sean, causing Sean to choke at the intense pleasure.

“Please,” Sean breathed, not knowing what he was saying or thinking anymore. He felt another stab of pain and minutes later, he heard Ethan unwrapping the condom. He grabbed Ethan’s wrist. “Go slow. Please.”

Ethan didn’t say anything, but continued rolling on the condom and then spreading lube on himself. Sean felt a glob of lube squirted onto his hole, then Ethan’s fingers pushing the cold gel inside him.

“Push out,” Ethan ordered, lining up his cock.

Sean took a deep breath, feeling the hot hard presence near his hole. He did as he was told, his fingers gripping the blankets, waiting for the pain.

Ethan pushed in. Sean let out a yelp, twisting on the bed, instinctively moving further up the bed, as if trying to get away from the intrusion.

“Ethan! Oh God, stop, please stop. It hurts!” Sean gasped.

“It will fade away, trust me,” Ethan said impatiently, sliding in deeper.

Sean felt like his ass was being ripped apart, the flesh tearing to accommodate an unnatural width in his tight anal ring. He felt like he was bleeding, that’s how bad the burning was. Sean panicked. “Stop, it hurts!”

“It will go away, Sean!” Ethan growled, pushing his hips forward, slamming Sean into the headboard. “Just take it! Stop being a baby.”

“No, please…” Sean let out a cry of pain. Tears came to his eyes as his legs lay on the bed limply. His cock had deflated. He just wanted to go home. He whimpered helplessly.

“It’s okay, Sean,” Ethan whispered, kissing Sean’s temple. “Just wait, it will feel good soon. Just get adjusted.” He ran his hands up and down Sean’s sides gently. “Shh, shh, it’s okay,” he breathed against Sean’s neck as Sean continued to take in deep breaths.

Soon Ethan began moving, slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed. Sean grunted, biting his lip raw. He kept his head to the side to avoid looking at Ethan. The pain had subsided, replaced with a dull ache, but the stinging sensation remained every time Ethan slammed into him.

Sean bit his lip to keep from crying out. He faintly heard Ethan’s groans of pleasure in the background, but all he could think was that this was not how he had imagined his first time would be.

He expected pain, but thought that Ethan would have been gentler. He had always been caring whenever they messed around in the past, but now Ethan was rough. He was a different person, a person that Sean didn’t like.

Sean’s ass burned. He couldn’t tell if the slick feeling between his legs was lube or his own blood. He could visualize parts of his skin hanging off, having been torn apart by Ethan’s cock. Sean felt a wave of nausea come over him. He placed his hand over his mouth to prevent himself from vomiting.

“Sean, you feel so good. I can’t hold back,” Ethan hissed, grabbing tightly onto Sean’s hips and thrusting hard and fast. “I’m so close. Fuck. God, this feels…” he moaned, his nails digging into Sean’s hips. “I…” Ethan shuddered and stilled, letting out a low groan.

Sean felt an explosion of warmth in his ass and let out a breath, knowing that it was almost over. Turning his head, he looked at Ethan, his dark body covered with sweat. Ethan’s eyes were screwed shut, his mouth open, a weird smile on his face. Finally he collapsed on top of Sean. Sean could feel Ethan’s heartbeat thudding rapidly against his chest.

“You’re amazing, Sean,” Ethan murmured, his breath hot against Sean’s cheek. “You felt so good. Thank you so much, baby. Oh, you’re wonderful.” Ethan’s kisses were gentle.

Sean didn’t have any words to say, so he remained silent, his mind racing.




“Why are you walking funny?” Kessler asked looking at Sean with a perplexed expression as Sean packed for his family vacation.

Sean bit his lip and tried to look casual. “No reason.”

Kessler studied Sean, clearly not believing his friend. He took a long swallow of his Coke and waited. “Seriously, what’s up? Your ass hurting or something?”

Sean looked away and didn’t answer.

Kessler let out a gasp of disbelief. “No way! You did it with Ethan?” Kessler asked, lowering his voice. “When?”

Sean cleared his throat, his eyes darting around the room.

“Sean? What’s going on?”



“I’m not so sure about Ethan,” Sean began hesitantly.

“Yeah? Why’s that?” Kessler asked leaning closer with interest.

“Kessler, you’ve had sex before,” Sean stated.

Kessler nodded. “But not with a guy,” he said.

Sean smiled. “I know. But with a girl, well, you were gentle, right?”

Kessler shrugged. “Of course. Unless she wanted it hard.” He cocked his head. “Why?” he asked cautiously, holding his breath, waiting for the answer.

Sean looked down, picking at his fingernail. “I was a little nervous,” he admitted. “I mean, my first thought was how to get a dick up my tiny asshole.”

Kessler let out a laugh, but quickly shut his mouth when Sean shot him a look.

“He did all the right things, like preparing me and whatever, but he…but he…”

“But he what?” Kessler asked his eyes serious.

“When he put it in me,” Sean whispered. “It really hurt. I told him how much it hurt. I told him to stop, but he didn’t. He just kept going until he came.”

They were silent.

“Did you want to do it, Sean?”

Sean rubbed his eyes, feeling slight moisture. “I wasn’t exactly ready.”

“So he raped you?”

Sean’s head popped up at Kessler’s question. “No!” he exclaimed, horrified.

“Are you sure?” Kessler asked his jaw tight. “What you said sounds like rape to me.”

“No, it’s not!” Sean repeated. “I wanted to have sex, but I was just scared, that’s all. I probably thought it was worse than it really was.”

Kessler studied Sean, his gaze intense. Sean didn’t want to look at his friend, so he stuffed more clothes into his suitcase.

Sean jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up into Kessler’s deep brown eyes, full of compassion and warmth. “Sean,” Kessler said his voice thick. “You don’t need Ethan. Someone like you,” he paused, touching Sean’s chin. “You deserve better, Sean. You can do better. You can find better.”

“Kessler, I’m really confused right now,” Sean said softly. “I really liked, I mean, I thought Ethan was great.”

“Some people don’t show their true selves until it’s too late, Sean,” Kessler said quietly. “Be careful with Ethan.”

“But Ethan cares about me. He’s sweet and he’s smart and he’s…” Sean broke off when Kessler grabbed his chin tightly.

“Ethan is manipulative,” Kessler said firmly. “He’s a cool character, I’ll give him that, but,” he cursed under his breath. “Sean, you’re too nice and trusting for your own good. Ethan probably sniffed you out of the crowd.”

Sean swatted Kessler’s arm away. “What are you saying? That I’m some kind of target? Ethan likes me.”

“Of course he does.”

Sean fumed at Kessler’s mocking tone.

“Ethan likes a little virgin who he can fuck roughly and who won’t fight back. Someone who will just lie there and take it,” Kessler said bluntly. “Ethan likes them weak.”

Sean felt like he had been slapped. His mouth dropped open.

“Sean, go with your gut feeling!” Kessler said stepping closer. “It’s not right with Ethan. You can feel it. Why are you still holding onto this?”

Sean’s eyes flashed. “Fuck you, Kessler!” he practically yelled. “You think you know everything don’t you? You’re just a fucking know-it-all telling people your observations and how they should change their lives. You’re not so fucking perfect either, Kessler.”

Kessler raised an eyebrow. “I never said I was perfect. But then again, I wouldn’t fuck you if you were crying and begging me to stop.”

“You wouldn’t fuck me. I wouldn’t let you.”

Kessler sneered. It was the first time Sean had ever seen such an ugly expression on his friend’s face. “I guess it wouldn’t matter whether or not you let me fuck you, would it? If I wanted to, I could just do it anyway. Just like Ethan.”

His words hit Sean hard. Sean stumbled backwards, his back hitting his desk. “What’s your problem?” Sean finally spat. “Why are you saying this to me?”

“To get it through your fucking head, Sean,” Kessler said in exasperation. “Everyone can see how bad Ethan is for you, but you! I mean, telling you to spend all your time with him, trying to stop you from seeing your friends, fucking you even if you’re in pain? Come on! Can’t you see it? You can’t possibly be that dumb!”

“What, is my father talking to you behind my back?” Sean demanded.

“No, but I hate how you’ve changed,” Kessler said snorting in disgust. “Ever since you started dating Ethan, you talk about him nonstop. When you’re with your friends, you’re either antsy or talking on the phone with him or texting. You’ve become so absorbed by that old control freak. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me!” Sean snapped. “You just can’t be happy that I’m in a relationship. You want me to be miserable, just like everyone else.”

“Do you hear yourself right now?” Kessler asked in disbelief. “You are unhappy; you just don’t realize it, you dumb fuck! Then when the people who love you try to tell you, you think we’re out to get you! You’re fucking crazy.”

“When did you become this weak and pathetic person?” Kessler asked.

Sean couldn’t stand the look in Kessler’s eyes. There was disappointment, sadness, and something else. Sean couldn’t take it anymore. “Get out!”

Kessler looked at him, not moving.

“Are you fucking deaf, Kessler? Get the fuck out of my room! Get the fuck out of my house! You don’t know shit. You don’t know everything about me or how I feel! Just get the fuck out of my life! Leave! Don’t come back!” Sean screamed, not registering what he was saying.

Kessler opened his mouth and took a step forward, then stopped. Looking hard one last time at Sean, his dark eyes practically black, he spun around and quickly stalked out.

Sean was breathing hard, feeling hot. He continued packing, but realized his hands were shaking and he was gasping, his heart racing. His hands trembled so badly that he had to stop packing. He sank onto his bed, squeezing his hands together in an effort to calm himself.

He had no idea what had just happened. How did sex with Ethan escalate into a huge fight with Kessler? Sean couldn’t figure out the connection.

Sure, things weren’t perfect with Ethan, but he really liked Ethan. No relationship was perfect. Sean could work on this with Ethan. Things would be okay. Yeah, they would be okay.




“Where’s Kessler?” Crew asked patting Sean’s back. “I thought he was, like, your best friend or something?”

Sean stared into Crew’s bright blue eyes. They reminded Sean of Ethan’s eyes. Except Crew’s eyes were a vibrant shade, a rich shade, whereas Ethan’s were pale and icy with a detached look at times. Crew’s eyes were always wide and alive with warmth, like a little kid. Sean wondered why he was suddenly making all these comparisons to Ethan.

“Kessler is busy. Probably at another graduation party,” Sean mumbled.

“You okay, Sean?” Crew asked cocking his head, concern in his voice, concern in his eyes. He was always so damned concerned and caring.

Sean felt himself get emotional and his eyes started to water. “Sorry, allergies,” he said casually. “I’ve been feeling a little off all day. And I still have to pack.”

“Excited to go to California?” Crew asked smiling happily.

Sean was envious of his uncles. They were so happy and had been together so long. How lucky they were to have found love and companionship. Hiro lingered beside Crew, silently listening in on their conversation. His hand rested around Crew’s hip, a gentle and comforting gesture.

“Yeah,” Sean said distractedly. “Sure. The jetlag will suck. I hate planes, especially the turbulence.”

“I think most people feel the same way,” Hiro said smiling faintly.

Sean couldn’t help blushing. He loved the sound of Hiro’s voice. It was deep and smooth and oddly calming. Sean always felt tranquil whenever Hiro talked. Not to mention when Sean realized he was gay, Hiro was often present in his dreams.

“Where’s this boyfriend of yours?” Crew asked, a serious look coming into his eyes and Sean knew that his father had been talking with his uncles about his relationship with Ethan.

“He’ll be here soon,” Sean said pasting a smile on his face.

The two men stared at Sean, one curious and inquisitive, one thoughtful and contemplative. Sean squirmed, wondering what was going on inside their minds.

“You’re happy with Ethan?”

Sean nodded, forcing the memory of sex with Ethan out of his head. Sean was just being a baby about the situation. He must have misinterpreted it. Ethan didn’t intend to hurt him.

“Ethan’s great.”

More searching looks from his uncles.

Sean looked away and spotted Skyler and Zeke playing with Sammy, taking turns tickling the little boy, their laughter heard over the sounds of people talking.

Sean wanted to enjoy his graduation party. But he couldn’t. Not without Kessler. Not without replaying Kessler’s comments. Ethan’s presence didn’t help. Sean felt tense and uncomfortable and a little dirty, remembering the way Ethan had thrust inside him, the soreness of his ass a constant reminder. Even Ethan’s soothing touches couldn’t ease Sean’s discomfort.

It didn’t help matters that his uncles surrounded Ethan, introducing themselves, casting cold looks and threatening glances. His uncles were like a pack of wolves ready to pounce.

“So, Ethan, did you know that Hiro knows at least twelve kinds of martial arts?” Skyler asked. “He can kick some major ass. He once took down four guys at once and didn’t even break a sweat. He wasn’t even breathing hard. I was breathing hard just watching!”

“Be extra nice to him,” Zeke added. “Don’t piss off Hiro or hurt anyone he loves, otherwise he’ll come for you, that ninja freak.”

“You won’t even hear him approach,” Skyler went on.

“You’ll be sorry. He doesn’t leave clues behind. The police won’t be able to do shit,” Zeke finished.

Ethan looked slightly amused, but his smile quickly faded when none of the other men smiled; instead their expressions grew hard.

“We’ve known each other a long time,” Storm said quietly. “We’d do anything for each other. We’d protect each other no matter what.”

“I see,” Ethan said slowly.

The words lingered among the noise. Sean felt even more uncomfortable and wanted to get away. He got his chance when he and Ethan went to get food. They sat outside near the sidewalk.

“Sean, I got you something.”

Sean looked up in surprise. “Huh?”

“It’s a graduation gift, but also an ‘I’m going to miss you’ gift,” Ethan said smiling, taking a wrapped gift from his pocket.

Sean’s eyes widened. “What is it?” It looked like jewelry.

“Open it, silly.”

Sean tore off the wrapping paper and opened the small box. His eyes rested upon a thick silver ring with an inscription. He squinted. “My little treasure,” he read aloud.

Ethan’s fingers massaged Sean’s lower back. “That’s how I feel about you,” he murmured. “I’ve been so happy ever since I met you,” Ethan went on. “You’re smart and beautiful and you excite me and entice me. I love being with you. You’re someone special. After we made love, I feel even closer to you.”

Sean turned to look at Ethan.

“I think I’m falling for you, Sean,” Ethan said his eyes penetrating. “I’ll miss you when you’re in California, but I look forward to your return. Then we’ll have the whole summer together and the future.”

“I’ll take care of you, Sean. I’ll always treasure you, my little treasure. This ring is a promise, my promise to you.”

Sean couldn’t help smiling and letting out a small laugh. “That was a little cheesy, Ethan.”

Ethan grinned. “But you love cheesy, right?”

The dark cloud over Sean’s head moved away and he chuckled, his shoulders relaxing. He had been right all along. Ethan really cared about him. Ethan wanted to be with him. Ethan truly liked him and not just for sex like Kessler had implied. Otherwise why would Ethan admit his feelings so honestly and give him this gift?

Sean placed a kiss on Ethan’s lips and watched as Ethan slipped the ring onto his finger. It felt heavy and somehow very permanent. He admired it on his hand.

Ethan intertwined their fingers. “You feel the same?” he murmured, kissing behind Sean’s ear.

Sean’s eyes closed and he hummed. “Yes, Ethan. I do.”



Thanks to Frances for editing! And a special thanks to Pete and Mike for beta-reading and giving me feedback and encouragement.

Copyright © 2011 Tiff; All Rights Reserved.
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  • Site Administrator

Sigh... Again Kessler said it as he saw it, but he pushed too hard and pushed Sean back to Ethan. It's actually getting painful, see Sean being manipulated the way he is...

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  • Site Administrator

Although I was happy to get reacquainted with Crew and Hiro, and Skyler and Zeke, I'm with the majority that Ethan is bad news for Sean. :(. Hoping some time apart will make him see better but that ring is like a chain around his neck I think. 


Either way! That was rape :(

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his friend is trying to tell him...please listen! just found you story enjoying it so far! I hope you are still active on here.

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