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A Twist of Fae - 3. Chapter 3


“Don’t ‘ye go giving me that look, ‘ye old nag. I just gave ‘ye a break earlier,” Cern tossed back over his shoulder, “Just like a female, never satisfied.”

Long sharp fangs made for parting flesh from bone snaked out in an attempt to rend a chunk of meat from his shoulder, which he spryly dodged.

“Epona, I’ll nae warn ‘ye again. If ‘ye fancy giving me another wee nip, I swear upon my own damned self I will break ‘ye leg and shoot ‘ye, I swear it, I will.”

Cern took her deceptively soft velvety black muzzle in hand, reprimanding the kelpie sternly. Blood red eyes glowed hauntingly through strands of coal black mane, staring back at him with indignation. Like a faithful hound…a bloodthirsty man-eating hound…she shadowed Cern just a close step behind him. Probably because it made it easier for the bitch to take a crack at his blind spot, but he loved her dearly nonetheless.

The pair had arrived in Dublin as the sun's rays bore down directly overhead. Sedately ambling down the overgrown streets at his own leisurely pace, Cern knew full well that they were far from alone amid the ruins. Whatever creatures inhabited the area at least had the sense of self preservation and higher functioning brain power to leave them alone. Pity and woe to whatever it was lurking out there that was stupid enough to fuck with the pair, because they were in for a rude surprise.

Enjoying the leisurely pace through the city, Cern took his time reacquainting himself. It had been a very long time since he’d last graced Dublin and a part of him hurt to see just how brought to shit the city had become in the aftermath of the Black Death.

After wandering aimlessly for hours the receding rays of sunlight were beginning to wane and Cern began the task of searching out somewhere amid the wrecked city for a comfortable space for himself and his man eating mare to bed down for the night.

No more than a veritable ghost town, it had become devoid of any signs of remaining humanity, instead playing host to a slew of much worse creatures.

Lumbering goblins now roamed Dublin’s darkened nooks and alleyways, zealously guarding the territories they’d carved out for themselves, often through very violent and murderous means. Even now most of the cobbles they traversed over were stained dark by blood and gore in caked on layers. As the thought crossed through his mind, Cern caught sight of clouded dead eyes rolling back into the skull of a decapitated elf staring back at him from the shadows of an alleyway, his broken jaw slack and frozen with his final screams.

Likely the nasty work of one of the roving goblins, the culprit was unlikely to be very far away given how fresh the kill appeared. Goblins were especially notorious for being as territorial as they were violent, and kept strict bloody vigilance over their little corners of the world. While Cern had no reason to be afraid of them, he kept up a steady pace nonetheless since fighting them always proved to be a huge pain in the ass and more effort than he felt like expending.

The staccato click of Epona’s hooves against stone echoed back at them eerily as they tread onward through the ruins. Cern could sense the creature lurking out there, leading the malevolent onlooker along. The stench of rot and blood grew sickeningly overpowering as what he surmised to be the goblin responsible for the poor elf’s demise crept closer and closer. He could feel the sense of unrest that permeated the air. Something else beside himself was causing the creature to be unsettled.

Playing at this cat and mouse game, he cast his senses out to survey the immediate surrounding area, his curiosity piqued. Cern headed for the heart of the decrepit city, watching as the sun slowly fell below the horizon to the west. The goblin’s dark presence continued to trail along behind him, and as he began to near the crumbling church in the square ahead, Cern could feel the bloodlust thickening in the air close behind him.

A flash of motion in front of him caught his attention as a slim cloaked figure exited the church doors. Epona whickered at his shoulder, tossing her head about in obvious agitation. The freshly emerged shadow froze in place as it braced itself flush up against the cracked church wall, their eyes searching the growing gloom.

“Well what have we here…”

Taking full advantage of their conveniently cautious distraction, Cern moved with preternatural speed, crossing the church square in less than the blink of an eye to pin the cloaked figure back against the hard stone of the wall. He was surprised when the scent of cedar and lavender filled his senses.

Long fingers reaching out, Cern pulled back the hood hiding their face from view. Eyes of golden amber, much like a cat, were spitting fire at him. White hair that glowed like moonlight was swept becomingly behind fae pointed ears.

An Unseelie.

The thought passed unbidden through his mind. Fixing a cocksure grin on his face, Cern lowered his lips slowly to claim hers, nibbling on her sweet plump lower lip.

“What a sweet morsel I’ve found here.”

edited for grammar and changes

Copyright © 2019 Tsukihana; All Rights Reserved.
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really enjoying the vivid, dark world you've created!

i'm enjoying reading about it but have no interest in living there - or to change gender at all, never mind frequently. looking forward to learning more about this word and its characters

thanks for sharing

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