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Do vaporwave kitsune count technicolor sheep? - 21. Chapter 21

“That is the majority of what has happened since I arrived. It is your turn.”

“Something makes me doubt that, but I will humor you, little fox. Let’s start with the subject of Faes.”

A look that I can only describe as something between suffering and grudging respect crosses his features.

“I mentioned what a state of chaos this city was in when I arrived… To go into more detail, he is not fully clean of the blood on the streets. I’ve never been able to make the direct connection, but one does not dabble in the businesses that he does and remain with clean hands. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how Gatsby operates, the industrial, residential, and business sectors… There are so many layers, intersecting and interwoven, little fox. This area that I have carved out for myself was a buffer zone and their lives were miserable.”

Absently he curls a strand of my hair about his finger, temple resting upon his knuckles as he further decides on his next choice of words.

“At first appearances, Faes may not appear to be the face of a dark organization. Especially with his little payday loan shtick he has going, but appearances are deceiving and he is no exception. And that place I was kind enough to send a personal escort to liberate you from? That’s a whole other monster that doesn’t want its true face to be seen.”

“Personal escort?”

“You were to be brought to me unharmed. By my own orders. Could you not bite off the fingers of the help in the future, please?”

“And what makes you think that I’m sticking around here for there to be a ‘future’?”

One long finger strokes my cheek and he leans in closer to press a teasingly light kiss against my lips.

“Do not pretend with me, Moon. You are far from stupid and I know you can feel this… connection between us? I have spent my life over searching for whatever it is that will fill this aching void I carry inside me. You are my surcease, my succor. For the first time ever I feel whole… and if you think I will just let you go, I’m afraid you are mistaken.”

“How do you think you will manage that?”

Reaching down between our bodies, Hikaru pulls the neatly pressed tails of his shirt loose from the waist of his black suit pants. With a slow hand, he unbuttons and then unzips them, pulling aside the folds of cloth. His deft fingertips reverse a path up his chest, lifting his shirt up in the process.

His other hand takes hold of my chin in his grasp and forces me to look down to where his hip is revealed to my helpless gaze and I can see a black crescent moon on his left hip to mirror the one on my right. A gasp escapes my lips, my eyes locked on his mark.

“The way I see it, we are something of a matched set… together made whole. Would you really dare defy the red string of fate? I don’t pretend to understand the why… but you cannot escape what ‘is’. As I stated, I don't intend to let that happen.”

Turning my head, he leans in to draw my earlobe into his softly suckling lips.

“The best way to tempt a little fox is to dangle what she wants most in front of her nose, and if she can show herself to be a good girl then maybe she can even have a taste. Soon she comes to associate gaining her reward with remaining in my favor and by then I will have you curled up upon my lap so that I can give you pets.”

Reaching up he traces a dextrous finger along the seam of my lips, pushing inside the warm haven of my mouth to stroke the tip of my tongue.

“See? Already she accepts me into her without so much as a nip.”

Part of me longs to rebel and bite down just to show him I can. To perpetuate the lie that I am unaffected by his charms, but he is no fool. Flashes of him as my husband and the very real and corporeal version whose lap I am sitting on while I suckle his finger melt into one.

He’s right.

I can feel attraction burning in the pit of my belly as his open mouth leaves a wet warm path down the column of my neck. Twisting on his lap so that I am face to face, I throw his jacket back off my shoulders to land on the ebon wood desk behind me.

My tails curl around his hips, leaving him untouched by my foxfire as they caress his thighs. Grabbing his hands, I pin them at his sides on the seat of the large leather chair. I place my knees down atop them, trapping them so that my hands are free to roam.

“Do you really think I'm meek and biddable? That I will just cave to your demands?”

“That certainly would be boring.”

Raising up, I put my weight atop them as I kneel so that I can bring my face up to his. My fingers take their time loosening the button beneath the vee of his throat.

“Why do your eyes change color when you look upon me?”

“Maybe you just have an effect on me.”

“Do I?”

“Most certainly, little fox.”

My sharp fangs nibble at the line of his jaw, leaving little white scratches against his skin, but he never flinches or moves away from my touch. The only betrayal of his body is the way his Adam’s apple bobs when he swallows as I loosen another button.

“I think it’s unfair of me to be so exposed, and you so dressed.”

“It is a travesty.”

Making quick work of the succession of remaining fastenings, I spread the fabric wide so that his lithe chest is laid bare before me. With a mewl of satisfaction, I press the round globes of my breasts against him, reveling in the warmth of skin to skin contact. Violet eyes drift shut as I let myself become lost in the sensation of my peaked nipples rasping over taut muscle.

Hikaru’s mouth captures mine, one sharp canine nibbling my lip until I can taste the coppery tang of blood blossoming over my palate. Hungrily he suckles the inflicted wound, a moan rumbling deep in his throat and the sound makes me melt.

“You taste as divine as you smell. Gods, but I never realized I could long for a scent until I came to a world where it doesn’t exist. You have the aroma of home.”

Looking down I can see the tops of his hands turning a bruised shade, his fingertips digging into the leather.

“Would you like me to grant you use of your hands? Ask me and maybe I will…”

“This is nothing to bear. I am more than capable of taking what the tiny kitsune can dish out, be it tooth or claw. Beware though that once I am let loose, I will give as good as I have received. Tread with care, Moon.”

Like a king on his throne, he leans his head back against the leather, letting his antlered horns hang out past the crown of the chair. His silver and snow strands of hair drape down over his bare skin. Eyes of palest lavender burn back at me with a look of taunting daring, waiting for me to make my next move.

“I am not afraid of you.”

“Never do I wish for you to fear me.”

“What do you wish of me?”

“To devour you whole and stow you completely away inside myself so that you shall never escape. I want to monopolize you entirely so that your happiness is dependent upon me alone. There is a fierce and mighty need to claim you in a way so primal and irreversible that you will remain forever by my side.”

My skin flushes crimson, burning with the hot wanting he longs to incite. It sparks like lightning bolts across my flesh, and I have no choice but to rest my hands upon his shoulders to steady myself.

“Is your resolve wavering? You look a little bit...shaken. All you have to do is release me and I promise I will take all that heavy responsibility from your slim shoulders. You don’t have to carry it all alone, just let me take control.”

“Something in your bargain leaves me with a feeling of… apprehension. Do I really want to let you have your way?”

“Oh, definitely. You won’t regret it. I promise.”

“Still sounds like a trick.”

“Only one way you are going to find out.”

“Do dragons have forked tongues?”

“Truly, I can’t wait to show you my tongue.”

His eyes drift up to look at my curving black horns as though he would like to very much show me what his tongue is capable of. Arching against him, I feel a familiar itching on my back where I let a pair of leathery dark wings stretch free. Smiling down at him, I extend my own taunt.

“I have some dragon in me, too.”

“Do you want some more?”

Hikaru’s hips buck beneath me, grinding his straining erection against my wet naked folds teasingly. Just barely I allow my fingertips to trail over the gaping folds of fabric fronting his pants. One simple flick of my dainty wrist and I could drink in the sight of his throbbing erection at my leisure, but that would be too simple.

“A promise is a promise, and I hold you at your word.”

“My Lady, upon my honor as a god of the mountain, I will make very good on my word. Let me worship you with my body, honor you with my tongue against your skin so that I may commit your taste to my memory like a prayer.”

Lowering myself to sit down upon his lap, I take up each of his hands in one of my own. Gently I kiss the top of one in penitent apology and then the other, before turning them palm up to rain more upon the soft warm skin of his broad hands.

“Sit on your hands. Let your feet hang down to the floor.”

For a moment I pause, my resolve wavering before the intensity that overtakes his amethyst gaze.

“I warned you what awaits you, bided my time until you ceded your fate into my hands. Now I need you to show me the same courtesy, like a well-behaved fox.”

Draconic power radiates off of him and he waits patiently with every expectation that I’ll comply. Tucking my hands beneath the round curves of my ass, I let my rather short legs dangle down to the floor. One brow arched, I await his next order.

“Good girl, Moon.”

Reaching up, he places a palm on top of my head, ruffling the dark ultraviolet hair between my kitsune ears. My tails reach down to entwine themselves about his legs and he looks at them accusingly.

“You are just going to have to bear with their antics, they won’t do what I say anyway usually. I think they like you.”

“Well, I suppose it’s a start… catch a kitsune by the tail?”

“I thought it was a tiger?”

Hikaru gestures downwards, to where they are lovingly stroking his pant’s legs.

“It appears they are the aggressor in this instance.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“Oh. I look forward to it.”

Still leaning back in the chair, he trails a fingertip down the valley between my breasts and lower to dip into the hollow indention of my navel before drawing back.

“Now stay just like that. Don’t move until I give you leave to do so.”

Sitting straight, I toss my hair back over my shoulder to cascade down between my spread wings to tickle the small of my back.

“Yes, Sir.”

All innocence, I flash a fanged smile up at him, batting my lashes in wide-eyed wonder. His palms grasp the tops of my thighs, spreading them wider.

“Hmm… that will do.”

Taking my chin in hand, he tilts it down so that I have a perfect view of my legs parted before him.

“You are not allowed to look away or close your eyes. No cheating, trust me I will know if you do. Understand?”

Nodding in the affirmative, I keep my eyes trained down on where I sit nestled atop his lap. Retaining his leisurely posture, Hikaru reaches forward with one finger pad to slide slowly down the quivering seam of my wet folds, as though he is testing my body’s readiness.

“Already so slick, little fox. I made you this way… and from now on only I will.”

Just the tip sinks inside me, coating himself with my ready juices. Moving back out of my field of vision I can hear the sound of his mouth suckling his fingertip.

“Mmmm… what a sweet reward. Shall I coax more delights from you?”

Hikaru’s hand returns, sliding down my belly to allow his middle finger to find my clit, rubbing delicious and deliberate circles against me. My eyes watch unblinking as he slides torturously close to the point where he is almost once again dipped inside me, but he halts at the last second to reverse his path upwards.

“You have to tell me if there is something specific you would wish of me, Moon. Don’t be mistaken, I am more than willing to pursue my own wants… “ Finally he leans forward so that his mouth is hot beside my ear ruffling tufts of fur with his breath, “I want you to use your words. Give me throaty commands so I can hear in your voice what I make you feel.”

In a small show of defiance I bite my lip, refusing the slightest sound to pass.

“Suit yourself.”

Leaning back once more, he abandons my quivering body to leave me untouched. Adjusting my chin just a hairsbreadth, Hikaru focuses my attention on the front of his pants. Parting one flap of fabric off to the side and then the other, the straining length of his erection is taut, bobbing against the hard planes of his stomach. Finger by finger, he wraps his cock in a tight fisted grip. Starting at the base, he squeezes himself upwards, and I watch as the throbbing veins pop out in self inflicted pressure. Stopping just beneath the darkening head, he moans low in his throat and I can feel myself growing damper atop the fabric of his pants.

“Ask me nicely and maybe I will consider freeing one of your hands so I can see your beautiful soft fingers making me moan.”

His words are ragged and husky, and I gaze longingly at the wet spot weeping from the head of his cock to spill upon his stomach, tangling in the fine pale hair that dusts a path down his skin.

My eyes begin to lift up towards his…

“Did I say you could look away?”

The hand that is not wrapped around his erection, reaches over my shoulder to where my leathery wings sprout from my back and he tugs me backwards. I am unused to being touched there and my body goes slack like a kitten being picked up by the scruff of the neck.

Continuing to stroke himself faster, I can hear the heavy rasps of his breathing sawing in and out. Moaning right by my ear, he nibbles playfully along my cheekbone. Letting his tongue dart out to lap my skin, I let my gaze drift down to watch as he is pleasuring himself. Hikaru’s hand frees my wings and pinches my chin firmly, bringing my fast darkening eyes to focus on his.

“I didn’t say you could watch me. What a bad little fox who can’t follow directions.”

In the background I can still hear the slap of skin on skin as he scolds me.

“You were listening so well, I should have known you would need more attention. Let’s see if you can do a better job, first you can put the wings away. I wouldn’t want something so lovely and delicate to come to harm from the things you are going to do.”

His voice brooks no room for argument and slowly they disappear in reverse of their revelation, shrinking into the soft delicate skin between my shoulder blades.

“Good. Now as punishment you are going to lean back and place your hands beneath my knees on the chair. I’m afraid you can’t be trusted so I will have to hold onto those, but if you let those creamy thighs close even a bit there will be consequences. Be warned.”

I nod as I lean back to do as I am instructed, placing the back of my hands beneath the warm fabric of his pants folding over the bend of his knees.

“Say it, Moon”

“I understand, Hikaru.”

His cock jerks in his hand as his given name falls from my lips.

“Better. Next we are going to have a little exercise.”

Silence fills the room as he moves his friction warm hand to make doubly sure that my thighs are sufficiently parted while the fingers pinching my chin tilts my face down so that I am again forced to meet his burning lavender gaze.

“Do not let your gaze wander. At all. I want you to look directly into my eyes and if they dart away, penalty. If your beautiful quivering thighs give way so much as an inch, penalty. We’ll call our game Sins and Tragedies, and this is how it goes. You are going to confess to me what I ask of you, if I am satisfied by the sinful thoughts you reveal, I will forgive you and give you an appropriate reward. However… if you hold yourself back and I think you could be more… forthcoming, a tragedy will befall you. Oh no! Now be a good girl and tell me you understand the rules.”

“I understand the rules.”

This time I withhold his name and he smiles before giving me a small chuck to the bottom of my chin.

“Close enough… for now. I’ll even start with something simple, tell me the truth of how you knew my name that night?”

“I did not speak in jest when I said you come to me in my dreams. When my eyes closed I saw your face… before I ever had the opportunity to behold you in the flesh.”

His fingertips are drawn to the crescent moon that arcs from my hip to belly, but I won’t let myself fall prey to such blatant distractions.

“Tell me what you saw in your dreams.”

“A life together that I do not remember ever being real. My home, yes. Such familiar surroundings, but you loomed over me watching me nap and it felt as natural as breathing. Though I did not know you, I was comforted instead of afraid.”

“Is that all?”

I almost shake my head before thinking better of it.


“How else did I fit into the life before this place?”

Just barely he leans forward a fraction so that his hand can reach behind me. Cupping the round globe of my ass for a moment in passing, I feel him gently stroking the fluffy base of my tails where they wag happily out the small of my back.

“A nursery… “

“A child?”

“Twins. I stood over them staring in wonder and amazement at their perfectly sprouting nubbins of horns and how they had my ultraviolet hair. They lay sleeping and wrapped in each other's embrace when you steal into the room behind me. I’m confused at how naturally you wrap me in your embrace, knowing exactly where to find me and catching me in watching them. Even though it is my house. You call yourself my Husband… and nonchalantly assure me that of course these are our children. I woke up crying.”

Hikaru doesn’t try at all to veil the emotions that play through his eyes. Lavender darkens to something closer to the bruised hue of clouds heavy with rain. I am playing by his own rules, and I can tell that this wasn’t exactly what he meant when he set out to play with me.

“Good girl. I think that warrants a treat.”

His left hand grazes up my stomach, lingering a moment to savor the soft rounded skin beneath my breast before continuing up to circle my taut erect nipple.

“Thoughts? Honesty is the best policy.”

“I wonder what it would feel like if you took me into your mouth.”

“Is that what you would like for your prize this round?”

“Yes, please.”

“Then I will indulge you this much.”

He leans up further, his right hand anchoring itself in the fur at the base of my tails in a fistful. Wrapping his hot mouth around the peak of my breast, my eyes follow his as he draws close. Never breaking away, Hikaru watches me with rapt attention as he suckles my nipple into a clench between his teeth. Biting down he moans softly as he tends the small abuse with his soft lips. A pink tongue darts out to rasp the sensitized peak.

“Does it feel like you imagine?”

Involuntarily, I feel my hips pushing myself lower so I feel the brush of fabric against my wet folds, bucking helplessly against him.

“It’s better.”

“Is this all you want me to do to you?”


“What else would you like for me to do with your body?”

“The other is jealous, and I think you should show equal attention, just to be fair.”

“How do we ask nicely?”

“Please, Hikaru, will you shower your adoration on both of my breasts with your hot mouth?”

This elicits a growl from deep in his throat.

“It would be my absolute pleasure, little fox.”

As his mouth leaves a trail of kisses across my chest, the air in the room chills the bereft nipple to a hardened point and a soft whimper escapes my mouth.

“Don’t worry, you said ‘both’ and I will not leave my woman wanting.”

Long fingers reach to pinch the still damp peak, rolling it between his deft fingertips as his lips close around the other.

“Ahhh...mmm… “

I feel incapable of forming coherent speech, and I pray to all the gods that he doesn’t ask me any more questions. I fear I would not be able to make an answer pass my lips. Hikaru’s eyes continue to watch me, still, as he suckles roughly on my breast.

“Good girl to keep your eyes where they belong. Do you like watching me as much as I enjoy the feel of your soft flesh against my tongue?”

“Mmmhmm… “

“A little clearer.”

“Yes. Gods, yes.”

My jaw is gaping, and even to my own ears my reply is breathy and just above a sigh.

“The front of my pants are wet through, little fox. You are making a mess.”

“Forgive me, Sir.”

“I will consider it, but first you are going to clearly tell where we are going with this.” His hand leaves my breasts to pinch my full bottom lip, “You are going to tell me word for word, Moon. Now.”

“May I please have my hands back, first?”


Lifting his legs up just slightly, he allows me to have my hands back and I sit up straight atop him. Massaging my palms, I can feel my body humming with electric feeling as the blood circulates.

“You are going to let me start by removing your shirt, it is in the way. Hold out your arms.”

The very image of docility he holds both arms out wide, allowing me to grasp the white pressed fabric of his dress shirt. My touch skates across his bare skin as I free one arm and then the other, watching in fascination when goosebumps pop up in the wake of my fingertips. I toss the discarded shirt to flutter to the floor beside us.

“Now, set me atop the desk. I would prefer to have a higher vantage point to enjoy you from.”

Hands spanning the breadth of my trim waist, he lifts me up while he remains seated and sets me on the edge of the ebon wood desk, his discarded jacket acting as a barrier between my bare ass and the cool surface.

Even though I am the one currently issuing commands, I am very careful that my dark foxglove gaze never dares drift from his. I hold no illusions that I am calling the shots here, and remember that our game is still in play.

“I want you to stand up and take off those wet pants. They must be growing uncomfortable.”

Standing up, the scrape of the leather chair on the wood floor is loud in the charged silence that fills the spaces in between my uttered orders. Hikaru pushes the black pants down over the slight flare of his trim hips to pool around his ankles. Bending down, he also removes his socks and shoes before negligently shoving them aside as well.

“Come closer. I want to touch you. Let me explore your body.”

Even perched on the edge of the desk as I am, my head still only manages to reach his chest. One step, then another and he is nestled between my parted thighs. Presented with an expanse of creamy skin, flushed pink with pent up arousal, I let my hands wander Hikaru’s body. It is a study in contradictions, hard taut muscle encased beneath smooth soft skin. His snowy hair hangs down around me, tickling my shoulders where it brushes against me.

My pink tongue darts out to lick just beneath one of his pectorals, watching the way a tremor shakes him as I taste the salt on his skin.

“Kiss me please, Hikaru. I want to know the depth of what you are feeling. Show me I am not alone in this fire that burns inside me. Call back this game, and let’s enjoy each other. Haven’t I been the good girl you wanted me to be? That’s what I want.”

Reaching up I grasp hold of his cheeks and pull his face down to mine. Thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth, I don’t bother holding back the needy moan that rumbles up from the very pit of my stomach.

“This… give me all of this. Lay me back on this desk and fuck me so hard that your face is engraved on the back of my eyelids. Please, Hikaru. Make my dreams a reality. I don’t understand them but I want that feeling to be real.”

Something in him snaps like a frayed rope that has been twisted and pulled to the point of breaking. My words are the impetus he needs to hear. Laying me flat on my back atop the soft inner lining of his jacket, he tears the reins back into his hands.

“Realize what you are saying, Moon. Are you really going to just fall in line and stay by my side?”

“You said I can never leave. Wasn’t it your own words about being tied by fate and how I have no escape? Time to own up to your promises. Don’t say you were bluffing, now? Can you make me stay?”

Growling low, he uses his mouth to force my silence once more. Grabbing my thighs in hand, Hikaru pulls me to the edge of the desk.

“Who is bluffing?”

Two fingers slide into me, mimicking the motions of his tongue as he deftly strokes my body. Softly mewling sounds are building in my throat as I suckle him greedily with lips. Faster his rhythm becomes, building up waves of raw overwhelming sensation beneath my skin. I can hear the sound of skin slapping skin as his strokes gain momentum. My body grows tight around him as he slips in a third and my mouth falls open in a breathless gasp. As I am cumming beneath him, Hikaru gives no reprieve or slowing and my eyes begin to roll back into my skull as the world becomes overbright behind him.

“Good little fox. That’s exactly what I wanted to see. Do you like riding my hand? I can feel how you have me wrapped in that vice grip. Don’t worry, Moon, I'm not going anywhere. Open your eyes. Now.”

Obeying, I force my eyes wide when he pulls his fingers from the dripping folds of my depths. One finger, he sucks clean as I feel the tip of his straining cock pushing inside me to replace his hand.

“You taste goddamn delicious. Next time, I’m going to enjoy burying my tongue inside you so that I can experience you first hand dripping inside my mouth, but for now I will let you have this.”

The remaining two fingers, he pushes inside my mouth and I can taste myself on his skin while he slides his thick erection all the way into my still trembling wetness. Longer fingers push deep, almost in the back of my throat. Greedily, I suckle him while my hips shake with the aftershocks of sensitized bliss.

Fingers receding from my mouth, he grabs my hips so that he can hold me at the edge of the desk.

“I want to be able to see your face and hear your moans while I thrust inside you, Moon. Later I will think of more creative ways to occupy your mouth.”

The pad of his left thumb caresses the crescent moon on my hip as he slides his swollen cock to the hilt deep in me. Grinding the thick head of his erection into my inner walls with nowhere left to go, I feel connected to him on multiple levels. A switch inside me has been flipped, and I feel bonded to him not just physically, but on a soul deep level. His pleasure echoes inside me, doubling down on the feelings that already wrack my body. Teasingly slow he withdraws almost to the point of leaving me bereft before surging forward to slam back into me.

“Look at me, Moon. Let me watch you… “

Hikaru’s speed accelerates, his fingers digging into my hips to the point that I feel halfmoon marks from his nails in my skin. I hear unabashed moans coming from my mouth and again the waves build to a crescendo. My dark violet gaze stares into his eyes while pleasure makes me squeeze his cock tight inside me. Locking my legs around his hips, I deny him escape, forcing him to take responsibility for the things he's done.

His body locks up, shaking with tremors all over. I feel him shooting a hot jet of cum deep inside me. Reaching up, I pull his face down to mine, kissing him and holding him close atop me as he continues to release in little spurts. My nails leave scratches down the length of his back while my tails mimic my legs and wrap tightly around his hips to further trap him close to me.

Above me his chest is heaving in an effort to catch his flagging breath. The chandelier hanging above his head casts his face in a shadowy silhouette, setting aglow the halo of white hair that hangs in a curtain around my face.

In a fluid motion, he gathers me up into his arms, without dislodging himself from inside me, he reverses direction so that he once more sits in the leather chair. Cradled to the naked skin of his chest, he gently tucks a strand of hair back behind one of my foxy ears. Inside me he is still hard, even long after he’s managed to catch his breath.

“I’m not hurting you am I?”

Quietly I shake my head, tracing tiny circles against his stomach with my finger while I grind myself down on his lap surreptitiously.

“You are going to be my downfall, I know it.”

Looking up at the angles of his jaw, and the relaxed way his eyes have drifted to half-mast. I feel awash in contentment and without thinking I find myself rubbing my cheek against his skin like a well contented cat.

“I’m great fun at parties.”

“You mean the ones you are actually invited to?”

“If I change my form, you can carry me in your arms and I can snap at people you don’t like.”

“I will get you a shiny collar with a bell, but no more biting off fingers, understood?”

Behind me, my tails curl around us to keep our naked bodies warm. Part of me wants to do as he suggested at the first and curl up in his lap so that he can pet me behind my ears… Another much more solemn and rational part of me is thinking of other much less pleasant things.

Copyright © 2021 Tsukihana; All Rights Reserved.

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