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Trainwreck - A Very Guilty Pleasure

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Two serious writers named Frank and Ben take a stab at collaboration, and end up mired in a contract they never really wanted. This ... is their story.

But first, a word from our sponsor.

"As The Houseboat Floats brought to you in part by Fresh Lemon Dish soap and by, Pretty Package Boxers. For the man who likes to present well."

Copyright © 2020 Wayne Gray, Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 4
  • Addictive/Pacing 7
  • Characters 10
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  • Cliffhanger 8
  • Compelling 0
  • Feel-Good 0
  • Humor 0
  • Smoldering 4
  • Tearjerker 2
  • Unique 10
  • World Building 1

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

A very interesting and novel plot. Well worth giving this story a try.  Secondary characters absorbing, fun, and believable. 

Response from the author:

Thank you for the great review.

@Mikiesboyand I had great fun collaborating on this one, and it's fantastic you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Love 3
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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

"Trainwreck-a-very-guilty-pleasure" is a wild ride!  Lots of twists and turns but all-in-all a very FUN ride! Congratulations to both Tim and Wayne.  Rarely does a collaborative effort of two writers come across so seamlessly as one voice! Excellent story! 

Response from the author:

Thank you, KayDeeMac!

tim and I really enjoyed this collaboration, and we look forward to more of them.

This was a very odd story, we're aware. But I hope it made you laugh! 🙂

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  • Love 3
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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

tim and Wayne worked hard on this funny, charming and romantic story. Spend a few minutes and read the three stories all packed into these 9 chapters. The Wacky world of a crazy soap: As the Houseboat Floats, the company Exec and her odd PA, and then the writers and their partners. All brilliantly woven together by Wayne and tim.  

Both are excellent writers but they came together, putting any 'self' aside because to them it's not ego/what did I write/ that's important … it's all about the story. They did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to the next one!

Response from the author:

Thank you, Mike.

It's  nice to be encouraged, and that's what you've done for us in the writing of this story. It's an odd one, certainly, but there were deeper messages hidden between the sex zombies. 🙂

It was certainly hard work. Having a partner means a lot of checking in, communicating, and adjusting the vision to better fit what works for the both of us. I really am proud of this little oddity.

We'll see you on Wild Maple Farm.

  • Love 5
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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

Trainwreck is the fantastic story our unlikely writing duo Frank and Ben. Settle in for a wild ride as they write a new Gay Soap Opera for SNET a  Canadian TV network.

We also meet Ike and Devin, husband's to Frank and Ben. We follow our four guys as there lives become as much a soap opera off screen as on. Be prepared for many highs and lows.

We meet plenty of other fascinating people in the world of SNET.

This is a fantastic first collaboration from Wayne and tim, both extremely talented writers and not known for this type of work.

I look forward to the next collaboration from Wayne and tim.

Response from the author:

Thank you, Chris. We're glad that you enjoyed the story. It was a wild one, for sure ... but thanks for reading, commenting, and rating it. It was a lot of fun to write, and I'm thankful folks enjoyed it.

  • Love 8
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Former Member

   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

Trainwreck is a crazy, wild ride from start to finish! Two unlikely writers team up to create a new Gay soap opera for a Canadian all-soaps TV network. Their lives are as much a soap opera as the show they are writing for.

This was a very successful collaboration of two extremely talented writers, neither of whom are known for writing this sort of story. They claim that this story is complete, but I think there’s plenty of room for a sequel. Perhaps their boss, Gail, will ask them to create a second soap opera for the network…

All I know is that they said to tune in next year for more!

Response from the author:

Thanks for the nice review, droughtquake!

That really was the whole idea. We wanted the story to be a soap in and of itself, with the soap being the force drawing all of these characters together. I think it worked! It may not seem like a very complex tale, but tim and I worked hard at building in nuance, and an undercurrent of seriousness too. In among all the crazy, we hope you found moments where you smiled at the spots of happiness found by our characters.

Thank you again. For additional collaboration between tim and I, see the Under Construction topic in Mikiesboy's forum! 🙂

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